House of Commons Journal Volume 8: 6 March 1663

Pages 445-446

Journal of the House of Commons: Volume 8, 1660-1667. Originally published by His Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1802.

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Veneris, 6 Martii, 15 Car. IIdi.


Leave of Absence.

ORDERED, That Mr. Bennet have the Leave of this House to go into the Country.

Ordered, That Sir Edmund Pooley have the Leave of this House to go into the Country.

Ordered, That Mr. Goddard have the Leave of this House to go into the Country.

Ordered, That Mr. Pepis have the Leave of this House to go into the Country.

Goldsmiths Wares.

Ordered, That these Persons following be added to the Committee to which the Bill for Prevention of Stealing of Plate, Jewels, and Goldsmiths Wares; and also for Reformation of sundry Inconveniences in the Goldsmiths Trade, was committed; viz. Sir Robert Atkyns, Mr. Seymour, Sir Tho. Meres, Sir Tho. Littleton, Sir John Brampston, Sir Cha. Hussey, Sir Rich. Powell, Sir Rich. Everard, Sir Rich. Onslow, Colonel Wancklyn, Sir James Smith, Sir John Lowe, Lord Richardson, Sir Tho. Allen, Sir Lanc. Lake, Mr. Jay, Sir Geo. Stonehouse.

Morley's Estate.

A Bill for vesting the Lands and Tenements of Cuthbert Morley, in Richard Barret, Catharine Chute, and Arthur Ingram, their Heirs and Assigns, till they have received certain Monies due unto them, was this Day read the Second time.

Resolved, &c. That the said Bill be committed to Sir Roger Bradshaigh, Sir Solomon Swale, Sir John Shaw, Sir Courtney Poole, Sir Edw. Walpoole, Dr. Arris, Lord Richardson, Mr. Kent, Sir Phil. Musgrave, Sir Edw. Moseley, Mr. Buller, Sir John Duncomb, Sir Tho. Meres, Colonel Whitley, Sir Cha. Harbord, Sir Hen. North, Mr. Harbord, Mr. Devereux, Colonel Gilby, Lord Fanshaw, Sir John Rouse, Mr. Goreing, Mr. Westfaling, Sir Tho. Wendy, Mr. Higgons, Sir Hum. Winch, Mr. Cornwallis, Sir Tho. Gower; and all the Members that serve for the County of Yorke: And they are to meet in the Speaker's Chamber, To-morrow, at Two of the Clock in the Afternoon: And to send for Persons, Papers, and Records.

Newport's Estate.

A Bill on the Behalf of John Newport Esquire, for making void a Fine, was read the First time.

Resolved, &c. That this Bill be read the Second time To-morrow Morning.


Resolved, &c. That there be a particular Committee appointed to peruse, and take into Consideration, the Act for regulating Corporations; viz. Sir John Goodrick, Sir Tho. Meres, Sir Robert Atkyns, Sir Tho. Gower, Sir Cha. Harbord, Sir Hen. North, Sir Rich. Onslow, Mr. Knight, Mr. Wilward, Lord Fanshaw, Sir Wm. Lowther, Sir Phil. Musgrave, Mr. Robinson, Mr. Clifford, Mr. Westfaling, Sir Tho. Allen, Sir Courtney Poole, Mr. Yorke, Sir John Newton, Mr. Wandesford, Mr. Newport, Mr. Roger Talbot, Mr. Strickland, Sir Jordan Crosland, Sir John Duncombe, Sir Roger Bradshaigh, Serjeant Charlton, Dr. Arris, Sir John Rouse, Mr. Devereux, Sir John Bramston, Mr Kent, Sir John Shaw, Sir Cha. Hussey, Sir Phil. Musgrave, Colonel Giles Strangwayes, Sir Tho. Fanshaw, Sir Tho. Tomkins, Sir Lanc. Lake, Sir Geo. Probert, Sir Solomon Swale, Mr. Darcy, Mr. Lewis, Sir Metcalfe Robinson, Mr. Scudamore, Sir Tho. Strickland, Mr. Musgrave: And they are to meet this Afternoon at Two of the Clock, in the Speaker's Chamber: And to take into Consideration such Matters as shall be offered unto them, upon the said Act; and examine whether the same be defective, and wherein; and whether it be fit to have any Explanations or Amendments made thereto; and report their Opinions to the House: And they are impowered to send for Persons, Papers, and Records.

Guest's Charities.

A Bill for setting Charitable Uses, appointed by John Guest, was this Day read the First time.

Resolved, &c. That this Bill be read the Second time on Monday next.

Petition from Lincolneshire.

A Petition of the Freeholders and Inhabitants of the Twenty-two Towns within the Soake of Bullingbrooke, and of the Eight Towns of East Holland in Lincolneshire, was this Day read.

Resolved, &c. That this Petition be committed to the Committee of Grievances; to take the same into Consideration; and report the Matter of Fact, and their Opinions thereupon, to this House.

Preventing Popery, &c.

Sir Robert Atkyns reports from the Committee appointed to prepare and bring in a Bill to hinder the further Growth of Popery, That the Committee had agreed upon some Heads and Votes, which they had directed to be offered to the Consideration of the House, in order to the preparing of a Bill: Which Heads and Votes he read in his Place; and after delivered the same in at the Clerk's Table.

And the same were once read, and are as followeth; viz.

1. That the Judges of Assize, and Justices of the Peace, be enjoined to give in Charge, at all Assizes and Sessions, the Laws against Recusants: And that all Judges of Assize, and Justices of the Peace, that shall omit to give in Charge at any Assizes or Sessions, the Acts of 23 Eliz. ca. 1. of 3 Jac. ca. 4. and of 3 Jac. ca. 5. shall incur a Penalty.

2. That all Churchwardens, under a Penalty, be required, against every Quarter Sessions, to give in a List to the Constables, of the Names of all such Persons as shall not resort to their Parish Church, or not receive the Sacrament of the Lord's Supper, as by Law is required: And that some Penalty be inflicted upon such Constables as shall not present the Names of such Persons, for such Offence, at the next Assizes, or Quarter Sessions.

3. That the Refusal of the Oaths of Supremacy and Allegiance, or either of them, when tendered according to Law, shall be a legal Conviction of Recusancy: And that such Refusal, being certified into the Exchequer, shall be a Ground for Process to issue out, as if the Party had been legally convicted of Popish Recusancy, according to the Laws now in Force.

4. That if any Person, of the Age of Sixteen Years, or upwards, that hath, at any time, frequented the Protestant Churches, and professed the Protestant Religion, or received the Sacrament of Baptism, or of the Lord's Supper, according to the Liturgy of the Church of England, shall, at any time hereafter, forsake the Religion of the Church of England, and embrace the Doctrine of the Church of Rome, and be legally convict of Popish Recusancy, shall within one Year after such Conviction, depart this Kingdom; and, in Default thereof, the next of Kin to such Person, being no Popish Recusant, shall have and enjoy the Lands of such Person until Conformity.

The First Head, being read the Second time;

Resolved, &c. That this House doth agree with the Committee, That this be one of the Heads of the Bill to be brought in, to hinder the Growth of Popery.

The Second Head was read the Second time; and, upon the Question, agreed to be one of the Heads of the Bill.

The Third Head was read the Second time; and, upon the Question, agreed to be one of the Heads of the Bill.

The last Head was read the Second time; and debated.

Ordered, That it be referred back to the former Committee, or any Five of them, to peruse the Laws already made; and, upon the Heads agreed, the present Debate; and such other Matters as they shall find necessary to proceed, in preparing and bringing in a Bill to hinder the Growth of Popery: And it is especially recommended to Sir Robert Atkyns to take care thereof.


Ordered, That all Committees formerly appointed, and that have discontinued, be revived; and do sit this Afternoon.

And then the House adjourned till To-morrow Morning, Eight of the Clock.