Index: Q

Journal of the House of Commons: Volume 9, 1667-1687. Originally published by His Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1802.

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'Index: Q', in Journal of the House of Commons: Volume 9, 1667-1687, (London, 1802) pp. 49-50. British History Online [accessed 19 April 2024]


19° & 20° Car. II. Parl. 2. Sess. 7. A. 1667, & 1668.

QUESTIONS, previous, Neg. viz. whether a particular Information against Lord Clarendon was given by a Foreigner, 11 Nov.-That a Petition be referred to a Committee, 23.- For a Message to King, relating to Adjournment, 7 May.
-, - Affirmative, that Lords Refusal to commit Lord Clarendon, and sequester him from Parliament, is an Obstruction to public Justice, and a dangerous Precedent, 2 Dec.-That the not timely recalling the Order for dividing the Fleet, was a Miscarriage in late War. 15 Feb.-For Leave to bring in a Bill, 13 Mar. & 11 Apr.-For adjourning Hearing at Bar, 27 Mar.-For an Impeachment, 16 Apr.

21° Car. II. Parl. 2. Sess. 8. A. 1669.

QUESTIONS, previous, Affirmative, viz. that Parties be called into House, 12 Nov.-That Charge against Lord Orrery contains treasonable Matter, 25.-That a Day be appointed for Accusers to produce Witnesses, 1 Dec.
-, - Neg. that Attorney-general be asked, whether he received a Letter to stop Proceedings against Mr. Brunkard, 13 Nov.

22° 23° 24° & 25° Car. II. Parl. 2. Sess. 9. A. 1669, 1670, 1671, & 1672.

QUESTIONS, previous, Neg. viz. that King's Speech be considered on a future Day, 14 Feb. 1669.-For proceeding on several Businesses on particular Days, 18.
-, - Affirmative, viz, that Question be put for Supply before Order touching Manner of granting it read, 17 Feb. 1669. -That Importation of foreign Brandy be prohibited, 1 Mar. -That home made Salt, both in England and Ireland, be rated towards Supply, 26 Nov.- That there be a Land Tax, 1 Dec.- That further Instructions be given to Committee of Supply, 10.- That a Money Bill be committed, 16 Jan.- That a penal Clause in a Money Bill be altered, 22 Feb.- That an enacting Clause be brought in to a Money Bill, 28.

25° Car. II. Parl. 2. Sess. 10. A. 1672, & 1673.

QUESTION, previous, Affirmative, viz. that penal Statutes cannot be suspended, but by Act of Parliament, 10 Feb.

25° Car. II. Parl. 2. Sess. 11. A. 1673.

QUESTION, previous, Neg. viz. that Speaker leave the Chair, and a Speaker pro tempore be appointed, 27 Oct.

25° & 26° Car. II. Parl. 2. Sess. 12. A. 1673, & 1674.

QUESTION, previous, Neg. viz. for an Address, 26 Jan.

27° Car. II. Parl. 2. Sess. 14. A. 1675.

QUARREL, House informed thereof, Mr. Howard to be sent for by Speaker; Lord Cavendish and Sir Thomas Meres to dine with him, and not prosecute the Quarrel; Paper read; Person, who shall own it, ordered into Custody, 13 Oct. Speaker's Report; Committee to inquire of Mr. Howard, whether he will own it, 18. Their Report; Paper read Second time; Resolution that it is scandalous, and a Breach of Privilege; Mr. Howard to attend, 19. Debate touching Papers fixed up in publick Places, while Matter depending; Lord Cavendish heard, and withdraws; committed to the Tower, 20. Warrant to be directed to Constable, or Deputy, 21. His Petition, and Order for his Discharge, 22. Mr. Howard examined; Resolution thereupon, and Order for his Commitment to the Tower, 26.-Information given of a Quarrel between Lord Cavendish, Mr. Newport, and Mr. Atkins; Two latter to attend; Committee to prepare Vote to prevent Mischief; Vote reported, and to be put up in Lobby, and at Westminster-hall Gate, 25 Oct.

Question, previous, Affirmative, viz. that it is a Breach of Privilege to make a Member Sheriff during the Parliament, 16 Nov.
-, -Neg. viz. that no Appeal lies to Lords Judicature from Courts of Equity, 17 Nov.-For declaring Vote of last Session now in Force, 18.

28° 29° & 30° Car. II. Parl. 2. Sess. 15. A. 1676, 1677, & 1678.

QUARREL, House informed of Blows given; Sir Thomas Chichely committed; Lord O Brian ordered into Custody, 10 May, 1678.

Queenborough new Writ, 4 Apr. 1677.

Question, previous, Affirmative, viz. for naming grand Committees, 17 Feb. 1676.-That a League is not pursuant to Addresses, nor consistent with the Safety of the Kingdom, 4 May, 1678.
-, -Neg. viz. for adjourning a Debate, 11 May, 1678.

30° Car. II. Parl. 2. Sess. 16. A. 1678.

QUESTION, previous, Neg. viz. for an Amendment to a Question, 1 June.
-, -Affirmative, viz. that no new Motion be made for Supply before Recess, 15 June.-That House go into a Committee, 18.

30° Car. II. Parl. 2. Sess. 17. A. 1678.

QUARREL in the House; Sir Jonathan Trelawney committed to Tower; Mr. Ash reproved, and injoined not to prosecute it; same Injunction to be laid on Sir Jonathan, 21 Nov. His Petition; Speaker acquaints House he had promised not to prosecute it; Order for his Discharge upon Bail, 9 Dec.

Question, previous, Neg. viz. for expelling a Member, 21 Nov.
-, -Affirmative, viz. that a particular Head be inserted in Address, 2 Dec.-That there is sufficient Matter for an Impeachment against Lord Treasurer in Two of his Letters, 19.

31° Car. II. Parl. 3. Sess. 1. A. 1678, & 1679.

QUEENBOROUGH Election, Petition, 28 Mar.

31° & 32° Car. II. Parl. 4. Sess. 1. A. 1679, & 1680.

QUEENBOROUGH Election, Petition, 25 Oct. Report; Return amended, 8 Jan.

1° 2° &Jac. II. Parl. 1. Sess. 1. A. 1685, 1686, & 1687.

QUESTION, previous, Neg. viz. for agreeing to Resolutions from grand Committee of Religion, 27 May.