House of Commons Journal Volume 8: 14 May 1661

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Journal of the House of Commons: Volume 8, 1660-1667. Originally published by His Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1802.

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Martis, 14 Die Maii, 13° Caroli.


Ancolme Fens.

A PETITION preferred to this House, in the Name of Sir John Munson and others, was this Day read.

Ordered, That a Bill be brought in with the Petition; and then this House will take the same into Consideration.

Answer to Vote.

Mr. Speaker reports to the House, that the Lord Chancellor being attended with the Lords, and Mr. Speaker being attended by the Members of this House, they were together led up to the King's Majesty in the Banquetinghouse; And, both of them holding in their Hands a Copy of the Vote and Resolution of both Houses, the Lord Chancellor read the same to his Majesty, in these Words following:

We the Lords and Commons do humbly tender our Acknowledgments and Thanks unto Your Majesty, for that free and gracious Communication of Your Resolution to marry with the Infanta of Portugall; which we conceive to be of so high Concernment to this Nation, as that we receive it with great Joy and Satisfaction; and do, with all Earnestness, beg a Blessing upon, and a speedy Accomplishment of it. And we cannot but express our own unanimous Resolutions, (which we are confident will have a general Influence upon the Hearts of all Your Subjects) that we shall, upon all Occasions, be ready to assist Your Majesty, in the Pursuance of those Your Intentions, against all Oppositions whatsoever.

The King was pleased to desire the Lord Chancellor to return his Thanks to the House of Lords; and then commanded the Speaker of this House to return his Thanks unto the Commons; and to inform them, that he did, in the Matter of his intended Marriage, as much study their Good, as his own: And so took his Leave of them both.

Message to Lords.

Ordered, That the said Vote and Resolution of both Houses, so presented to his Majesty, be printed: And that the Lords Concurrence be desired to the printing thereof: And that Sir William Doyley do attend the Lords for their Concurrence.

Journal of Long Parliament.

Ordered, That Sir Richard Lloyd, Sir Robert Atkyns, Sir John Gooderick, Sir Phillip Warwick, Sir Soloman Swaile, Serjeant Charlton, Mr. Vaughan, Mr. Goodrick, Mr. Lowther, Mr. Hussey, do look into all the Journals of the Long Parliament, since his late Majesty departed from London, till the Dissolution thereof; and make Report of what they shall think fit to be expunged thereout, as treasonable, and scandalous to his Majesty, and his Royal Father, of blessed Memory.

Instrument of Government.

Ordered, That they likewise make Search in the several Courts of Justice, whether the traiterous Writing, called The Instrument of Government, be there remaining; and that they report, how they find the same.

Committee for Journal.

Ordered, That Sir Solomon Swaile, Mr. Vaughan, Mr. Goodrick, Mr. Yorke, and Mr. Swanton, do every Saturday Night peruse the Journal of this House, as to all the Passages of the Week precedent, and to see that right Entries be made thereof.

Printing Proceedings.

Ordered, That none of the Proceedings of this House be printed, without the Order of this House.

Droytwich Parsonage.

A Bill for the Uniting of the Parsonages of St. Andrews, and Witton St. Mary, in Droytwich, was this Day read the First time.

Resolved, That this Bill be read the Second time this Day Fortnight.

Securing the King's Person, &c.

A Bill for securing and preserving his Majesty's Person and Government against treasonable and seditious Practices and Attempts, was this Day read the Second time; and, on the Question, committed to Lord Spencer, Lord Cornbury, Sir Ralph Bancks, Serjeant Charleton, Sir Allen Apsley, Sir Solomon Swale, Sir Henage Finch, Mr. Tho. Chicheley, Mr. Coventry, Mr. Yorke, Sir Wm. Compton, Sir Phil. Warwicke, Mr. Lawr. Hide, Lord Faulkland, Sir Tho. Fanshaw, Sir Geo. Ryve, Mr. Wm. Sandys, Mr. Samuell Sandys, Sir Anth. Cope, Sir Ja. Smith, Lord Brereton, Sir Rich. Ford, Sir Wm. Doyle, Sir Chichester Wray, Mr. John Ashburnham, Sir Allen Broadrick, Sir Cha. Cornwallis, Mr. Bullen Reymes, Mr. Mountague, Mr. Churchill, Mr. Stafford, Mr. Gawdy, Mr. Mountague, Sir Cha. Harbord, Mr. Fane, Sir Jervas Clifton, Mr. Heath, Sir Edw. Massey, Bunckley, Mr. Jones, Mr. Cotton, Mr. Dowdswell, Serjeant Maynard, Lord Bruce, Sir Robert Atkins, Mr. Spencer, Lord Richardson, Sir Wm. Smith, Sir Tho. Meeres, Sir John Barrington, Sir Hen. Herbert, Mr. Hussey, Sir Wm. Stroud, Sir Lancelot Lake, Mr. John Vaughan, Mr. Goodrick; Mr. Thurland, Mr. Lowther, Mr. Swinfen, * Hugh Boscowen, Mr. Phillips, Sir Tho. Lee, Sir Hen. Worsley, Sir Just. Isam, Mr. Clerke, Mr. Orme, Mr. Kirkby, Colonel Coryton, Sir John Roll, Sir Math. Apleyard, Sir John Goodrick, Mr. Knight, and all other Members of the House which are of the Long Robe: And they are to meet in the Speaker's Chamber Tomorrow, at Two of the Clock; and to adjourn de die in diem as they shall think fit: And it is specially recommended to Mr. Chicheley to procure the Dispatch thereof.

Resolved, upon the Question, that no Member of this House, that is not of this Committee, is to have any Vote thereat.

Lords Answer

Sir William Doyley made Report this House, That the Lords would send an Answer by Messengers of their own.

A Message, by Dr. Child and Dr. Bird, Two of the Masters of Chancery;

Mr. Speaker,

The Lords return this Answer; That they have ordered the Votes of both Houses, that were made Yesterday, to be printed, already.


Ordered, That Sir Heneage Finch and Serjeant Charlton do prepare and bring in a Bill for settling the Militia of this Kingdom, and the Dominions thereto belonging.

Confirming publick Acts.

A Bill for confirming of publick Acts, was this Day read the Second time; and, on the Question, committed to Sir Tho. Fanshaw, sen. Sir Allen Apsley, Mr. Orme, Sir Just. Isham, Sir John Goodrick, Sir Edm. Peirce, Sir Ralph Bancks, Sir Edm. Pooley, Sir Fra. Lawley, Sir Allen Broadricke, Sir Hen. Newton alias Puckering, Sir Tho. Fanshaw, jun. Sir Fra. Vincent, Mr. Jeffery Palmer, Dr. Burrell, Mr. Wren, Dr. Craddock, Sir Rich. Francklin, Sir Phil. Musgrave, Sir Cha. Cornwallis, Mr. Mountague, Mr. Wm. Herbert, Mr. Ja. Herbert, Sir John Strangwayes, Sir Rich. Fanshaw, Sir John Barrington, Sir Rich. Probert, Sir Henage Finch, Mr. Bunckley, Mr. Gyles Strangwayes, Sir Tho. Mecres, Mr. Busten Reynnes, Mr. Churchill, Mr. Lucy, Sir Lanc. Lake, Mr. Clarke, Mr. Vice-chamberlain, Sir Wm. Morrice, Sir Rich. Onslow, Sir Hen. Lee, Sir Wm. Sandys, Mr. Swanton, Mr. Tucker, Sir Fra. Clarke, Mr. Lawr. Hide, Mr. Mountague, Sir Cha. Harbord, Lord Cornbury, Mr. Heath, Sir Edw. Massey, Mr. John Jones, Mr. Cotton, Mr. Dowdewell, Sir Rich. Everard, Mr. Gold, Mr. Bulteele, Sir Hump. Bennett, Sir Benj. Ayloffe, Sir John Brampston, Lord St. Johns, Lord Bruce, Lord Rosse, Mr. Swinfen, Mr. Griffin, Mr. Clifford, Sir Tho. Dike, Mr. Moreton, Sir Courtney Poole, Sir John Pelham, Sir John Covert, Sir John Norton, Colonel Phillipps, Sir John Packington, Sir Robert Bowles, Lord Newburge, Lord Mandevile, Sir Bainham Throgmorton, Sir Math. Appleyard, Col. Adam Browne, Sir Jervas Clifton, Mr. Goreing, Sir Rich. Lukener, Sir Adrian Scroope, Sir Rich. Graham, Sir Tho. Middleton, Sir Norton Nathbull, Sir Wm. Doyly, Sir Henry Lingen, Mr. Scudamore, Mr. Edw. Smith, Colonel Fretchvile, Captain Sherard, Sir John Holland, Mr. Gawdy, Sir Rich. Temple, Mr. Chichley, Colonel Birch, Mr. Clifford, Mr. Biscowen, Sir Geo. Ryves, Sir Wm. Stroud, Sir Wm. Compton, Mr. Lowther, Sir * Oateley, Sir Hen. North, Sir John Trott, Colonel Sandys, Lord Rich. Builer, Lord Mandevile, Sir Robert Howard, Colonel Kirkby, Mr. * Trelawney, Mr. Rigby, Sir Solomon Swayle, Mr. Chetwind, Lord Faulkland, Sir Anth. Cope, Sir Edn. Windham, Sir John Strangwayes, Mr. Steward, Mr. Manwaring, Mr. Churchill, Mr. Lewis Palmer, Mr. Hen. Coventry, Sir Tho. Leigh, Mr. Brooke, Sir Rich. Wyn, Mr. Stafford, Mr. Tomkins, Mr. Wendy, Sir John Yorke, Sir Geo. Downing, Mr. Knight, Mr. Thurland, Mr. Crouch, Mr. Tynt, Mr. Marvile, Lord Brereton, Mr. Griffen, Mr. Secretary Morrice, Colonel Trelawney, Sir Phil Howard, Sir John Pelham, Mr. Stanley, Sir Roger Bradshaw, Sir John Barrington, Mr. Ja. Herbert, Sir Phil. Warwick, Mr. Glasscocke, Sir John Morley, Sir Tho. Strickland, Sir Clement Fisher, Serjeant Charleton, Captain Sherrard, Sir Wm. Stroud, Lord Willoughby, Lord Spencer, Mr. Lowther, Mr. Lucy, Mr. Clerke, Sir Broome Wherwood, Mr. Hugh Biscowen, Sir Tho. Leigh, Sir John Rolls, Mr. Stanhop, Mr. Coriton, Mr. Hussey, Sir Tho. Littleton, Sir John Salisbury, Sir Gilbert Gerrard, Lord Ancram, Mr. Newton, Mr. Whitley, Mr. Bennett, Sir John Nicholas, and all other Gentlemen of the House that are of the Long Robe.

And it is Resolved, upon the Question, That the said Committee shall compare the Titles of the Act of Pardon, Indemnity, and Oblivion; and the Act for Confirmation of Judicial Proceedings; of the Act for taking away the Court of Wards, and Liveries, and Tenures; and of the several Acts touching his Majesty's Revenue; in the said Bill mentioned, with the Acts themselves; and to examine whether the same be right, for Form only; but to return the same back to this House, without any Alteration as to the Substance of the said Acts: And as to the other Acts, in the said Bill mentioned, the said Committee is to take the same into their Consideration; and to proceed therein according to the usual Course: And they are to meet To-morrow, at Two of the Clock in the Afternoon, in the Inner Court of Wards: And the said Committee is desired to give a speedy Dispatch thereunto.

And the Question being put, That all the Members of this House, who are not of that Committee, shall have Votes at the said Committee;

The House was divided.

The Yeas went forth.

Lord Ancram, Tellers for the Yeas: 129.
Lord Falkland, With the Yeas,
Lord Bruce, Tellers for the Noes: 209.
Lord Mandevill, With the Noes,

So it passed in the Negative.

And the House adjourned till Eight of the Clock To-morrow Morning.