House of Commons Journal Volume 8: 16 January 1662

Pages 345-346

Journal of the House of Commons: Volume 8, 1660-1667. Originally published by His Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1802.

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Jovis, 16 die Januarii, 13° Car. Regis.


Boyle's &c. Nat.

ORDERED, That the Name of Charlott Boyle, Daughter to Francis Lord Viscount Shannon, Brother to the Earl of Corke, born at Paris in France; Richard Boyle, Son to the said Lord Viscount Shannon, born at * in France; Walbrough Howard, Wife to Thomas Howard, Brother to the Earl of Suffolke; Charles Howard and William Howard, Sons to the said Thomas Howard, born at the Hague in Holland; be inserted into the Bill for Naturalization.

Poor Relief.

A Bill for the constituting Corporations in the Cities, Boroughs, and Market Towns, in the Kingdom of England, and Dominion of Wales, for the better Relief and Employment of the Poor; and for the preventing of Poor, by the Settling of them; and for the better Executing of the Laws against Rogues and Vagabonds; was this Day read the First time.

Resolved, That this Bill be read again the Second time To-morrow Morning, after the other Bill for the Poor of the Cities of London, Westminster, and Borough of Southwerke, is read.

Russell's Nat.

Ordered, That the Name of Mary Russell, Wife of Thomas Russell be inserted into the Bill for Naturalization.

Executing Regicides.

Ordered, That the Committee to whom the Bill for Executing certain Persons attainted of High Treason is committed, be revived: And that Mr. Gawdy, be added to the said Committee.

Silk throwers.

Ordered, That the Bill for Silk-throwers be read To-morrow Morning.

Preachers thanked.

Ordered, That the Thanks of this House be returned to Mr. Dean Ryve and Dr. Bolton, for the Sermons by them preached Yesterday, before this House, at St. Margarett's Church, Westminster: And that they be desired to print their Sermons: And Serjeant Charleton is desired to return Thanks to Dean Ryve; and Sir Charles Harbord, to Dr. Bolton.

Captives at Algiers. &c.

A Petition of poor Captives, taken and kept in Slavery by the Pirates of Algiers and Tunis, was this Day read.

Ordered, That the Matter of the said Petition, as to the Arrears and Discoveries of Monies received upon the Accompt, and for Relief of the said Captives, be referred to the Committee which is appointed to take the Accompt of the Monies in Arrear upon the Poll Bill; and the other Monies raised for paying off and discharging the Army, to examine, and make Report to this House, touching the same: And they are to sit de die in diem: And to send for Persons, Papers, and Records.

Relief of Loyalists.

Ordered, That Leave be given for the bringing in a Bill for Provision and Relief of such maimed and wounded Soldiers as have served his late or now King's Majesty, by enlarging the Powers given by the Act of 43 Eliz. to impose Two Shillings and Sixpence, instead of Ten-pence, a Month.

Guest's Charities.

A Bill for the better settling and performing of the charitable Gifts given by John Guest, late of Abraham in the County of Lancaster, Yeoman, to the Poor of several Parishes within the said County, was this Day read the First time.

Resolved, That the same be read again the Second time on Monday next.

Great Level of Fens.

The House, according to former Order, did resume the further Hearing and Debate of the Cause concerning the Great Level of the Fens called Bedford Level.

And the Parties, with their Counsel, being called in to the Bar; and heard;

Resolved, That the Bill on the Behalf of the Earl of Bedford, Lord Gorge, Mr. Chicheley, and other the Adventurers concerned in that Bill, as to the Level of the Fens called Bedford Level, be re-committed to the Committee to which it was referred.

Resolved, That Tuesday Morning next be appointed for the further Hearing of the Counsel of Colonel Sandys and Sir William Tirringham, in what they have more to offer, in relation to their Claim and Title to any Lands contained in the Great Level of the Fens called Bedford Level.

Answer to Message.

Mr. Secretary Morrice reports, That, in Obedience to the Commands of this House, he, and the other Members of this House, who were of his Majesty's Privy Council, did remind his Majesty, to remand Lambert and Vane, and also Waller, and the other Persons attainted of High Treason, who were sent away: And that his Majesty graciously received the Message, and would take present Care about it: And, that his Majesty having, to gratify this House, enlarged the Time for accepting the late Coin in Payments to his Majesty, from the First of March till the First of May; and was informed, by several Officers of his Exchequer and Mint, that it would be a great Loss and Prejudice, and very mischievous, to his Majesty, and of Advantage only to some private Persons, who had ingrossed and bought up the said Coin; and therefore was advised to recall his Proclamation; and to confine the making passable of the said Coin, in Payments to his Majesty, to the First of March only: And, though it was much his Majesty's Interest so to do; yet he would not do the same, till he had advised with this House therein.

Thanks for Answer.

Resolved, That the humble Thanks of this House be returned to his Majesty, by Mr. Secretary Morrice, for his Majesty's gracious Message by him communicated to this House: And that he do acquaint his Majesty, That this House, being fully satisfied with the Reasons for Reducing the Time of accepting the late Coin in Payment to his Majesty, doth acquiesce in his Majesty's Resolution; and do wholly leave it to his Majesty's Pleasure to do as he thinks fit, in reducing the same.

And then the House adjourned till To-morrow Morning at Eight of the Clock.