House of Commons Journal Volume 8: 24 May 1660

Journal of the House of Commons: Volume 8, 1660-1667. Originally published by His Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1802.

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Thursday, 24th May, 1660.


Privilege- a Person discharged.

RESOLVED, That the Mayor of Chichester, now in Custody with the Serjeant at Arms attending this House, be discharged and set at Liberty.

Advances to the Public.

Resolved, That whoever shall advance Two thousand Pounds for the present Service of his Majesty, shall be reimbursed the same with Interest out of the Twenty thousand Pounds, Part of the Thirty thousand Pounds assigned for providing of Requisites for his Majesty's Reception.

Resolved, That Col. Samuell Jones, Alderman Frederick, Mr. Thomas Rich, Mr. Peter Midleton, and Mr. Joseph Brand, be desired to go forthwith into the City of London, and to treat with such as they shall think fit, for procuring of the said Two thousand Pounds, to be speedily advanced for the present Service of his Majesty; the same to be secured and repaid with Interest, out of the said Twenty thousand Pounds: (And the Members of this House, who are of the Council of State, are required to take effectual Order, that the same be repaid out of the said Twenty thousand Pounds accordingly;) which this House will look upon as a very acceptable Service.


Mr. Turner did this Day carry to the Lords the Declaration passed by this House Yesterday, concerning the Excise.

Papists and Recusants.

A Declaration, Yesterday reported and read, for enjoining Papists to depart Twenty Miles from the Cities of London and Westminster, and not to come within Ten Miles of the Verge of the Court, without a Warrant from the Speakers of both Houses, was this Day read the Second time; and, upon the Question, committed to the Committee, that brought in this Declaration, to bring in Two several Declarations; the one requiring all Irish Rebels, and Irish Papists, now in England, to depart, or otherwise to be proceeded against according to Law, and to prohibit all Irish Papists from disturbing the Possession of any English Protestant in Ireland, but by course of Law, or until the Parliament of England, or the Parliament to be called in Ireland, take further Order; and one other Declaration, to put the Laws against Popish Recusants, and against Priests and Jesuits, especially those of 35° Eliz. and 3° Jacobi Regis, in effectual Execution, as well against Popish Recusants convict, as against such, who have acknowledged themselves Papists, and have taken Leases of their Estates, as Recusants.

Ordered, That Mr. Finch, Mr. Charleton, Sir Gilbert Gerrard, Mr. Hauchett, Mr. Crew, Sir Anth. Irby, Lord Com. Widdrington, Mr. Swynfin, Mr. Swayle, Mr. Bacon, Mr. Perrepoint, Mr. Broadrick, Mr. Vowell, Col. Morley, Mr. Egeock, Mr. Bodurda, Mr. Chapham, Mr. Stuart, Sir Rich. Onslow, Serj. Twisden, Mr. John Stevens, Mr. Bradshaw, be added to that Committee: And they are to meet this Afternoon in the Court of Wards, at Three of the Clock.


Mr. Turner returns Answer from the Lords, that, as to the Order touching the impowering the Commissioners of Excise and Customs to proceed in bringing in these Duties, and the Arrears thereof, that the Lords will send Answer by Messengers of their own.


A Message from the Lords, by Dr. Child and * *, Two Masters of the Chancery;

Mr. Speaker, The Lords have returned your Order this Day sent to them, with some Alterations; to which they desire your Concurrence:

Which Amendments were read; and, after, the Order, with the said Amendments, was read.

Resolved, That this House doth concur with the Lords in the Order so amended.

The Messengers being again called in, Mr. Speaker gave them this Answer;

Gentlemen, The House hath considered of your Message and Order, together with the Amendments thereof sent from the Lords; and they do concur with the Lords therein:

Which Order, so amended, is as followeth;

The Lords and Commons in Parliament assembled, taking into their Consideration the urgent Occasions for the present Payment of the Duty of Excise and Customs, do hereby declare, that the Commissioners for Appeals, and Regulation of Excise and Customs, Commissioners of the Excise and Customs respectively, and their Sub Commissioners and Collectors, and other Officers in the several Counties and Places of this Kingdom, shall proceed effectually, not only in the collecting of the growing Duties, but in the getting in of all Arrears, both of Excise and Customs, continued by an Act or Ordinance, beginning the 25th Day of February last, and ending the 24th Day of June next, according to the several Powers to them respectively, given thereby, and during the Time aforesaid: And it is further declared, that all Brewers of Beer and Ale, and other Persons concerned, do, from time to time, make Payment of what they, and every of them, are charged with, or liable to, as they will answer their Neglect in a Time, when his Majesty's and the Kingdom's Service and Occasions require the most punctual Satisfaction of what is respectively due from them.

Wards and Liveries.

Ordered, That the Bill for taking away Tenures by Knights Service, and in Capite, the Courts of Wards and Liveries, be read To-morrow Morning; and next after That, the Bill for Maintenance of the just Rights and Privileges of Parliament, and for confirming the fundamental Laws.