House of Commons Journal Volume 8: 25 November 1661

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Journal of the House of Commons: Volume 8, 1660-1667. Originally published by His Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1802.

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Page 319

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Lunæ, 25 die Novembris, 13° Car. Regis 2di.


Somersett Dukedom.

A BILL to confirm an Act for restoring of the Marquis of Hertford to the Dukedom of Somersett, was this Day read the First time.

Resolved, That this Bill be read again, the Second time, To-morrow Morning.

Members Protections.

Resolved, upon the Question, That no Member of this House do grant any Protection to any but such only as are their menial Servants: And that all Protections already granted to any other Persons besides menial Servants, be forthwith withdrawn, and called in: And that this Order be forthwith printed and published.

Resolved, upon the Question, That a Message be sent to the Lords to acquaint them, that, upon a Complaint made to this House of the great Inconvenience and Grievance in granting Protections, this House had made an Order to withdraw all Protections granted by their Members; and to prohibit the granting any, for the future, to any Persons, save only to their menial Servants: And to recommend it to the Lords, to take this Matter also into their Care and Consideration.

And Mr. Vaughan is to carry up this Message to the Lords.

Barnesley's Estate.

A Bill to enable Charles Barnesley, and Gilbert his Son and Heir apparent, to sell Lands for the Payment of the Debts of the said Charles Barnesley the Father, was this Day read the First time.

Resolved, That this Bill be read again, the Second time, on This-day-sevennight.

Foreign Wool-cards.

A Bill against importing of foreign Wool-cards, Cardwire, and Iron-wire, was this Day read the Second time.

Resolved, That the same be committed to Serjeant Charleton, Mr. Pryn, Mr. Knight, Mr. Jones, Sir Edm. Peirce, Sir Solomon Swale, Mr. Street, Sir Rich. Everard, Sir John *, Mr. Jolly, Mr. Kyte, Sir Roger Bradshaigh, Sir Wm. Doyley, Sir Rich. Breame, Colonel Gilby, Lord Cornebury, Mr. Wm. Sandis, Lord Ancram, Mr. Morrice, Lord Rich. Buteler, Mr. John Windham, Sir Tho. Dolman, Sir George Reeve, Sir Tho. Leigh, Sir John Goodrick, Mr. Yorke, Mr. Jay, Mr. Goodrick, Sir Tho. Allen, Mr. Culleford, Mr. George, Mr. Kent, Sir Rich Temple, Mr. Secretary Maurice, Sir Baynham Throgmorton, Mr. Chetwind, Lord Newburgh, Colonel Windham, Mr. Gold, Colonel Kirby, Mr. John Vaughan, Sir Anthony Irby, Lord Ossory, Sir Theoph. Biddulph, Sir Maurice Berkeley, Mr. Clifford, Sir John Roll, Sir Thomas Meres: And they are to meet in the Exchequer Chamber To-morrow in the Afternoon, at Two of the Clock: And to send for Persons, Papers, and Records.

Exporting Wool.

This House taking into Consideration the Matter touching the Exportation of Wool, and Importation of foreign Stuffs;

Resolved, That the Debate thereof be adjourned, and taken into Consideration To-morrow Morning.

Executing Regicides.

A Bill for Execution of certain Persons attainted of High Treason, was this Day read the Second time: And Owen Roe, Henry Smith, Robert Tichburne, James Temple, Wm. Havingham, Gilbert Millington, Augustine Garland, Henry Martin, George Fleetwood, Thomas Waite, Peter Temple, and John Downes, Twelve of the said Persons attainted of High Treason, being in the Custody of the Lieutenant of the Tower, were successively brought to the Bar by the Serjeant attending this House; and did severally allege for themselves, that, upon his Majesty's gracious Declaration from Breda, and the Votes of this House, and his Majesty's Proclamation of the Sixth of June in the Twelfth Year of his Reign, published by Advice of the Lords and Commons then assembled, they did render themselves, being advised that they should thereby secure their Lives; and humbly craved the Benefit thereof, and the Mercy of this House, and their Mediation to his Majesty, on their Behalves.

And the Lieutenant of the Tower made Return, That Edmond Harvey, Hardress Waller, and Robert Lilburne, were removed out of his Custody into other remote Prisons: That Isaac Pennington was sick, and unable to come: That Vincent Potter was dead: And Thomas Wogan was never in his Custody.

Resolved, upon the Question, That all the said Persons, who were brought to the Bar, be remanded to the Tower: And that the Debate of the Bill for their Execution, be adjourned till To-morrow Morning, at Ten of the Clock.

And then the House adjourned till Eight of the Clock To-morrow Morning.