House of Commons Journal Volume 7: 14 December 1652

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Journal of the House of Commons: Volume 7, 1651-1660. Originally published by His Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1802.

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Tuesday, the 14th of December, 1652.


Letter read.

A LETTER from the Commander in Chief, and other the Commissioners for the Managing of Affairs of the Parliament in Ireland, of the Third of December 1652; was this Day read.

Ordered, That this Letter be referred to the Council of State.

Planting of Ireland.

Ordered, That the Committee, where Colonel Sidney hath the Chair, do make Report of the Bill touching the Planting of Ireland, on Friday Sevennight.

Correspondence with France.

Mr. Speaker, by way of Report, acquaints the Parliament, That he had received a Copy of a Letter from the French King, dated at Paris the Second of December 1652, in French, with a Translation thereof: Which was this Day read: The French was superscribed thus; "A nos Trechers et Grands Amis les Gens du Parlement de la Republique d' Angleterre."

Resolved, That Sir Oliver Flemyng Knight, Master of the Ceremonies, be authorized to acquaint the publick Minister from the French King, with the Stile to be given to the Parliament in Addresses from Foreign States and Princes; and to let him know, That, this Letter being otherwise directed, the Parliament cannot take notice thereof.

Admiralty, &c.

By Command of the Parliament, the Act, constituting Commissioners for Ordering and Managing the Affairs of the Admiralty and Navy, was brought into the House by the Clerk: And the Clause next after the Power to administer an Oath, being read; it was

Resolved, That, instead of the Word "also," these Words be inserted; viz. "the said Commissioners, or any Three or more of them, as aforesaid, are authorized."

And the Act was accordingly amended at the Table.

Embassy from Spaine.

Resolved, That the Earl of Pembroke, Earl of Salisbury, and Mr. Lenthall, do accompany the Lord Ambassador from the King of Spaine to his Audience this Day.

Admiralty, &c.

Resolved, That the Parliament doth declare, That the Power of giving Commissions to such Captains as shall be approved of by the Parliament, and all other Powers concerning the Affairs of the Admiralty and Navy, which are not by the Act, intituled, An Act constituting Commissioners for Managing and Ordering the Affairs of the Admiralty and Navy, placed in the Commissioners therein named, are remaining in the Council of State according to the former Act, and their Instructions.

Ordered, That the Commissioners appointed by the Act constituting Commissioners for the Managing and Ordering the Affairs of the Admiralty and Navy, have Power to make use of the Seal of the Anchor for their Warrants and Commissions: And that the Seal of the Anchor, which is with the Council of State, be delivered unto the said Commissioners, to be made use of accordingly.

Ordered, That the Commissioners, appointed by that Act, be authorized and impowered to make Choice of, and appoint, such Clerks, and other Officers under them, as they shall think fit: And to allow such Salaries to such Clerks and Officers, and also to direct what Sums, from time to time, shall be necessary for incident Charges for the Carrying-on of the Service by the said Act intrusted with them: And that the same be paid out of the Treasury of the Navy, by Warrant from the Committee of the Navy: And that the said Committee of the Navy be authorized and required to issue their Warrants to the Treasurer of the Navy, from time to time, to pay the same accordingly.

Ordered, That this Act be forthwith printed and published.

Ordered, That the said Commissioners be authorized, from time to time, to give Directions for the Sale of all unserviceable Stores, and other Provisions of the Navy: And that the Monies arising thereupon, and also upon Sale of unserviceable Ships and Vessels, be, from time to time, paid to the Treasurer of the Navy, for the Use of the Navy, accordingly.


Resolved, That upon all Addresses made to the House by Ambassadors for Audience, other than the first and last Audience, the Members of Parliament, which shall be appointed to accompany them thereunto, do receive the said Ambassadors at Westminster-Hall Door; and accompany them back thither, and no further.

Embassy from Spaine.

The House being informed, That the Lord Ambassador from the King of Spaine was ready to attend the Parliament, in order to his Audience, the Serjeant, by the Command of the House, went with his Mace to attend him from the Court of Wards: And, when the Lord Ambassador was entered within the House, he uncovered his Head. Mr. Speaker, and the Members of the House, being likewise uncovered, stood up; and, from the Bar, the Master of the Ceremonies and the Serjeant at Arms attended him, the one on the Right-hand and the other on the Left, to a Chair with Elbows, placed on the North Side of the House: Where, being set, he made an Oration in Spanish, which he presented in Writing, in Spanish and English, by the Master of the Ceremonies, together with two Bundles of Papers mentioned in his Speech.

Mr. Speaker informed the Lord Ambassador, by the Master of the Ceremonies, That he would acquaint the Parliament therewith: And, after the usual Civilities performed mutually, the said Ambassador departed out of the House; and was attended by the Master of the Ceremonies and Serjeant at Arms to the Court of Wards.

Resolved, That the Earl of Pembroke, Earl of Salisbury, and Mr. Lenthall, do attend the said Lord Ambassador to his Coach.

Mr. Speaker, by way of Report, acquaints the House with what was delivered by the said Lord Ambassador, which was presented both in Spanish and English: Which was read.

Ordered, That this Speech, and the particular Papers presented by the Spanish Ambassador, be taken up on Friday next, the first Business; nothing to intervene.