House of Commons Journal Volume 7: 29 August 1659

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Journal of the House of Commons: Volume 7, 1651-1660. Originally published by His Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1802.

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Monday, the 29th of August, 1659.


Tryals at Stafford.

ORDERED, That in the Act to make good Tryals which shall be had at Stafford on Friday the 8th of September 1659, as if the same had been tried on the 17th of August 1659, the Word "Eighth" be made "Ninth."

Buttolph's Rectory.

Mr. Say reports, from the Committee to whom the Petition of the Parish-Wardens, and several well-affected Inhabitants of the Parish of Buttolphe's without Bishopsgate, London, touching Mr. John Simpson's being restored to the Rectory of Buttolphe's, Bishopsgate, aforesaid, The State of the Case, touching the Interest of the said Mr. Sympson, and Mr. Samuell Lee, in the said Rectory.

The humble Petition of the Parishioners of Buttolph Bishopsgate, was tendered to this House.

And the Question being put, That this Petition be now read;

The House was divided.

The Yeas went forth.

Lord Whitlock, Tellers for the Yeas: 29.
Sir Peter Wentworth, With the Yeas,
Colonel Bennett, Tellers for the Noes: 18.
Mr. Marten, With the Noes,

So it passed with the Affirmative.

So it was Resolved, That this Petition be now read.

The said Petition was read accordingly.

Resolved, That this House doth agree with the Committee, That Mr. Simpson be restored to the Possession of the Rectory of Buttolphe's, Bishopsgate, London, according to the Order of the Committee for plundered Ministers, of the 17th of March 1651; and the Opinion of this Committee.


A Bill for the Raising of One hundred Twenty thousand Pounds by the Month, by way of Loan, upon England, Scotland, and Ireland; that is to say, upon England, Eighty-four thousand Pounds by the Month; upon Scotland, Fourteen thousand Four hundred Pounds by the Month; upon Ireland, One-and-twenty thousand Six hundred Pounds by the Month; together with the Grounds and Reasons thereof; was this Day read the First time.

Ordered, That this Bill be read the Second time, upon Thursday Morning next.

Irish Claimants.

Mr. Reynolds reports, from the Committee to whom the Bill for settling Lands in Ireland upon Adventurers and Soldiers was referred, An Enacting Clause, to be made Part of that Bill;

"Providing that Satisfaction be made to Soldiers, Adventurers, Creditors, or other Persons, who have Right to be satisfied, out of forfeited Lands in Ireland, and are not satisfied, after the Adventurers and Soldiers be satisfied."

Which Clause was twice read; and agreed unto.

Resolved, That this Bill be committed, upon the Debate of the House: And that the Committee meet this Afternoon; and report it on Thursday Morning next.


Resolved, That the Commissioners for the Militia, in the respective Counties, do forthwith take care, that all the Horse, Foot, and Dragoons, actually raised by them, or by Order of Parliament, or the Council of State, together with the County-Troops, be duly mustered: And that the said Commissioners be authorized and required to pay them off, for the time they have been, by the Authority aforesaid, in actual Service, as well out of the Ten Pounds paid, or to be paid, in lieu of Horse and Arms, charged in pursuance of the late Act for Settling the Militia, as out of any other Monies that have been raised upon the said Act; and that none of the said Horse, Foot, or Dragoons, be longer continued in actual Service, than the Council of State shall judge necessary for publick Safety; and shall give particular Order for to continue in actual Service, accordingly: And that the Council do give an Account to the Parliament, on Friday next, of all such as shall be for the present judged necessary to be continued.

Tuesday, August 30th, 1659.

State of Government.

THE House, this Day, according to former Order, was resolved into a Grand Committee, upon the Government.

Mr. Speaker left the Chair.
Mr. Garland took the Chair.
Mr. Speaker resumed the Chair.

Mr. Garland reports from the said Grand Committee, That they desire the Leave of this House to sit again upon this Business, on Monday next.

Resolved, That the House be resolved into a Grand Committee, on Monday Morning next, upon the Government; and that Mr. Speaker do forbear to take the Chair.

Resolved, That the House, before they rise shall be adjourned until Thursday Morning next, at Eight of the Clock.

Army Appointments.

Sir Arthur Hesilrig reports from the Commissioners for Nomination of Commission Officers, the Names of Officers for several Commands and Employments; viz.

Colonel Henry Smith to be Governor of the Garison of Innernesse, in Scotland:

Mr. Richard Tracy, to be Ensign to that Company of Foot, now in the Garison of Cardiffe, whereof Lieutenant Colonel Marke Grimes is Captain.

Edmond Higgs, to be Surgeon to the Regiment of Foot, now in the Tower of London, whereof Colonel Tho. Fitch, Lieutenant of the Tower, is Colonel:

That Anthony Smith be Surgeon to that Regiment of Horse, whereof Colonel James Berry is Colonel:

That Thomas Spurgeon be Ensign to that Company of Foot, whereof Colonel Humphry Brewster is Captain; in the Regiment of which Colonel Wm. Mitchell is Colonel.

Resolved, That Thomas Spurgeon be re-committed.

And all the rest of the Commission Officers in the said Report, being put to the Question, were approved.

Resolved, That Cornet Crooke be, and is hereby, approved of, to be Cornet in Colonel Berrye's Regiment.

Ordered, That Lieutenant John Laken be recommended to the Commissioners for Nomination of Commission Officers, for a Captain's Place.


Ordered, That the Report of the Militia Forces to be continued be taken into Consideration on Thursday Morning next, the first Business.

Gen. Overton.

Ordered, That Major General Overton's Business be heard on Tuesday next.

The House adjourned, according to the aforesaid Order, till Thursday Morning, Eight of the Clock.