House of Commons Journal Volume 7: 21 December 1652

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Journal of the House of Commons: Volume 7, 1651-1660. Originally published by His Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1802.

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Tuesday, the 21st of December, 1652.



ORDERED, That the Amendments to the Bill for Printing be reported To-morrow Fortnight.

Worcester Petition.

Ordered, That the Petition of the Gentlemen, Freeholders, and others, inhabiting in the County of Worcester, be read To-morrow Morning, the first Business.

Redeeming Captives.

An Act for Continuation of the Act for Redemption of Captives was this Day read the First and Second time, and, upon the Question, passed.

Encouraging Seamen.

The Lord Commissioner Whitelock reports from the Council of State, Touching Encouragements to be given to Seamen and Mariners, contained in several Articles: Which were first read at large.

And the First Article was, upon the Question, resolved, as followeth:

First, As to the Wages for Officers.

THAT the Rates and Proportions of Pay, set down in the List herewith tendered, be allowed to the Officers of the several Ranks of Ships therein named, to commence from and after the First of January next; whereupon the Gratuities, allowed of late Years to some Officers in the State's Ships, are to cease, they being included in the Rates above-mentioned; and that, with all convenient Speed, the State's Ships be distributed into Ranks, and a certain Number of Men and Guns, apportioned to the Rank of each Ship, not to be varied, but by special Order from the State.

He also reports, A List, containing the monthly Wages of all Officers, Seamen, and others, serving in the State's Ships at Sea: Which was this Day read.

Resolved, That the Pay of the Surgeon, by the Month, be Two Pounds Ten Shillings.

And the said List, so amended, being put to the Question, was agreed; and was as followeth:

Encouraging Seamen.

OFFICERS NAMES. 1 Rank. 2 Rank. 3 Rank. 4 Rank. 5 Rank. 6 Rank.
£. s. d. £. s. d. £. s. d. £. s. d. £. s. d. £. s. d.
A Captain 21 - - 16 16 - 14 - - 10 10 - 8 8 - 7 - -
A Lieutenant 4 4 - 4 4 - 3 10 - 3 10 - - -
A Master 7 - - 6 6 - 4 13 8 4 6 2 3 17 6 The Captain to be Master.
A Master's Mate or Pilot 3 6 - 3 - - 2 16 2 2 7 10 2 2 - 2 2 -
A Midshipman 2 5 - 2 - - 1 17 6 1 13 9 1 10 - 1 10 -
A Boatswain 4 - - 3 10 - 3 - - 2 10 - 2 5 - 2 - -
A Boatswain's Mate 1 15 - 1 15 - 1 12 - 1 10 - 1 8 - 1 6 -
A Quarter-Master 1 15 - 1 15 - 1 12 - 1 10 - 1 8 - 1 6 -
A Quarter-Master's Mate 1 10 - 1 10 - 1 8 - 1 8 - 1 6 - 1 5 -
A Carpenter 4 - - 3 10 - 3 - - 2 10 - 2 5 - 2 - -
A Carpenter's Mate 2 - - 2 - - 1 16 - 1 14 - 1 12 - 1 10 -
A Gunner 4 - - 3 10 - 3 - - 2 10 - 2 5 - 2 - -
A Gunner's Mate 1 15 - 1 15 - 1 12 - 1 10 - 1 8 - 1 6 -
A Quarter-Gunner 1 6 - 1 6 - 1 5 - 1 5 - 1 5 - 1 5 -
A Surgeon 2 10 - 2 10 - 2 10 - 2 10 - 2 10 - 2 10 -
A Surgeon's Mate 1 10 - 1 10 - 1 10 - 1 10 - 1 10 - 1 10 10
A Corporal 1 15 - 1 12 - 1 10 - 1 10 - 1 8 - 1 5 -
Yeoman of the Jeers, Sheets, Halliards, and Tacks 1 12 - 1 10 - 1 8 - 1 8 - - -
A Purser to be Clerk of the Checque 4 - - 3 10 - 3 - - 2 10 - 2 5 - 2 - -
A Steward to take the Charge of the Victuals 2 - - 1 16 8 1 10 - 1 10 - 1 6 8 1 5 -
A Cook 1 5 - 1 5 - 1 5 - 1 5 - 1 5 - 1 4 -
A Master Trumpeter 1 10 - 1 8 - 1 5 - 1 5 - 1 5 - 1 4 -
Other Trumpeters 1 4 - 1 4 - - - - -
A Cockswain 1 12 - 1 10 - 1 8 - 1 8 - 1 6 - -
An Armourer 1 5 - 1 5 - 1 5 - 1 5 - - -
A Gunsmith 1 5 - 1 5 - - - - -
Yeoman of the Powder-Room These to have the Pay of an able Seaman.
A Steward's Mate
A Cook's Mate
A Cockswain's Mate
A Swabber
A Cooper, besides 3s. 4d. a Month, additional Money

The rest of the Articles were each of them put to the Question; and thereupon resolved, as followeth; viz.

Secondly, As to Wages for common Seamen.

Resolved, upon the Question, by the Parliament, That from and after the First of January next, the Wages of all able Seamen, fit for the Helm and Lead, Top and Yard, be augmented from Nineteen Shillings now given, to Twenty-four Shillings each Man, by the Month; whereof One Shilling to be paid to the Chest, Minister, and Surgeon, as formerly, and the rest to the Party.

Resolved, That the Wages of all others, who are not capable of performing the Duties aforesaid, be continued at the Rate of Nineteen Shillings a Month, as now they are, Boys and Groomts excepted.

Resolved, That Groomts be allowed Fourteen Shillings and Three-pence a Month, and Boys Nine Shillings and Six-pence; whereof One Shilling to be paid to the Chest, Minister, and Surgeon, as formerly.

Resolved, That the Captain, Master and Boatswain, of each Ship do, before the Payment of their respective Ships Companies, rate the Wages of each Ship's Company, certifying the same against each Man's Name, according to their Abilities; and to that end, to sign the Sea-Books with the Purser; and, in case of the Discharge of any from the Ship, the aforesaid Persons are to certify, upon the Ticket whereby they are discharged, their Abilities, and rate them according to the aforesaid Distinctions.

Resolved, That in case, through Favour, Affection, or otherwise, there be found Partiality in rating of them, then the Treasurer and Commissioners of the Navy, or any of them who shall be present, have Power to determine all such Cases, or any other Differences that may arise.

Resolved, That such Mariners and Seamen as shall voluntarily come into the State's Service, shall have the same Allowance of Conduct-Money as the Pressed Men have; they making it appear to the Commissioners of the Navy, how far they have travelled to enter themselves into the State's Service; and shall also have the Benefit of the Chest.

Thirdly, As to the Shares in Prizes.

Resolved, That there being many and great Disappointments attending the Service, and Discouragements to the Seamen, by the present Way of sharing Prizes; all Captains, Seamen, and others, that do or shall serve in any of the State's own, or Merchants Ships employed in their Service, shall, for Time to come, in lieu of all Prizes, have and receive from the State, for every Ship or Prize they shall lawfully take, whether Merchant-men or Men of War, laden or light, the Sum of Ten Shillings for every Ton the said Ship shall measure, according to the ordinary Rule of Shipwrights-Hall; and Six Pounds Thirteen Shillings and Four-pence for every Piece of Ordnance, whether Iron or Brass; the same to be paid by the Collectors for Prize-Goods within Three Days after the Payment of the Wages of such Seamen (in case Adjudication be made of the Ship in the Admiralty Court), to be shared and divided amongst them proportionably, according to their respective Places and Offices in the Ship in which they served, and according to the Custom of the Seas in that Case: And further, That it be lawful for all Captains, Seamen, and others, serving as aforesaid, to take, and have to themselves, as Pillage, without further or other Account to be given for the same, all such Goods and Merchandize as shall be found by them, or any of them, in any Ship they shall take in Fight, as Prize, upon or above the Gun-Deck of the said Ship, and not otherwise; and for every Man of War sunk or destroyed by firing, or otherwise, to have Ten Pounds a Gun only, to be divided as aforesaid; to be paid by the Commissioners for Prize-Goods within Three Days after the Payment of the Ship, as aforesaid, upon Certificate of the Matter of Fact stated by the Council of War.

Resolved, That all common Seamen, who have served Four Months or upwards, since the War began with the Dutch, and do continue in the Service, or, being discharged, shall voluntarily come into the Service for this Year ensuing, within Forty Days, to commence from the First of January next, shall, out of the Proceed of Prizes already taken, or to be taken, have allowed unto them One Month's Pay at the coming in, and paying, of their several Ships in which they shall so serve; to be paid unto them by the Treasurers of the Navy.

Fourthly, As to sick and wounded Men.

Resolved, That, for supplying of necessary Provisions unto sick and wounded Men on board, there be allowed, by the State, Five Pounds for Six Months Service, for every Hundred Men.

Resolved, That, upon the Discharge of sick and wounded Men from the Ships in the State's Service, Care be taken for the Payment of their Tickets and Conduct Money.

Resolved, That Directions be given to all Mayors, Bailiffs, or other Magistrates, in any Port-Towns, to take Care for all necessary Accommodations, at the Charge of the State, for the Relief and Care of such sick and wounded Men as shall be sent on Shore.

Resolved, That a convenient House be provided in or near Dover, Deale, or Sandwich, as an Hospital for the Receipt and Accommodation of wounded Men, that shall be there sent on Shore.

Resolved, That the Moiety of all Hospitals in England, employed for the Cure of wounded and sick People, be reserved during this War at Sea, for such as shall be wounded in the Service of the Navy, as they shall become void, from and after the First of January next.

Resolved, That the Tenths of all Prizes taken, or to be taken, customary due to the Lord High Admiral, be appointed for defraying the Charges of sick and wounded Men, as aforesaid; and for the Relief of Widows, Children, and impotent Parents, of such as shall be slain in the Service of the Commonwealth, at Sea; and for Medals, or other Rewards, to such Officers and Seamen of the Fleet as shall be found to have done any eminent or extraordinary Service.

Ordered, That it be referred to the Lords Commissioners of the Great Seal of England, to peruse the Draught of the Act of Incorporation for Mariners-Hall, ordered by the Council of State to be reported to the Parliament; and thereupon to consider of, and prepare a Draught of a Patent or Charter for Mariners-Hall, not only for the Port of London, but for all great Port-Towns and Cities of England; and therein such Privileges to all Seamen, whether Apprentices or others, of all Ranks whatsoever, as shall list and enroll themselves, or be enrolled by their Masters, according to their several Habitations, in one of those Corporations, as Members thereof, to be, upon Account of these premised Privileges, ready, at all Commands, to serve in the State's Ships, when or wheresoever the Service shall require: And that the Lords Commissioners do call to their Assistance such of the Judges, and such other Persons, as they shall think fit, to advise therein, and perfect such Draught; and that Mr. Attorney General do thereupon prepare a Docket thereof, and present the same to the Parliament, for their Direction for the Passing thereof.

Resolved, lastly, That it be referred to the Commissioners appointed by Act of Parliament, for Ordering and Managing the Affairs of the Admiralty and Navy, with Power to see the Particulars aforementioned put in Execution; and to give such Orders, from time to time, as shall be requisite for the Effecting thereof; and to cause Publication to be made of the Premises, in such manner as they shall think fit.

Resolved, That the House do proceed in this Report, To-morrow Morning.

Embassy from France.

The House being acquainted, That Sieur De Bourdeaux doth attend, according to the Order of the House, to have Audience;

Ordered, That Mr. Bond, Sir Henry Vane, Colonel Marten, Sir Wm. Masham, Sir John Hippisley, Sir Peter Wentworth, Lord Chief Baron, Colonel Rich, Mr. Strickland, Colonel Stapley, Sir John Trevor, be a Committee to give Audience to Sieur De Burdeaux.

Sir Henry Vane reports from the Committee, that was appointed to give Audience to Sieur De Burdeaux, That they have received the original Letter from him.

Ordered, That the Report thereof be made To-morrow Morning.