House of Commons Journal Volume 8: 28 February 1662

Journal of the House of Commons: Volume 8, 1660-1667. Originally published by His Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1802.

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'House of Commons Journal Volume 8: 28 February 1662', in Journal of the House of Commons: Volume 8, 1660-1667, (London, 1802) pp. 374-375. British History Online [accessed 25 April 2024]


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Veneris, 28 Feb. 14 Car.


Goldsmiths Wares.

A BILL to prevent stealing of Plate, Jewels, and Goldsmiths Wares, and for Reformation of sundry Inconveniences in the Goldsmiths Trade, was this Day read the First time.

Ordered, That this Bill be read the Second time on Monday next.

Peck's Estate.

Mr. George reports from the Committee to which the Bill to enable Mr. Peck to sell Lands to pay Debts was committed, several Amendments to the Bill: Which he read, with the Coherence, in his Place; and after delivered the same in at the Clerk's Table.

And the same being twice read; and, upon the Second Reading, upon the Question, severally agreed to;

Resolved, upon the Question, That the said Bill, with the Amendments agreed to, be ingrossed.


Ordered, That the Bill to instruct People in their Duty of Allegiance, be read the first Bill on Monday Morning.

Robinson's Estate.

Ordered, That the Bill for settling and vesting Lands upon John Robinson Esquire, and his Heirs, for enabling him to lease other Lands for One-and-twenty Years, be read To-morrow.

Newport Free School.

Ordered, That the Bill for settling certain Tythes and Messuages belonging to the Free School of Newport in the County of Essex, in Feoffees, for Maintenance of the School, be read To-morrow.

Aulnage Duty.

The Question being put, That the Report of Mr. Goodrick, from the Committee to which the Bill concerning the Aulnage was committed, be now heard;

The House was divided.

The Noes went out.

Sir Wm. Doyley, Tellers for the Noes: 59.
Mr. Knight, With the Noes,
Sir Phil. Howard, Tellers for the Yeas: 82.
Mr. Strickland, With the Yeas,

And so it was resolved in the Affirmative.

But the Business upon the Bill sent from the Lords, to restore the Earl of Derby to certain Manors in Flintshire, being, by Order, appointed for this Day; and the Counsel attending;

The Reporter from the Committee, concerning Aulnage, was content to forbear to proceed in the Matter of That Report this Day.

Ordered, That the Report of Mr. Goodrick, from the Committee to which the Bill for Aulnage was committed, shall be heard on Monday next, at Ten of the Clock.

Naturalization Bill.

Ordered, That the Bill for Naturalizing of Merchant Strangers be brought into the House anew; and read twice again; but without paying any new Duties to the House for such as have already paid the same.

Ministers Maintenance.

Ordered, That the Bill for settling a Maintenance on Ministers, in Corporate and Market Towns, be read on Monday.

Relief of Loyalists.

Ordered, That the ingrossed Bill for Relief of such Poor, and Maintenance of maimed Officers and Soldiers, as have faithfully served his Majesty, and his Royal Father, be read the Third time on Monday Morning.


Ordered, That Sir Francis Clarke, Sir Courtney Poole, Mr. Reames, Mr. Kent, Sir Rowland Berkley, Mr. Chetwind, Sir Geo. Hungerford, Mr. Waldron, Mr. Boscowen, Mr. Buller, Sir John Denham, Mr. Clarke, be added to the Committee to which the Bill for Handicraft Skinners is committed.

Exeter Stuffs.

A Bill for Reforming and Preventing of sundry Abuses in the making Serges, Perpetuanas, and other Stuffs, in the County and City of Exon, and in the County of Devon, was this Day read the Second time.

Resolved, upon the Question, That the said Bill be committed to Sir Courtney Poole, Sir James Smith, Sir Wm. Doyley, Sir John Robinson, Mr. Edw. Seymour, Sir Tho. Strickland, Mr. Churchill, Mr. Coventry, Sir Tho. Meres, Sir Rich. Ford, Sir Robert Holt, Mr. Attorney of the Duchy, Colonel Fra. Windham, Sir Tho. Lee, Sir Tho. Smith, Mr. Pryn, Sir Theophilus Biddulph, Sir Clifford Clifton, Colonel Edm. Windham, Sir Hen. Herbert, Mr. Egerton, Sir Tho. Stukeley, Mr. Knight, Sir Wm. Strode, Mr. Clifford, Sir Wm. Lowther, Mr. Culleford, Sir John Goodrick, Sir Cha. Berkley, Sir John Holland, Mr. Jones, Sir Phil. Musgrave, Mr. Phillips, Mr. Hugh Boscowen, Mr. Chetwynd, Sir Rich. Browne, Sir Edw. Moseley, Mr. Morton, Mr. Buller, Sir John Coriton, Sir John Dawney, Mr. Henley, Mr. Manwaring, Mr. Crouch, Sir Wm. Thompson, Sir Wm. Lewes, Mr. Roberts, Mr. Mallett, Sir Tho. Leigh, Sir Francis Clerk, Sir Bainham Throckmorton, Sir Solomon Swale, Sir Hen. Newton, Mr. Lewes, Mr. Glascock, Mr. Newton alias Puckering, Mr. Strickland, Mr. Edward Boscowen, and all the Knights, Citizens, and Burgesses, that serve for the Counties of Devon, Somerset, Cornwall, and Kent: And the Committee are hereby impowered to enlarge the Bill to the County of Somerset; and particularly to the City of Bristoll, the Town of Taunton, or any other Towns that are concerned in the Trade of making the Stuffs mentioned in the Bill: And they are to meet in the Exchequer Chamber, at Two of the Clock To-morrow in the Afternoon: And to send for Persons, Papers, and Records.

Packing Butter.

Ordered, That the Bill for reforming of Abuses committed in the Weight and false Packing of Butter, be read To-morrow Morning.

A Person to attend.

Ordered, That the Marshal of the King's Bench do cause James Wainwright forthwith to be brought to the Bar of this House, to give his Testimony in the Cause depending, and now at this present in Hearing, upon the Bill, sent from the Lords, to restore the Earl of Derby to certain Manors and Lands in Flintshire.

E. of Derby's Estate.

The House then resumed the further Hearing of the Cause upon the ingrossed Bill, sent from the Lords, to restore the Earl of Derby to the Manors of Hope and Hopesdale, Mould and Mouldsdale, in the County of Flint.

And the Counsel, on both Sides, being called in; and several Witnesses called to the Bar, and examined, and cross-examined; and a Letter of the Earl of Derby, and several Articles of Agreement, were read;

Resolved, That the Debate of the Matter upon the said Bill be adjourned, and taken into further Consideration on Tuesday next.

Petition from London.

The Sheriffs of the City of London, accompanied with several Aldermen, and other eminent Citizens, coming to present a Petition from the Lord Mayor, Aldermen, and Commons, in Common Council assembled, being called in to the Bar of this House; the Petition was received; and delivered to Mr. Speaker.

And the Sheriffs, and those which accompanied them, being withdrawn, the Petition was read.

Resolved, upon the Question, That the said Petition be again read, and taken into further Debate and Consideration, on Wednesday next.

And the Sheriffs, with the rest of their Company, being then called in, were acquainted with the Resolution of the House therein.

Ly. Wandesford's Estate.

Ordered, That Mr. George, and Mr. Wandesford be added to the Committee to which the Lady Wandesford's Bill is committed.

Leave of Absence.

Ordered, That Mr. Roscarrock have the Leave of this House to go into the Country.

Stower, &c. Navigation.

Ordered, That the ingrossed Bill, sent from the Lords, for making the River of Stower and Salwerpe navigable, with the Amendments and Provisoes agreed to by this House, be read the Third time on Monday next.

King appoints to be attended.

His Majesty having communicated his Pleasure to Mr. Speaker, by Mr. Secretary Morrice, That this House should, in a Body, attend his Majesty, at his Court at Whitehall, To-morrow Morning, at Eight of the Clock;

Ordered, That this House do, in a Body, attend upon Mr. Speaker to his Majesty, at the Time and Place appointed.

And then the House adjourned till To-morrow Morning, half an Hour after Seven of the Clock.