Wills: 47 Edward III (1373-4)

Pages 153-156

Calendar of Wills Proved and Enrolled in the Court of Husting, London: Part 2, 1358-1688. Originally published by Her Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1890.

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Monday the Feast of SS. Perpetua and Felicitas [7 March].

Mokkyngge (Thomas), fishmonger.—To be buried in S. Paul's churchyard called "Pardoncherchehawe." To Alice his wife and Thomas his son he leaves tenements in Bruggestrete in the parish of S. Magnus the Martyr near London Bridge, and other tenements in the parish of S. Mary atte Nax, in Berchereslane, parish of S. Michael upon Cornhull, in the lane called "Puddynglane," otherwise "Retherlane," near Estchepe, and in Bercherlane, for their lives, with cross remainders; ultimate remainder in trust for sale for pious uses. Dated London, 1 February, A.D. 1372.

Roll 101 (23).

Monday next before the Feast of S. Margaret, Virgin [20 July].

Atte Legh (Thomas), "stokfisshmongere."—To be buried in the churchyard of S. Michael de Crokedlane. Bequests to the said church for tapers, &c., and provision made for three thousand masses, keeping his month's mind, chantries, and funeral expenses. A cloth of russet of the value of five or six marks to be bought and placed over his coffin, and after burial the same to be given to the poor. Bequests also to the old fabric of the greater church (maioris ecclesie) of S. Paul, the church and brethren of S. Katherine near the Tower, the work of London Bridge, the work of the church of Bethelem without Bisshopesgate, and others; also to Henry his brother, Johanna his sister and Alice her daughter; William and Richard, sons of Laurence de Wigh; John, son of John atte Leght de Hedelegh; Alice, wife of Thomas atte Holilond, co. Surrey, and many others. To every porter serving his craft in Stokfisshmongerrowe in Tamystrete he leaves twelve pence. For repair of the highway near Eggeswere (fn. 1) ten pounds. To the work of the bridge of Rochester, co. Kent, forty shillings. To the Convent and College of Assherugge (fn. 2) in Chilterne, near Berkhamstede, 6l. 13s. 4d.; and to the Abbot of Abyndon near Oxenford two cups of silver with covercles called "Bykeres." To Edelena his wife a certain tenement in Thames Street, in the parishes of S. Michael de Crokedelane and S. Magnus near London Bridge, for life; remainder to William, son of John Mykkelham, of co. Surrey, to hold to him and one single heir (unico soli heredi) of his body; remainder over in trust for charitable uses. Certain rents in Wolseselane and of a tenement called "le horn on the hope" in the parish of All Hallows the Great, and of others in the parish of S. Augustine near le Eldechaunge and elsewhere, to be devoted to the maintenance of a chantry priest in the church of S. Michael aforesaid. Dated London, 31 March, A.D. 1373.—Memorandum to restore the value of forty pence to two men who killed their godfather (compatrem). (fn. 3) Bequests to servants and others. Roll 101 (98).

Monday the Feast of S. James, Apostle [25 July].

Pikerell (Agnes, late wife of William, saddler).—To be buried in the tomb of her late husband in the church of S. Vedast. Bequests to the said church, its ministers, and Fraternity of the H. Cross therein; also to the Fraternity of S. Katherine in the church of S. Matthew in Fridaystret, and the Fraternity of S. John of the Tailors of London; to divers religious orders in London for masses, the church of S. Thomas de Acon near the Conduit, prisoners in Neugate, the work of S. Paul's, the chapel of Bedelem near Bisshopesgate, the sisters of Herberdone, anchorites of London, &c. Bequests also to Peter Brauncestre her brother and William his son, William Galweye her godson, John Forster her kinsman, her servants, and others. To Robert her son she leaves her saddlery (sellariam meam), except ladies' saddles, and all her household goods and chattels. Her ladies' saddles, brouded and unbrouded, are to be sold to fulfil her last will. A cloth of sarzinet (fn. 4) which she has in her house, and another to match which she directs her executors to buy, are to be embroidered with the letters "W" and "A" and used for covering the holy sepulchre at Easter; and she further leaves a coverlit smalchekerd (fn. 5) and her best sheet of cloth of Reynes (fn. 6) for the like purpose. Also to her aforesaid son a tenement in the parish of S. Vedast in Goderounlane, extending from Westchepe to a tenement called "le Longeporche," to hold in tail, charged with the maintenance of certain tapers for the Easter sepulchre in the church of S. Vedast aforesaid; and her share of a tenement in Westchepe in the Saddlery, (fn. 7) London. Provision made for maintenance of a chantry in the church of S. Vedast, for one year after her decease, for the good of her soul, the souls of William Pikerell, William Chaumpneyne, and others; the welfare of Sir Edward, King of England, and of Philippa the Queen, &c. Dated London, 9 April, A.D. 1373. Roll 101 (102).

Monday next after Feast of Trans. of S. Edward, King [13 Oct.].

Hattefeld (Simon de), potter.—To be buried in front of the altar of S. John the Baptist in the church of H. Trinity, London. To the Prior and Convent of H. Trinity aforesaid he leaves a certain tenement in the parish of S. Katherine in the churchyard of H. Trinity, to the use of the sacristan for repair and maintenance of the church aforesaid, in return for the celebration of his obit for the good of his soul, the souls of Johanna his wife and others, in manner as directed; also divers rents in the parish of S. Botolph without Aldrichgate and elsewhere. Bequests to the fabric of S. Paul's Church, and to each canon of the house of S. Bartholomew de Smethefeld. Dated London, Tuesday next after the Feast of S. Lucia [13 Dec.], A.D. 1372.

Roll 101 (120).

Monday next after the Feast of S. Luke, Evangelist [18 Oct.].

Gilbert (Margery, late wife of John).—To be buried in the church of S. Brigid in Fletestrete. Bequests to the said church and ministers therein. Her tenement at Fletebrigge to remain in the hands of her executors until her debts and the debts of Thurstan her former husband have been discharged out of the profits thereof; remainder to Cristina her daughter. To the executors of Johanna Wygayn she leaves eight marks, charged on another tenement at Fletebrigge. To William de Bathe a shop for life; the same to be sold after his decease, and the proceeds devoted to pious uses for the souls of John de Wygayn, Johanna his wife, Thurstan her aforesaid husband, and others. Dated London, Wednesday next after the Feast of Decollation of S. John Baptist [29 Aug.], 47 Edward III. [A.D. 1373].

Roll 101 (133).


  • 1. 1 Edgware.
  • 2. 2 Co. Bucks. A fraternity of Bonhommes. (See Chauncy's 'Histor. Ant. of Herts,' pp. 551-553.)
  • 3. 3 A curious memorandum to find at the end of a will, and one difficult to explain.
  • 4. 1 A thin slight kind of silk.
  • 5. 2 Small chequered.
  • 6. 3 Riley ('Lib. Alb.,' Glossary) inclines to think that Rennes in Brittany is referred to rather than Rheims in the Department of Marne, the former place having been celebrated in the Middle Ages, and still is, for the manufacture of fine linen. He mentions "Sherts of Reyns" and "Rayns" as occurring in the Wardrobe Accounts of 1483; and again "Schets of Reynes," "Canapes of Reynes," and "pillow-beres (cases) of Reynes," in the 'Ceremonies and Services at Court, temp. Henry VII.'
  • 7. 4 The Saddlers occupied a portion of Cheapside near S. Vedast or Foster Lane.