House of Commons Journal Volume 9: 22 November 1680

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Journal of the House of Commons: Volume 9, 1667-1687. Originally published by His Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1802.

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Lunæ, 22 die Novembris, 1680.


Regulating Elections.

A BILL for regulating Elections of Members to serve in the Commons House of Parliament, was read the Second time.

Resolved, That the Bill be committed, upon the Debate of the House, to Sir Robert Markham, Mr. Foley, Sir Trevor Williams, Sir Samuel Bernardiston, Mr. White, Mr. Andrews, Sir William Jones, Mr. Bremen, Mr. Strode, Mr. Hord, Mr. Wright, Sir William Roberts, Lord Colraine, Mr. Hamden, Sir Thomas Lee, Sir John Moreton, Sir William Poultney, Sir Thomas Clarges, Sir John Knight, Sir William Bastard, Sir William Yorke, Mr. Owen, Mr. Burdett, Mr. Darrell, Sir Gervase Elwes, Mr. Slater, Sir Gilbert Gerald, Mr. Cooper, Mr. Conningsby, Mr. Sacheverell, Mr. Boscawen, Sir Rowland Guynne, Sir Eliab Harvey, Sir Edward Harley, Sir Francis Russell, Sir Richard Corbett, Sir Robert Henley, Sir Francis Rolls: And all that come, are to have Voices: And they are to meet at Three of the Clock this Afternoon, in the Speaker's Chamber.

Bribery at Elections.

A Bill to prevent the Offences of Bribery and Debauchery, in the Elections of Members to serve in the Commons House of Parliament, was read a Second time.

Resolved, That this Bill be referred, upon the Debate of the House, to the same Committee: And the said Committee is to reduce the said Bills into One Bill, or to put the same into more Bills, if they see Occasion.

Stockbridge Election.

Mr. Treby reports from the Committee of Elections and Privileges, That the Committee, having taken into their Consideration the Matter of the Election and Return of Members to serve in this present Parliament for the Borough of Stockbridge in the County of Southampton, had agreed upon the following Resolve; viz.

Resolved, That Heny Whitehead Esquire is duly elected a Burgess to serve in this present Parliament for the Borough of Stockbridge, in the County of Southampton.

Resolved, That this House doth agree with the Committee, That Henry Whitehead Esquire is duly elected a Burgess to serve in this present Parliament for the Borough of Stockbridge.

Agmondesham Election.

Ordered, That the Chairman of the Committee of Elections and Privileges do make Report to this House touching the Election of a Member to serve in this present Parliament for Agmondesham in the County of Bucks, To-morrow Morning at Ten of the Clock.


Resolved, That Leave be given to bring in a Bill for the Repairing of the Highways.

Stockbridge Return amended.

The Clerk of the Crown, and the Bailiff of Stockbridge, being called in, amended the Return for Stockbridge, by taking off the Indenture whereby Wm. Strode Esquire was returned to serve for the said Borough; and rasing out the Name of William Strode Esquire; and inserting the Name of the said Henry Whitehead in the other Indenture.

Answer to Address.

Mr. Secretary Jenkins acquaints the House, That his Majesty, having been attended by such Members of this House, as are of his Majesty's most honourable Privy Council, according to Two several Orders of Address from this House to his Majesty, the One for a general Pardon and some Allowance to Mr. Zeile, the other for a further full and general Pardon of all Crimes and Misdemeanors to the several Persons in whose Behalf the House had formerly addressed, his Majesty was pleased to return this Answer; That he would grant a Pardon, and some Allowance to Mr. Zeile: That Pardons shall be passed to the several Persons addressed for by the House of Commons, for all Treasons, Misprisions of Treason, Felonies, and Outlawries after Treason or Felony: And his Majesty will give Order, That a Noli prosequi be entered, to stop all Prosecutions against the said Persons, for all other Crimes or Misdemeanors whatsoever: That his Majesty apprehends there may be some Inconvenience in granting a Pardon so general as is now desired: But if any Instances shall be given, wherein the Tryals shall be hindered or prejudiced, his Majesty will give such further Order as shall be agreeable to Justice.

Address for removing Earl Halifax.

Mr. Trenchard reports from the Committee to whom it was referred to prepare an' Address to his Majesty to remove George Earl of Hallifax from his Majesty's Presence and Counsels for ever, an Address, agreed upon by the Committee: Which he read in his Place; and afterwards delivered the same in at the Clerk's Table: Where the same being read;

And a Debate arising in the House, for the Re-commitment of the same;

The Question being put, Whether the Address, thus prepared, be re-committed;

The House divide.

The Yeas go forth.

Tellers, Sir Christopher Musgrave, for the Yeas, 101.
Sir Thomas Clarges,
Tellers, Mr. Vernon, for the Noes, 213.
Colonel Titus,

And so it passed in the Negative.

And then the Address, being again read Paragraph by Paragraph, and some Amendments made therein at the Clerk's Table, is as followeth; viz.

Most Gracious Sovereign,

WE Your Majesty's most Dutiful and Loyal Subjects the Commons, in this present Parliament assembled, being deeply sensible of the manifold Dangers and Mischiefs which have been occasioned to this Your Kingdom by the Dissolution of the last Parliament; and by the frequent Prorogations of this present Parliament; whereby the Papists have been greatly encouraged to carry on their hellish and damnable Conspiracies against Your Royal Person and Government, and the Protestant Religion now established amongst us; and have had many Opportunities to contrive false and malicious Plots against the Lives and Honours of several of Your loyal Protestant Subjects; and having just Reason to believe, That the said Dissolution was promoted by the evil and pernicious Counsels of George Earl of Halifax; do therefore most humbly pray Your Majesty, for the Taking away of Occasions of Distrust and Jealousy between Your Majesty and us Your Loyal Commons, and that we may with greater Chearfulness proceed to perfect those Matters now before us, which tend to the Safety and Honour of Your sacred Person and Government, and to the Preservation of the true Protestant Religion, both to Ourselves, and to our Posterity; That You would be graciously pleased to remove the said George Earl of Halifax from Your Presence and Counsels for ever.

Resolved, That the House doth agree to this Address, so amended.

Ordered, That such Members of this House, as are of his Majesty's most honourable Privy Council, do know his Majesty's Pleasure, when this House may attend him with the said Address.


Ordered, That all Committees that were discontinued, be revived; and do sit in the Places formerly appointed.

And then the House adjourned to Eight of the Clock To-morrow Morning.