House of Commons Journal Volume 7: 9 October 1651

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Journal of the House of Commons: Volume 7, 1651-1660. Originally published by His Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1802.

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Thursday, the 9th of October, 1651.


Colonel Gill.

ORDERED, That the Committee to whom the Business touching Colonel George Gill is referred, do make Report thereof; together with their Opinions, touching the printed Book, intituled, "Innocency further cleared; or, The Case and Vindication of Col. George Gill;" on Thursday Morning next.

Grant to Popham.

Ordered, That one whole Year's Salary, for this Year, payable to General Popham deceased, be paid unto Mrs. Anne Popham, the Widow and late Wife of the said General Popham, or her Assignees: And that the Committee of the Navy do take Care, that the said whole Year's Salary be paid unto her, or her Assigns, accordingly: And the Acquittance of the said Mrs. Anne Popham, or her Assigns, shall be a sufficient Discharge in that Behalf.

Act of Nivigation.

An Act for Increase of Shipping and Encouragement of the Navigation of this Nation, was this Day read the Third time.

A Proviso was tendered to this Act, That this Act, or any thing therein contained, shall not extend to inhibit the Sale of any Fish, to any Person, upon the Rock in the Newfound Land, for the Space of Three Years, from the Twenty-fourth Day of March, One thousand Six hundred Fifty-and-one: Which was this Day read the first time; and laid aside.

The Question being propounded, That these Words, "from and after the First Day of February 1653," be added to the Clause touching Fishery;

And the Question being put, That this Question be now put;

It passed with the Affirmative.

And the main Question being put, It was

Resolved, That these Words, viz. "from and after the First Day of February 1653," be added in the Clause touching Fishery.

And the said Clause, so amended, being put to the Question, was assented unto.

Resolved, That the Blank for the Time be filled up with those Words, "First of December 1651."

Resolved, That the other Blank for the Time be filled up with these Words, "First of December 1651."

And the said Act, so amended, being put to the Question, passed: And ordered to be forthwith printed and published.

Resolved, That the Serjeant at Arms attending the Parliament be injoined to proclaim this Act upon the Old Exchange, London, To-morrow, at the usual Hour, with sound of Trumpet, and Beat of Drum.

Resolved, That the Lords Commissioners for the Great Seal be authorized and required, to issue under the Great Seal, a Certiorari to the Clerk of the Parliament, to certify into the Chancery the Act, intituled, An Act for Increase of Shipping, and Encouragement of the Navigation of this Nation: And that the Lords Commissioners do cause the same Act to be sent to the several Sheriffs, with Writs for the Proclaiming of the said Act, according to the usual Form.

Resolved, That the Commissioners of the Excise be required to cause this Act to be sent to all Port Towns.

Holloway's Petition.

The humble Petition of Lieutenant Colonel Thomas Holloway, now Prisoner in the Poultry Computer; being a Person comprehended within the Articles of the Threeand-twentieth of May last, upon the Rendition of the Islands of Sorlinge and Scilly; was this day read.

Ordered, That this Petition be referred to the Council of State, to examine the Business, and see that the Articles be performed.