Wills: 8 Henry VI (1429-30)

Pages 449-451

Calendar of Wills Proved and Enrolled in the Court of Husting, London: Part 2, 1358-1688. Originally published by Her Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1890.

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Monday next after the Feast of S. Maur, Abbot [15 Jan.].

Hatfeld (Thomas), draper.—To be buried in the church of S. Michael de Hoggenlane. To Master Robert Fitz Hugh, the rector, churchwardens and parishioners of the said church, he leaves two shops situate at the corner of Hoggenlane, on condition they keep the same in good repair and maintain a lamp burning day and night before the high cross in the said church. Dated London, 5 September, A.D. 1422.
Roll 158 (31).

Monday next before the Feast of S. Valentine, Martyr [14 Feb.].

Broun (John), saddler.—To be buried in the great churchyard of S. Paul's before the cross there, where lie the bodies of Katherine his late wife and of Henry his son. To the rector, churchwardens, and four parishioners of the church of S. Michael in Hoggenlane and their successors he leaves a certain parcel of land within the parish which he acquired by deed enrolled in the Husting, and upon which formerly stood a building which he had pulled down for the purpose of enlarging the said church towards the west end and adding a belfry. Dated London, 18 October, A.D. 1422.
Roll 158 (32).

Gyffard (Agnes, relict of Richard, fishmonger).—To Sir Simon Flour, the rector, and churchwardens of the church of S. Nicholas Coldabbey, an annual rent issuing from a certain shop and houses within the parish, for the purpose of keeping her obit in the said church, with religious observances as directed. To Johanna Buklond her daughter she leaves the aforesaid shop and houses for life, subject to the above charge and to the payment of an annuity to Cecilia, another daughter of the testatrix; remainder in trust for sale, and one moiety of the proceeds to go to the nuns of Chesthunt, and the other to be divided among the children of the aforesaid Johanna and of Thomas Gryffard her son. Dated 12 June, A.D. 1423.
Roll 158 (33).

Brown (Robert), goldsmith.—To be buried at the entrance to the Charnel house under S. Mary's Chapel in the great churchyard of S. Paul's. To Johanna his wife his corner tenement at Fletebrigge, together with a wharf in the parish of S. Brigid in Fletestrete, for life; the reversion of the same to be sold for the good of his soul, the souls of Thomas Panton, John Brown and Johanna, wife of the same, Stephen Thorp and Margaret, wife of the same, Johanna his daughter, and others. The residue of his goods and chattels, movable and immovable, he leaves to his aforesaid wife by way of her reasonable part. Dated London, the last day of April, A.D. 1424.
Roll 158 (34).

Monday next before the Feast of S. Peter in Cathedrâ [22 Feb.].

Bugge (Stephen), draper.—To be buried in the church of S. Mildred in Bredestrete. Bequests to the said church and for maintenance of a chantry therein. To Agnes his wife his brewery in the parish of S. Mildred aforesaid for life; remainder to Nicholas Overton, the rector, and churchwardens of the aforesaid church, charged with the maintenance of a chantry in the said church for the good of his soul, the souls of Agnes his wife and others, and with the due observance of his obit in manner directed. The whole of the issues and profits of the aforesaid property is to be kept in a box in the custody of the churchwardens for the time being. Upon the chantry becoming vacant for the space of a month, the appointment is to be with the Dean of Arches or his Commissary, who is also empowered to inquire into the conduct of any chantry priest who has given offence. Dated London, 18 March, A.D. 1428.
Roll 158 (39).

Monday next before the Feast of S. Petronilla, Virgin [31 May].

Nasyng (John), girdler.—To be buried in the church of S. Giles without Crepulgate. To William his son he leaves his best cloak of sanguine colour. To Alice his wife his horn of Bugle (fn. 1) also all his lands and tenements within the parish of S. Giles aforesaid for life, charged with an annuity to William his son, to whom the property is to remain in tail after her decease; remainder in trust for sale, and a chantry to be maintained in the aforesaid church out of the proceeds. The residue of the same to be divided into three parts: one part to be devoted to the fabric of the nave of the said church, a second part to be bestowed as marriage portions for poor maidens, and a third part to be distributed, in wood, coal, and clothes, among the poorest of the parish. Dated London, 7 August, A.D. 1424.
Roll 158 (58).


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