Wills: 25 Edward I (1296-7)

Pages 128-130

Calendar of Wills Proved and Enrolled in the Court of Husting, London: Part 1, 1258-1358. Originally published by Her Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1889.

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Monday next after the Feast of S. Katherine, Virgin [25 Nov.].

Castle (Bartholomew de), Rector of the church of Holebech in the diocese of Lincoln.—To Sir William de Carleton his houses in the parish of S. Mary de Aldermannebury for life; remainders to Bartholomew and Hamo his nephews; remainder to pious uses. Also to the said Bartholomew his nephew tenements and rents in the parish of Basseyeshawe; and to Dame Sarah his niece his rents and tenements in the Moor (fn. 1) without Crepelgate. No date.

Proclamation made, and no opposition.

Roll 26 (9).

Horn (Edmund).—To Margaret his wife his house and shops in the parish of S. Botolph at Retheresgate for life, saving to her one third part of all his other houses and rents within the City of London, and the reversion of those descending to Thomas his son in the event of his dying under age; remainder to the maintenance of chantries in the churches of S. Michael de Crokedelane and S. Magnus near London Bridge. Release of certain shops to Agnes, late wife of John de Kent. No date.

Proclamation made, and no challenge.

Roll 26 (12).

Ledrede (Richard de).—To Juliana his wife one moiety of his houses for life; the other to his next heir. The said Juliana to have the custody of the said heir and his moiety until he come of age, and in default of heirs the same to be sold for pious purposes. No date.
Roll 26 (14).

Somersete (William de), clerk.—To Juliana his wife his tenement in the parish of S. Botolph without Alegate for life; remainder to Adam the Cutler and Johanna, daughter of Margery (sic), in equal portions. No date.
Roll 26 (15).

Cobeham (John de).—His house in the parish of All Hallows de Bredstrette to be sold, and the proceeds distributed for the good of his soul and the souls of Robert his brother and others. Elena, wife of the testator, mentioned as one of his executors. No date.
Roll 26 (17).

Monday the Morrow of the Feast of H. Trinity [20 May].

Fethermongere (Richard le).—To Margery his wife a tenement in the parish of S. Dunstan towards the Tower for life; after her decease the same to be sold, and one moiety of the proceeds to be devoted to pious uses, and the other to go to his children, namely, John junior, Adam, Richard, and Margery, in equal portions. To John his firstborn son rents in the parish of S. Margaret de Suthwerk. No date.
Roll 26 (28).

Cudington (John de).—To Robert de Pipherst, goldsmith, and Juliana, wife of the same, his daughter, a tenement in the parish of S. James (fn. 2) situate near Cordewanerstrate, subject to an annual charge of four shillings to John Wade, his heirs and assigns, and of twelvepence to the said church of S. James for maintaining a lamp. Another tenement in the same parish to be sold to pay his debts. No date.
Roll 26 (35).

Bek (William).—To Juliana his wife all his rents in the City of London for life, and also his term in certain tenements and rents upon Walebrok. No date.
Roll 26 (36).

Russel (Ralph), cutler.—To Henry de Merlawe his tenement in the parish of S. Christopher. No date.
Roll 26 (37).

Coffrer (Ralph le).—His tenement to be sold to fulfil his testament and pay his debts; the residue to be devoted to pious uses for the good of his soul and the soul of the said (sic) Agnes. No date.
Roll 26 (38).

Kydemunster (Robert de).—To Amabillia his wife his tenement in the parish of S. Mary le Bow for life. To Geoffrey, Agnes, and Matilda his children eight shillings apiece, with reversion of the said tenement. No date.
Roll 26 (39).


  • 1. See note supra, p. 10.
  • 2. Garlickhithe.