Wills: 26 Henry VI (1447-8)

Pages 513-515

Calendar of Wills Proved and Enrolled in the Court of Husting, London: Part 2, 1358-1688. Originally published by Her Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1890.

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Monday next before the Feast of SS. Simon and Jude [88 Oct.].

Costyn (John), girdler.—To Johanna his wife the reversion of certain shops, land, &c., in the alley called "le Peynted Aley" and in Martlane in the parish of All Hallows de Stanyngchirch, charged with observing his obit, with silent mass of one of the five joys (fn. 1) of the glorious mother of God, and other religious and charitable exercises in manner prescribed; and further with the distribution between the vigil of All Saints and Easter Eve, so long as his said wife shall live, of one hundred quarters of coal among the poor of the parish, a single man or woman receiving weekly one bushel of good measure, "full be heped." After the death of his wife the lands and tenements aforesaid to go to Alice his daughter, wife of Thomas Pecke, in tail, subject to similar provisions; remainder to the Mayor and Commonalty of the City of London for the perpetual maintenance of the water conduits of the City, and for carrying out the above religious and charitable uses. (fn. 2) In default the property to go over to the vicar of the church of S. Laurence in the Jewry and the Wardens of the Mistery of Girdlers of the City for the time being in trust for sale, the proceeds to be devoted to the repair of bridges and highways, the bestowal of marriage portions, and other pious and charitable uses. Dated London, 1 August, A.D. 1442.
Roll 176 (8).

Monday next after the Feast of Conversion of S. Paul [25 Jan.].

Baron (John), "talughchaundeler."—To be buried in his parish church of S. Sepulchre without Newgate. Bequests for maintenance of fabric of the said church and to the Fraternity of S. Stephen therein; also to the Prior and Convent of the House of the Salutation of the Mother of God of the Carthusian Order, and to the Fraternity of Parish Clerks (fn. 3) in London. To Lucy his wife all his lands and tenements in the suburbs of the City for life; remainder in trust for sale for pious uses. Dated London, Friday, 16 November, A.D. 1436.
Roll 176 (9).

Monday next before the Feast of S. Alphege, Bishop [19 April].

Aleyn (Thomas), mercer.—To be buried according to directions contained in another will. To the perpetual vicar of the church of S. Laurence in the Old Jewry, and to the Wardens of the Fraternity and Light of the Holy Cross called "Rodelight," and of the lights of S. Katherine and S. Anne in the said church, he leaves certain shops near Sopereslane in the parish of S. Pancras for the maintenance of a chantry at the altar of Holy Cross in the aforesaid church for the good of his soul, the souls of Margery his wife and the brethren and sisters of the fraternity aforesaid. In case of default made the shops to go over to the Master of the House or Church of S. Thomas the Martyr, called "de Aeon," for like purposes; remainder, in case of default, to the relief of the poor of the Ward of Chepe on the occasion of a tax or talliage being levied on the King's behalf. Dated London, 8 July, A.D. 1437.
Roll 176 (18).

Person (Richard), armourer.—Bequests to the church of S. Ethelburga within Bisshopesgate, the old work of S. Paul's, and the cathedral church of Worcester. Among specific bequests are the following:—To Robert Nyk of the vill of Westminster a gold ring and his best girdle; to Alice his daughter, wife of the said Robert, a piece of silver with a rose engraved on the bottom and six silver spoons; and to Richard their son a psalter. To Edward Snowe his servant the whole of his armour and implements of his craft. To Johanna his wife a tenement near his hostel called "le Swan," in the parish of S. Ethelburga aforesaid, and a tenement in the parish of S. Mary de Colchirch, for life, without impeachment of waste; remainder to Robert Nyk and Alice aforesaid, and Richard their son. Also to his wife he leaves rents in the parishes of S. Peter de Westchepe and S. Mildred in the Poultry for life, with similar remainder. Dated London, 16 May, A.D. 1446.
Roll 176 (21).


  • 1. 1 Also called the joyful mysteries, namely, (1) the Annunciation, (2) the Visitation, (3) the birth of Christ, (4) his being carried as a baby to the Temple, (5) the finding him there, when a boy, among the teachers (Rock's 'Church of our Fathers,' vol. iii. part i. p. 324).
  • 2. 1 Concerning this charity Mr. Hare, in 1860, reported as follows:—"The rector and churchwardens issue printed notices of the intended distribution of this charity, and persons living in the parish who desire to participate apply to the vestry clerk; and the rector, churchwardens, and vestry clerk then meet and select the persons who are to receive the gifts. The names are chosen, and then sent to the hallkeeper at Guildhall. The number of persons on the list are usually about fifteen or sixteen, and each receives either two or three bushels of coal, making a distribution of forty bushels a week in the whole for twenty successive weeks from the 31st October in every year" (Report Royal City Parochial Charities Com., 1880, vol. iii. p. 18).
  • 3. 2 A fraternity whose patron saint was S. Nicholas, and whose hall was in Bishopsgate Street. Their chief duty appears to have been to see that parish registers were properly kept. The brotherhood was suppressed in the reign of Edward VI.