Churchwardens' accounts: 1553

Pages 394-396

The Medieval Records of A London City Church St Mary At Hill, 1420-1559. Originally published by Trübner, London, 1905.

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[a.d. 1553.

Stephen Kavoll Wardens.]
Robert Young

(fn. 1) Here after ffoll'owethe The accownte of Stevyn Kavoll', Churchewardon with Robarte yonge, of the parishe of saynt marye at hyll', In the yeare of owre lorde God A 1553.


* * * * *
Rec' of William for iij quarters of a yeare toward the Curattes wages vj l'i xv s
Rec' of Mr holstocke for breakynge the grownd in the pardon churchyarde [ij ?]
Rec' of Mr holstocke for the clothe of Saynte Anns v s
Rec' of Mr Brayefelde for an olde Clothe (fn. 2)
Rec' of Mr Lucas for iiij peces of heary clothe yat laye on the altars (fn. 2)
* * * * *
Rec' of dyvers, as appearythe by name, for makynge of the hyghe alter of the sayde churche of saynt Mary hyll', that ys to saye—Mr lorymar iij s iiij d, Mr Brayefelde iij s, maste[r] Cerle xx d, master lucas xij d, master Candyshe xij d, maste[r] stevyns iij s, of stevyn kavoll' xij d, master wynne xx d, which sum drawethe to (fn. 3)


(fn. 4) Payed to sir edmond Alston, curatt, for one whoale yeare ix l'i vj s viij d
Payed to sir hew phyllyppes for v weekes beynge Curatt xl
* * * * *
Payed to William serrey for ij antyphonars, a grayle, ij hymnolles and to presessyonars v l'i
payed to Ihon Wall'ys for ij antyphonars and a grayle xx vl
* * * * *
payed to Iohn howe for ye hoale yeare to looke and tvne ye organs, bothe payre iij s
payed to Ihon howe for mendynge the great organs & mendynge the bell'owes and for mendynge the lyttell' organs, as dothe appeare by a byll' v s vj d
* * * * *
payed to whyte, the donge man, for the whoale yeare xvj d
payed for the makynge of viijth surplyces ij s1
* * * * *
payed to Mr wynne for a benche yat went Rownd abowt ye comvnyon boorde (fn. 3)
payed for nayles to mende the kytchyn when yt was broken downe for the alter stone (fn. 3)
payed to the plasterer for plasterynge the kytchyn (fn. 3)
* * * * *
(fn. 5) payed to the felos that helped vp the stone of the alter iiij d
* * * * *
(fn. 6) payed to Mr Wynne for ij dayes worke in the churcheyarde, for harry and hys man iij s
payed to Mr Wynne for the foote pase before the hyghe alter xij d
payed to Mr stevyns for xxj l'i of Candell' iij s vj d
* * * * *
payed for a Crismatorye of pewter ij s vj d
payed for the sowynge together of the best alter clothes for to laye on the Commvnyon boorde vj d
* * * * *
payed to mr parson for the new howse in the northe churchyarde iij s (fn. 7)
payed to the gentyll'men of the qwenes chapell', for syngynge a mas here the xjth daye of November xvj d
* * * * *
payed for ij quyres of paper for to prycke songes in viij d
payed for the byndynge of the same bookes viij d
* * * * *
payed for the mendynge of the awter clothe of clothe of golde for to serve for to hange vppon the hyghe alter xij d
* * * * *
payed for the wyne and the bread for the Commvnyon xij (fn. 7)

* * * * *

(fn. 8) This Cownte of me, Stevyn Cavoll', churchewardon with Robart yonge, was alowed by the masters of the parishe, wherevnto they dyd sett to there handes whose names be Resyted hereafter, yat is to saye, Thomas Clayton . . . . . . [etc.] the xvj daye of Ianvary in the yeare of our lord god A 1554.

[Inventories, see p. 55.]


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