House of Commons Journal Volume 85: 27 February 1830

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Journal of the House of Commons: Volume 85, 1830. Originally published by His Majesty's Stationery Office, London, [n.d.].

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Sabbati, 27 die Februarii; Anno 11° Georgii IV ti Regis, 1830.


Ireland-Returns, &c. presented: County Hospitals.

THE House being informed that Mr. Johnson, from the office of the Chief Secretary for Ireland, attended at the door, he was called in; and at the bar presented to the House, pursuant to their Orders, -A Copy of a Report made to the Irish Government, on the state of the County Hospitals or Infirmaries of Ireland.

Grand Juries.

A Return of the Names and Degrees of the Persons who have served on the Term Grand Juries for the City of Dublin for each Term; commencing with Hilary Term 1824, and ending with Hilary Term 1830 inclusive.

A Return of the Names and Degrees of the Persons who have served on each Commission Grand Jury, commencing with the month of December 1823, and ending with the month of February 1830:-And then he withdrew.

Ordered, That the said Papers do lie upon the Table.

Malmesbury Road Bill, presented.

Mr. Mackinnon presented a Bill for more effectually repairing and improving the Roads from the Town of Malmesbury, to or near to the Town of Wootton Bassett, Sutton Benger Church, and Dauntsey Gate, in the County of Wilts: And the same was read the first time; and ordered to be read a second time.

Address respecting Court of Session (Scotland.)

Resolved, That an humble Address be presented to His Majesty, that He will be graciously pleased to give directions, that there be laid before this House, a Return of the number of Causes inrolled for the first time in the Outer-House Roll of the Court of Session, during each year respectively, from 1st January 1811 to 1st January 1829.

Ordered, That the said Address be presented to His Majesty, by such Members of this House as are of His Majesty's most honourable Privy Council.

Library Catalogue laid on the Table. No. 80.

Mr. Speaker acquainted the House, That the Books in the Library having become numerous, he had directed a Catalogue to be prepared for the use of the Members of the House, which was now upon the Table.

Ordered, That the said Catalogue be printed.

Classification of Parliamentary Reports, &c. laid on the Table. No. 81.

Mr. Speaker also acquainted the House, That, in pursuance of the recommendation of the Select Committee on Printed Papers in 1825, a Classification of Parliamentary Reports, and a Breviate of their Contents, likewise Tables of Arrangement in Volumes of the Accounts, and other Papers and Bills, 1801-1826, had been completed; and were upon the Table.

Ordered, That the said Classification and Breviate be printed.

Consolidated Fund Bill, reported.

Sir Alexander Grant reported from the Committee of the whole House, on the Bill to apply certain sums of Money out of the Consolidated Fund, and from the Aids granted for the year one thousand eight hundred and twenty-nine, to the Service of the year one thousand eight hundred and thirty, the Amendments which they had made to the Bill; and the Amendments were read, and agreed to by the House.

Ordered, That the Bill, with the Amendments, be ingrossed; and read the third time upon Monday next.

Walsall Road Petition, reported.

Mr. Spottiswoode reported from the Committee on the Petition of several Trustees for executing the Acts for repairing and widening the Road from Muckley Corner to Walsall and Wednesbury, and to Leigh Brook and Ocker Hill, and several other Roads, in the county of Stafford; That the Standing Orders relative to Turnpike Bills, had been complied with; except, that the Notice of the Application to Parliament did not provide for a proposed diversion of the Road from the town of Walsall, to the top of the hill above the Bull's Turnpike-gate towards Lichfield, nor for a small diversion of the Road near Wednesbury, nor were such respective diversions delineated on the Plan, or described in the Book of Reference deposited with the Clerk of the Peace for the county of Stafford; but it appeared to the Committee, that the first-mentioned diversion has, for several years past, been in contemplation, and the great advantage thereof to the public has frequently been discussed; that the proprietor of the land through which such diversion was proposed to be made, was desirous that the same should be made at the expense of the Trust; but, finding that the Notices given did not include such deviation, he at length consented to make such deviation at his own expense; but it was not until the 12th day of this instant February, that at a meeting of the Trustees, it was finally determined on applying for Power to make such diversion, and also the small diversion near Wednesbury; and it also appeared to the Committee, that Mr. John Walhouse is the owner of the whole of the land through which such first-mentioned diversion would pass, and that he consented to the making thereof; and that such last-mentioned diversion lies within the distance of 100 yards from the line delineated on the said Plan; but that there are some cottages and gardens on such proposed diversion which the Trustees have not power to take under the Powers of the General Turnpike Act; and that they had examined the matter of the Petition; and the Report was brought up, and read.

Ordered, That the Report be referred to the Select Committee on Standing Orders.

Return of Bankrupts committed, presented. No. 82.

The House being informed that Mr. Wontner, from His Majesty's Gaol of Newgate, attended at the door, he was called in; and at the bar presented to the House, pursuant to their Order,-Return of the Names of Persons committed to His Majesty's Gaol of Newgate, by the Commissioners of Bankrupts, from the 15th July 1824 to the present date, with the Names of the Commissioners committing them, the Date of the Warrant of Commitment, and the Date of the Discharge of each Person:-And then he withdrew.

Ordered, That the said Return do lie upon the Table; and be printed.

And then the House adjourned till Monday next.