Wills: 17 Edward I (1288-9)

Pages 85-88

Calendar of Wills Proved and Enrolled in the Court of Husting, London: Part 1, 1258-1358. Originally published by Her Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1889.

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Monday next after Ash Wednesday [23 Feb.].

Horton (John de).—To Margery his wife his principal house and shop in the parish of S. Nicholas at the Shambles for life; remainder to John his son. No date.
Roll 18 (76).

St. Alban (John de), junior, ironmonger.—To Isabella his wife his mansion house in the parish of Colcherche and rents in Ismongereslane for life; remainder to Richard his son. To Agnes, Beatrix, and Matilda his daughters rents in Ismongereslane and Soperelane; and to Richard his son and Johanna his daughter shops near the Conduit. No date.
Roll 18 (77).

Heyngham (Walter de), tanner.—To Cecilia his wife his capital messuage. To Stephen his son a solar and Stable within his great gate, with garden and free entrance and exit through his little gate. Also to his said wife houses and shops and all his rent, extending from his great gate as far as the tenement of John de Waledene, for life. To Walter his son certain shops. No date.
Roll 18 (78).

St. Alban (Adam de), senior.—To Alianora his wife his shop among the ironmongers in the parish of Colcherch for life; also a shop in the parish of S. Margaret de Lotheburi for life-After her death the same to be sold for pious uses in the churches of S. Benedict de Sorhog and Colcherch, and William de Bokesworth to be preferred as purchaser by one mark. No date.
Roll 18 (80).

Monday next before the Feast of S. Gregory, Pope [12 March]

Storteford (William de).—To William his son the reversion of his house and newly built shops upon London Bridge after the decease of the testator and of Margery his wife. To Walter his son a house in Thames Street if it shall happen that the said Walter come into England, otherwise the same to remain to the aforesaid William. No date.
Roll 18 (83).

Callere (William le).—To Matilda his wife, for the maintenance of herself and children, all his houses in Basseshawe, and shop in Soperelane in the parish of S. Pancras, for life, so long as she remain unmarried and chaste. To Richard and Robert his brothers shops in Soperelane. A certain annual quitrent in the parish of S. Giles without Crepelgate to be sold by his executors to fulfil his testament. No date.

The said testament was challenged by the above Matilda in respect of her dower, and also by Sarah de Weseham.

Roll 18 (86).

Monday the Morrow of the Feast of H. Trinity [5 June].

Benetleye (Alan de), goldsmith.—One mark annual rent of a house in the parish of S. Matthew in Fridaystrete to be distributed for the good of his soul. No date.
Roll 18 (89).

Monday next after the Feast of S. Barnabas [11 June].

Walraunt (Matilda).—To Matilda Poynz, her niece, her messuage in London. No date.

Proclamation was made in the same Husting, and there was no one who challenged.

Roll 18 (93).

Pelham (Richard de).—To Johanna his wife his mansion house in the parish of S Michael de Pater noster cherche for life, with power to sell the same during her life, provided she pay to Edmund and Geoffrey his sons the sum of five marks and forty shillings respectively; remainder to pious uses for the souls of himself and Cecilia (sic) his wife. No date.

To the same probate came Godfrey de Coventre and challenged the said testament, and Edmund his son in like manner.

Roll 18 (95).

Pagham (Reginald de).—Devise of certain houses to the church of S. Elena. Other houses to be sold for payment of debts. No date. Roll 18 (96).

Monday next before the Feast of S. Luke, Evangelist [18 Oct.].

Paumer (William le).—To Mariota his wife his capital messuage wherein he was languishing, to hold for a term of sixteen years and no longer; also the custody of his children for that term, and a messuage in the parish of All Hallows de Berkingecherche for life, with remainder to Thomas his son. No date.
Roll 18 (97).

Storteford (Edmund de).—To Gunnora his wife his houses and shops in the parish of S. Nicholas Coldhabey, to answer for the same as she might deem best. No date.

Whereupon the said Gunnora came and said that she held the said tenement only for the term of her life.

Roll 18 (100).

Elias the Priest, Rector of S. Mildred de Bredstrete—All his lands and tenements in the parishes of H. Trinity the Less and S. Andrew Huberd to be sold and the proceeds to be divided into three parts, whereof one part is to be devoted to masses, another to providing clothes and shoes for the poor, and the thirdto providing marriage portions for girls and for putting boys out to work within the City of London and not elsewhere. No date.
Roll 18 (101).