House of Commons Journal Volume 7: 31 December 1651

Journal of the House of Commons: Volume 7, 1651-1660. Originally published by His Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1802.

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Wednesday, the 31st of December, 1651.


Dean and Chapters Lands.

MR. Say reports from the Committee for removing of Obstructions in the Sale of Dean and Chapters Lands;

That the Lady Wade being possessed of the Manor of Belzeeze at Hampstead in Com. Midd. by Lease from the Dean and Chapter at Westminster, for the Term of 21 Years, to end at Michaelmas 1655, under the yearly Rent . . 19£. 2s. 10d. did, in May 1642, surrender that Lease, and took a new Lease for 21 Years: And, besides a great Fine paid, there was reserved a further yearly Rent of Ten Loads of Hay, and Five Quarters of Oats: And being so possessed, passed away her whole Interest in the Manor to John Holgate Esquire, who hath purchased of the Contractors the Inheritance: The Parliament, by Act of 26th of September 1649, settle upon the School and Alms-houses of Westminster, amongst other annual Revenues, the Rent of 19£. 2s. 10d. by the old surrendered Lease; with the additional Rent of Ten Loads of Hay and Five Quarters of Oats by the new Lease, voided by the Act.

The Committee for removing Obstructions, upon the Petition of the said John Holgate, granted a Re-prize for the said new Rent; but that Re-prize was denied by the Contractors, in regard the said new Rent was settled by the Parliament upon the said School, upon a Mistake: And the said John Holgate was forced to pay in his whole Purchase Money, before he could have his Assurance.

Resolved, That it be reported to the Parliament, as the Opinion of this Committee, That the said new Rent of Hay and Oats, with the Arrearages thereof since the passing of the said Act, which voided the new Lease, be discharged: Which they humbly submit to the Judgment of the Parliament.

Resolved, by the Parliament, That an Act be brought in for avoiding the new Rent of Hay and Oats; with the Arrearages thereof since the passing the Act, which avoided the new Lease: And Mr. Say is to bring in an Act, accordingly.

Sir Wm. Allenson reports;

Nelson's Claims.

The State of the Accompt ofBryan Nelson, for his personal Pay and Disbursements for the Parliament, and of all the Monies he acknowlegeth to have received in Part thereof, made up by the Committee for the Accompts of the Soldiery, sitting at Worcester House, in Pursuance of an Order of Parliament to them directed, of the 13th of August 1650; as followeth, viz.

£. s. d. £ s. d. £. s. d.
Demands by him made for personal Pay; for which Vouchers are produced. As Trooper in Captain John Allured's Troop, from the 10th of November 1642, to the 28th of May 1643, being 199 Days, at 2s. 6d. per Diem 24 17 6
As Quarter-Master to Captain Matthew Allured's Troops, from the 29th of May 1643, to the 26th of November 1643, being 181 Days at 9s. per Day for himself and Two Horses; he being certified by Wm. Wood, then Muster Master General to the Northern Army, to be so mustered 14th of August 1643 81 9

Nelson's Claims.

£. s. d. £. s. d. £. s. d.
Brought over 106 6 6
As Commissary General for the Provisions of the Army late under Sir John Mildrum, deceased; from the 17th of December 1643 to the 23th of March 1643, being 96 Days, at 16s. per Day, for his personal Pay, and 9s. 6d. per Diem, for Pay of Three Clerks, and One Store-keeper 122 8
As Commissary General, or Provider for Provisions of the late Army, under Command of Ferdinando Lord Fairfax; from 24 Aprilis 1644, to 20th of January 1644, being 271 Days; at like Pay as for that under Sir John Meldrum 345 10 6
574 5
Out of which deducting free Quarter for the whole time of Service, according to the Instructions of 28th of May 1647; viz. 8s. per Week, as Trooper; ⅓ as Quarter-master; and ¼ as Commissary; then there resteth due, for his personal Pay 155 10 418 14 10½ 1,042 19

Demands by him made for several Disbursements by him for the publick Service at the Sieges before York, Knasbr. and Pomfrett; for which be produceth Vouchers: Viz.

For Beeves, Sheep, and Veals as by several Receipts, from the Parties to whom he paid Money, is affirmed to be paid 506 5 1,042 19
For Salt, Bread, and Cheese, as per like Receipts, 18 16 8
For Beeves, Sheep, and Lambs, as by Certificate from others that the Money was paid to the Parties 32 17 624 4 8
For slaughtering Cattle, Brewing, Baking, Mending Ways, and Felling of Wood as per Receipts of the Parties to whom be Money is affirmed to be paid 66 6

Demands by him made for several Disbursements by him for the publick Service at the Sieges aforesaid; for which he produceth no Vouchers; but proffers Oath for the Truth thereof;

For Cattle, and other Provisions for the Army, 10 1 10 293 2 10
For Driving of Cattle, and Information where Malignants Goods were 283 1 293 2 10
In Toto £. 1,336 2
Towards which Personal Pay and Disbursements, the said Bryan Nelson acknowledgth to have received; viz.
As Quarter-master 5 10 569 9 10
In the County of York 493 19 10
At Haberdashers-Hall, by Order of Parliament 50
From the Northern Committee of Parliament 20
So rest due unto him upon this Account, if allowed £. 766 12

Memorandum. He doth also produce a Certificate under Sir Thomas Maleverer's Hand and Seal, That, from 15th of May 1644, to 20th of January 1644, the said Bryan Nelson was to be allowed Pay for 15 Men, at 2s. 6d. per Diem each; That he provided and furnished them with Horses and Arms; for which Horses and Arms the said Bryan Nelson demands 150£.; and for the Pay of 15 Men, during the same time, he demands 468£. 15s.: But whether any, or what Part thereof, was truly paid, it doth not appear by any Voucher exhibited to this Committee.

Also it is therein certified, by the said Sir Thomas Mauleverer, That, from the 15th of May 1644, to the 20th of January 1644, the said Commissary Nelson was to be allowed Pay, as Captain of a Troop of Horse; but he acknowlegeth, he had no Commission as Captain; and, as Commissary, he hath Allowance of 16s. per Diem for his own personal Pay, for the same Time, upon this Account.

He demands also Six Shillings per Diem, as Commissary, for distributing of Victuals to the Train of Artillery; whereas he is allowed 16s. per Diem, for the same Time, as Commissary, upon this Account.

The said Bryan Nelson acknowlegeth 1,370 Beeves, 2,030 Sheep and Lambs, 26 Veals, 3 Horses, 1 Foal, 2 Swine, 15 Couple of Fish, and 30 Pounds of Hops, which he provided and took from several Persons in the County of York, for the Use of the Army, at the Sieges before York, Knasborough, and Pomfrett: He likewise dischargeth himself of the said Provisions; viz. By 199 Beeves, 260 Sheep and Lambs, slaughtered, as per his Book appears: By 1 Swine slaughtered, 3 Horses returned to the Owners, 15 Couple of Fish, and 30 Pound of Hops, spent by the Army; but produceth no Certificate: By 1 Swine, 34 Beeves, and 24 Calves, he sold for 109 Pounds, which said Sum he chargeth upon his Receipts in this Account: By 1,137 Beeves, 1,770 Sheep and Lambs, and 2 Veals, slaughtered for the Use of the Army, at the Sieges aforesaid, as appears by several Certificates: By 1 Foal delivered back, as appears by Certificate.

Thomas Broad. Nich. Bond, Thomas Richardson, W. Jissop, Rich. Wilcox, Edw. Carey.

Resolved, That the Sum of 766£. 12s. 6d. be paid unto the said Bryan Nelson, or his Assignees, in full Satisfaction of the said Account.

Resolved, by the Parliament, That this Sum of Seven hundred Sixty-six Pounds Twelve Shillings Six Pence be charged upon the Monies which shall first be raised by the Sale of Delinquents Estates; which shall be sold by Virtue of the additional Act now under Commitment; to be paid out of that Treasury next after the 5,000£. charged upon that Receipt to be paid to the Earl of Salisbury: And the Acquittance and Acquittances of the said Bryan Nelson shall be a sufficient Discharge for the same.

Digby's Case.

Resolved, That it be referred to the Barons of the Exchequer, to proceed in the Case of Sir Kenelme Digby, according to Justice in ordinary Course, as in other Cases.

Army, &c. Committee.

Colonel Downes reports from the Committee to whom the Bill for a Committee of the Army and Treasurers at Wars was committed, Amendments to that Bill: Which were twice read.

Resolved, That there be only Two Treasurers at Wars.

The Amendment in the Fourth Leaf and 9th Line, wherein the yearly Allowance or Salary of 3,000£. is reported, being read, was, upon the Question, agreed.

The Question being put, That the old Treasurers at Wars, or any of them, be Treasurers at War in this Act;

It passed in the Negative.

The Question being propounded, That any Members of Parliament be named for Treasurers in this Bill;

And the Question being put, That this Question be now put;

It passed in the Affirmative.

And the main Question being put;

The House divided:

The Yeas went forth.

Colonel Sydney, Tellers for the Yeas: 31.
Sir Wm. Masham, With the Yeas,
Lord Grey, Tellers for the Noes: 27.
Colonel Marten, With the Noes,

So it passed with the Affirmative.

Resolved, That Wm. Leman Esquire be one of the Treasurers at Wars to be appointed in this Act.

Resolved, That Captain John Blackwell the younger be one of the Treasurers at Wars to be appointed in this Act.

The Amendments, being put to the Question, were agreed.

Ordered, That Wm. Constable, Mr. Say, Mr. Blagrave, be added to the Committee of the Army.