House of Commons Journal Volume 8: 26 March 1663

Journal of the House of Commons: Volume 8, 1660-1667. Originally published by His Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1802.

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Die Jovis, 26 Martii, 15 Car. IIdi.


Deed and Writings concerning Impropriations.

ORDERED, That Mr. Yorke, Sir Robert Atkyns, Sir Charles Harbord, and Sir William Lowther, or any Two of them, be desired to speak with Mr. Hall, Deputy to the Lord Fanshaw, his Majesty's Remembrancer of the Exchequer; and to inquire what Deeds and Writings he hath in his Custody concerning Impropriations or Annuities of any Members of this House, or other loyal Persons, which were forced from them on their Composition: And by what Warrant he became possessed of them: And to make Report thereof, with their Opinions therein, to the House.

Leave of Absence.

Ordered, That Mr. Steward have the Leave of this House to go into the Country.

Packington's Estate.

Ordered, That the Bill to enable Sir John Packington, and his Trustees, to sell or dispose Lands for the Payment of his Debts, and raising Portions for his younger Children, be read To-morrow Morning.

Restoring Wadeson.

A Bill to vest and restore Mr. Wadeson to the Office of Clerk of the Chamber of London, was this Day read the Second time.

Resolved, &c. That the said Bill be committed to Sir Wm. Lowther, Sir Cha. Harbord, Mr. Crouch, Sir Tho. Tompkins, Mr. Clifford, Lord St. John, Sir John Brampston, Colonel Lane, Sir John Packington, Mr. Chowne, Mr. Jolly, Sir Hum. Winch, Sir Rich. Ford, Mr. Yorke, Mr. Kent, Mr. Hungerford, Mr. Sprye, Mr. Ernley, Sir Cha. Berkley, Sir John Low, Sir Rich. Oatley, Sir Gilbert Gerrard, Sir Robert Atkyns, Colonel Sandis, Mr. Clifford, Mr. Jones, Lord Herbert, Mr. Love, Sir Hen. North, Mr. Westfaling, Sir Robert Long, Sir Tho. Allen, Sir Wm. Tompson, Mr. Solicitor General, Sir Robert Howard, Sir Tho. Bludworth, Sir Edm. Peirce, Colonel Whitley, Mr. Gaudy, Colonel Robert Phillips, Sir John Frederick: And they are to meet To-morrow at Two of the Clock in the Afternoon, in the Speaker's Chamber: And to summon and hear all Parties concerned: And to send for Persons, Papers, and Records.

Restoring Cheadle.

A Bill for restoring in Blood Elizabeth Cheadle, sole Daughter and Heir of Richard Cheadle Esquire, was this Day read the First time.

The Question being put, That this Bill be rejected;

It was resolved in the Affirmative.

Lyndsey Level.

A Bill for the Draining of the Level of the Fens in Lincolneshire, called Lyndsey Level, was this Day read the Second time.

Another Bill concerning the Draining of the said Level of the Fens, called Lyndsey Level, was also read the Second time.

Resolved, &c. That both the said Bills be committed to Mr. Treasurer, Serjeant Charlton, Sir Gilbert Gerrard, Sir Edw. Walpole, Sir Hen. North, Mr. Secretary Morice, Sir Cha. Harbord, Lord St. John, Mr. Mountague, Sir Allen Apsley, Mr. Yorke, Mr. Palmer, Sir Robert Howard, Sir Tho. Meres, Mr. Secretary Bennett, Sir John Brampston, Mr. Vaughan, Mr. Solicitor General, Sir Bain. Throckmorton, Sir John Birkinhead, Sir Rowland Berkley, Mr. Clifford, Sir Robert Atkyns, Mr. Boscowen, Mr. Coventry, Sir Rich. Onslow, Mr. Geo. Clarke, Mr. Waller, Lord Herbert, Sir Robert Holt, Lord Fanshaw, Sir Wm. Lowther, Sir John Newton, Sir Hen. Herbert, Mr. Gaudy, Sir Edm. Bowyer, Sir Robert Long, Mr. Morice, Sir Wm. Windham, Sir Hen. Capell, Sir Rich. Braham, Sir Robert Bolles, Sir Wm. Hickman, Mr. Elliot, Mr. Trelawney, Mr. Hungerford, Sir Tho. Fanshaw, Sir Geo. Hungerford, Sir Solomon Swale, Mr. Seymour, Mr. Garraway, Colonel Kirkby, Lord Castleton, Sir Edm. Peirce, Mr. Fane, Sir Tho. Allen, Sir John Goodrick, Lord Ancram, Mr. Crouch, Sir Adrian Scroope, Sir Robert Holt, Sir James Smith, Mr. Coventry, Sir Cha. Hussey, Mr. Hoby, Sir Hum. Bennet, Lord Newburgh, Mr. Newport, Sir Walter St. John, Colonel Sandis, Sir Clifford Clifton, Lord Richardson, Lord Bruce, Colonel Legg, Colonel Whitley, and all the Members that serve for Lincolnshire: And all the Members of this House that come to the Committee are to have Voices thereat; except such as are concerned in point of Interest, as Owners, Adventurers, Undertakers, or Commoners: And they are to meet on Monday next, at Two of the Clock in the Afternoon, in the Exchequer Chamber; and to summon and hear all Parties concerned: And to send for Persons, Papers, and Records.

Lords desire a Conference.

A Message from the Lords, by Sir Thomas Bird and Sir Toby Woolrich;

Mr. Speaker, The Lords desire a present Conference with this House, in the Painted Chamber, in reference to the Message from this House, concerning Priests and Jesuits.

The Messengers being called in; Mr. Speaker did acquaint them, That the House had considered of their Message; and consented to a present Conference, in the Painted Chamber.

Ordered, That Mr. Solicitor General, Mr. Vaughan, Serjeant Charlton, Serjeant Maynard, Mr. Mountague, Sir Robert Atkyns, and Mr. Waller, do attend the Conference; and make Report of it to the House.

Sir Heneage Finch made Report of the Conference had with the Lord, upon the Message, by them sent to this House, in reference to the Popish Priests and Jesuits; and delivered in an Expedient, in Writing, from the Lords, by way of Petition, at the Clerk's Table.

And the same being read;

Resolved, &c. That the Debate of the Matter upon the Petition sent from the Lords, be adjourned till Tomorrow Morning, Ten of the Clock; and then taken into Consideration.

And then the House adjourned till To-morrow Morning, Eight of the Clock.