House of Commons Journal Volume 8: 13 November 1660

Pages 182-183

Journal of the House of Commons: Volume 8, 1660-1667. Originally published by His Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1802.

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Tuesday, 13th, November, 1660.


Browne's Estate.

A BILL for enabling Sir Anthony Browne to sell Lands for Payment of his Debts, was this Day read the Second time; and, on the Question, committed to Sir Anthony Irby, Mr. Bacon, Mr. Gray, Sir Henry Crofts, Lord Angier, Mr. Streete, Mr. Brampston, Sir Salomon Swayle, Dr. Clayton, Mr. Hall, Mr. Lowther, Lord Falkland, Mr. Powell, Sir George Rooth, Mr. Harris, Mr. Elliott, Mr. Bampfeild, Sir Henry Cesar, Sir Walter Earle, Mr. Croweh, Mr. Tucker, Mr. Yong, Mr. Mynors, Mr. Shaw; and all the Knights and Burgesses that serve for the County of Essex: And they are to meet Tomorrow at Two of the Clock in the Afternoon, in the Inner Court of Wards.

Worcester Clothiers.

The humble Petition of the incorporated Company of Clothiers, within the City of Worcester, was this Day read.

Ordered, That the said Petition be committed to the Committee for Trade and Navigation; who are to consider thereof, and examine and state the Case; and to hear Parties; and report the Case, with their Opinion, to this House.

Exporting Wool.

The House being well informed, that John Bount, Abraham Dedeere, John Burgo, Charles Lecroy, and Elias Mashman, Inhabitants of the City of Canterbury, have, for divers Years last past, used, and still do use, to transport beyond the Seas great Quantities of combed Wool, to the great impoverishing of those Parts;

Ordered, That the said John Bount, Abraham Dedeere, John Burgo, Charles Lecroy, and Elias Masham, be forthwith sent for, in Custody of the Serjeant at Arms attending this House, in respect of their said Offence.

Wrey's Estate.

Sir Anthony Irby reports Amendments to the Bill for enabling Sir William Wrey to sell certain Lands in the County of Essex, for Payment of his Debts, and making Provision for his younger Children: Which he read, with the Coherence, in his Place; and after were read the First and Second time by the Clerk; and, on the Question, agreed.

Resolved, That this Bill, with the said Amendments, be ingrossed.

Poll Bill.

A Bill for further supplying and explaining certain Defects in the Bill for Poll Money, was this Day read the Second time; and, on the Question, committed to the former Committee, to whom it was referred to prepare the said Bill: And that Dr. Clayton, Sir Tho. Bludworth, Mr. Harris, Sir John Fredricke, Sir George Reeves, Sir Roger Palmer, Lord Richardson, Mr. Bodarda, Mr. Swinfen, Mr. Hunt, Mr. Hampden, Sir Ralph Hare, Mr. Petty, Sir John Marsham, Sir Thomas Rant, Sir Henry Cesar, Sir John Clobery, Col. John Stephens, Mr. Bascawen, Sir Capel Luckin, Mr. Mynors, Sir Tho. Rich, Mr. Wingfeild, Mr. Edw. Stevens, Sir Rich. Hopkins, Sir Rich. Onslow, Lord Aunger, Sir Phillip Woodhouse, Sir Fran. Gerard, Sir Geo. Browne, Mr. Goodrick, Sir William Vincent, Sir Tho. Merricke, Mr. Rigby, Mr. Lucie, Mr. Knightley, Mr. Elliott, Mr. Streete, be added to the said Committee: And they are to meet To-morrow in the Afternoon, at Three of the Clock, in the Court of Wards: And Mr. Pedley and Mr. Goodricke are desired to take care hereof.

Publick Debts.

According to the Order of Yesterday the House resolved into a Grand Committee, for Consideration of the publick Debts of the Kingdom.

Mr. Speaker left the Chair.

Serjeant Rainsford took the Chair.

Mr. Speaker resumed the Chair.

Resolved, That the Business of raising Monies for Discharge of public Debts, which, by an Order of Yesterday, was to be this Day taken into Consideration by a Committee of the whole House; and was this present Day debated by a Committee of the whole House accordingly; be resumed by this House into Consideration To-morrow Morning.

Privilege-Libellous Publication.

A Book, intituled, The Long Parliament revived; by Thomas Phillips Gent.; was this Day offered to the Consideration of the House, as a Matter wherein their Privilege is much concerned.

Ordered, That the said Thomas Phillips be forthwith sent for, in Custody, by the Serjeant at Arms attending this House.

Ordered, That the Book, intituled, The Long Parliament revived, be referred to the Committee for Privileges, to examine and find out who is the Author and Printer thereof; and to send for Persons, as they shall find meet; and to report the same to the House.