House of Commons Journal Volume 85: 26 June 1830, Lord Steward's deputation

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Journal of the House of Commons: Volume 85, 1830. Originally published by His Majesty's Stationery Office, London, [n.d.].

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Page 588

26 June 1830: Lord Steward's deputation Lord Steward's Deputation.

HENRY Burton Marquis Conyngham, Lord Steward of His Majesty's Household, and one of His Majesty's Most honourable Privy Council; TO all to whom these Presents shall come, Greeting. Know ye, That I, the said Lord Steward, by virtue of my said Office of Lord Steward, have constituted, named and appointed, and by these Presents do constitute, name and appoint, The Right honourable Charles Manners Sutton, Speaker of the House of Commons; the Right honourable Sir George Murray, one of His Majesty's Principal Secretaries of State; the Right honourable Sir Robert Peel, Baronet, one other of His Majesty's Principal Secretaries of State; the Right honourable Henry Goulburn, Chancellor of His Majesty's Exchequer; the Right honourable John Charles Herries, President of the Board of Trade; the Right honourable Sir Henry Hardinge; the Right honourable Thomas Frankland Lewis; the Right honourable Thomas Peregrine Courtenay; the Right honourable Sir George Cockburn; the Right honourable John Wilson Croker; the Right honourable John Calcraft; the Right honourable William Huskisson; the Right honourable Sir Stratford Canning, Knight; the Right honourable Charles Watkin Williams Wynn; the Right honourable William Dundas; the Right honourable Robert John Wilmot Horton; the Right honourable Charles Arbuthnot; the Right honourable Sir John Newport, Baronet; the Right honourable Richard Ryder; the Right honourable Sir John Nicholl, Knight the Right honourable William Sturges Bourne; the Right honourable Sir George Fitzgerald Hill, Baronet; the Right honourable Sir John Beckett, Baronet; the Right honourable Sir George Henry Rose, Baronet; the Right honourable Charles Grant; the Right honourable Lord Francis Leveson Gower; the Right honourable Sir George Warrender, Baronet; the Right honourable Sir James Mackintosh, Knight; Sir Alexander Cray Grant, Baronet; Sir James Scarlett, Knight; Sir Edward Burtenshaw Sugden, Knight; Henry Bankes, Henry Brougham, Davies Gilbert, William Smith, Edward John Littleton, Nicolson Calvert, Esquires; Sir Thomas Buckler Lethbridge, Sir Henry Parnell, Sir George Clerk, Sir Thomas Dyke Acland, Sir Francis Burdett, Baronets; Lord Stanley; William Joseph Denison, Matthew Wood, Michael Angelo Taylor, John Blackburne, Charles Chaplin, Joseph Hume, John Fane, Charles Dundas, Robert Palmer, John Berkeley Monck, Davies Davenport, Wilbraham Egerton, Esquires; the Marquis of Chandos; Lord George Augustus Henry Cavendish; Lord Viscount Ebrington; Lord Viscount Eastnor; the Honourable Edward Geoffrey Smith Stanley; Sir John Geers Cotterell, Sir John Saunders Sebright, Sir Richard Rawlinson Vyvyan, Sir James Robert George Graham, Sir Edward Knatchbull, Sir Thomas Sherlock Gooch, Sir Charles Morgan, Sir Berkeley William Guise, Sir William Amcotts Ingilby, Baronets; Lord Killeen; Lord Robert Edward Henry Somerset; Lord Viscount Milton; the Earl of Surrey; Lord Clifton; Lord Viscount Mandeville; Lord Viscount Lowther; Lord John Hay; William Manning, Francis Mundy, Joseph Holden Strutt, Thomas Fowell Buxton, George Bankes, Frank Sotheron, John Cam Hobhouse, William Thompson, Robert Waithman, William Ward, Esquires; the Honourable John Stuart Wortley; Edmund Pollexfen Bastard, Samuel Trehawke Kekewich, Edward Berkeley Portman, Masterton Ure, Robert Greenhill Russell, Daniel Sykes, Charles Callis Western, Joseph Cripps, Edward Webb, Edward Bolton Clive, John Calvert, William Henry Fellowes, Thomas Chaplin, Gilbert John Heathcote, John Nicholas Fazakerley, George Byng, Samuel Charles Whitbread, William Dickinson, John Atkins, John Bonham Carter, William Astell, Edward Jeremiah Curteis, Joseph Pitt, Thomas Grimstone Bucknall Estcourt, William Cavendish, Esquires; Sir Robert Harry Inglis, Sir Robert Heron, Sir Gilbert Heathcote, Sir Rowland Hill, Sir William Rowley, Sir Charles Merrik Burrell, Sir George Philips, Sir Thomas Baring, Sir John Dashwood King, Sir Arthur Chichester, Baronets; George Robert Dawson, William Yates Peel, Joseph Planta, Edward William Wynn Pendarves, Robert Gordon, John Bastard, Lewis William Buck, Robert Bransby Cooper, Thomas Hyde Villiers, Henry Stafford Northcote, Nicholas William Ridley Colborne, William Philip Honywood, Thomas Greene, George Anthony Legh Keck, Robert Otway Cave, Isaac Gascoyne, William John Bankes, Henry Clive, Michael Thomas Sadler, Cuthbert Ellison, Jonathan Raine, Thomas William Coke, John Savile Lumley, John Wood, Ralph Bernal, Charles Ross, James Loch, Francis Lawley, Edward Baker, Esquires; Sir Ronald Crawford Ferguson; the Honourable Sir Alexander Hope; the Earl of Belfast; Lord Arthur Hill; Sir Edward Kerrison, Sir John Head Brydges, Sir Watkin Williams Wynn, Sir John Wrottesley, Sir Edward Pryce Lloyd, Sir William Heathcote, Sir Thomas Francis Fremantle, Sir James Macdonald, Baronets; Charles Brownlow, Henry Maxwell, Lucius O'Brien, Daniel O'Connell, Henry White, James Daly, John Doherty, John Russell, Thomas Spring Rice, Alexander Dawson, Henry Grattan, George Moore, William Eliot Lockhart, Robert Cutlar Fergusson, Robert Grant, James Wemyss, William Robert Keith Douglas, John Campbell, Thomas Francis Kennedy, Esquires; the Honourable William Gordon; the Honourable Anthony Maitland; the Honourable Charles Harward Butler Clarke; the Marquis of Blandford; William Holmes, Andrew Spottiswoode, John Maberly, Charles Tennyson, Charles Denham Orlando Jephson, William Tyrwhitt Drake, William Henry Trant, Esquires; the Earl of Brecknock; Thomas Wood, Esquire, or any Six, Five, Four, Three, Two or One of them, my Deputies and Deputy, in my place and stead, to tender and administer the Oaths mentioned in a Statute made in the first year of the Reign of their late Majesties King William and Queen Mary, intituled, "An Act for removing and preventing all Questions and Disputes concerning the assembling and sitting of this present Parliament," according to the directions of the said Statute, and of all and every other Statute and Statutes directing the taking of the said Oaths before me, to all and every Person and Persons who is, are or shall be elected or appointed a Knight, Citizen, Burgess, Baron of any of the Five Ports, or Commissioners of Shires or Burghs, of the present Parliament appointed to meet the 14th day of November 1826, and to take and receive the Oaths of all and every the said Person and Persons who is, are or shall be elected or appointed a Knight, Citizen, Burgess, Baron of any of the Five Ports, or Commissioners for the Shires of Burghs aforesaid for the said Parliament; and also to tender and administer the Oath mentioned in a Statute made in the seventh year of the Reign of his late Majesty King George the Second, intituled, "An "Act for the better regulating the Election of Members to serve in the House of Commons for that part of Great Britain called Scotland; and for incapacitating the Judges of the Court of Session, Court of Justiciary, and Barons of the Court of Exchequer in Scotland, to be elected, or to sit or vote as Members of the House of Commons;" according to the directions of another Statute made in the sixteenth year of his said late Majesty's reign, directing the said Oath to be taken before me; to all and every Person and Persons who is, are or shall be chosen a Member to serve in Parliament for any Shire or Stewartry within that part of Great Britain called Scotland, and who was not, were not, or shall not be present at the Meeting of Election, and to take and receive the Oath of all and every such Person and Persons, giving them, my said Deputies, Six, Five, Four, Three, Two or One of them, full Power and Authority to execute and perform the Matters hereinbefore mentioned; ratifying and confirming all and whatsoever my said Deputies or Deputy shall do and perform in this behalf, in as ample, perfect and full manner as if I myself had personally been present and done the same. In Testimony whereof I have hereunto set my Hand and Seal this twenty-sixth day of June, in the First year of the Reign of Our Sovereign Lord William the Fourth, by the Grace of God of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland King, Defender of the Faith, Annoque Domini, 1830.