Introduction: A note on furniture

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The Medieval Records of A London City Church St Mary At Hill, 1420-1559. Originally published by Trübner, London, 1905.

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Contributed by Prebendary Chris. Wordsworth.

(fn. 1) Thees bee thoo thynges that been necessary for the halowyng of a churche.

In primis .ij. laarge fattes full of water ooñ within the churche dore, and an other with owte. and .iiij. laarge treyn' Bolles or Basyns and a small ladyl of tree.

Item, .xxiiij. wex candelles, euerych of .i. foote longe or more.

Item, a dyssh full of salt. and a dyssh full of aysshes fayre syfte.

Item, a quarte of Red Wyne. and an handfull of ysope.

Item, small wex Roll Candelles. to make .v. crosses vpon the awter. yf the awter be to halowyng.
and half a pound of Incense.

Item, oon lynnen clothe fayre wasshyn, to make clene the awters, which cloth after shall be brent.

and a clene treyn cop or dysshe.

Item, the church and the chauncell flore most be clene voyded from dextes. and segees. and fayre swoped with a Besom'. i which floor fro the northe corner of the chauncell to the southe corner of the churche ende throw all the churche, and fro the este corner of the chauncell down' to the west corner of the churche. ther most be made in the flore or pament an Andrewes crosse of small sonde of a foote Brede. and an yarde thyck atte leest.

Item, .j. Senser withe. colys.

Item, .ij. Elnes of new lynnen clothe for an Apron for the Busshop and for Brachyals. And also lynnen clothe suffycyent for Aprons for his mynysters.

Item, .j. short fourme.

with a tapete and Quysshynes to knele at.

And a tent withowt the west ende of the church yerd made of Clothe, in whiche the Busshop and his mynysters shall be rayed.

All thees thinges above saide. except sond, been necessary and requysyte aswel in the halowyng of a churche yerd. by hym self. as in the halowyng of a churche and the awter:/ Savyng ouer this. in the halowyng of a churcheyerd, ther most be ordeyned .iiij. laarge crosses of tree of .iij. (?.vi.) foote of heyghe. whiche most stond fastened in the erthe at .iiij. corners of the church yerd.

And .xij. wex tapers to be set vpon euery crosse.

Item, at euery corner of the churche yerd, a fatt with fayre water.


  • 1. Ex Registro Ro. Halam, Sarisburiensis Episcopi, a.d. 1408–17; in fine addit. saec. xvio.