Extracts from the Records: 1501

Extracts From the Records of the Burgh of Edinburgh, 1403-1528. Originally published by Scottish Burgh Records Society, Edinburgh, 1869.

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'Extracts from the Records: 1501', in Extracts From the Records of the Burgh of Edinburgh, 1403-1528, (Edinburgh, 1869) pp. 88-92. British History Online https://www.british-history.ac.uk/edinburgh-burgh-records/1403-1528/pp88-92 [accessed 13 April 2024]


8 January 1500–1.

Statue na craftisman vse merchandice.

JAMES be the grace of God King of Scottis, To the provest baillies and custumaris of our burgh of Edinburgh now present and tocum, greiting:—Forsamekill as it is be our greit Chalmerlen and commissaris of our borrowis, with avyse of thair assessouris, in the parliament of oure burrowis haldin at Edinburgh the tent day of Nouember the yeir of God j m vc yeiris, statute and ordainit for the common proffeit of our borrowis that the actis of parliament maid in the tyme of vmquhill our darrest fader, quhome God assolye, salbe observit and keipit in all poyntis in tyme to cum, anent craftismen vsand marchandice within the burgh: that is to say, that na craftismen sall vse ony maner of merchandice within the burgh, bot occupye his awin craft, vnder the pane of ten pundis, to be raisit vpon the brekeris of the saidis actis be our sercheouris, that is to say provest baillies and custumaris within ilk burgh; and als that na persoun pas in Flanderis nor France with merchandice bot he that is burges and induellar within the burgh; nor that na persoun out burges occupy the fredome of the burgh, nor hand merchandice without he mak continuall residence within burgh and pay his dewiteis that accordis him to do thairfore, as vtheris nychtbouris dois within burgh, vnder the pane of ten pundis, to be raisit vpon the brekeris of the saidis actis and statute be our saidis serchouris, and compt maid thairof in lykewayis in our Chekker, like as at mair length is contenit in the saidis actis and statute of parliament of four borrowis thairvpon. Our will is heirfore, and we charge yow straitlie and commandis, that ye with all diligence put the said act and statute of parliament of foure borrowis to dew executioun in all poyntis efter the tenour of the saymn, within the boundis of your office; and that ye diligentlie serche and seik the brekeris of the said act, gif onye be, and rais vpoun thame the panis contenit thairin without fauouris, and inbring and mak compt thairof to our thesaurare in our chekker yeirlie, according to the said act, as ye will answer to ws thairvpoun; The quhilk to do we commit to you coniunctlie and seuerallie oure full power be thir our lettres, deliuering thame to yow sene and vnderstanding and execute as efferis agane to the beirar. Gewin vnder our signet, at Edinburgh, the viij day of Januare, and of our regne the xiij yeir.

21 January 1500–1.

Frauchting of Schippis to Flanderis.

The quhilk day the provest baillies and counsall hes statute and ordanit that for this yeir tocum na schippis be frauchtit in Flanderis bot in presens of the prouest baillies and counsall within the Tolbuith, and gif ony nychtbour presumis or dois the contrare heirof the breker to pay xviij s. to Sanct Gelis werk but fauouris, gif thai fraucht in taverns or ony vther place bot in the Tolbuith alanerlie as said is, and that thai be frauchtit commounlie efter the forme of the act of parliament. (fn. 1)

28 January 1500–1.

Gild court.

The quhilk day the provest baillies and hale counsall hes grantit and consentit that the gild court begyn on Fryday nixt cummis, and swa continow out throw the haill toun for the commoun proffit and honour of the kirk.

Gild court.

The saidis provest baillies and counsall hes statute and ordanit that quhat persoun beis wairnit to compeir to the gild court be the officer, and comperis nocht, thai sall pay to the kirk wark xx s. to be raisit but fauouris.

19 March 1500–1.

The biging of the toure of the auld Tolbuith.

The quhilk day it is appoynttit and concordit betuix the baillies, Jhonn Adamsoun, Johnne Williamsoun, William Carmychell, thesaurer, Andro Bartrahame, William Bothuell, and Robert Rynde, in the townis name, on that ane pairt, and Jhonne Marser, massoun, on the vther pairt, in this wys, viz. that he sall furnys in hewing vjc fete of aslaurris to the furnessing and completing of the towre of the Tolbuith, and he sall furnys ilk fute of the astler weill hewin on all faces for ij d. the fute, and as for the broching at the querrell and dressing, thay to rewaird him thairfore as accordis be ressoun; and attour he hes promyttit to furnis oulklie vther fyve masouns to him self quhen thay begyn to lay the wark, to wyrk thairat with him, the toun payand to him oulklie for his awin wages ten shilings, and to ilk ane of the vthers ix allanerlie, and this hewin wark to be furnist betuix this and Mydsommer, the toun directtand and careand the wark fra the querrell, and the toun till do thair deligence to cause the saidis personis to wyrk to thame before ony vtheris,—Jhonne Williamsoun souertie for the said masoun and fulfilling of his promyt, and he oblist to freith him.

22 April 1501.

Anent passing to Leyth with the watter baillie.

Alexander Lauder, provest. The quhilk day it is statute and ordainit be the provest baillies counsale and assesouris and communitie of the toun for the tyme, for the commoun weill and proffit of the samyn, that in tyme cumming all nychtbouris within the toun, fremen, pas with the watter baillie doun to Leyth quhen it happinis him till haue ado in his watter courttis, thay beand wairnyt thairto be the said watter baillie or his watter seriand, to the nowmer of xvj, xx, or xxiiij personis, or ma or fewar as he thinkis expedient for the tyme, swa that ilk nychtbour be tane in his awin rowme and cours leill gangand about the toun, and quha dissobayis that beis commandit to pas with him and passis nocht, the command and chairge beand provin be him and his seriand, ilk persoun to pay viij s. als aft as he falttis, and that to be rasit and inbrocht to the kirk wark but fauouris, sua this devise is statute and maid for the commoun weill and proffit of the toun and conservatioun of thair rychtis and priuelegis of thair watter courttis.

30 April 1501.

Anent the doun casting of houssis at Sanct Paullis Hospitale.

Quo die. Thir personis vnderwritten, for thameselffis and in name of the hale communitie wairnit and callit heirto, thocht expedient and consenttit that compositioun be maid with the Kingis Hienes, als reasonable as can be gottin, tuiching the actioun movit aganis thame anent the doun casting of the houssis besyde Sanct Paullis hospitale, for the quhilk the communitie ar delatit to be indytit to this present justice air:— Alexander Lauder, prouest, Henry Cant, elder, Andro Bartrem, William Todrik, Jhonn Williamsoun, Jhonne Adam soun, Stevin Borthuik, Patrik Halliburtoun, William Strachauchin, Jhonn Levinstoun, Roger Murray, Alexander Stanelie, Jhonn De, William Lokhart, Jhonn Richertsoun, Jhonn Quhyte, tailyeour, James Romyll, Jhonn Levingstoun, Walter Blaklok, James Richertsoun, Patrik Richertsoun, Robert Gray, Thomas Smyth, Henry Cant, Jhonn of Lattis, Jhonne Currour, Vincent Strauthauchin, Adam Stewert, baxter, Thomas Turnour, Adam Edzer, fleschour, Andro Thomsoun, baxter, Andro Moncur, William Scheirsmyth, George Young, Thomas Hathwye, Richert Hopper, William Adamsoun, William Carmychell, Andro Bog, Walter Cant, William Boithuell, William Goldsmyth, Jhonn of Merche, Jhonn of Glen, and the remanent gude nychtbouris of the toun.

30 July 1501.

Pro domino Comite de Erole.

Penultimo die Julii, hora decima ante meridiem, Alexander Lauder provest, Johne Williamsoun, Stevein Borthwik bailies, William Carmychel thesaurare, Andro Bertram and vtheris diuers of the nychtburis of the toun past to the presens of a nobil and mychti lord William earle of Erole, declarand forsamekle as he had thame vnder summondis before the Lordis for the intrometting and withhalding fra him of the barras in the quhilk Johne Coupance and Schir Patrik Hammyltoun facht in Edinburgh, thai wald stand in pley with him thairinto bot in contentacioun, tharfor thai gaf him certane mone, of the quhilk he held him content, for the said barras, and als thai promittit to supple the said lord in his office of constablari in tyme tocum, and nocht to be in his contrare in sic cais quhen it hapenis nor nain vtheris concerning his office, for his fauor and kindues in tyme tocum. Testibus, Andrea Strathauchin, Willelmo Strathauchin, Edmond Hay of Meginche, Johne Ramsay of Murey, and Patrik Hay of Leyis.

14 August 1501.

[Pro Thoma Constane.]

Hora ixº ante merediem. Magister Johannes Lokhart rector de Scraling libere dedit et assignauit Thome Constane filio sorosis sui sua vtensilia et dominicilia viz. a doubil counter, a strekbed, a press, a counter, a almery, a chimnay, et omnia alia dominicilia sua et vtensilia quecunque in camera sua existencia, in contentacionem summe xxtili. quam sibi promisserat vt asseruit persoluere pro suis gratuitis seruiciis sibi factis et fiendis. Reseruando ipsi vsum huiusmodi bonorum pro tempore vite sue, ita quod post eius decessum valeat idem Thomas omnia predicta vtensilia et dominicilia libere tenere et possidere quousque heredes sui vel assignati plenarie persoluerint dictam summam xxti li. in vna et integra summa eidem Thome sine fraude vel dolo. Testibus Johanne Adamsoun ballino, Jacobo Bischop, Willelmo Currour et Willelmo Thomsoun.

[At the ninth hour before noon, Master John Lokhart rector of Scraling gave and assigned freely to Thomas Constane, his sister's son, his utensils and household furnishings, viz a doubil counter, a strekbed, a press, a counter, an almery, a chimnay, and all his other household furniture and utensils what soever in his chamber, in satisfaction of the sum of twenty pounds which, as he asserted, he had promised to pay to him for his gratuitous services done and to be done. Reserving to him the use of the same goods for his lifetime, so that after his decease the said Thomas might freely hold and possess the foresaid utensils and household furnishings, until his heirs or assigness should fully pay the said sum of twenty pounds in one and entire sum, to the said Thomas, without fraud or guile. Witnesses—John Adamsoun, bailie, James Bischop, William Currour, and William Thomsoun.]

20 November 1501.

Pro villa.

xxmo die mensis Nouembris, hora xi. Georguis Touris prepositus instanter requisiuit caricatiue monuit et precipit prebendarios ecclesie collegiate beati Egidii de Edinburgh vt custodirent sua seruicia debita in dicta ecclesia secundum tenorem fundationis et erectionis eiusdem collegii sub penis que per ipsum prepositum balliuos et consules huiusmodi burgi eiisdem prebendariis imputari poterint. Testibus, Alexandro Lauder, Waltero Yong, Jacobo Touris, et multis aliis, Johanne Foulare decano gilde.

[On the twentieth day of the month of November, in the eleventh hour, George Tours, Provost, instantly required, advised in all kindness, and commanded the prebendaries of the Collegiate Church of St Giles of Edinburgh to observe their due service in the said church, according to the tenor of the foundation and erection of the same college, under the penalties which might be imposed on the same prebendaries by the said Provost Bailies and Councillors of the burgh. Witnesses—Alexander Lauder, Walter Young, James Tours, and many others, John Fowler, Dean of Guild.]


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