Extracts from the Records: 1547

Pages 126-131

Extracts From the Records of the Burgh of Edinburgh, 1528-1557. Originally published by Scottish Burgh Records Society, Edinburgh, 1871.

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5 January 1546-7.

Distributing. Venting.

The wynes that ar cum in laitlie with the merchand of Burdealx coft for xxvj li. the tun, and namit to distribute the samyn thir persouns:—William Mureheid, George Hoppringill, baillies. Item, that thai delyuer nane of the said wynes to ony of this burgh bot to thame that ar bayth burges and gild, and that nane vther be sufferit to sell and vent wynes bot burgessis and gild brether, and that the dene of gild cers the samyn.

14 January 1546-7.

[Order by the Lord Governor, etc., as to regraters.]

Apud Edinburgh xiiij January anno, etc., xlvj. The quhilk day, my Lord Gouernour and Lordis of Counsale vnderstanding the grete oppressioun committit daily be ane certane regratouris in Edinburgh, raisand all wyld mete capounis cunnyngis hennis and sic stufe necessar for furnyssing of our Souerane Ladyis liegis resortand to Edinbnrgh to ane sic exhorbitand derth that neuir sic was vsit in this realme, quharby all our Souerane Ladyis liegis ar hevelie oppressit be the saidis regratouris: Tharefore ordanis the provest and bailies of Edinburgh to call the said regratouris befor thame, alswele thai that ar presentlie in ward as vtheris within the toun, and giff thame ane assis of commoun oppressioun; and gif thai be convict to do justice upoun thame with all rigour in example of vtheris to committ siclik crimes in tyme tocum.
James G
A. Erle of Ergyll.
George Dowglas.

26 January 1546-7.

Pryces of wynes and irne.

The pryces of wynes inbrocht laitlie be Eduard Patersoun: In the first the tun of Rochell quhyte wyne xxij li., the tun of claret Burdealx xxvij li., the Romany xvj li. the pece, the Osa the pece xvij li., the Allacant the pece xxij li., the irne the stayne vj s.

5 April 1547.

Gild brether. Wynetenares.

The provest baillies and counsale ordains the dene of gild to gif up to euery ane ot the baillies the names of the taverneris that dwellis within his quarter, quhilkis taverneris the said dene of gild affermis ar nocht gild brethir, and thairfore ordanis the saidis baillies euery ane in his quarter as said is to putt the statutes maid that nene suld vent wyne within this burgh except gild brethir to executioun in all poynts conform to the tenour thairof, and als ordanis the saidis baillies to poynd the taverneris for the dewty awcht to St Anthone, and the maister of the felowschip to pas with thame.


It is statute and ordanit that na maner of perosuns, strayngeris huiksteris nor vthers, sell ony butter within this burgh except for xij s. the stayne quhill the x day of May nixttocum, and that na huiksteris by ony butter in the mercatt quhill xj houris afoirnone be strikin, vnder the payne of escheiting of the butter.—(In the convict buik end.—Tr.)

Crames at the Croce.

It is statute and ordanit be the prouest baillies and counsale that na maner of cramers nor vthers sett thair crames in tyme cuming at the Croce, except vpoun the mercat day, vnder the pane of xi s. to be tane of euery persoun als oft as thai failyie, and the ane half thairof to be gevin to Edward Littill baillie and the tother half to be applyet to the kirk warkes.

Red, Fawlds.

It is statute, etc., That all maner of persouns within this burgh that hes ony cairnis of staynis, fawlds, or vther red, on the hie gaitt, that hes compleittit thair wark or than nocht prepairand haistely to big that thai remoue the samyn of the hie gaitt, vnder the payne of xi s.

17 June 1547.


(The Burdealx wyne statute for x d. the pynt.—Tr.)

11 July 1547.

[Order by the Lord Governor as to proceedings against Adam Liddle for slaughter.]

GUBERNATOR: Prouest and bailleis of the burgh of Edinburgh we greit yow hertlie wele: Forsamekle as we wrait to yow of befoir desyring yow to superseid all calling and proceding crymenalie aganis Adame Liddale, for the slauchter of vmquhile William Quhit, quhil he wer habill to travell to the tolbuith without danger of his lif be his woundis; at the desyre of the quhilkis writtingis ye haif supersedit the said Adame bot quhill Tyisday nixtocum; Heirfor we exhort and prayis yow rycht effectuislie, and als requires and chargeis yow and siclik our Souerane Ladeis iustices iustice clerkis and thair deputis, that ye and thai desist and ceis fra all calling and proceding aganis the said Adame Liddall for the said slauchter vnto the last day of Julii instant, that in the meintyme it may be knawn quhither he de or mend of his woundis, ye takand sufficient cautioun and souertie that the said Adame sall nocht eschew nor be taken away be his freindis in the meintyme in hindering of justice, dischargeing yow the saidis provest and bailleis and our saidis our Souerane Ladeis iustice iustice clerkis and thair deputis all vtherwayis of all proceding ceding aganis the said Adame for the said slauchter, and of your and thair offices in that pairt respectiue be thir our letteres quhill the said day. Subscriuit scriuit with our hand and vnder our signet, at Linlythgow the xj day of Julii, the yeir of God jm vc and xlvii yeiris,
ames G.

15 July 1547.


[In an act concerning the pest the Town Council ordain "officeris to visy thair quarters."—Tr.]

20 July 1547.

Irne weying.

It is statute and ordanit that all irne that beis inbrocht to this port of Leyth be brocht vp to the Ovir Trone and weyit thairat in tyme cuming, vnder the payne of escheitt of the irne that beis fundin weyit in Leyth or vthers pairts by the said trone.

23 July 1547.

Schipps entering.

Item, it is statute and ordanit be the baillies and counsale that in all tymes cuming thair be na schips enterit in thair buiks be the fermoreris without thair be ane baillie or ma thairat, and that the baillies and counsale mak the pryces of thai guids to be enterit conform to the act of parliament.

29 July 1547.

Skipperis warnit for modefeing of fraucht.

The quhilk day, the provest and baillies sittand in jugement ordanis to pas and charge William Logane, Robert Smalum, Jhonn Logane and William Rycharstone, skipperis in Leith, to compeir befoir thame the Tewisday nixttocum to heir and se thair frauchting modefeit as efferis for the tyme of peax, conforme to the actis of thair frauchtingis laitlie maid and insert in the tovnis buikis thairvpoun, with certificatioun that quhither thay compeir or nocht thair frauchtingis wilbe modefeit, and that conforme to the tyme of peax opinly proclamit, and inhibitioun put to thame to resave mair fraucht nor is modefeit; and siclike to warne Archibald Penycuke, Hans Andersoun, Walter Patersoun, Archibald Dawson, James Lychtman, Androw Robertsoun, Gilbert Brovne, Nicolas Cavy, to the effect foirsaid, and to warne thame personalie gif they can be apprehandit, and failyeing thairof be oppin proclamatioun on the schore of Leith.

5 August 1547.

Anent the pryce of gudis cuming in at Leyth of strayngeares.

It is statute and ordanit be the prouest baillies and counsale that the thesaurer, with Symon Prestoun fermorer, William Mureheid baillie, and Alexander Adamesoun, according to the act of parliament maid vpoun the making of pryces of guidis of the guidis that ar inbrocht to thair heavin of Leyth, incontinent after the entres gevin be the straynger of ony guidis inbrocht, mak pryces with the said straynger of the saidis guidis, and putt the samyn in inuentare, and produce the samyn afore the counsall, and that Henry Cranstoun, ane of the counsale for the craftis, and after him ane of the twa that beis yeirlie for the craftis on the counsale, be callit to the effect gif ony of the craftis hes ado with sic guidis as ar convenient for thame and beis inbrocht, and swa beand that the haill guidis be offerit and sett to thame that biddis maist thairfore, attour the pryces maid, and the superplus and owercum be delyuerit to the thesaurer for the bigging and repairing of the commoun warks of the towne, and that the merchants and craftis be seruit efferand to it that thai haif ado with for the samyn excrescence and according to the pairt of the superplus that is sett vpoun the haill, and na mair to be taikin fra thame, and this to be obseruit in tyme cuming be consent be the prouest baillies maist of the connsale, and of Henry Cranstoun, Henry Lillie, James Jhonestoun, comperand for the haill craftis be thir foresaidis persouns or sic vthers honest persouns to ba namit thairto yeirlie in tyme cuming.

The practyk of this last act.

In presens of the prouest bailies and counsale sittand in jugement, Jhone Hammiltoun hes bocht all the merchandice and guidis pertenand till James Pateroun quhilk come hame in the schip of Alexander Low in the Vere callit the Jhone, payand thairfore till the thesaurer of the towne, till be applyit till the commoun werkes, for the superplus of the said merchandice and guidis, the sowm of fourty crownis of wecht of the sone, and till the merchand that the guidis pertenis to, beand in the said schip, the pryces contenit in ane tikkett maid and specifeit be William Mureheid baillie, as the samyn proports, and for sikker and suir payment till be maid bayth to the said thesaurer for the said superplus and als the said merchand for the said merchandice, within the terme of sex days nixt and immediatlie followand after the daitt heirof, the said Jhone Hammiltoun and Symoun Prestoun ar becumin souerteis coniunctlie and seuerallie but fraud or gyll.

7 October 1547.

Breid mercatt. Malt mercatt. Maltmen.

It is statute, etc., that in all tymes cuming, for the commoun weill of this burgh and all our Souerane Ladeis lieges resortand thairto, that the mercatt of beir and aittis be haldin in the rowme of the awld Fische Merkett, and siclyke that the merkett of the malt to be brocht on the merkett dayis to the towne be owtland maltmen be haldin aboue the Tolbuith besyde the Meil Merkett, and als that na maner of maltmen dwelland within this burgh by ony malt fra ony owland maltman other within the towne or owtwith grundin or vngrundin, vnder the payne of x li. to be tane of the brekares of this statute. and the samyn applyit to the commun weill.

[Malt, Ale, Breid.]

(The ix furletts grundin malt 3 li. 8 s. The aill 4 d.
The 4 d. laif to wey 20 vnces, the strayngers breid 24 vnce.
That ilk baxter haif bot ane buith till sell his breid allanerly and his merk to be putt on the samyn, and na breid [bot] 2 d. 4 d. vj d. and 8 d.—Tr.)

12 October 1547.


Item, it is statute and ordainit be the baillies and counsale that the thesaurer pas and vesy the faltis of ports and wallis of the towne, and to reforme the samyn incontinent, and big vp all slappis and interessis except the ports, and that thair be twa porteris sett to ilk port of thre ports, viz., the Nether Bow, West Port and Kirk of Feild port, and the remanent of the ports to be stekit and elosit; and the said porteris remane continually at the said ports fra the oppining of thame, and that the wikket of the West Port stand oppin quhill sevin houris at evin, and the wikket of the Netherbow quhill viij houris, and the saidis wikkets oppinit at 6 houris in the morning; and that thair be at euery port ane luge quhair the porter may sitt watterticht; and that the greitt port be steikit fra 12 houris at none quhill ane after none, the wikket alwayes standand oppin; and attour that the keyis of the ports be delyuerit to the baillie of that quarter to be in his keping fra the closing of the said ports to the oppining of thame in the morning.


Item, it is statute and ordainit that the said porters be weill airmit with jak, steilbonet and halbert or Jedburgh stafe, and to fynd souerty that they sall nocht be absent fra the said ports bot remayne continually and dyne in thair lugeis, and that thai sall tak na extortiouns for the entrie and owtpassing of ony persoun, and gif the said porteris failyeis in ony wyse in thair office to be pvnist in thair persouns other be banist or prisonit at the discretioun of the baillies and counsale.


Item, it is statute and ordanit that thair be xij abill men chosin to watche nychtlie weill airmit with jak, steill bonet and halbert or Jedburgh staf, and thai to convene at the Croce and enter to the watches at 8 houris at eviu and remayne quhill the oppining of the ports, and that thair be twa chairget thair nycht about to chek the said watches, and gif ony of the said watches beis fundin absent slepand or drinkand during the said tyme to be pvnist as the said prouest baillies and counsale thinks expedient; and that the said watches apprehend all misdoares, idill men or men that hes na maister, and putt thame in prisone quhill the counsale may avyse of thair pvnition, and that the saidis watches trubill nor cummer na trew man or woman vnder the payne of deid.