House of Commons Journal Volume 7: 28 May 1657

Journal of the House of Commons: Volume 7, 1651-1660. Originally published by His Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1802.

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'House of Commons Journal Volume 7: 28 May 1657', in Journal of the House of Commons: Volume 7, 1651-1660, (London, 1802) pp. 540-541. British History Online [accessed 19 April 2024]


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Thursday, the 28th of May, 1657.

Northern Borders.

MR. Downing reports Amendments to the Bill for the better Suppressing of Theft upon the Borders of England and Scotland, and securing the good and honest People against all Felonies, and other Misdemeanors, daily committed in these Parts: Which were twice read; and, upon the Question, assented unto.

Resolved, That the Blank, not to return after transported to some of the Plantations, be filled up with the Word "Seven."

Resolved, That the Blank for the Penalty be filled up with the Word "Felony."

Resolved, That this Bill, thus amended, shall be ingrossed.


A Bill for the Settling of the Postage of England, Scotland, and Ireland, was this Day read the First time; and, upon the Question, ordered to be read again Tomorrow Morning.

Popish Recusants.

Mr. Bedford reports Amendments to the Bill, intituled, An Act for Discovering, Convicting, and Repressing of Popish Recusants: Which were twice read.

The Bill, which was delivered in with these Amendments, wanted the Outside Sheet; whereupon the Entry was made, by the Clerk, of the First and Second Reading of this Bill: Whereof Notice being taken by the Clerk, and the House acquainted therewith, the Reporter excused the same, as being miscarried with long carrying it up and down: But withdrew; and brought in a Sheet, with the Endorsement of the Title of this Bill, and this Entry upon it;

"Read the First time, 29 Novemb. 1656."

"Read the Second time, 3 Decemb. 1656."

Which was, by Leave of the House, added to the old Bill again.

Resolved, That this Debate be adjourned till Tomorrow Morning; and nothing to intervene.

Blake's Victory over Spaniards.

Mr. Secretary acquaints the House with the good Success the Lord hath been pleased to vouchsafe to the Fleet of this Nation, under the Command of General Blake, at the Port of Santa Cruse, on the Island of Teneriffe, on Monday the Twentieth of April last; at which time the said Fleet fell in among Five or Six Galleons; whereof were Admiral, Vice-Admiral, and Rear-Admiral, with their Standard and Flag aloft; and other considerable Ships, making up the Number of Sixteen; some having Goods brought from the Indies still on board them; others had taken in Goods and Provisions to carry back again; most of them furnished with Brass Ordnance; and their full Companies of Seamen and Soldiers kept continually on board them; where all the said Ships were sunk, blown up, or destroyed: The Particulars whereof are contained in a Narrative now delivered in by Mr. Secretary: Which was read.

Ordered, That Wednesday next be set apart for a Day of Publick Thanksgiving within the Cities of London and Westminster, and the late Lines of Communication, and Weekly Bills of Mortality, for the marvellous Goodness of God to this Nation, in preserving the Fleet of this Commonwealth in their late Action at Santa Cruz, in the Island of Teneriff, under General Blake, and giving them great Success against the Ships of the King of Spaine.

Resolved, That Mr. Manton be desired to preach before the Parliament on that Day: And that Mr. Secretary do acquaint him therewith.

Resolved, That Mr. Carter be desired to preach before the Parliament on that Day: And that Colonel Jones do acquaint him therewith.

Resolved, That the House do keep the said Day of Thanksgiving at Margarett's Church Westminster.

Ordered, That the Narrative now read be printed and published, with the Order of the House for the Day of Thanksgiving.

Resolved, That his Highness' Consent be desired hereunto.

Resolved, That a Committee be appointed to attend his Highness, to desire his Consent to the Day of Thanksgiving: Viz. Mr. Secretary, Colonel Phil. Jones, Lord Strickland, Lord Chief-Justice Glyn, Mr. Godfrey, Sir Wm. Strickland, Sir Lislebone Long, Mr. Whitegrave, Mr. Grove, Sir Tho. Honeywood, Sir Richard Onsloe: To meet, at Two of the Clock in the Afternoon, in the Speaker's Chamber.

Resolved, That it be offered to his Highness, as the Desire of the Parliament, That his Highness will be pleased to appoint a Jewel, of the Value of Five hundred Pounds, to be provided, and bestowed on General Blake, as a Mark of Honour, and a Testimony of his Highness' and the Parliament's Resentment of his eminent and faithful Services for this Commonwealth.

Resolved, That a hundred Pounds be given to Captain Story, as a Reward for his good News brought from the Fleet.

Ordered, That this Committee that is to attend his Highness touching the Day of Thanksgiving, do present his Highness with these Votes touching the Jewel for General Blake, and the Hundred Pounds to Captain Story, and desire his Highness, That he will be pleased to give Order, That the same may be performed, accordingly.

Ordered, That a Letter be written to General Blake, from this House, to give him, and the Officers of the Fleet under him, the Thanks of this House; and to signify their good Acceptance, and great Esteem they have of their eminent Service in this late Action: And that Mr. Secretary and Mr. Downing do prepare a Letter for that Purpose.


The House being acquainted, that one Michaell Beavor, an Attorney at Law, hath taken out Process against Vincent Den Esquire, a Member of this House; and hath proceeded thereupon, notwithstanding he knew the said Mr. Den to be a Member of this House, and promised to desist;

Ordered, That Michael Beavor be sent for, as a Delinquent, for his Contempt, in Breach of the Privilege of this House.

Assessment for Scotland.

A Bill for Raising of Fifteen thousand Pounds in Scotland was this Day read the First time; and, upon the Question, ordered to be read the Second time on Saturday Morning next.