House of Commons Journal Volume 8: 26 October 1665

Pages 621-622

Journal of the House of Commons: Volume 8, 1660-1667. Originally published by His Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1802.

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Jovis, 26 die Octobris, 17 Car. IIdi.


Heirs and Executors.

A BILL for the Benefit of Heirs, Executors, and Administrators, in Recovery of their just Rights, was read the Second time.

A Proviso, to be added to the Bill, was twice read.

Resolved, &c. That the Bill, with the Proviso, be committed to Mr. Pryn, Mr. Coleman, Mr. Yorke, Mr. Street, Sir Hen. Worsley, Mr. Howard, Sir Edw. Thurland, Sir Lan. Lake, Mr. Milward, Mr. George, Sir Rob. Atkins, Mr. Crowch, Mr. Dowdeswell, Mr. Mountague, Sir Tho. Allan, Mr. Serjeant Seis, Sir Sol. Swale, Mr. Westphalin, Sir John Corlton, Mr. Scowen, and all the Members of this House that are of the Long Robe: And they are to meet in the Law School, this Afternoon at Two of the Clock: And to send for Persons, Papers, and Records.

Uniting Churches.

An ingrossed Bill, sent from the Lords, for uniting Churches in Cities, and Towns Corporate; with some Amendments and Provisoes agreed by this House; were read the Third time.

A Proviso was tendered to be added to the Bill; and twice read.

And some Amendments, upon the Question, agreed; and made thereto at the Table;

Resolved, &c. That the Proviso, with the Amendments agreed to, be ingrossed.

The Proviso, being ingrossed, and twice read, and debated, was laid aside.

Resolved, &c. That the Bill, with the Amendments and Proviso agreed to, do pass: And that the Title of the Bill be agreed to; and the Bill, with the Amendments and Proviso, be returned back to the Lords.

And Mr. Crowch is to carry the same up.

Distresses for Rents.

Ordered, That these Members following be added to the Committee to which the Bill sent from the Lords, touching Avowries and Distresses, was committed; viz. Mr. Crowch, Dr. Burwell, Sir Hen. Yelverton, Sir Jo. Lowther, Sir Jo. Strode, Sir Tho. Gower.

Prize Goods.

Ordered, That Mr. Mervill, Mr. Crowch, Mr. Waller, Mr. Jolliff, be added to the Committee to which the Bill against imbezzling Prize Goods was committed.

Duke of Yorke's Revenue.

A Bill for granting the Sum of One hundred and twenty thousand Nine-hundred and Two Pounds Fifteen Shillings Eight-pence to his Majesty, to be, if it shall please his Majesty, bestowed on his Royal Highness the Duke of Yorke, was read the Second time.

Resolved, &c. That the House do forthwith resolve into a Committee of the whole House, to proceed in the Consideration of the said Bill.

And accordingly the House resolved itself into a Committee of the whole House.

Mr. Speaker left the Chair: And

Sir Edward Thurland took the Chair of the Committee.

Mr. Speaker took the Chair again.

Sir Edward Thurland reports, That the Committee had agreed the Sums for filling up the Blanks in the Bill; and had passed through the other Parts of the Bill; and agreed it: And read the Amendments in his Place; and after, delivered the same in at the Clerk's Table: Which Amendments being twice read, were, upon the Question, severally agreed to.

And some other Amendments being, upon the Question, agreed, and made;

Resolved, &c. That the Bill, with the Amendments agreed to, be ingrossed.

Oath and Declaration.

A Bill to enjoin the Taking of the Oath and Declaration therein mentioned, was read the First time.

Resolved, &c. That the Bill be read the Second time To-morrow Morning.

Attainder of Dolman, &c.

A Bill for Attainting of Thomas Dolman, Joseph Bampfeild, and * Scot, of High Treason, if they do not come in, and render themselves by a Day, was read the First time.

Ordered, That the Bill be read the Second time To-morrow Morning.

Blancque fort's, &c. Nat.

An ingrossed Bill for Naturalizing of Lewis Blanquefort, and others, was read the Third time.

And some Debate arising concerning Certificates of their receiving the Sacrament;

Mr. Stanley, a Member of this House, did testify, That, to his Knowledge, Monsieur Blanquefort had received the Sacrament.

Ordered, That the rest of the Persons nominated in the Bill do bring Certificates to Mr. Speaker of their receiving the Sacrament.

And then the House adjourned till To-morrow Morning, Eight of the Clock.