House of Commons Journal Volume 7: 1 February 1660

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Journal of the House of Commons: Volume 7, 1651-1660. Originally published by His Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1802.

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Wednesday, 1st February, 1659.

Army Appointment.

RESOLVED, That Dr. Clergis be, and is hereby approved of to be, Commissary-General of the Musters, both of England and Scotland: And that a Commission be forthwith prepared for him, accordingly.

Army Pay.

Ordered, That the Committee for the Army do issue their Warrants, for one Month's Pay, to the several Regiments of Horse and Foot lately ordered to march from London, according to the Allowance of Pay made by the Establishment for the Army, additional Pay included; and according to the Muster lately made, or to be made, from the 16th of January last.

Army Musters.

Ordered, That it be referred to the Committee of the Army, to prepare and bring in the Form of an Oath to be taken by the Commissary-General of the Musters, and his Deputies, upon the Debate of the House; and that he make Choice of such Deputies, as shall be approved of by the said Committee: And, that to prevent the Inconveniences in making false Musters: And, that none be paid upon Musters but such as are really in actual Service, That an Oath be prepared by the said Committee, to be taken by every Colonel, Captain, or other Chief Officer, who shall be present at the Musters, that none are mustered, but such as are really in actual Service.

General Monck.

A Letter from General George Monck, from St Albans, of the 30th of January 1659, was read.

Ordered, That the Custody of St. James's Park be, and is hereby, granted and committed unto Commissioner General George Monck, to hold and enjoy the Custody of the said Park, to the said Commissioner General George Monck, during the Pleasure of the Parliament.

Sir H. Vane.

Resolved, That the Serjeant at Arms, attending the Parliament, do forthwith take Sir Henry Vane into his Custody.

Ordered, That the Serjeant at Arms, do on Monday Morning next, take care, that Sir Henry Vane be conveyed to his House at Belew, in order to his going to his House at Raby, according to the former Order of Parliament.

Publick Treasuries.

Ordered, That some Members of the Parliament be, and are hereby, appointed and authorized to take a View of all the respective Treasuries belonging to this Commonwealth; to see what Monies are in the said respective Treasuries; and give an Account thereof to the Parliament, forthwith: Viz. Colonel White, Mr. Dormer, Colonel Lister, Mr. West, Mr. Nelthorpe, Colonel Harvey; or any Three of them.

Army Appointments.

A List of Officers in Colonel Mosse's Regiment were read; and are as followeth; viz.

Richard Mosse, Colonel and Captain; Robert Suckett, Captain-Lieutenant; Michaell Wilkinson, Ensign.

Nicholas Andrewes, Lieutenant-Colonel and Captain; John Chapman, Lieutenant; Charles Purnell, Ensign.

Thomas Higg, Major and Captain; Francis Crispe, Lieutenant; Wm. Weston, Ensign.

Wm. Galhampton, Captain; James Holabred, Lieutenant; Tho. Mabley, Ensign.

Wm. Pride, Captain; Abraham Ogden, Lieutenant; Robert Gold, Ensign.

Henry Crispe, Captain; Wm. Newham, Lieutenant; John Woodfyne, Ensign.

Edward Paten, Captain; Wm. Alsope, Lieutenant; Samuell Mumford, Ensign.

Wm. Lockley, Captain; Wm. Townesend, Lieutenant; John Hackney, Ensign.

Thomas Rumbelow, Captain; Thomas Dennis, Lieutenant; John Coke, Ensign.

Richard Boone, Captain; John Knouch, Lieutenant; Rowland Thomas, Ensign.

Richard Kentish, Chaplain; Isaack Harris, Surgeon; Walter Crocker, Quarter-master and Marshal.

And the said Colonel, and every particular Officer, being put to the Question, were approved; and agreed unto.

A List of Names of Officers in Colonel Herbert Morley's Regiment were read; and are as followeth; viz.

Herbert Morley Esquire, Colonel and Captain; Wm. Greenaway, Captain-Lieutenant; Martin Howard, Ensign.

Wm. Ferley, Lieutenant-Colonel and Captain; Tho. Watson, Lieutenant; Edward Froment, Ensign.

Thomas White, Major and Captain; Francis Archer, Lieutenant; John Childe, Ensign.

James Preist, Captain; Henry Easterne, Lieutenant; Edward Parry, Ensign.

Henry Clare, Captain; Gilbert Mitchell, Lieutenant; Francis Heires, Ensign.

Nicholas Shiphere, Captain; Henry Collingham, Lieutenant; John Setlough, Ensign.

Wm. White, Captain; Thomas Adams, Lieutenant; Luke Cornwell, Ensign.

Robert Goffe, Captain; Richard Banister, Lieutenant; Tho. Bagg, Ensign.

Richard Collington, Captain; Bartholomew Marshall, Lieutenant; Wm. Wilkinson, Ensign.

John Height, Captain; George Salter, Lieutenant; Wm. Gellibrowne, Ensign.

Nehemiah Beaton, Chaplain; * Cole, Surgeon; * * Quarter-master and Marshal.

And every of the said Officers, being put to the Question, were approved; and agreed unto.

Ordered, That Mr. Speaker be, and is hereby, authorized to deliver Commissions unto the Officers in Colonel Morley's Regiment, and unto such other Officers as are or shall be approved of by the Parliament, every Morning, before the House sit, or at the Rising of the House, within the House.

A List of the Names of Officers late in Colonel Sydenham's Regiment was read; and are as followeth; viz.

1. Colonel and Captain; Gregory Tom, Captain-Lieutenant; John Crosley, Ensign.

2. John Mill, Lieutenant-Colonel; Wm. Wolmer, Lieutenant; John Yawood, Ensign.

3. Robert Luson, Major; Tho. Row, Lieutenant; Phillip Hocker, Ensign.

4. John Buck, Captain; David Francis, Lieutenant; Richard Sharpe, Ensign.

5. Stephen West, Captain; Tho. Smith, Lieutenant; * Hudson, Ensign.

6. Wm. Turner, Captain; Wm. Ellin, Lieutenant; * Carey, Ensign.

7. Dennis Taylor, Captain; Tho. Jones, Lieutenant; John Rudd, Ensign.

John Barry, Captain; Edward Nutt, Lieutenant; Wm. Manners, Ensign.

Robert Saunders, Captain; Richard Johnson, Lieutenant; Wm. Jones, Ensign.

Richard Barker, Captain; Alexander Newland, Lieutenant; John Plat, Ensign.

The Question being propounded, That Colonel John Lenthall be Colonel and Captain of this Regiment;

And the Question being put, That this Question be now put;

It passed with the Affirmative.

And the main Question being put; It was

Resolved, That Colonel John Lenthall be Colonel and Captain of this Regiment.

Resolved, That John Mill be Lieutenant-Colonel of this Regiment.

And all the rest of the Officers of this Regiment, being severally put to the Question, were approved; and agreed unto.

Irish Affairs.

Ordered, That Lieutenant-General Ludlow do, on Wednesday next, give an Account to the Parliament of the Affairs in Ireland: And that the Petition of the Company of Foot in Duncannon be then read.

The House adjourned till Three a Clock in the Afternoon.

Wednesday Afternoon, February the 1st, 1659.

Gen. Monck.

MR. Attorney-General reports from the Committee to whom the Bill for Approving and Justifying the Actings of General George Monck was committed, Amendments to the said Bill: Which were twice read; and, upon the Question, agreed unto.

Ordered, That this Bill be ingrossed.


Ordered, That it be referred to Mr. Attorney-General, Mr. Love, and Mr. John Corbet, forthwith to bring in a Bill for indemnifying all Persons who have acted for the Parliament, in the late Interruption.

Army Appointments.

A List of Names of Officers in the Regiment of Colonel George Fleetwood was read; and is as followeth; viz.

George Fleetwood, Colonel and Captain; Tho. Andrewes, Captain-Lieutenant; Robert Treswell, Ensign.

Wm. Stiles, Lieutenant-Colonel and Captain; Tho. Fairfax, Lieutenant; Mathew Whitside, Ensign.

Henry Gold, Major and Captain; Henry Winfeild, Lieutenant; Wm. Cake, Ensign.

Tho. Baxter, Captain; * Hayhurst, Lieutenant; Nathaniel Dancer, Ensign.

John Dober, Captain; Henry Read, Lieutenant; Ed ward Bullock, Ensign.

Arthur Chaloner, Captain; Edward Read, Lieutenant; Stephen Lyman, Ensign.

Tho. Hay, Captain; Robert Grubb, Lieutenant; John Leake, Ensign.

Daniell Nicholls, Captain; Rowland Williams, Lieutenant; Joseph Jones, Ensign.

Benjamin Gifford, Captain; Richard Hamlin Lieutenant; Richard Wilson, Ensign.

Richard Boult, Captain; Richard Woodward, Lieutenant; George Smith, Ensign.

Edward Terry, Chaplain; Edward Atkinson, Surgeon; John Fairfax, Mate; Wm. Grassingham, Quarter-master and Marshal.

And every Officer, being severally put to the Question, was approved; and agreed unto.

Army Committee.

The Parliament resumed the Debate upon the Clause tendered to the Bill for constituting a Committee for the Army, and Treasurers at War, formerly adjourned.

The said Clause was read the Third time.

The Question being put, That there be a Comptroller added to this Bill;

It passed with the Negative.

Whereupon the said Clause was laid aside.

Resolved, That the Debate upon this Bill be adjourned until To-morrow Morning.

Army Commissions.

Mr. Speaker, according to former Order of Parliament, did, at the Clerk's Table, deliver unto

Lieutenant * Teigh, his Commission to be Lieutenant of a Troop in Colonel Sir Arthur Hesilrig's Regiment:

To Cornet Thomas Acton, his Commission to be Cornet of a Troop in the said Regiment.