House of Commons Journal Volume 8: 8 December 1660

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Journal of the House of Commons: Volume 8, 1660-1667. Originally published by His Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1802.

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Saturday, 8th December, 1660.


Committee of Privileges.

ORDERED, That the Committee for Privileges and Elections have Leave to sit this Afternoon, notwithstanding the Sitting of the Grand Committee: And they are to meet this Afternoon, in the Exchequer Chamber.

Faunt's Estate.

An ingrossed Bill for enabling George Faunt Esquire, to sell Lands for Payment of his Debts, and other Uses, was this Day read the Third time; and, on the Question, passed.

Resolved, That this be the Title of the said Bill; viz. An Act for enabling George Faunt, of Fauston in the County of Leicester, Esquire, to sell and convey Part of his Lands for Payment of several Debts and Legacies charged upon his Estate by Sir William Faunt Knight, deceased; and for the Raising of Portions for his younger Children; and for the making his Wife a Jointure.

Resolved, That this Bill be carried to the Lords: And that Mr. Babbington do carry it accordingly.

Preston Rectory.

Mr. Crowch reports Amendments to the Bill for disappropriating the Rectory appropriate of Preston in the County of Suffolke, and uniting the Rectory and Vicarage there; and for assuring the Advowson and Patronage thereof to Emanuell College in Cambridge: Which he read in his Place, with the Coherence; and were, on the Question, agreed unto.

Resolved, That the said Bill, with the said Amendments, be ingrossed.

Resolved, That this House be forthwith resolved into a Grand Committee, upon the Bill for Six Months Assessments, at Seventy thousand Pounds per Mensem.

The House was resolved into a Grand Committee accordingly.

Mr. Speaker left the Chair.

Sir Henage Finch takes the Chair.

Mr. Speaker resumes the Chair.

Sir Henage Finch reports from the said Grand Committee, the Desire of the said Committee, that this House would be pleased to appoint a Committee, to consider of drawing up the Preamble to the Act for an Assessment; and also to draw up Rules and Instructions for disbanding the Residue of the Army, and paying off the Navy: And that the said Grand Committee may sit again on Monday Morning next.

Resolved, That a Committee be appointed to draw up a Preamble to the Bill for an Assessment for Six Months, at the Rate of Seventy thousand Pounds per Mensem; and also to consider of Instructions and Rules for disbanding of the remaining Part of the Army, and paying off the Navy; viz. Sir Henage Finch, Mr. Spry, Mr. Hollis, Sir Wm. Lewes, Mr. Shapcott, Mr. Middleton, Sir Tho. Clergis, Mr. Goodricke, Mr. Allen, Mr. Knight, Mr. Reames, Mr. Clifford, Mr. Daniell, Sir George Downing, Mr. Ferrers, Mr. Whitely, Mr. Boderda, Mr. Prin, Colonel King, Sir Rob. Harley, Sir Wm. Penn, Sir John Talbot, Mr. Skipwith, Colonel Birch, Sir Sal. Swayle, Colonel Jones, Sir Tho. Bludworth, Sir John Northcot, Mr. Pedley, Doctor Mills, Mr. Thomas, Mr. Conyers, Mr. Bascawen, Sir Tho. Willis, Mr. Chafe, Serjeant Glynn, Sir Jo. Robinson, and the Commissioners for disbanding the Army: And are to meet this Afternoon, at Two of the Clock, in Mr. Speaker's Chamber.

Resolved, That this House be resolved into a Grand Committee, upon the Bill for an Assessment, on Monday Morning next.

Lindsey Drainage.

A Message from the Lords, by Mr. Child and Mr. Glascocke, Two Masters of Chancery;

Mr. Speaker, My Lords do here send you down a Bill, intituled, An Act for the draining of the Level of Fens in the County of Lincolne, extending itself from the River of Gleane and Bowrne, to Rynne East, as well within the Parts of Kistiven as Holland, (the Eight hundred Fen excepted) and from the said Rinne East, to the City of Lincolne, and thence Westward to the Banks of Trent, commonly called Lindsey Level; to which they desire the Concurrence of this House.

They likewise send you back an Order for taking up the Carcases of Oliver Cromwell, &c. with this Addition; viz. "And the Dean of Westminster is desired to give Directions to his Officers of the Abbey to be assistant in the Execution of this Order."

Resolved, That this House doth agree to the said Addition to the said Order: And so the Order will stand as followeth; viz.

Resolved, by the Lords and Commons assembled in Parliament, That the Carcases of Oliver Cromwell, Henry Ireton, John Bradshaw, Thomas Pride, whether buried in Westminster Abbey, or elsewhere, be, with all Expedition, taken up, and drawn upon a Hurdle to Tyburn, and there hanged up in their Coffins for some time; and after that buried under the said Gallows: And that James Norfolke Esquire, Serjeant at Arms attending the House of Commons, do take care, that this Order be put in effectual Execution by the common Executioner for the County of Middlesex, and all such others to whom it shall respectively appertain; who are required, in their several Places, to conform to and observe this Order, with Effect: And the Sheriff of Middlesex is to give his Assistance herein, as there shall be Occasion: And the Dean of Westminster is desired to give Directions to his Officers of the Abbey to be assistant in the Execution of this Order.

The Messengers being called in again, Mr. Speaker gave them this Answer;

The House have considered of your Message; and, as to the Addition, offered by the Lords, to the Order you brought down concerning taking up the Four Corpses, this House doth concur therein.