Appendix: A list of the aldermen, late 13th century

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Calendar of Wills Proved and Enrolled in the Court of Husting, London: Part 1, 1258-1358. Originally published by Her Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1889.

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The following is a copy of the earliest list of Aldermen of the City of London preserved among the records of the Corporation (Letter-Book A, fol. 116), together with the names of the wards they respectively represented. It is not dated, but there is good reason for conjecturing it to have been written circa14 Edward I. [A.D. 1285-6].

Nomina propria Wardarum Civitatis Londoniarum et nomina Aldermannorum.

Warda Fori (fn. 1) Stephanus Aswy.
Warda de Lodgate et Neugate (fn. 2) Willelmus de Farndon.
Warda Castri Beynard Ricardus Aswy.
Warda de Aldreidesgate Willelmus le Mazener.
Warda de Bredstrate Anketinus de Betevile.
Warda de Ripa regine Simon de Hadestok.
Warda Vinetrie Johannes de Gisors.
Warda de Douegate Gregorius de Rokesle.
Warda de Walebrock Thomas Box.
Warda de Colemanestrate Johannes filius Petri.
Warda de Bassieshawe Radulphus le Blound.
Warda de Crepelgate Henricus de Frowick.
Warda de Candlewystrate Robertus de Basinge.
Warda de Langeford (fn. 3) Nicholaus de Wintonia.
Warda de Cordewanerstrate Henricus le Waleys.
Warda de Cornhull Martinus Box.
Warda de Limstrate Rubertus de Rokesle.
Warda de Bissopesgate Philippus le Taylur.
Warda de Alegate Johannes de Norhampton.
Warda de Turri Willelmus de Hadestok.
Warda do Billingesgate Wolmarus de Essex.
Warda Joceus le Achatur.
Warda de Lodingeberi Robertus de Arras.
Porsokne Prior Sancte Trinitatis de Alegate. (fn. 4)

On Tuesday next before the Feast of S. Botolph [17 June], anno 21 Edward I. [A.D. 1293], the chief men of every ward, in the presence of Sir John le Bretun, Warden of London, elected for themselves an Alderman, whom they presented to the said Warden, saying that whatsoever the Alderman so elected should, in conjunction with the Warden, determine upon for the government of the City and the keeping of the king's peace, they would ratify and accept without challenge.

The following are the names of the Aldermen presented to the Warden by each ward on that occasion, being the next earliest list to the foregoing preserved among the Corporation Kecords (Letter-Book C, fol. vi):—

Warda Fori [

Warda Ludgate et Neugate presentat Nicholaum de Farndon.

Warda de Aldridesgate presentat Willelmum le Mazeliner.

Warda de Crepelgate presentat Walterum de Finchingfed.

Warda Castri presentat Ricardum Aswy.

Warda Ripe Regine presentat Willelmum de Bettoyne.

Warda de Bredstrate presentat Johannem le Blound.

Warda de Cordewanerstrate presentat Henricum le Galeys.

Warda de Douuegate presentat Johannem de Banquell.

Warda de Walebrock presentat Johannem de Dunstaple.

Warda de Candlewystrate presentat Robertum de Basinge.

Warda de Langebura presentat Adam de Rokesle.

Warda de Bassieshawe presentat Radulphum le Blound.

Warda de Cornhulle modo vocatur Bradestrate} presentat Martinum Box.

Warda de Lotheberi presentat Thomam de Stanes.

Warda de Bissoppesgate presentat Henricum le Bole.

Warda Turris presentat Johannem de Cantuaria.

Warda de Limstrate presentat Robertum de Rokele.

Warda de Alegate presentat Willelmum de Hereford.

Warda Porsokne presentat Priorem Sancte Trinitatis [+] (sic).

Warda Vinetrie presentat Johannem de Gisors.

Warda de Billingesgate presentat [ ].

Warda Pontis London' presentat Adam de Foleham.

Warda de Colemannestrate presentat Eliam Russel.

The only other list of Aldermen recorded (fn. 5) within the period embraced by Part I. of this Calendar appears in a general ward assessment for the purpose of raising a talliage levied for the King, anno 13 Edward II. [A.D. 1319-20], which gave rise to some complaints by the citizens of London:—

Nomina Aldermannorum Wardarum Subscriptarum.
Simon de Abyndon Turris.
Simon Corp Cordewanerstrate.
Johannes de Gisorz Yinetrie.
Hugo de Garton Colmanstrate.
Rogerus de Frowik Langeburne.
Ricardus de Gloucestre Cornhull.
Robertus Sely Lymstrate.
Ricardus Costantyn Bassieshagh.
Prior Sancte Trinitatis Portsokne.
Hamo de Chigwell Ripa Regine.
Willelmus de Hedersete Billyngesgate.
Elias de Suffolk {Crepelgate
Crepelgate Extra.
Edmundus Lambyn Pontis.
Hamo Godchep Bredstrate.
Nicholaus de Farndon {Farndon Infra.
Farndon Extra.
Johannes Cotun Walebrok.
Simon de Parrys Forum.
Stephanus de Abyndon Douuegate.
Galfridus Hertpol Candelwikstrate.
[ ] Bradestrate.
Rogerus le Palmere Castrum Baynard.
Anketynus de Gisorz Alegate.
Johannes Poyntel Bisshopesgate.
Henricus de Seccheford Aldresgate.


  • 1. Or Cheap.
  • 2. See note to the will of William de Farindon, supra, p. 112, note 2.
  • 3. Or Langborne; so called, says Stow, from a "long Bourn" of sweet water which ran from Fenchurch Street, through Lombard Street, to the west end of S. Mary Woolnoth Church, where it took a sudden turn southward towards the river Thames.
  • 4. The prior for the time being of Holy Trinity, called Christ Church, situate within Aldgate, was virtute officiiAlderman of Portsoken.
  • 5. Letter-Book E, fol. 104 b. The names of the wards, with the respective sums of money levied on each, are given, and in the margin the names of the Aldermen are written in another hand.