Index: I, J

Journal of the House of Commons: Volume 9, 1667-1687. Originally published by His Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1802.

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'Index: I, J', in Journal of the House of Commons: Volume 9, 1667-1687, (London, 1802) pp. 27-29. British History Online [accessed 19 April 2024]


19° & 20° Car. II. Parl. 2. Sess. 7. A. 1667, & 1668.

JAMES's St. Bill for making it a Parish, ordered, 7 May. Jefferies. Vide Privileges.

Jeremy, John; Bill to sell Lands for Payment of Debts and Portions, read, 27 Nov. Committed, 29.

Impeachments. Vide. Clarendon, Mordaunt, Penn, Pett.-Committee to search Precedents in Impeachments for capital Offences, 26 Oct. Report, 29.-Resolutions, that a Subject, impeached of High Treason generally, and desired to be secured, ought to be secured accordingly-that, when he is secured, Lords may limit a Time for bringing particular Charge, 5 Dec.

Interest, Bill for reducing it, ordered, 11 Apr. To be read, 15. 18. & 21. Read; Debate thereon adjourned, 22.

Innholders. Vide Woodmongers.

Intestates, Bill for Relief of their Wives and Children, tendered, 10 Mar. Read, 11. Committed, 27.

Johnson. Vide Privileges.

Jordan, Sir Joseph. Vide Penn.

Journals to be searched for Precedents by a Committee, 15 & 26 Oct. 10 Feb. 16. 21. & 25 Apr.

Ireland, Petition, complaining of Injuries touching Lands therein, owned, and referred to Committee of Grievances; Order for their sitting, 31 Oct.
-, -Petition of Body of Adventurers for Lands therein, 10 Dec.-Another in their Name presented, and owned; Question for reading it, Neg. 14 Mar. Read; previous Question, that Consideration be adjourned, Neg. 16. To be heard at Bar, 16 Mar. 11. 14. 18. 20. 23. 28, & 29 Apr. & 7 May. Resolution touching Lands in Possession of particular Persons, 16 Mar. Petitioners, or Agents, to have Recourse to Papers concerning them in the Hands of any Clerk of Council, and Copies, if desired, attested by Clerk; also Copies of Records from any Court of Record in Ireland, 17. Witnesses to be summoned, 18. Parties and Counsel heard; Witness objected against as a Forty-nine Officer; Debate thereon; Question that he be admitted, Affirmative; Sir Audley Mervin's Speech read, 20 Apr. Question, that Conception under Great Seal for Ireland be read, Neg. 23.
-, -Matter of Trade between England and Ireland to be considered, 17 Dec.-Paper concerning Affairs of Ireland presented; Members to attend their Charge there, 26 Mar.

Juries, Committee to inquire into Restraints on them, and Innovations in capital Causes, 16 Oct. All that come to have Voices, 21. Attendance of a Committee excused; Committees added, 31. Parties to attend Committee, 7 & 12 Nov. & 3 Dec. Question that Matter be suspended, Neg. 11 Nov. Committee impowered to inquire into Miscarriages in civil Causes, 15. To receive Information at large against Lord Chief Justice, 18. Report to be made, 7 Dec. Made in Part, 9. To be finished, 9 & 10. Finished; Lord Chief Justice to have Copy thereof, and be heard at Bar, 11. Vide Justice, infra.

Jurors, Bill to declare fining and imprisoning them illegal, ordered, 13 Dec. To be read, 15 Feb. Read, 17. Order for Second Reading, 18. Committed, and recommended to Care of One Member, 19. Committees added, 12 & 28 Mar. Committee revived, and Order for sitting, 12 Mar. & 3 Apr. Three to be a Quorum, 4.
-, -Bill for continuing Act for able and sufficient Jurors, ordered, 28 Mar. To be read, 8 Apr. Read, 18. Committed, 21.

Justice, Lord Chief, charged with acting arbitrarily and illegally, to be heard at Bar, 11 Dec. Manner of receiving him; heard; Resolutions thereupon, 13.

Juxon, Sir Wm. Bill, from Lords, for recovering Part of an Estate, 12 Dec. Read, 14 Feb. Committed, 21. Committees added. 24. Bill passed, 6 May.

21° Car. II. Parl. 2. Sess. 8. A. 1669.


Journals, Committee to peruse them weekly, and rectify Mistakes therein, 4 Dec.

Juries, Bill for better regulating them, read, 19 Oct. Committed; Instruction, 21. Committees added, 2 Dec.

22° 23° 24° & 25° Car. II. Parl. 2. Sess. 9. A. 1669, 1670, 1671, & 1672.

JAMES, St. Bill for making it a Parish, read; Question for Second Reading, Neg. 17 Nov.

Jaye, Mr. Vide Privileges.

Jefferies, Francis, and others, Petition, 15 Mar. 1699. Vide Supply.

Jekyll. Vide Hayes, Privileges.

Jews. Vide Popery.

Imprisonment, illegal, Bill to prevent it, read, 1 Mar. 1669. Committed, 3. Passed, 18.

Intestates, Bill, from Lords, for settling their Estates, 27 Mar. 1671. Read, 29. Committed; Committee to summon Persons, but not proceed till future Day, 31. Committees added, 4 Apr. Bill to be reported, 10. Reported, and passed, with Amendments, 11. Amendments agreed to by Lords, 13.

Jones. Vide Privileges.

Journals, Erasure made therein by King's Command, 22 Feb. 1669.-To be inspected by a Committee for Precedents, 3 Dec. & 10 Apr. Vide Members, Messages.

Ireland, Petition, complaining of Patent for Light-houses therein, to be read, 7 Apr. 1670. Read, and referred to Committee of Grievances; Member to see Copy of Petition, and Order, conveyed to Patentees, 8. Order for sitting of Committee, and proceeding on Petition, 27 Jan. Matter to be peremptorily heard, 31. Report to be made, 4 Feb. Made; Resolutions thereupon, 8. Vide Address.

Irwin, Lord Viscount, Bill, from Lords, to sell Lands for Payment of Debts and Legacies, 10 Dec. Read, 12. Committed, 14. Reported, 17. Passed, 20.

Judgments. Vide Coals, Arrests.

Juries, Bill for regulating them, read, 14 Feb. 1669. Order for Second Reading, 2. 4 & 5 Mar. Committed, 7. To be reported, 11. Reported, and re-committed; Instruction; Committees added; all that come to have Voices, 12. To be reported from Re-commitment, 14. Reported; Debate thereon adjourned, 15. Resumed; Bill re-committed, 18. To be reported, 22. Reported, and to be ingrossed, 23. Passed, 26. House put Lords in mind of Bill, 9 Apr. Bill returned from Lords, with Amendments, 11. Amendments to be considered, 11 Apr. & 3 Nov. Considered, and in part disagreed to; Committee to assign Reasons, 16. Revived, and Order for sitting, 10 Dec. & 22 Mar.

25° Car. II. Parl. 2. Sess. 10. A. 1672, & 1673.

JAYE, Mr. Vide Privileges.

Jenings. Vide Privileges.

Journals read, 28 Feb.-To be perused by Committee; Clerk to put them in mind every Morning, 6 Mar.

Ireland, Motions, and Complaints of Grievances therein, to be considered, 17 Mar. Considered; Resolution thereupon, 18. Vide Address.

25° Car. II. Parl. 2. Sess. 11. A. 1673.

JEPHERSON. Vide Privileges.

Journals of the Two preceding and this Session to be perused by Committee, 27 Oct.

25° & 26° Car. II. Parl. 2. Sess. 12. A. 1673, & 1674.

IMPRISONMENT, illegal, Bill to prevent it, ordered, 26 Jan. Read, 27. Committed, 29. Reported, and to be ingrossed, 3 Feb. Proviso cut off; Bill passed, 7.

Journals to be perused by Committee, 13 Jan. Committees added, 7 Feb.-To be searched for Precedents, 29 & 31 Jan.

Ipswich, new Writ, 7 Jan. Member, upon a Certificate from Clerk of Crown, takes Oaths, 3 Feb.

Ireland, State thereof to be considered in Committee of whole House, 14 & 18 Feb. Considered, 18 & 20. Report of Resolutions, that House be moved to appoint Committee to inspect the State of the Revenue-to consider the State of the Religion, and the Militia and Forces therein; Committee appointed accordingly, 20. Committees added, 23.

Judges, Bill to settle Powers and Fees in their Patents, read, 9 Feb. Committed, 13.

Justices of Peace. Vide Sheriffs.

27° Car. II. Parl. 2. Sess. 13. A. 1675.

JENINGS. Vide Privileges.

Jermyn. Vide Privileges.

Imprisonment, illegal, Bill to prevent it, read, 19 Apr. Committed, 22. Reported, and to be ingrossed, 5 May. Passed, 6.

Journals to be perused by a Committee every Week, 8 May.- To be inspected by a Committee for Precedents, 12.

27° Car. II. Parl. 2. Sess. 14. A. 1675.

IMPRISONMENT, illegal, Bill to prevent it, read, 20 Oct. Order for Second Reading, 2 Nov.

Irish Cattle. Vide Cattle.

Justice, Lord Chief, to be desired to issue Warrants for apprehending St. Germain, and all Priests and Jesuits, 8 Nov. Information given, that Order came not to his Hands in due Time, Committee to inquire in whom Default was, 18.

28° 29° & 30° Car. II. Parl. 2. Sess. 15. A. 1676, 1677, & 1678.

JENINGS, Gilbert, Petition, 7 Mar. 1676. Vide Hackney Coachmen.

Jewels. Vide Supply.

Jones. Vide Privileges.

Johnson. Vide Privileges.

Journals to be searched by Committees for Precedents, 22 Feb. 1676. & 14 Apr.-of 1672, and of this Session, to be inspected by a Committee, 1 Mar. 1676.-Order against taking Journal from the Table, or Copies thereout, sitting the House, or Committee thereof, 3 Apr. 1677.-Read, 27 Mar. & 15 Apr.

Irish Cattle. Vide Cattle.

30° Car. II. Parl. 2. Sess. 16. A. 1678.


Journals read, 23 May.-Parties to attend, and give Account how Journal 1663 came to be pasted and erazed, and why the Entry of Yesterday's Proceedings is not finished, 19 June.- Committee to search them for Precedents, 22.

Ironmongers Company, Petition owned, 5 June. Vide Hearthmoney.

Jurors, Bill, from Lords, to prevent Abuses in returning them, 2 July. Read, and rejected, 4.

30° Car. II. Parl. 2. Sess. 17. A. 1678.

IMPEACHMENT. Vide Arundel, Petre, Powys, Stafford, and Bellasis.

Journals, Committee to inspect them for Precedents, 4 & 28 Dec.-To see due Entries made, 11.

Justice, Lord Chief, desired to repair to House, 24 Oct. & 18 Nov. Thanked for his Care and Diligence in present Affairs, 24 Oct. Called in, and acquainted with the Occasion that House sent for him, 18 Nov.

Justices of Peace, List of those in Commission, and those put out, within last Seven Years, ordered, 8. 12. & 15 Nov. Same List from Duchy of Lancaster, ordered, 14.

31° Car. II. Parl. 3. Sess. 1. A. 1678, & 1679.

JANE, Dr. desired to preach, 1 Apr. Thanked, 12.

Ilchester Election, and double Return, Petitions, 19 Mar. Report, 1 Apr.

Impeachment. Vide Powys.-Committee to search Lords Journals for Precedents concerning it, 20 Mar.

Journals of last Session, Committee to inspect them, and prepare a State of the Matters then depending, with the Progress made therein, 19 Mar. Report debated, re-committed, and to be presented in Writing, 20.-To be inspected by a Committee every Morning, 29.-To be searched for Precedents touching Methods and Circumstances to be observed in Tryals, 7 May. Report, 8.-Touching passing Bills, 9. Vide Bills. -Touching Questions asked at Conferences, 10. Vide Conferences.-For an Account of Proceedings touching Impeachment of Lords, and those on Bill against Lord Danby, 22. Vide Danby, Powys.

31° & 32° Car. II. Parl. 4. Sess. 1. A. 1679, & 1680.

JAMES. Vide Privileges.

Janeway. Vide Privileges.

Jefferyes, Sir George, Petition against him presented, avowed, and referred to Committee on Rights of the Subject, 27 Oct. Report; Resolutions thereupon; Members for London to communicate them to Court of Aldermen, 13 Nov.

Jenner, John, Bill to make Leases for Payment of Debts and Portions, read, 21 Dec. Committed, 23.

Impeachment. Vide Powys, Stafford, Seymour, Scroggs, Jones, Weston, and Tyrone.

Jones, Sir Thomas, Committee to prepare Impeachment against him, 23 Dec. Impeachment to be presented with Speed, 5 Jan.

Journals to be inspected by Committee every Day, 27 Oct.- Of last Parliament, to be inspected by Committee for Proceedings relating to the Plot, 30.-To be searched by Committee for Precedents touching bringing Messages from Lords, 26 Nov. For Precedents to justify that Lords ought to commit Persons impeached, 8 Jan.

Ipswich. new Writ, 8 Dec.

Ireland, Conference, desired by Lords concerning Popish Plot therein, agreed to; Managers appointed; Conference held, and reported; Papers, communicated by Lords, to be read, 8 Nov. Mr. Hetherington to attend, 8 & 9. Order for adding Words, omitted in the Entry of Report of the Conference; Mr. Murphy's Information read; Residue of Papers to be read, 9. Hetherington and Murphy make a Discovery of the Plot; Fitzgeralds give their Information; original Paper of Heads in Writing, to be delivered to Clerk of Lords House, on Receipt; all Witnesses to attend, 11. Examined; Samson and Macnamara to present their Informations in Writing, 12. Further Informations to be taken by a Committee; former referred, 13. Petition referred; Informations presented, 15. Condition of Witnesses to be represented to King, 19. Vide Address. Referred by him to Commissioners of Treasury; they desire the Direction of House; Hetherington to communicate their Names and Conditions to Speaker, 23. Speaker's Report; House recommends it to Commissioners to issue Money for their Support, 4 Dec. Committee revived, and Order for sitting, 4 & 5 Jan. Report to be made, 5. Made, 6. To be considered, 6 & 7.-Vote from Lords, that there is, and has been, a treasonable Plot carried on in Ireland for massacring the English, subverting the Protestant Religion, and established Government, of that Kingdom; Concurrence of House desired thereto, 4. Vote agreed to, with an Addition, and to be delivered to Lords at a Conference; Committee to assign Reasons; several Informations read; Resolution thereupon. Vide Tyrone, 6.

Irish, Matthew, Petition referred to Committee of Privileges and Elections, 25 Oct.

Judges, Committee to examine their Proceedings, 23 Nov. To prepare Heads of Impeachment against Sir Francis North. Vide. North. To fit de die in diem, 24. Committees added, 26 Nov. & 13 Dec. Report to be made, 10 & 20. Petition presented, and referred, 17. Report made, and, with Resolutions thereupon, to be printed, 23. Vide Scroggs, Jones, and Weston.
-, - Committee to prepare Bill, that future Judges hold their Places quamdiu se bene gesserint, 17 Dec.

Justice, Lord Chief, to attend, 27 Oct. Attends; Manner of receiving him, 28. Vide Plot.

33° Car. II. Parl. 5. Sess. 1. A. 1680, & 1681.

ILCHESTER Election, Petition, 24 Mar.

Journals to be inspected by Committee touching Impeachment of Earl of Danby, 25 Mar.

1° 2° &Jac. II. Parl. 1. Sess. 1. A. 1685, 1686, & 1687.

JAMES's, St. Westminster, Bill to make it a Parish, ordered, 27 May. Read, 1 June. Order for Second Reading, 3. Committed, 4. Committee added, 6. Bill reported; Clauses left out; Bill to be ingrossed, 20. Passed, 23. Returned from Lords, with Amendments; Amendments agreed to, 30.
-, - Clerkenwell, Petition from, Members for London to give Answer, 5 June.

Jersey, Petition from, 19 June. Vide Wool.

Ilchester Election, Petition, 4 June.

Journals, Committee to consider what Proceedings therein are fit to be expunged, 26 May. Revived, 3 June.

Justices of Peace to see an Order of House executed, 19 Nov.