Wills: 7 Edward I (1278-9)

Pages 37-42

Calendar of Wills Proved and Enrolled in the Court of Husting, London: Part 1, 1258-1358. Originally published by Her Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1889.

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Monday next after Feast of Purification of V. Mary [2 Feb.].

Auverne (Thomas, son of William de).—To Dame Elena his mother his houses in Flete Street in parish of S. Brigid. To Sibil his sister, and Thomas and John his brothers, divers rents near Flete bridge, in Bradestrate, and in the parish of S. Andrew de Holeburne and elsewhere. To Juliana his mother's sister one mark annual rent of shops in Westchepe. Also bequest of an annual quitrent issuing out of the baily of Ludgate for maintaining tapers before the altar of S. Mary de S. Brigid. To Milsenda, formerly servant to his mother, two shillings and four pence annual quitrent issuing out of the New Temple, London, due for a certain house situate in the parish of S. Andrew de Holeburne. No date.
Roll 10 (1).

Hallingbiry (Juliana, relict of Nicholas de).—Her house at Halegate to be sold, and one moiety of the proceeds devoted to pious uses in the church of S. Swythin, the other to be given to the poor. No date.
Roll 10 (2).

"Boneyrs" (John, called).—To Alice his wife his principal tenement for life; remainder to John his son in tail; remainder to his next heir except Walter his firstborn son. To Adam his son and Johanna his daughter a shop called "la Cornereschoppe," and one other held by the Prioress of Keleburne. No date.
Roll 10 (3).

Stanes (James de).—Bequest of rents in the parish of S. Dunstan towards the New Temple for maintenance of a light to the Blessed Mary in the new building of S. Paul's. To Beatrice his wife, by way of dower, rents in the parishes of All Hallows de Bredestrate, S. Martin de Otteswich, and in the street of S. Laurence Jewry; also two houses and a garden in the said parish of S. Martin for her life, by way of free-bench; remainder to Laurence de Stanes, his nephew. To Adam le Avener, his nephew, rents in the parish of S. Michael de Bassieshawe; and to Christiana, daughter of the said Adam, a tenement in the same parish in tail; remainder to Beatrice her sister. No date.
Roll 10 (10).

Monday, 6 March.

Henham (Geoffrey de).—To Cristiana his wife his house in the parish of H. Trinity the Less for life, on condition that she assign it to no one except John their son during her life; remainder at her decease to the said John. To Geoffrey his son an annual quitrent of half a mark in the parish of Colemanchirche; and to Isabella his younger daughter forty-six pence annual rent in Smethefeld, parish of S. Edmund without Neugate. No date.
Roll 10 (11).

Mounpeillers (Robert de).—Bequest of quitrent for maintenance of wax, to wit "Torkes," in the church of S. Mary le Bow, charged on a shop in the Spicery (fn. 1) of Westchepe. To Richard his son his capital messuage in Milkstrate, saving to Floria his wife her free-bench; also a shop in Westchepe to the same for the maintenance of his mother. To Henry his son quitrent of a solar occupied by the Skinners. To Nicholas his son quitrent of shop and solar occupied by the Tailors; and to Reginald his son rents charged on the said shop and solar, as also on a shop bequeathed to the aforesaid Richard. No date.
Roll 10 (12).

Agnes, late wife of the King's Poulterer.—To Thomas and Matilda her children and their heirs her house and shops in Goderunelane, parish of S. Vedast, with right of survivorship. The rents issuing thereout for the first three years after her decease, after payment of debts and funeral expenses, to be divided into two parts, and one half to be expended in pious uses, and the other in the maintenance of the said children. No date.
Roll 10 (13).

King (Richard).—To Matilda his wife one moiety of all his immovable goods, the other moiety being devoted to pious uses. Afterwards in the same testament he gave and bequeathed to Richard Curteis and his heirs a quitrent of his house, and thirdly bequeathed to him the same house in its entirety after the decease of Matilda aforesaid, saving to her her easements in the same house for the whole of her life. No date.

And inasmuch as witnesses who were examined as to this variation said that his will was that the said house should remain to the said Richard after the decease of the said woman, saving easements, &c., the testament is allowed in that form as touching both the said Richard and the woman.

Roll 10 (14).

Monday next after the Feast of S. Gregory, Pope [12 March].

Cornur (Andrew le).—To the fabric of the church of S. Dunstan West a quitrent of a tenement in the parish of S. Dunstan. To Matilda his mother other quitrents in the same parish for life, with remainder to Agatha his daughter. To Richard his son a tenement in the same parish charged with an annuity to the aforesaid Matilda; and to Stephen his son all his houses in Converslane in the said parish. No date.
Roll 10 (16).

Monday next after the Feast of S. Mathias, Apostle [24 Feb.].

Willekin (Reyner, son of Thomas).—To Emmota his sister in tail his capital messuage together with shops towards the churchyard of All Hallows de Gaschirch, with remainder to the heirs begotten of himself and Frechesaunchia his wife. No date.

A bequest to the said Freschesaunchia and her children of his house in the corn-market of Gaschirche (fn. 2) is adjudged to be void.

Roll 10 (18).

Furmager (William le).—To Leticia his wife his house in the parish of S. Martin de Otteswich, with which she had been already endowed. To Avice his daughter his stone house, with reversion to the said Leticia. All his houses in the parish of S. Andrew to be sold by his executors for payment of his debts. No date.

And forasmuch as, according to the custom of the City, no one can leave his lay fee to his wife, except for the term of her life, the aforesaid Leticia voluntarily came into court, and acknowledged that she claimed no more than a life interest. Accordingly it is granted in this form.

Roll 10 (21*).

Monday the Morrow of the Feast of H. Trinity [28 May].

Brokesheved (Roger de), son of Geoffrey de Brokesheved, late buriller (fn. 3) of Candlewystrate.—To Helewysia de Gatesdene, his wife, his house in Candlewystrate for life; remainder to Lucas his son. Also to his said wife the house adjoining the same, until Margery his niece becomes of marriageable age. No date.

The said Helewyeia came and claimed no more than a life interest.

Roll 10 (22).

Deumars (John).—To Robert his son his capital house in the parish of S. Mary Wolnoth. To Cristiana his wife his next house by way of dower; and to Sibil his daughter a third house more remote. Also to his said wife his leasehold interest in a shop in Westchep near the church of S. Thomas. No date.
Roll 10 (23).

Philip, Vicar of S. Giles without Oepelgate.—His dwelling-house to be sold by his executors, and the proceeds to be distributed for the good of his soul. No date.
Roll 10 (24).

Hardel (John).—To Avice his daughter rents in the parishes of S. Sepulchre without Newegate and S. Mildred de Bredstrate; and to Isabella his daughter a quitrent issuing from his tenement without Crepelgate. No date.
Roll 10 (25).

Rokesle (John de).—To Roger his son a shop near Douegate; also to Roger and Nicholas his sons his estate in a house situate opposite the church of All Hallows at the Hay. To Emma his wife a house in the parish of All Hallows upon the Cellar. No date.
Roll 10 (26).

Ossekin (Thomas), cordwainer.—To Sibil his wife for life all his tenements in the parish of S. Benedict "Fing"; remainder, in default of heirs, to be divided into two parts, whereof one moiety is to go to John Ossekin, his uncle, and the other to be disposed of by his executors. No date.
Roll 10 (28).

Basset (Mabel).—William her brother appointed guardian of John her son and of his hereditaments until he come of age. Certain houses in the parish of S. Botolph without Aldresga of the fee of S. Bartholomew to be sold by her executors to pay her debts, and the residue to be distributed among the poor. No date.
Roll 10 (34).

Albiniaco (Henry de).—To Rembald his servant (valetto) all his rents in the parish of S. Dunstan in the City of London. No date.
Roll 10 (35).

Monday next before the Feast of S. Margaret, viz. 12 [sic] July.

Wolmar (Margery).—Her house and brewing utensils in the parish of S. Dionisius de Bakechurch to be sold by her executors to pay her debts, preference being given to William le Mazeliner over other purchasers by ten marks sterling. No date.
Roll 10 (38).

Mymmes (Thomas de).—To Elicia his wife certain houses for life; remainders to William and John his sons and the heirs of their respective bodies; remainder to the maintenance of a chantry in the chapel of S. Mary de Conehop. (fn. 4) To John Ryplawe one year's rent of the said John's dwelling-house. No date.
Roll 10 (39).

Stanford (Nicholas de).—To Ibbota de Asschindone houses near the High Street. To Avice, daughter of the same Isabella (sic), all his other houses with garden, &c. No date.
Roll 10 (42).

Lymburn (Alice de).—Her house to be sold by her executors to pay her debts, and the residue to be devoted to pious uses. No date.
Roll 10 (43).

Monday next before the Feast of SS. Simon and Jude [28 Oct.].

Beyvin (John), megucer. (fn. 5) —To Chera his wife his house in a street leading to the Red Cross without Cripelgate, together with brewing utensils for life; remainder to Lucy his daughter in tail. Also to the said Lucy and to Alice his daughter all his houses opposite la More without Crepelgate, in equal portions. No date.
Roll 10 (46).

Kyssere (fn. 6) (Richard le).—To Richard his son all his lands and rents, within the City and without, and in default of heirs to his next heir for the time being; the same not to be sold nor mortgaged in England nor elsewhere, but to descend to the next heir that might be. No date.
Roll 10 (49).

Edelmeton (fn. 7) (Henry de).—A chantry to be maintained in the church of All Hallows de Honilane out of rents of his house in Milcstrate, parish of S. Mary Magdalen. To Robert his brother twenty shillings annual rent in Oropecontelane. (fn. 8) To Nichol his niece, and Ydonia her sister, rents in Lymstrate and in Goderonelane. To Laurence his nephew rents of shops situate in Chepe and the Goldsmithery, and at the east corner of Fridaistrate. To Ralph, son of Elias de Honilane, his garden in the parish of S. Giles without Cripelgate at Everardewell. To Matilda, niece of Dame Emma de Honilane, and to Wyleholta her sister, rents in the Fish Market of London, in Westchepe, and the Goldsmithery. Other rents beyond Flete and in the parish of S. Brigid to be sold by his executors. No date.
Roll 10 (50).

Wrokeshelle (Hamo de), clerk.—Bequest of rents in Chepe, parish of S. Vedast, for maintenance of a chantry in the chapel called "le Charn[el]" in S. Paul's Churchyard, (fn. 9) lately rebuilt, as well as other rents in Selvernestrate, parish of S. Alban; in Distavelane; in the parish of S. Brigid in the suburbs; and in the parish of S. Sepulchre. To the monks of Westminster one mark quit-rent of the house of John Blakthorn in the parish of S. John Zakary. Bequests also to the Hospital of S. James in Westminster, and to the sisters and chaplains of the same to have his soul in perpetual remembrance; to the Military Brethren of the Temple in London, to the Hospitals of S. Giles and S. Bartholomew, the New Hospital without Bissopesgate, and the Hospital of S. Thomas in Suwerk. No date.
Roll 10 (53).


  • 1. Spicieria.
  • 2. Ad bladum in foro de Gaschirche.
  • 3. A maker of burel or borel, a coarse woollen cloth.
  • 4. In Conyhope Lane, parish of S. Mildred in the Poultry, now the site of Grocers' Hall Court.
  • 5. A white-tawyer; one who taws or tans skins with alum,
  • 6. A maker of "cushes," or armour for the thighs (Riley's 'Memorials,' Introduction, p. xxii).
  • 7. In margin "Henry Abel."
  • 8. In the parish of S. Pancras. The name is found in a lease of property in Wells, co. Somerset, dated A.D. 1263, and also in a grant of a somewhat later date (Brit. Mus., Add. Ch. 25,903, 25,904); called "Grope Lane" in Roll 70 (50), and understood to still exist as "Grape Lane."
  • 9. "There was on the North side of this Churchyard a large Charnel House for the Bones of the Dead; and over it a Chappel of an old Foundation" (Stow's 'Survey,' Strype's edition, 1720, bk. iii. p. 147). It is spoken of in the will of Roger Beyvin (supra, p. 30) as the chapel ultra ossamenta mortuorum.