Extracts from the Records: 1471-79

Extracts From the Records of the Burgh of Edinburgh, 1403-1528. Originally published by Scottish Burgh Records Society, Edinburgh, 1869.

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'Extracts from the Records: 1471-79', in Extracts From the Records of the Burgh of Edinburgh, 1403-1528, ed. J D Marwick( Edinburgh, 1869), British History Online https://www.british-history.ac.uk/edinburgh-burgh-records/1403-1528/pp25-37 [accessed 21 July 2024].

'Extracts from the Records: 1471-79', in Extracts From the Records of the Burgh of Edinburgh, 1403-1528. Edited by J D Marwick( Edinburgh, 1869), British History Online, accessed July 21, 2024, https://www.british-history.ac.uk/edinburgh-burgh-records/1403-1528/pp25-37.

"Extracts from the Records: 1471-79". Extracts From the Records of the Burgh of Edinburgh, 1403-1528. Ed. J D Marwick(Edinburgh, 1869), , British History Online. Web. 21 July 2024. https://www.british-history.ac.uk/edinburgh-burgh-records/1403-1528/pp25-37.


16 November 1471.

[Customs and duties at Leith.]

[By Letters Patent granted by King James the Third, under his Privy Seal, of the above date, the King, with the advice and deliverance of his Council, for the common good and profit of merchants, and of all persons, strangers and others repairing to the port and haven of Leith, and for the upholding repair and building of the same, granted to the provost, bailies, and community of his burgh of Edinburgh the customs and duties underwritten, to be raised and used by them and their successors in all time coming.]

Customs and duties to be raised at Leith.

Of ilk ferry-bot cummand inwart in the said havin ij d.
And going outwarde ij d.
Of ilk bot chargit in the havin to pas to the rade ij d.
And inlikewis of ilk bot chargit in the rade and cummand in the havin ij d.
Of ilk dreg-boat and hand-lyne bot cummand in with fisch at thir incoming j d.
Of ilk gret lyne bot cummand in with fisch at thare incuming iiij d.
Of ilk stane bot lossand in the havin j d.

3 July 1472.

Fermoraris mylnis.

It is deliuerit be the provest baillies and counsall of Edinburgh as tuiching the complaynt maid be Thomas of Stanelie and Andro Gray, fermoraris of the milnys, and of the clame of the grist and multer of the toun, that considdering the mylnis are sett with the multer and grist aucht and wont that ar due be baxteris, that the baxteris aucht to gif thair aith to the fermoraris four termis in the yeir, ilk quarter anis, or oiftner gif it misteris, as vse hes bene; and quhair they ar playntie of ony baxter, gif thair names in writt, and they sall minister thame justice as efferis; and as to the grist of the nychtbouris of the toun, that becaus the commoun law sayis in the self that quhair ony maner of nychtbour is takyn to the fermoraris passand fra the mylne, that the fermoraris sall tak the hors and the laid passand fra the mylns, the hors to be the lord of the groundis, and the corne and sek escheit to the saidis fermoraris, (fn. 1) that thairfore thai sould have vsit the law thairvpoun in tyme bygane, and in tyme cumming that thay vse the self law vpoun the passaris away fra the mylnis, and gif ony disobeyis or deforssis thame thay sall fortefie and minister justice to thame thairvpoun as efferis, sua that of resoun thay sall haue na cause to complenye.

Before Michaelmes 1472.


(Before Michaelmes 1472 ane James Furde burges be his wyfe for vj s. viij d.; ane William Craik burges for iij li.; ane Rychert Forester burges for xl s.) (Amang the lowse leiffes merket 1474.— Tr.)

6 October 1472.

[Election of officers.]

(Electit three baillies, four seriandes, two appreciatores carnium, six gustatores seruisie.) (Amangs lowse leiffs 1474.— Tr)

15 February 1473–4.

Burgensis Air apperand

Henricus Cant filius et heres apparend Georgij Cant effectus est burgensis et finiuit species et vinum.

Eodem die ane secund sone payand species et vinum &c.

[Henry Cant, son and heir-apparent of George Cant, is made a burgess, and paid spices and wine.]

[On the same day a second son, paying spices and wine.]

18th February 1473.

[Seal of Cause to Hatmakers.]

Till all and sundry quhais knowledg thir present letters sal cum:—The provest baillies and counsall of the burgh of Edinburgh greitting in the Sone of the glorious Virgine, Sen it effaires to us of oure office to declair the veritie of all thingis pronuncit desyrit and ordaneit befoir us in iudgment, Heirfoir it is that to your vniuersities we mak it knawin that in the chalmer of the Tolbuith of Edinburgh, the day of the making of thir present lettres, befoir us in judgement sittand compeirit the craftsmen of Hattmakeris within the said burgh:—That is to say Johnne Fostare, Dauid Gilquhonotie, Johnne Lyell, Duncane Grant, Williame Burgoner, Johnne Huntare, Williame Grant, Johnne Qubyte, Dauid Young and Duncane of Conynghame, maisteris of the said craft, presentit vnto ws ane bill of supplicatioun desyreand of ws that they micht cheis ane deacoun amanges thame for conserveing of the said craft in all guid rewllis and ordinances as effeiris thairto, and for observeing of the pointes concerneing to the samyn and maid deviseit and ordanit for gude of the said craft be the saidis maisteris and craftismen, the quhilk bill beand red sene hard and considerit be ws, thocht and fand the saidis desyres wer resonabil and profitabill for gude of the said craft, and granttit thame leif to cheis thame ane deacone, and mak thair devyssis and ordinances for guid of the said craft, the quhilkis deacone beand chosene and resauet amanges thame thairefter presentit vnto ws ane bill of certane ordinances rewllis and devyssis maid amanges thame for the honour worschipe and common proffeit of our Soueraune Lord his Hienes' realm and ledgis and for the haill craft, desyreand alsua of ws to haue the samyn authorezeit ratefeit and confermit and in sa far as we haid power; the tennour of the quhilk statutis rewllis and devyissis followis in this maner, That is to say, —we the maisteris and craftsmen of the Hatmakeris thinkis it needfull and speidfull for the gude and treuth of the craft that all the saidis maisteris and wther that thinkis to be maisteris mak twa peis of wark sufficient belanging hattis-making, the quhilk sallbe sufficient withouttin concur of the sicht of the maister sworne thairto, and gif ony of the maisteris havand ony sones haifand craft, and desyreand to be maister, they sall mak ane peis of sufficient wark at the sicht of the maisteris for the tyme quhen ony of thair awin sones passis to thair awin hous and buith. Item, that na maisteris of the craft tak ony prenteis less than for five yeirs. Item, and gif ony of the craftsmens sones of the said craft becumes prenteis, he salbe band for thrie yeiris, and gif ony prenteis rynis or passis away fra his maister throw wantounnes, trysting of freindis or wtherwayes, within the ische of his termis, his maister sal bring him agane quhaireuir he getis him to compleit his termis, and in the meanetyme he sall not take ane wther prenteis quhill the wther prenteis termis be by-run. Item, gif thair cumes onie alienare or stranger of the samyn craft, he sall mak ane peis of sufficient wark at the sicht of the maisteris or he be thoillit to be feyit or work with ony maister of the craft; that beand done he sall remaine yeir and day in service for fie as they can accord, and gif he desyres thairefter to remane and vse the said craft and to be sollowt this he sall mak twa peis of wark sufficient, and mak him self frieman of the toun and habill thairto. Item, na maister sall ressaue or resset ane wther manis prenteis. Item, we think it richt speidfull and proffitabill that nane of the craftismen of hat making nor (blank) sow renew or mend ony auld hattis, and that falds culloures be abuseit and depryveit. Item, that nane of the said craft purchase ony lordschipe incontrair ony pointtis of the craft for hindering or staying of ws of the said craft or ony of us thairof. The quhilk bill and ordinance beand red afoir ws, and thairwith beand staible aduysit, findand na skaith nor hurt thairin, we have approveit ratefeit admitit, for us and in sa far as in ws is, or that we haue power, confirmes the said bill in all pointtis and articles contenit in the samyn. And this to all and sundrie quhome it effeiris we mak knawin be thir oure present lettres. And for the mair verificatioun and strenth of the samyn we haif to hungin oure commoun seal of caus for the said burghe of Edinburghe the auchtene day of Februare the yeir of oure Lord ane thousand four hundreth sewentie and thre yeirs.

5 October 1474.

[Election of officers.]

(Electit a provest, three baillies, four seriandes, two appreciatores carnium, a water baillie.) (Amang lowse leiffis 1474.—Tr.)

2 December 1474.

[Sea of Cause to the Skinners.]

Til all and sindry quhais knawlag thir present letters sal cum The prouost bailyeis and consale of the burgh of Edinburgh greting in the Sone of the glorios Virgine: Sen it efferis to ws jugis be verteu of our office to declar schew and bere suthfast witnessing to the verite of the thingis led pronusit be determit and ordanit be ws or befor ws in judgement, sa that innocentis be nocht throu the hiding of verite hurt nor scaithit in our defaltis. Herefor it is that to your vniuersite we mak it knawin and declaris that the daye of the makin of thir presentis, in the chawmer of the Tolbuth of the said burgh comperit befor ws we sittand in judgement the craftismen of the Skinnaris of the self burgh, that is to saye John of Cranston dekin, Robert Haithwy, William Ramsaye, Thomas Salmund, Thomas Grahame, Thomas Frew, Robert of Duscon, Alane Skinnar, John Mathe, James Tod, William Trumbule, Henry Haswele, James Greg, Robert Lauerok, John Scot, Thom of Harlawbankis, Robert Wilschot, Thomas Evinson, Alexander Red and William Craufurd for thaim and in the name of the hale craft present to ws thair bill of complaynt of certane thingis that was vsit amangis the craftismen, quharthrou the tone had a sclander and lak, the craft sustenit gret scaith and hurt and the com mounis dissauit, and als that diuine seruice and sufferage of Sant Cristoforis alter is mynist, and reparatioun of the said alter nocht beildit nor helpit efter the avis statutis and ordinance of the tone and of the said craft vsit of befor; and als anentis the dissobeying of thair dekin in the cumming and gaddering befor hym and the craft quhen thai ar warnit, for the comonning and avising for the gude of the hale craft, and for stanching of deformaris and babillaris of the werk baith in kirkis and in tone and for the reformatioun to be had of thir thingis and diuers wtheris concerning and rying [referying] to the hale craft. The quhilk bill beand in presens of ws and diuerse of the craft red herd, and thair desire resonable considerit to the fortifeing and obseruing of the said desiris and statutis vnderwritten we have assentit: In the first, as tuiching the rasing of the Monundais penny of hym or thaim at werkis thair awin laubor, it is statut and ordanit be the dekin and the laif of the craft witht awis of ws that the said penny be rasit wolkly on the Monundaye outhir be the dekin or ony at beis ordanit to gidder it, of al personis lauborand thair awin werk and quha that dissobeyis the gadderar to pund hym thairfor quhil it be pait. Alswa that all personis of the craft sal compere befor the dekin and the craft quhen thai ar warnit for the gude of the sammin and quha that dissobeyis and absentis hym in the tym withoutin leif or a resonable assonye he sal paye to Sant Cristoforis alter half a pund of wax. And alswa quha that beis fundin or attayntit brekand schepe skinnis on the ryme sidis outher for poyntis or for gait leddir, or at sellis the samin poyntis for raphell outhir in priue or in a perth fenyeit and fals stuf the committer sal be brouch and the stuf at is fundn takin witht him befor the prouost bailyeis and consale of the tone, and thai sal witht avis and ordinance of the dekin and four or five of the worthiest and best of the craft mak the said persone or personis to be pvnyst as efferis; and richt swa of the bauchlaris of the said laubour, outhir in the opin gate or in the kirk, quha at beis tayntit tane thairwitht on halidais or werkdais the dekin sal rais on him for the first falt half a pund of wax, the secund falt a pund of wax but fauour to the reparatioun of the said alter of Sanct Cristofor, and the thrid tym the dekin sal bring him and the werk befor the consale of the tone, and thair the prouost bailyeis and consale sal pvnis it witht avis of the dekin and the best of the craft. The quhilkis articls and desiris we appruf ratifeis and for ws and our successouris in sa fer as afferis ws or sa fer as we haf power confermys; and this til all thame quham it efferis we mak knawin be thir our presentis; and for the mare witnessing hereof the common sele of cause of our said burgh is to hungin togidder witht the subscripcione sevinty and four yere. Farnly.

15 October 1475.

[Grant of the Isle and Chapel of St John in St Giles to the Wrights and Masons.]

Till all and syndry quhom it efferis quhais knawlege thir present lettres sall cum.— The prouest ballies counsall dene of gild and dekynnis of the hale craftismen within the burgh of Edinburgh greting in the Sone of the glorious Virgine. Wit ye ws in the honour worschipe and glore of Almychte God and of the glorious virgin Sanct Mary, and of our patrone Sanct Gele, and for the furthering helping eiking and suppleing of diuine seruice daily to be done at the altar of Sanct Jhone the Ewangelist, foundit in the College Kirk of Sanct Geile of Edinburgh, and for reparatioun beilding and polecy to be maid in honour of the said sanct of Sanct Jhone, and of the glorius sanct Sanct Jhone the Baptist, to have consentit and assignit, and be thir our present lettres consentis and assignis, to our lovit nychtbouris the hale craftismen of the Masonis and of the Wrichtis within the said burgh, the ile and chapell of Sanct Jhone fra the ald hers of irne inwarts als frely as it is ouris, with all the fredomis proffittis and esementis thairto pertenand at we haf or may haf richt to, nocht doand nor committand ony preiudice or skaith to Sir Jhone Scaithmure or his successouris in his first feftment or priuilegis that he has broukit or joisit of befor. To be haldin and to be had the said ile and chapell of Sanct Jhone fra the irne hers inwart with the pertinentis to the saidis craftismen the Masonis and Wrichtis of the said burgh and to thair successouris for euir, with power to edify big reparell and put it ony pairt thairof to polesy or honour of the saidis sanctis outhir in werk or diuine seruice quhatsumeuir at the altar or vther wayes, nocht hurtand the auld feftment. And the saidis craftismen to vse occupy and aduoruy the said ile as thair awin proper ile, siclyk as vtheris craftismen occupiis within the said College Kirk, nocht doand ony preiudice to our patronage or to the auld feftment or to the auld laus in the said Ile. And at the said craftismen sall adoury and haf the day of Sanct Jhone the Baptist and to thig to the licht of the said altar as vtheris dois in the kirk yerlie. And this till all thame quhom it efferis we mak it knawin be thir our present lettres. And in witnessing hereof our common sele of cause of the said burgh, togidder with the selis of Alexander Richerdsons sele dene of the gild, in token of gevin consent and assignatioun to the saidis craftismen of the said ile, be the handis of the dekin for them all, ar to hungin at Edinburgh the xv day of the moneth of October the yeir of God jmfour hundreth sevinty and five yeris.

[Seal of Cause to the Wrights and Masons.]

Till all and syndry quhom it efferis quhais knawlege thir present letters sall cum;—The prowest ballies counsall and the dekynnis of the hale craftismen of the burgh of Edinburgh greting in God euirlestand, Wit your vniuersiteis that our comburgessis and nychtbouris all the craftsmen of the Masonis and the Wrichtis within the said burgh quhilkis presentit to ws in judgement thair bill of supplicatioun desyring of ws our licence consent and assent of certane statutis and reullis maid amangis tham self for the honour and worschip of Sanct Jhone in augmentatioun of devyne seruice, and richt sa for reuling governyng of the saidis twa craftis, and honour and worschipe of the towne, and for treuth and lawte of the saidis craftis proffitable baith for the wirkaris and to all biggaris, the quhilk bill togidder with thair statutis and reullis befor ws red, and thairwith we beand wele awysit, considerit and fand that thai war gud and loveable baith to God and man, and consonand to ressoun, and thairto we assentit and grantit tham thair desyris, togidder with the Ile of Sanct Jhone in the college kirk of Sanct Gele to beild and put to poslesy in honour of the said Sanct, and for the sufferage of devyne seruice, and thir ar the artikallis and statutis at we haf approvit and for ws in sa fer as we haf power; In the first it is thocht expedient that thair be chosin four personis of the best and worthiest of the twa craftis, that is to say twa masonis and twa wrychtis, that sall be sworne, quhilkis sall serche and se all wirkis at the craftismen wirkis, and that it be lelely and treulie done to all biggaris; Item, gif ony man beis plentuous of ony wirk or of ony wirkman of the saidis craftis thai to complenye to the dekin and the four men or to ony twa of tham, and thai persons sall caus the scaith and wrang to be amendit, and gif thai can nocht the prowest and baillies to gar it be amendit as efferis. Item, gif ony persoun or persouns of the saidis craftis cummis of newe after this act to the guid towne and schapis to wirk, or to tak wirk apoun hand, he sall first cum to the said four men and thai sall examyn him gif he be sufficient or nocht and gif he beis admittit he sall lay downe to the reparatioun of the altar a merk. Item, that na master nor persone of ony of the craftis tak ony prentis for les termis than sevin yeirs, and ilk prentis to pay at his entre to the said altar half a merk, and gif any prentis of quhatsumeuir of the saidis craftismen, or yit his feit man, pasis away or the ische of his termes but leif of his master, and quha that resauis the prentis or feit man thai sall pay to the altar ane pund of walx the first falt, the secund falt twa pundis of walx, the third falt to be pvnist be the provest and ballies of the towne as efferis; and allswa quhen ony prentisses has completit his termis and is worne out, he sall be examinit be the four men gif he be sufficient or nocht to be a fallow of the craft, and gif he be worthy to be a fallow he sall pay half a merk to the alter and brouke the priuilege of the craft, and gif he be nocht sufficient he sall serf a master quhill he haf lirit to be worthy to be a master, and than to be maid freman and fallow. Item, gif thar be ony of the craft that disobeyis or makis discord amangis the craftismen of ony of the craftis, or that ony of them plenyeis apoun them sall be brocht befor the dekynnis and ouermen of the craftis, and thai to gar amend it be trety amangis thamself, and gif thai can nocht be faltouris to be brocht and pvnist be the prowest and ballies of the towne for thair trespas as efferis. Alswa the saidis twa craftismen sall caus and haue thair placis and rowmes in all generale processiouns lyk as thai haf in the towne of Bruges or siclyk gud townes, and gif ony of the craftismen of outher of the craftis decesis and has na guds sufficient to bring him furth honestly, the saidis craftis sall vpoun thair costes and expensis bring him furth and gar bery him honestlie as thai aucht to do of det to thair brother of the craft; and allswa it sall be lefull to the saidis twa craftis and craftismen of Wrichtis and Masounis to haue power quhatsumeuir vtheris actis statutis or ordinancis that thai think mast convenient for the vtilite and proffet of the gud towne and for tham to statut and ordane with awys of the hale craftis and of our successouris, thai to be ratifiit and apprufit siclik as thir actis, and to be actit and transsumpt in the commoun buke of Edinburgh, hafand the samyn forme force and effect as this present writ has. The quhilkis actis ordinance and devys shewin to ws and considerit siderit we appruf ratifyes and for ws and our successouris confirmis and admittis in so far as we haf power. In witnes of the quhilk thing to thir present lettres we haf to affixt our commoun sele of caus, togidder with the seles of the ballics of the said burgh for the tyme, in takynyng of appreving of all the thingis aboue writtin, the xv day of October the yeir of God jm iiij° seventy and five yeirs.

31 January 1475–6.

[Seal of Cause to Wobstarius.]

Tyll all and sindri quham it efferis quhais knawlege thire present lettres sall tocum, the provest baillies and counsale of the burgh of Edinburgh greting in Gode euirlestande, To youre vniuersite we mak it knawin that thare comperit before ws in oure Tolbuth, we sittande in jugement, the best ande worthiest personis of the haile craft of Wobstairs within the said burgh, quhilkis presentit to ws thare bill of supplicatioun, in the quhilkis wes contenit certance statutis and articulis maide ande avisit with thame for the honour and loving of Gode Almichty, and of his moder the Virgine Maride, and of Sanct Senerance, ande for the suppleing ande vphalding of dyvine seruice and aperaling of thare altar of Sanct Seueriane foundit ande vphaldin be thame in Sanct Gelis Kirk, and for the gouernance of thare werks ande laubour and gude reule baithe fore worschip of the realme, commone profite and laute of the craftismen, and for vtber diuers ande mony causes of gude motive; the quhilk bill we hause sene herde and gert be rede, ande tharewith beande riply avisit, considerande thare desiris of ws tharein to haue our benevolence assistance ande leif thareof, and to hause oure affirmatioun and ratificatioun thairapoun safere as in ws is or may be, we tharefore has considerit the said desiris ande statutis and findis tham consonand to resone, honour, and worship to God and haly kirke, proffitable of the realme and craft; and thir ar the deisris and statutis:—In the first, at the haile craftismen may yerelie ches tham a dekin like as vther craftismen dois, quhilkis sal reule and gouerine the craft in al gude reullis as efferis; to the quhilk edkin al the laif of the craft sal obey in al leifull ande honest thingis concerning the craft; and this dekyn to be chosen with fremen of the craft at ar burges, and nane vther to hause voce tharein. Item, that na man occupy the craft as for mastwere quhil he be maid burges ande freman, ande to be examinyt be the dkyne and maisteris of the craft gif he be worthy, and that he sal hause gude and sufficiand graith and werkloumys to be sene and considerit be foure men of the craft; this beande he sal pay twa merkis and twa pundis of walx to the altare and vphald thareof, and gif he be a burges sone he sal pay half a mark to the altare forsaid. Item, na masteris sal tak an prenteis for les termis than five yeiris, and sal pay at his entrie to the said altare five schillingis, or les as can be tretit with the craftisman gif he be nocht of power, and the minisar of thir five yeiris sal pay xx s. quhen it is tayntit apon ony maister. Item, thare sal na maistyer take ane vther maisteris prentis in seruice, nor ane vther manis feit seruand quhil he be freid, or els haue leif of his maister that aws him, vnder the pane of x s. and a li. of walx, and to restor the prentis and seruand agane. Item, that na man tak on hand to ressave nor wirk ane vtheris manis warpit yarn. na wirk but leif, bot he sal pay j li. of walx or the price thareof. Item, ilke man or woman that occupiis the craft sal geif the prest his mete, and ilke wolk geif to the altare a peny, and to be gaderit be the dekin, ande ilke feit serunde sal geif in the yere iiij d.; and als at thai personis that dissobeis the dekin, and will nocht vnderlie the ordinance of the craft statute for the gude thairof, alsoft as he dissobeis he sal pay a li. of walx, or the price thairof, and to be tane but fauour. Item, that na woman sal occupy the craft as for a maister to hald werkhous bot geif scho be a fremanis wif. Item, that na man sal tak ony lomys to hir for dout of spilling of the werk bot geif it be a freman, and quha that dois sal pay a li. of walx ay quhen it can be tantit tharewith. The quhilkis statutis articlis ande al pointis contenit tharein we find tham lovable to God and haly kirke, and honorabile for al the realme, proffitabile and worschip for the craftismen, ande thairfore we admitt the samin, ande for ws ande oure successouris we the saide provest baillies ande counsaile of Edinburgh apprevis and ratifis in all points ande articulis as is aboue writtin, insafere as in ws is ande that we haue power, and this to al ande sindre quham it efferis we mak it knawen be thir our lettres; ande fore the mair witnessing to the samyn we haue to hongin oure commone seile of caus at Edinburgh the last day of Januare the yere of our Lord jmiiijc lxxv yeris.

3 October 1477.

[Holding of marketa.]

JAMES be the grace of God King of Scottis, To all and sundri our legis and subditis quham it efferis [to] quhais knaulage thir our lettres salcum, greting, Forsamekle as it is be our speciale charge statute and ordanit be the provest bailyeis and counsale of our burgh of Edinburgh, for the honoure proffit and honestes of our saide burgh and plennesing of voide placis within the saymn, that the merkettis to be haldin in tyme tocum in the samyn, apoun the merket dayis, fare dayis, and all vther dayis neidfull, salbe haldin and set on this wise as eftir followis, that is to say: In the first the merket of haye, stra, gers, and jprs mete to be vsit and haldin in the Cowgate, fra Forestaris Wynd doun to Peblis Wynd; alsa the fisch merket fra the Frere Wynde to the Netherbow on baith the sidis of oure commoun strete; alsa the salt merket to be haldin in Nudreis Wynde; alsa the cramys of chepmen to be set fra the Belhous doun to the Trone, on the north side of oure saide strete; alsa the hatmakaris and tymmer merket fra Dalrimpill yarde to the Grey freris and Westimart; alsa the scho merket fra Dalrimpill yarde to the Grey freris and Westimart; alsa the scho merket of cordenaris fra Forestaris Wynde and westwart to Dalrimpill west yarde dike; alsa the rede barkit ledder with thame; alsa the nolt merket of carcagis and mutone about the Trone, and sa doun throuch to the Frere Wynde, and nocht on the wolk day; alsa all partrikis, pluuaris, capons conyngis, chekinnis, and all vther wyld fowlis and tame to be visit and sald about the merket croce, and in a vther place; alsa all qwyk bestis, ky, oxon, nocht to be brocht in the tovne bot vnder the wall fer west at oure stable; alsa the mele merket of all grane and cornes fra the Tolbuth vp to Libertons Wynde; alsa fra tbine vpart to the treves the merkett of all cottone claith, quhite, gray, and all vthir claith quhitis within vj quartaris, and al lynnyng claith to be sald thare and in na vther place; alsa all buttir, cheis, woll, and sic like gudis that suld be weyit to be visit at the Ouer Bow, and a trone set thare and nocht to be opinyt quhil the hour of nyne forow none; alsa all irne werk belanging cutleris, smethys, lorymaris, lokmakaris, and all sic werkmen, to all ald graith and geir as is visit and sauld in the Friday merket before the Gray freris, lyke as is visit in vthir cuntreis. The quhilk statutis and ordinance and setting of merkettis as is aboue writtin, for the causis foresaide we ratify and appruvis be thir our lettres, charging herefore stratile and commandis all and sundrie our legis and subditis foresaidis, and in speciale the communitie and inhabitants of our saide burgh quham it efferis, that ye and ilk ane of yow observe and keep the saide burgh quham it efferis, that ye and ilk ane of yow observe and keep the saide statutis, and redily intend answer and obey to oure saide provest and bailyies that now are and that sal happin to be for the tyme in the setting and halding of the saide merkettis and keping of thame in the plaicis before writin, efter the tennour of the saide statutis, and nocht to cum in ony wise incontrair the saymn vnder all the hiest paine and charge that ye and ilk ane of yow may commit and incur agane ws in that parte, and vndir the panis set and ordanit be thame in thair commoun buke apon the ganestandaris and brekaris of the saidis statutis and setting of the saide merkettis, and to be punyst thairefter as efferis. Gevin vndir oure priuir sele at Edinburgh the thrid day of October the yere of oure Lord a thousand hundreth seventy and sevin yeirs, and oure regnne the auchtene yere.

James R. Scheves

29 January 1477–8.

Burgensis frater et gilde be his wyfe.

Thomas Haliburtoun effectus burgensis et frater gilde ratione sponse sue etc. et finiuit species et vinum, et pro gilda xx s. (Lowse leiffes.—Tr.)

[Thomas Haliburtoun made burgess and guild brother in right of his wife, etc., and paid spices and wine, and for the gild twenty shillings.]

February 1478–9.

Mercat dayes. Victuall. Regratouris. Statutes.

It is thocht expedient that all persouns haif licence and leif to cum to the towne with victualls to serue the kingis lieges ad vent the samyn on Mononday Wedinsday and Fryday, and that na regratour by nor tap any vittale to regrate agane vnder the payne of pvnissing be the baillies after the tenour of the first act, and that all the statutes of the towne be obseruit and kepit. (Amang lowse leiffies.—Tr.)

Common guid, compts.

It is thocht expendient that all the persouns that hes any of the commoun guid in their handis that thai cum to the tolbuith on Tysday nixttocum in presens of the haill toun, and ordaning the haill community to compeir the sam day and heir the compt of the towne of the commoun rentis bygane. (Amangis the lowse leiffes.—Tr.)

Burrow mailles.

The same tyme, It is fund quhair the prowest, the greitt dusane of the towne, and dyvers vther nictbouris, all with ane consent thinkis it speidfull for the commoun proffeitt of the haill town that the burrow maill be vngadderit of the nichtbouris considering it is payet to the chakker of the common purs, and at it be allowit of ilk land in thair awin handis. (Amangis the lowse leiffes.—Tr.)


Alswa the said dusane thinkis expedient at the commoun clerk and ane seriand gadder of ilk stallenger puir body that occupeis the fredome of the towne and to pay twa shillings, and all stallangers that may be burges to occupy the fredome na langer than ane yeir or elllis devoyde the towne, and to ansuer to the thesaurer of the towne, and he to mak his compt theirvpoun.


Provestis fee.

Item, it is thocht expedient that the provest of the towne for honour and worschip of the towne haif yeirly to his fie xx li. of the commoun purs, and to indure perpetually. (fn. 2) (This amang the lowse leiffis.—Tr.)

18 December 1479.


(Amangis the lowse leiffes I fyed quhair the provest and counsale of the townne ordanis the meilmen topperis fremen of the towne sell and top his meill daylie siclyke as thai wer wont to do, thai kepand the pryce all the wolk throw as the meill is sawld on the mercat day, and at thai by nane in the mercat, bot other mak it thamselff or ellis bye it owtwith the towne, vnder the payne of escheitt and baniscbeing of thair persounis the towne.) (amangis the lowse leiffes.—Tr.)

December 1479.

[Common clerk.]

(About this time William Fairnely was clerk, as apperis on the leif in December 1479.—Tr.]


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