Wills: 11 Edward I (1282-3)

Pages 60-66

Calendar of Wills Proved and Enrolled in the Court of Husting, London: Part 1, 1258-1358. Originally published by Her Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1889.

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Monday next after the Feast of S. Edmund, K. and M. [20 Nov.].

Waleys (Johanna le).—To Katherine her daughter houses in "Chykenale," (fn. 1) parish of S. Sepulchre, and assignment of the wardship of Johanna her god-daughter (filiola), daughter of Geoffrey de Pontefract. No date.
Roll 14 (2).

Monday the Vigil of Feast of Purification of V. Mary [2 Feb.].

Callere (Henry le).—To Agnes his wife his houses in the parish of S. Laurence Jewry for life, with remainder to William and Gilbert his sons. No date. Roll 14 (10).

Derteford (Eustace de).—To Eva his wife his house for life; remainder to Geoffrey, the son of his daughter, for life; except a solar and cellars near the Thames, which are to go to Claricia, sister of the said Geoffrey. Also to the said Eva a garden at [Sme]thefeld near the Tower for life; remainder to John, son of John de Creye. No date.
Roll 14 (14).

Monday after the Feast of S. Valentine [14 Feb.].

Vannere (Emma, late wife of Reginald le).—To William le Mitere her leasehold interest in her dwelling-house, he paying to Richard de Eylesberi twelvepence by the week. To Richard Dudde a release of certain quitrents. No date.
Roll 14 (24).

Osbert Pistor. —To Isabella his wife all his houses in the City of London and suburbs for life; remainder to their children. Should the said Isabella marry again her husband is required to give good security to his executors for the safe custody and due surrender of the said children's portions. No date.
Roll 14 (25).

Woleward (William).—To Idonea his wife his ferm at Haveringe (fn. 2) belonging to the nuns of Stratford, also his ferm of houses in the parish of S. Ethelburga. To Robert his son rents at the head of London Bridge towards Suwerk; and to William his son tenements in the parish of S. Mary Abbecherche. No date.
Roll 14 (26).

Monday next before Ash Wednesday [3 March].

Lineband (Thomas).—To Master Richard Leneband (or Loneband) his houses in the street called "Bradestrate" in the City of London. No date.
Roll 14 (30).

Monday next after the Feast of S. Gregory, Pope [12 March].

Winton (Herbert de).—To William his son one moiety of a tenement in parish of S. Andrew near Estchep, on condition that he quitclaims to Robert de Thunderle a certain rent issuing out of the tenement of the said Robert in the lane of S. Laurence de Candlewystrate; and to Cristina his daughter, wife of Baldewyn de Huntindon, the other moiety. To Alice his eldest daughter all his rents of Beckharlewyin. (fn. 3) Also to Alice, another daughter, rents in the parish of S. Andrew at Estchep, and in Tamestrate, parish of S. Martin Orgar. No date.
Roll 14 (40).

Atecok (Lucy, late wife of Ralph).—To Nicholas her son five tenements at the Moor; (fn. 4) and if he should die before coming of age the same to be sold for pious uses in the church of S. Giles without Crepelgate. Her houses without Crepelgate to be sold for the same purpose. Robert the Surgeon (fn. 5) appointed guardian of the said Nicholas during minority. No date.
Roll 14 (43).

Coventre (Henry de).—To Roesia his wife his capital mansion in the parish of S. James in the Vintry, extending from Thames Street to the water side, together with a tenement in the parish of S. Michael Queenhithe, for life, subject to certain charges; remainder to John his son in tail. To Stephen his son the reversion of his seld in Westchepe (fn. 6) in the parish of S. Pancras, and rents in Candelwekstrate in the parish of Abbecherche; also rents in the parish of S. Margaret de Lotheburi, and issuing out of "la Briggehuthe," (fn. 7) after the decease of the said Roesia. To the fabric of London Bridge half a mark. Also to his said wife his tenement in Flete Street, parish of S. Brigid, for life, remainder to Stephen his son; his new house in the parish of All Hallows at the Hay, his meadow at Stratford, and all his jewels and household furniture. The residue of his goods to remain to his said wife and sons and Johanna his daughter pro ratâ,and for charitable uses. Dated London, the Feast of S. Edmund, King, A.D. 1281.

The above testament was sufficiently proved before the Official of the Archdeacon of London, the Feast of S. Vincent, Martyr, A.D. 1282.

Roll 14 (44).

Monday next after F. of S. John ante portam Latinam [6 May], viz, the next court after Hok[day]. (fn. 8)

Wyttawyere (William, son of William le).—His houses in the parish of S. Augustine Pappay which he had by demise of his father he leaves to Alexander le Wittauwyere, his lord, for a term of twelve years, for service due and for costs and expenses which the said Alexander had incurred in maintaining the same; with remainder to Bartholomew his brother. No date.

It was found by a jury that the testator was of full age when he made the above testament.

Roll 14 (52).

Dunstaple (Thomas, son of William de).—To Margaret his mother rents in the parish of S. Stephen de Walebrock for life, remainder to Stephen his brother; also houses near Horssobrege in the parish of S. John upon Walebrock for life, remainder to Isabella his sister; also other houses in the same parish for life, with remainder to Richard his brother. To Cecilia and Johanna his sisters reversions of certain shops. No date.
Roll 14 (53).

Bernelee (Adam de).—To Heliwysa his wife his messuage in the parish of S. Michael de Bassieshawe, also shops in Sopereslane and in Chepe, subject to certain rent charges. No date.

Whereupon Olive, the daughter of the testator, was called and asked if she were of age according to the custom of the City; and evidence having been given by her mother and others that she was seventeen years of age, she was asked if she wished to challenge the testament, and replied that she did not. And the said Helewysa asked that she might have the said messuage and shops for the term of her life, with the assent of Olive her daughter, who willingly gave her assent so long as her mother should well and honestly bear herself towards her.

Roll 14 (61).

Brock (Hugh de), clerk.—His house without Crepelgate to be sold. No date.
Roll 14 (66).

Avener (Adam le). —To Gocelin his son certain rents. To Katherine his daughter houses in Smetheffeld. To Juliana and Beatrice his daughters certain shops. Also to Juliana, Cristina, Katherine, and Beatrix his daughters his dwelling-house, with power to dispose of the same only among themselves. No date.

The aforesaid Gocelin came and allowed his father's testament (to which he had previously objected), and asked to have it enrolled.

Roll 14 (68).

Chingelford (William de).—To Anger, son of Henry Godhewe, certain rents for life; remainder to the canons of H. Trinity the Greater. To the church of S. Augustine "pappai" rents of houses held by Cecilia Underwalle, and one quart of pepper annually from land which belonged to Lothair. Houses in the parishes of S. Mary del Axe and S. Augustine to be sold for pious uses. Also to the said church of S. Mary an annual rent issuing from the said tenements, formerly devised to the said church by Juliana his wife. No date.
Roll 14 (70).

Monday next before the Feast of S. Dunstan [19 May].

Hodere (Peter le).—To Isabella his wife for life his capital house, brewhouse, and shops in the parish of S. Martin de Otewych, charged with the maintenance of a chantry in the church of All Hallows for a term of seven years; remainder to his next heirs. To Alice his daughter, and to Alice the younger and Mariota his daughters, houses, shops, &c., in the same parish. No date.

Whereupon came Richard Horn and Isabella his wife and challenged the testament, inasmuch as the said Isabella had been enfeoffed of the said houses jointly with her aforesaid first husband.

Roll 14 (71).

Monday next after the Feast of S. James, Apostle [25 July].

Kent (Walter de), clerk.—To Richard his nephew his houses in London. No date.

The testament was proved by Walter de Boyvile and John de Stowe, laymen, who were present, saw, and heard when the testator made it. Accordingly administration was granted to the executors, &c., in form, &c.

Roll 14 (85).

Wodeburk (Sir Ralph de), Knt.—To Henry his brother, for many debts which the testator owed to him, his houses in London. No date.
Roll 14 (86).

Perceval (Adam), of the parish of S. Alphege.—To Peter his servant certain houses, on condition that he cause a mass to be celebrated once a week for seven years. To Agnes his niece two houses in Bassieshawe on the same condition. His dwelling-house and rents in the parish of S. Giles without Crepelgate to be sold for fulfilment of his testament. No date.
Roll 14 (96).

Rus (William le), of the parish of S. Benedict de Garschurch. —To Isabella his wife his house in the said parish. To John his son rents of the shop of Simon Orpedeman in Bruggestrete and of the shop of John Pykeman in the lane called Rederesgate (fn. 9); remainder in default of heirs to the said Isabella. No date.
Roll 14 (100).

Arcubus (Hugh de).—His house and shop to be sold to pay his debts, saving to Elicya his wife the third part of her dower (tertiâ parte dotis sue). (fn. 10) To John his son his houses without Cripelgate at the White Cross. No date.
Roll 14 (101).

Monday the Morrow of the Feast of S. Luke, Evang. [18 Oct.].

Cantebrigge (William, son of Reginald de).—To Dame Idonea de Cantebrigge, his mother, his house and shops in the parish of S. Leonard near the church of S. Martin le Grand, left to him by his said father. No date.
Roll 14 (110).

Monday next before the Feast of SS. Simon and Jude [28 Oct.].

Scholaunde (Stephen de).—To Matilda, formerly wife of Peter le Salter, rents in the parish of S. Laurence Jewry; remainder in default of heirs to pious uses. To Roger his son two chests in the seld of Robert de Arras, rents in Crokerelane, and a house in the parish of S. Dunstan West in Fletestrate. No date.
Roll 14 (112).

Farnham (Henry de).—His house in London to be sold to pay his debts. No date.
Roll 14 (114).

Watford (Walter de).—To Salamon le Joygnur his house in the parish of All Hallows at "la Heywarfe." No date.

Roll 14 (115).


  • 1. For Chicken Lane.
  • 2. Co. Essex.
  • 3. Bec Hellouin, Normandy.
  • 4. A pud moram; see note supra, p. 10.
  • 5. Cirurgious or Surigious.
  • 6. Afterwards spoken of as the "great seld of Roesia de Coventre," situate in the Mercery of London (City Records, Letter-Books C, fol. 74, and E, fol. 23).
  • 7. Bridgehouse.
  • 8. The second Tuesday after Easter, when certain rude sports called "hocking" were practised. It was also distinguished as a day for keeping courts, payment of taxes, rents, &c. (Archæol., vol. vii.).
  • 9. See note supra, p. 44.
  • 10. I.e., by way of dower.