House of Commons Journal Volume 8: 30 June 1660

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Journal of the House of Commons: Volume 8, 1660-1667. Originally published by His Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1802.

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Saturday, 30th June 1660.



ORDERED, That the Troops of Guards to his Royal Highness the Duke of Yorke, consisting of One hundred Horsemen, besides Officers, being now in Flaunders, be added to the Establishment of his Majesty's Garison of Dunkirk.

Ordered, That the Sum of Four thousand Eight hundred Pounds be charged on the Moiety of the Excise of Beer and Ale, for the Use of the Garison of Dunkirk; and be forthwith paid, by the Commissioners of Excise, to Edward Backwell, Alderman of the City of London, upon Account, to be remitted by him to Dunkirk, as formerly hath been accustomed in like Case, for the present Subsistence of that Garison: And this Order, together with Alderman Edward Backwell's Acquittance, testifying his Receipt thereof, shall be, to the said Commissioners of Excise, a sufficient Warrant and Discharge.

Ordered, That the Quorum of the Committee for Dunkirk, be Five; and that Colonel Willoughby be added to that Committee.

Publications complained of.

Complaint was this Day made of a great Abuse to his Majesty, by the Printing of a Paper in his Majesty's Name, intituled, A Proclamation for Authorizing an Uniformity of the Book of Common Prayer, to be used throughout the Realm, superscribed C. R. and subscribed, Given at our Court the Fifth of March; as also of a Book, intituled, A Form of Prayer, with Thanksgiving, to be used of all the King's Majesty's loving Subjects, the 28th of June 1660, &c. being withal mentioned to be set forth by Authority: and of a printed Paper, purporting to be a Protestation of the Bishops, against Proceedings of Parliament in their Absence, &c.; and another printed Paper, purporting to be a Declaration of the King's Majesty in Scotland.

Ordered, That it be referred to a Committee to examine how these Books, Proclamation, and Protestation, came to be printed and published, by whom, and by what Authority; and with Power to send for the Printers, and other Persons, Papers, Books, and Witnesses, and what else may conduce to the Business:

And that Sir Gilbert Gerrard, Mr. Rich, Mr. Thomas, Mr. Charleton, Sir Walter Earle, Mr. Rainsford, Sir Willm. Doyley, Mr. Serjeant Tyrrill, Sir Robert Brooke, Sir Henage Finch, Sir Solomon Swaile, Sir Anthony Irby, Mr. Swynfyn, Mr. Turner, Sir Rich. Temple, Sir John Northcott, Mr. Annesley, Mr. Marvell, Colonel King, Mr. Bamfeild, Sir Francis Gerrard, Mr. Bulkeley, Sir Willm. Lewis, Mr. Goodrick, Mr. Henry Hyde, Sir Ralph Bancks, Mr. Trelawney, Mr. Hollis, Mr. Milborne, Mr. Pryn, Sir Henry Yelverton, Sir John Dawney, Lord Anger, Sir Richard Onslow, Sir Ralph Ashton, Mr. Manwaring, Sir John Evelin of Surrey, Sir John Robinson, Lord St. John, Sir Wilfred Lawson, Sir Thomas Wroth, Sir John Bowyer, Mr. Gott, Colonel Howard, Mr. Younge, Mr. Broadrick, Mr. Shapcott, Lord Falkland, Mr. Ellison, Mr. Dowdeswell, Sir John Holland, Colonel Willoughby, Mr. John Stephens, Lieutenant Colonel Bethell, Sir Christopher Clapham, be the said Committee: And they are to meet at Two of the Clock in the Speaker's Chamber this Afternoon; and that Mr. Swynfyn do take care of it.


Ordered, That the Lord Falkland do bring in a List of the Names of Commissioners, to raise the Assessment in the City of Oxeford.


Ordered, That the Bill for Religion be read the First Business, on Monday Morning next.

Pardon and Oblivion.

The House this Day resumed the Debate upon the Bill for general Pardon, Oblivion, and Indemnity.

A Proviso was tendered to this Bill, that this Act shall not extend to prejudice any Estate or Estates, or Securities, made by, or derived from, any of the excepted Persons, for Monies, or other valuable Considerations, &c.: Which was read, and laid by, for further Consideration.

Another Proviso to the like Effect was read, and laid aside, for further Consideration.

Another Proviso, for having particular Pardons passed to particular Persons, under the Great Seal: Which was read the First time:

And the Question being put, That this Proviso be read the Second time;

It passed with the Negative.

Another Proviso was tendered to this Act; that nothing therein contained, shall debar any Person or Persons, subjected by this Act to any Pains, Penalties, or Forfeitures, to be hereafter inflicted, from the Benefit of this Act; nor subject them to any future Pains, Penalties, or Forfeitures, in case such Person or Persons shall be, by the Judgment of this House, acquitted: Which was read the First time.

Resolved, That this Proviso be rejected, and laid aside.

Another Proviso was tendered to this Act; that this Act, or any thing therein contained, shall not extend to bar any Person or Persons, in Law or Equity, from the Recovery of so much of their just Debts and Rents, as hath not been really paid unto the Use of the Publick; and notwithstanding any Release or Discharge extorted, or obtained from such Person or Persons to whom the said just Debts or Rents were due or payable by any pretended Authority whatsoever; but that such Release or Discharge shall be utterly void, to bar such Person or Persons, as to so much of their just Debts or Rents, not really paid as aforesaid: Which was read the First time.

The Question being put, That this Proviso be laid aside;

The House was divided:

The Noes went forth.

Sir Ralph Hare, Tellers for the Noes: 143.
Mr. Knightley, With the Noes,
Sir Anthony Irby, Tellers for the Yeas: 162.
Sir John Dawney, With the Yeas,

So it was

Resolved, That this Proviso be laid aside.


Sir Ralph Ashton acquainted the House, that a Person, which sat in the last Parliament, took a Bond of an Hundred Pounds, for the doing of some particular Service in the House.

Resolved, That Sir Ralph Ashton be required to name the Person, that had the Bond of an Hundred Pounds; whereupon Sir Ralph Ashton named Thomas Birch, of Leverpoole.

Pardon and Oblivion.

A Proviso was tendered to this Bill, for excepting the Persons out of this Act for Life and Estate, who sat in the late tyrannical High Court of Justice, which condemned the late King, and came not in within Fourteen Days, according to the King's Majesty's Proclamation, dated the 6th Day of June 1660, &c. Which was read the First and Second time:

And the Question being propounded, That this Proviso be made Part of this Bill;

And the Question being put, That this Question be put;

It passed with the Affirmative.

And the main Question being put; it was

Resolved, That this Proviso be made Part of this Bill.

The House adjourned itself to Monday next, at Eight of the Clock in the Morning.