Extracts from the Records: 1554

Extracts From the Records of the Burgh of Edinburgh, 1528-1557. Originally published by Scottish Burgh Records Society, Edinburgh, 1871.

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'Extracts from the Records: 1554', in Extracts From the Records of the Burgh of Edinburgh, 1528-1557, ed. J D Marwick( Edinburgh, 1871), British History Online https://www.british-history.ac.uk/edinburgh-burgh-records/1528-57/pp186-207 [accessed 14 July 2024].

'Extracts from the Records: 1554', in Extracts From the Records of the Burgh of Edinburgh, 1528-1557. Edited by J D Marwick( Edinburgh, 1871), British History Online, accessed July 14, 2024, https://www.british-history.ac.uk/edinburgh-burgh-records/1528-57/pp186-207.

"Extracts from the Records: 1554". Extracts From the Records of the Burgh of Edinburgh, 1528-1557. Ed. J D Marwick(Edinburgh, 1871), , British History Online. Web. 14 July 2024. https://www.british-history.ac.uk/edinburgh-burgh-records/1528-57/pp186-207.


3 January 1553-4.

Protestatio, Yowng, nomine artificorum

The quhilk day, in presens of the prouest baillies and counsall comperit James Yowng dekin of the hammermen for himself and the haill dekinnis of this burgh and allegit that the office of seriandschip now waikand in the townis handis be deceis of Johne Rechardsoun aucht to be gewin be the woittis of the maist pairt of the haill prouest baillies counsall and dekinnis and aucht to be wotit be thame; and thairfoir disassentit to ony gewing thairof vtherwayis bot as said is, and protestit that gif the samyn wer gewin vtherwayis that it preiugit nocht thame, and for remeid of law and thairupoun askit instrumentis.


Quo die Dauid Windiyeittis, filius et heres quondam Thome Windiyeittis effectus est burgensis in judicio et datur ei gratis ratione quod creatus est seriandus.

[Which day David Windiyeittis, son and heir of the deceased Thomas Windiyeittis is maid burgess in judgement; and it is given to him gratis for the reason that he is made a seriand.]

Windiyeittis, seriandus.

The quhilk day, the prouest baillies and counsall hes creat and maid Dauid Windiyeittis in the office of ane seriand of this burgh in the place of vmqu hile Johne Rechardsoun, with all dewteis feis and pertinentis thairof, siklike as the said Johne had the samyn of befoir, and he sworn to exerce the said office liellie and trewlie as ws is, and William Muirheid baillie is becumin souerte for him conforme to the statutis maid anent the officeris rede in presens of ather of the partiis.

25 January 1553-4.

[Precept Burges.]

The prouest baillies and counsale ordanis the thesaurar Robert Graham to content and pay to Johne Symsoun dene of gild v li. for the burgesschip of Airthur Grangar seruitour to my Lord Gouernour grantit at his graces request gratis, quhilk beand payit, etc.

9 February 1553-4.

Malt. Villa.

The quhilk day, the prouest baillies and counsall of this burgh vnderstandand that the maltmen of Leith, Cannogait, outwith the west partis, Dalkeyth, Mussilburgh and vtheris townis adiacent to this burgh hes in all tymes bygane contrawenit the statutis of this burgh anent the preces of malt and sauld to the brousteris of this burgh thair malt of darrar prece nor the maltmen of this burgh wes astrickit to sell thair malt; and for remeid thairof hes callit the haill maltmen of this burgh quha hes promittit and tane on hand to furnis the haill brousteris of this burgh samekill malt as thai will brew and thairby the inhabitaris of this burgh and vtheris the Quenis legeis repairand thairto to be furnissit and stakit of the preces contenit in the statutis of the town: Quhairfoir it is statut and ordanit be the prouest baillies and counsall foirsaid that na maner of brouster indwellar within this burgh tak vpoun hand fra the last day of Fabruar instant furth to by oney malt outwith the fredome of this burgh bot fra the maltmen thairof and of the townis prece specifiit in thair statutis or than in the mercat of this burgh quhilk the saidis prouest baillies and counsall ordanis to be to all our souerane Ladiis legeis that ples to repair to this burgh with malt to sell at the quheit mercat heid, and euery day of the oulk to be ane mercat day of malt, vnder the pane of eschete of the malt that beis bocht be oney of the saidis brousteris bot as aidis but fraude or gile.

16 February 1553-4.

Henrisoun Villa.

The quhilk day, in presens of the prouest baillies and counsale sittand in jugement James Henrisoun become in thair will for the breking of the ground of the croft at the Gray-freir port and taking of stanis furth thairof quhilk thai haif acceptit and als decernis the said James in tyme cummyung that he on na wys brak the said croft or tuk ony stanis furth thairof in tyme cummyng and to fill vp the samyn with erd as it wes of befoir.

Precept, Symsoun.

The prouest baillies and counsale ordanis the thesaurer Robert Graham to content and pay to Johne Symsoun dene of gild v li. for the burgesschip of William Mochry grantit gratis at the prouestis wiffis requeist, quhilk beand payit, etc.

21 February 1553-4.

Anent the vnlawis.

The quhilk day, the prouest baillies and counsale findis the vnlawis malt aill wyne and all vtheris vnlawis maid in statutis in tymes bygane pertenit justlie to the baillies of the burgh except quhair the samyn vnlawis in the saidis statutis wer specialie ordanit to be gevin and distribut vpoun commoun werkis and sua ordanis in tyme cummyng the saidis vnlawis to pertene to the baillies without prouisioun be maid in the statutis thairupoun, vtherwys to be distribut to commoun werkis.

Villa, anent ane kist in the charter hous; Protestatio decanorum.

The quhilk day, the prouest baillies and counsale findis that it is necessar that ane kist be maid in the charterhous with foure lokkis and foure keyis thairon and the haill evidentis of the towne, comptis, and vtheris wrytingis to be put thairin and thai foure keyis to be kepit as followis:—ane thairof be the prouest, ane vther be ane of the baillies, the thrid be the thesaurar and the ferd be the dene of gild; and that ane irn yet be maid elikwys vpoun the dur of the said charterhous with samony keyis to be in the keiping of the saidis personis. And thairefter comperit Archibald Leche and protestit insafer as the dekynnis of craftis be thair wryting gevin to the prouest had desyrit the said kist to be with fyve lokkis and ane of the fyve to be deliuerit to ane of the dekynnis of craftis yeirlie quhilk thai had refusit and ordanit to be keipit as said is, quhairto he disassentit that in cais ony comptis wrytingis or vther euidentis want in tyme cummyng that the saidis dekynnis haif na wyte thairof bot the samyn be imput to the saidis keiparis; and thairupoun askit instrumentis.

28 February 1553-4.

Precept, Dene of gild.

The quhilk day, the prouest baillies and counsale ordanis the thesaurar Robert Graham to content and pay to Johne Symsoun dene of gild the sowme of v li. for the burgesschip of Robert Richardsoun grantit be the towne gratis at the requeist of my Lord Huntlie, quhilk beand payit, etc.

Lyndesay, Villa.

The quhilk day, the prouest baillies counsale and assissouris sittand in jugement findis that Robert Lyndesay vpoun Friday last bypast spak irreuerentlie in jugement in presens of the baillies and counsale; and thairfor ordanit him to cum in presens of the prouest baillies and counsale and for the said offence to require thair apardone thairof; and als to forbeir sic inordinat speiking in tyme cummyng in jugement; and als dischargis the said Robert of ony talking at the bar quhill Michaelmes nixt tocum without it be for his awne particular actioun; and to remane in ward quhill he ask the said apardone.

Craftis. Villa. Electioun of seriandis.

The quhilk day, in presens of the prouest counsale and assissouris sittand in jugement comperit Maister Johne Abircrummy, prolocutour for the haill dekynnis of craftis of this burgh and producit the clame vnderwrittin of the tenour following desyring the samyn to be insert in thir bukis vpoun thair expensis quhilk the jugis thocht ressonabill and thairfor decernit the samyn to be insert, quhairof the tenour follows:—To you my Lord Prouest and Counsale of this gude towne humlie menis and complenis we your seruitouris and conburgessis of this burgh, the haill dekinnis and craftismen of the samyn vpoun Maister Johne Prestoun, William Murheid baillies and Dauid Wyndiyeittis and euirilk ane of thame respectiue, that quhair it is prouidit be the ackis of parliament of our souerane Ladiis predecessour King James the third in the xxxix chaiptour ratifiit and apprewit be all hir graissis predicessouris sinsyne in thair generall ratificatioun and approbatioun of all ackis of parlia ment procedand anent the frdome of borrowis for the ewading of grit conwentioun throw multitud and clamour of commounius sempell personis it is and wes statut and ordanit that in cheissing and electing of all officeris pertenyng to ane burgh sik as aldermen baillies dene of gyld and vther officeris that euirilk craft sall cheis ane persone of the samyn craft that sall haif wote in the said electioun and cheissing of officeris for the tyme as at mair lenth is contenit in the said chaptour, be vertew of the quhilk we and our predecessouris dekynnis and craftismen of this town hes bene in continwell and peciabill possessioun in the elecking and cheissing of all officeris within this [burgh] to haif ane persone of euirilk craft or at the leist the dekynnis of euirilk craft wote in the elecking and cheising of the samyn nocht onlie at the tyme of Michaelmes vsit to cheis and elect the samyn bot als well oney vthertyme quhen sic offis waikis other be deceis depryuyng or will of the attorite as wes be deceis of vmquhile Gorge Cant baillie in quhais place wes eleckit and cheissing vmquhile William Rynd as said is, Sir Andro Ker of Littildane prouest, Maister Johne Prestoun, Alexander Barroun, baillies being remowit at the will of the attorite and Francis Tennand prouest and vtheris put in thair plaiceis contenwellie without interruptioun or impediment quhill now laitlie be the deceis of vmquhile Johne Rechardsoun seriand and officer quha deiit in the moneth of Januar instant in quhais plais William Murheid and the said Maister Johne Prestoun at the said Williams requeist and soluscitatioun and the remanent thair participantis baillies of this burgh hes wranguslie and vpoun thair maner instrusit the said Dauid Wyndiyeittis in possessioun of seriandrie and place of the said vmquhile Johne, he nocht being eleckit conforme to the said chaptour vs and consuetude foirsaid conform to the said act nor yeit we desirit to wote in the said Dauidis electioun as we aucht to haif had is the act of parliament, consuetude of this burgh as said is and practik of this realm and commoun weill of this town haiffand na regaird to the samyn nor vnto ws quha is ane member of this gud town in the electioun of all officeris within the samyn bot allanerlie to the saidis Maister Johne William and Dauid thair cousingis awin and particulare willis and proffettis, quhairfoir the said Dauid is now instrustit in and to the said office and nocht cummyng thairto be the saidis act statute and tennour thairof and enterit thairto at the dure bot intrusit thairintill in maner aboun reheirsit, nevertheless he as yit vssis and vsurpis the attorite of the samyn as he that wor sufficientlie and ordorlie eleckit thairto in preiudice of the said chaptour and fredome grantit to ws thairintill and will nocht desist and ceis thaitfra wranguslie without he be compellit; heirfoir we beseke your lordschippis to caus compell and decerne the said Dauid to be intrusit in the said office as contrar the tennour of the said cheptour prewelege grantit to ws thairintill oure vs peciabille possessioun praictik foirsaid and thairfoir to desist and ceis in all tyme cuming fra vsing of the said office or at the leist ay and quhill he be lauchfullie eleckit and chessing thairto as is aboun specifiit; and that in the menetyme quhill the deceissioun heirof he be dischairgit fra all vsing of the samyn: Protestand alwayis in cais we or oney vther persone dois that thing contrar the said Dauid persoune quhilk is to be requirit done be ane lauchfull officer in this town sik as wairnyngis chargis and vtheris that we nor thai incur nocht the panis thairof, becaus the said Dauid is nocht sufficientlie eleckit and enterit be the dure thairto bot intrusit and cumin our the dyke as said is: Protestand inlikmaner in cais your lordschippis put na remeid in the premissis quhilkis ar ressonabill conform to our said souerane Ladiis progenitouris ackis of parliament for remeid and that we may be licencit to sute the samyn befoir superiour jugis now approchand without murmour conform to justice and your lordschippis ansuer. To the quhilk clame the said Dauid Windeyettis comperand ansuerit allegeand that he aucht to be assolzeit thairfra as it is libellat becaus the said clame proportit that he wes intrusit in the said office quhilk he wes nocht be creat and maid be the prouest baillies and counsale as ane act maid thairapoun in their bukis of the dait the third day of Januar last bypast red proportit. And the saidis prouest counsale and assissouris avisit thairwith assolzeis and decernis the said Dauid quyt of the said clame as it is libellat; and the said Maister Johne protestit for remeid, and thairupoun askit instrumentis.

9 March 1553-4.

Precept, Blakfreris.

The prouest baillies and counsale ordanis the dene of gild, Johne Smysoun, soun, to content and pay to the Blak Freris the sowme of xx li. for compleit payment of thair bell siluer specifyt in the act maid the xxvj day of Aprile the yeir of God jm vc 1 yeirs.

20 March 1553-4.

Anent entering of schippis.

It is statute and ordanit be the counsale that [na schip] be enterit without ane baillie be present and that the baillies [reid] to the enterar and strangeir merchand of the gudis the ordinancis and fredome of the burgh and tak souerte for his dewiteis and customes, and als that he sall at the declaratioun of his schip gif in inuentar vpoun his aith the names of the personis byaris of his gudis and quhome fra he hes coft the gudis to be furit be him furthwart and mak his aith thairupoun, and that na lossing nor ladynyng of schippis be on the eist.

6 April 1554.


The baillies and counsale thinkis expedient that thair be ane wache the nixt vlk, and that ane quarter of the towne walk ilk vlk thai being chargit be the baillies and officeris thairto, and gif thai dissobey to walk in thair awne propir personis to pay xviij s.

27 April 1554.

Anent the sang scule.

The baillies and counsale sittand in jugement ordanis the dene of gild to repair and vpbig the Sang Scule in the kirk yard as it wes of befoir sua that the barnis may enter thairto and inhabit the samyn.

25 May 1554.

Precept Borrow-loch.

The baillies and counsale ordanis the Borrow Loch to be biggit vp in sic maner as it salbe sufficient to hald in the watter, and quhat expensis salbe maid thairon salbe allowit.

8 June 1554.

Pensioun. Stevensoun.

The prouest baillies counsale and dekynnis of craftis sittand in jugement, hes conducit and hyrit Alexander Stewinsoun to sing in thair queir euery festiual day for ane yeir heirefter and at the messis of our Lady and the Haly Blude as thai sall happin to be, and hes ordanit thair thesaurer to pay to him thairfor xx merkis, quarterlie v merkis; and Alexander Park in becumin souerte for the said Alexanderis seruice as said is, and the said Alexander Stewinsoun oblist for his releif in cais he mak nocht seruice as said is nocht to vplift his pensioun foirsaid.

Anent the Cowgait port.

The prouest baillies and counsale ordanis the Cowgait port to be maid patent and opin to the nychtbouris of this burgh and all our Souerane Ladyis liegis to pas in and furth thairat at tymes neidfull.

Anent the calsay of the Freir Wynd.

The prouest baillies and counsale, vnderstandand that the maist pairt of the nychtbouris of the Freir Wynd and heritouris of the landis thairof hes wernit thame that the haill commoun streit of the said wynd is brokin sua that the commoun passage thairof is stoppit, and for remeid thairof and thair awne eis hes desyrit to big the casay of the sayd wynd fornent thair awne landis, quhilk the saidis prouest baillies and counsale hes thocht expendient to be done, and thairfor ordanis all the heritours of the said wynd to concur and mend the calsay thairof fornent thair awne landis insafar as the samyn is falteis vpoun thair awne expens.

15 June 1554.

Precept, Williamsoun.

The baillies and counsale ordanis the thesaurar Robert Grahame to content and pay to Thomas Williamsoun the sowme of tuenty merkis as for the Witsounday termes male lastbipast of the hous now occupiit be the prouest and that in parte of payment of the said provest fee.

Anent the querrellis.

In presens of the prouest baillies and counsale comperit the querriouris vnder written, viz.:—[Here follow eleven names.]—and oblist thame nocht to wirk on the Common Mvre of this burgh in wynnyng of stanis except the querrell be xx futtis fra ane passage, saiffand alsua the commone passage fre, and to cast the red behin thame and fill vp the hollis be thame sa far as the samyn may be; and als to serue all the nychtbouris of this burgh of the stanis that thai sall wun, thai requirand the samin of the pricis following, viz., the dosone soill and lintell v s., the fute of lang werk that passis five fete v d., the jc wall stanis and pend stanis xij s.

Precept anent the expenssis of the play.

The prouest baillies and counsale ordanis the thesaurar Robert Grahame to pay the werkmen, merchandis, carteris, paynterris, and vtheris that furneist the grayth to the convoy of the moris to the Abbay and of the play maid that samyn day the tent day of Junii instant the sowm of xxxvij li. xvj s. ij d. as the compt producit be Sir William Makdougall maister of werk thairupoun proportit, prouiding alwayis that the said Sir Williame deliuer to the dene of gyld the handscenye and canves specifiit in the said tikkit to be kepit to the behuif of the toun.

Anent the bigging of the sloppis in the park dike.

The prouest baillies counsale dekynnis of craftis with ane grete part of vther honest men of the burgh, at the requeist of Mare, Drowiar and Regent of this realm, moder to our Souerane Lady the Quenis grace, comperand be my lord of Dunfermeling and Sir Johnne Campbell of Lauder knycht hir gracis maister houshald, consentit to big on thair expens the haill sloppis in the park dike circulit about Arthour Sett, Salisborie and Dudingstoun Craggis, vnder protestatioun that the samin preiugit nocht thame anent the calsay stanis quhilk thai wer in vs to gett furth of the saidis cragis quhen thai had ado thairwith.

Villa, Payntouris.

The provest baillies and counsale sittand in jugement anent the supplicatioun gevin in be Maister James Watsoun, makand mentioun that quhair befoir the Feist of Yule lastbypast the maist pairt of the paintouris craftismen of this burgh being furth of the samin in Hammiltoun in the Gouernoris seruice with licence of my Lord of Dunfermeling, causit Dauid Werkman cum to the samin burgh and payntit the haill rufe of the said Maister James house and laitlie within thir viij dayis lastbipast causit the said Dauid as of befoir, with tollerance of the said Abbot Dunfermling, to cum to this burgh for perfiting and ending of the syd wallis of his said hous and causit him enter thairto; and vpoun Wedinsday lastbipast quhen the said Dauid wes payntand the said Maister James hous traisting na harme trubill nor impediment to haif bene done to him thairin, nochttheles Johnne Cunynghame dekyn of the wrychtis, Dauid Grahame masoun, Walter Bynnyng paintour, with thair complicis without ony maner of commissioun powar or autorite of the prouest and baillies of this burgh come to the said Maister James hous and thair maisterfulle and on force be way of deid tuke the said Dauidis haill warklomis and wes bringand thame away with thame togidder with the said Dauid to haif as the said Maister James belevit impresonit his body quhilk thai had nocht failyeit to haif done in cais he had nocht chansit to cum in in the menetyme and efter his cuming stoppit thame thairin, for the quhilk thai gif the said Maister James diuers and sindry iniurius wounddis and said plainlie thai suld cum with foir hammeris and strik vp the durris of his hous and tak him perforce furth of the samin in hie contemption of all auctorite and lawis, as at mair lenth is contenit in the said supplicatioun, quhilk being red in presens of the saidis prouest and baillies, bayth the partes referrit thame to the declaratioun of the said Dauid Werkman, quhilkis jugis being riplie auisit with his declaratioun fand the narratioun foirsaid of verite and thairfor decernitt that the saidis personis had failyeit and done wrang thairintill and assignis this day viij dayis to modife ane amendis for wrang done to the saidis provest and baillies and to the said Maister James.

27 June 1554.

Precept of the xxiiij li. to playing place.

The baillies counsale and dekinnis sittand in jugement ordanis the thesaurar Robert Grahame to content and pay to the maister of wark of the makar of the playing place the sowme of xxiiij li. for compleiting thairof.

6 July 1554.


The prouest baillies and counsale ordanis the thesaurer Robert Grahame to content and pay to the xxiiij men that keipit the tolbuith stair on the twa dayis bygane the sowme of v li.; and siclik ordanis to pay to James Farsyde tavernar of the dayis bygane x s.

Anent the clows of the north loch.

The prouest baillies and counsale ordanis the thesaurer to mak ane clows at the eist end of the north loch for halding in of the watter thairof.

Anent choppis.

The prouest baillies and counsale sittand in jugement, findis that the choppis biggit on the hie gait outwith the sydwallis of the foirlandis of this burgh brynt is the occasioun and caus of stopping of the samyn foirlandis to be biggit, and for that caus and diuers vther caussis ordanis all the saidis choppis to be removit at Mertymes nixttocum and that nane be biggit in tyme cummyng. (xx Augusti 1554. Proclamat apud crucem foralem, ac per sonum campane in toto burgo. King.)

20 July 1554.

Anent the bellis.

The prouest baillies and counsale findis be the fundatioun and als be consent of Sir Henry Loch sacristane of Sanct Gelis queir that the said Sir aucht to find and serue the said kirk at all tymes neidfull lycht of fyre and watter to serue all the chaplanis of the kirk and als to find stringis to all the bellis inwith the stepill, and siclik to watter and sowp the queir euery vlk anis; and als anent the ringing of the bellis decernis, with consent of the said Sir Henry, that in all tymes cummyng the grete bellis be nocht roung fra ten houris at evin quhill v houris in the mornyng; and that he haif alanerlie for the xxiiij houris ringing vj s. viij d. without ony vther dewite and that the dewite of the thre bellis and deid bell be vsit of the auld vs.

[Protestatio.] Young anent St Giles' Church.]

The quhilk day, in presens of the prouest baillies and counsale, Johne Young askit instrumentis that Sir Henry Loch consentit and wes content to tyne his benefice of sacristane in Sanct Gelis Kirk in cais ony dosane of chaplanis of Sanct Gelis Kirk wald preif the kirk wantit fyre and watter in his defalt.

Protest. Maister of Werk, play field.

The prouest baillies and counsale ordanis the thesaurar Robert Grahame to pay to the maister of werk the sowm of xlij li. xiij s. iiij d. makand in the hale the sowm of ane hundreth merkis and that to complete the play field now biggand in the Grenesid.

Mansioun. Villa.

The provest baillies and counsale and dekynnis of craftis, vnderstandand that Andro Mansioun quha wes wrycht to the bigging of the stallis of the queir hes done his vtir devore and deligence thairin and hes completit the samyn honestlie and substantiouslie and thair wes ane honest reward promist to him for his bontath and reward thairof; thairfor the saidis prouest baillies counsale and dekynnis hes gevin and grantit and be the tenour heirof gevis and grantis to the said Andro and his assignais ane or ma ane yeirlie pensioun of ten merkis vsuall money of this realm tobe payit to him and tham be the dene of gild of this burgh for the tyme as vs· is for the space of ten yeris nixt heirefter begynnand the nixt termes payment at Mertymes nixt tocum, or ay and quhill the saidis prouest baillies counsale and dekynnis within the saidis ten yeris gif freilie to ane of the said Androis sonis or ony vther quhome to he sall pleis the samyn be gevin to ane benefice of ane lawit patronage of the yeirlie rent of ten pundis at the leist, or gif it salhappin sic ane benefice to vaik within the saidis x yeiris and thairefter tobe offerit to the said Androis sone or to himself tobe gevin to ane vther of his chesing and refus the samyn he and his assignais foirsaidis to tyne his said pensioun and the samyn to expyre in the self; and gif it salhappin the said Andro and his assignais tobe ansuerit of the said pensioun for the said space of x yeris he and thai than to renunce the samyn and frathinfurth nocht tobe ansuerit thairof nor yit na benefice to be gevin to his sone nor ony vtheris as said is, and als the said Andro acceptand the premissis for his reward and bontath as said is oblist him to serue the towne of Edinburgh in all thair commoun effaris and commoun werkis bayth in the towne kirk and vther placis on the townis expens, and gif ony small falt happynnis tobe in the werk of the said queir he to mend the samyn on his expens.

18 August 1554.

Anent the playing place.

The prouest baillies and counsale ordanis the thesaurer Robert Graham to content and pay to the werkmen that completit the play feild the sowme of xxxiiij li.

Precept, menstralis.

The prouest baillies and counsale ordanis the thesaurer Robert Graham to content and pay the xij menstralis that past afoir the convoy and the plaaris on Sonday last bypast xl s.

Precept, sang scule.

The prouest baillies and counsale ordanis the thesaurer to furnis vj geistis and twa dosane dalis to the bigging of the sang scule; and ordanis the dene of gild to mak the expensis on the geisting fluring and dure thairof.

[September 1554.]

Anent the counsale.

It is statute and ordanit be the prouest baillies and counsale that in all tymes cummyng gif thair be ony of the counsale absent quhen thair requiris ony voting that thair be sum vther chosin in his place to voit for that day and that tyme.

Villa, Carnegy.

The prouest baillies and counsale sittand in jugement findis that Sir Robert Carnegy of Kynnand knycht aucht to be payit of the rest of the allegit iiijc li. promittit to him be the prouest for the tyme for the doungetting of the xij deneris in France, the said Robert produceand and bringand hame the sufficient confermatioun of the said doungetting of the saidis xij deneris conform to the auld priuilege thairof.

20 September 1554.

Wrychtis, Villa.

The prouest baillies and counsale ordanis in all tymes cummyng quhen ony schippis arryvis at this port of Leyth ladynnit with tymmer that thair be ane pairt thairof delyuerit of the townis price to the brethir of wrychtis and cowparis of this burgh be thair maister of wark for the tyme that thai may wirk the samyn, the biggaris within the burgh for the tyme being seruit with thame of the said price.

28 September 1554.

Tennand, Villa.

In presens of the prouest baillies counsale and assissouris Francis Tennand, beand removit be tham and finding that he aucht nocht to remane the tyme of chesing of the counsale nor littis becaus he wes nocht ane of the nowmer of the counsale nochtwithstanding that he allegit that he had bene prouest and suld nocht be remoiffit, askit instrumentis that the saidis prouest baillies and counsale fand and declarit he wes removit for the caus foirsaid and for na offence that he evir did to the gude towne.

9 October 1554.

[Acts anent bread, etc.]

[Of this date acts were passed relative to "breid," "malt," "aill," "meill," "candill," "stabillaris, aittis, hay," "middingis," "swyne," and "vagaboundis," in terms similar to those of October 1551, 1552, and 1553.]

Ratificatioun of certane statutis.

The prouest baillies and counsale ratifiis and approuis the statutis maid the vij day of October 1553 anent flescheouris, walkaris, butter, eggis, cheis, swyne, regratouris, standis on the gait, powltre, walpinnis in buithis, in the samyn forme as yai ar maid in all poyntis and ordains the samyn tobe keippit, vnder the panis contenit thairin.

12 October 1554.

Precept. Bynnyng.

The prouest baillies and counsale ordanis the thesaurar Robert Grahame to content and pay to Walter Bynnyng the sowme of v li. for the making of the play graith and paynting of the handsenye and the playaris facis; providand alwys that the said Walter mak the play geir vnderwrittin furthcumand to the town quhen thai haif ado thairwith, quhilkis he hes now ressauit, viz., viij play hattis, ane kingis crowne, ane myter, ane fulis hude, ane septour, ane pair angell wyngis, twa angell hair, ane chaplet of tryvmphe.

19 October 1554.

Wappinschawing. Vills.

We do yow to wit: Forsamekle as our Souerane Ladeis moder and Regent of hir realm hes direct letteres to the provest and baillies of this burgh chairging thame incontinent efter the sycht thairof that thai sett and proclame wappinschawingis to be haid within thair awin boundis and prefix and lymite ane convenient place within thair said burgh and jurisdictioun thairof within xl dayis nixt efter the presenting of the saidis letteres, efter the forme and tennour of the act of parliament maid thairupoun and vnder the panis contenit in the samyn; and siclik that thai efter the first wappinschawing proclame of new agane new wappinschawingis to be haldin in maner foirsaid vpoun the premvnitioun of xx dayis and frathinfurth yeirlie twis in the yeir, as at mair lenth is contenit in the saidis letteres direct to the saidis prouest and baillies thairupoun; Quhairfoir it is deuisit and thocht expedient be the saidis provest and baillies that ane wappinschawing of the nychtbourhis of this burgh be maid the secund day of December nixt tocum at x houris befoir none vpoun the Borrow mure besyde the Sisteris of the Senis; Thairfoir I command and charge in our Souerane Ladeis name and in name of hir Graceis moder quene and regent of this realme that all and syndry the inhabitaris of this burgh burgessis merchandis craftismen and vtheris faill nocht to cum the said day and place with thair armour and wappinnis to mak thair wappinschawing in thair best array in feir of weir conforme to the said act of parliament, vnder the pane of xl s. to be tane of ilk persone that failyeis heirin.

Anent ballettis.

The quhilk day, it is statute and ordanit be the provest baillies and counsale: Forsamekle as the provest baillies and counsale vnderstandis that dyueris tymes bygane thair hes bene dyueris and syndry evill gevin personis dispittaris and dispeisaris of the jugis of the burgh and vtheris thair nychtburis that hes contrar the common lawis maid ballattis of defamatioun blasflematioun and detractioun and leif the samyn in secrete placis in writt patent to the commoun pepill quhairby dyueris personis honest men hes suspeckit vtheris be presump tioun and thairby hes maid discord alwayis the makaris thairof nocht beand knawand; quhairfoir it is statute and ordanit be the saidis prouest baillies and counsale that in tyme cuming na maner of persone of quhatsumeuer degre he be of tak vpoun hand to mak oney sic ballettis as said is ather prevatlie or oppinlie vnder the paneis contenit in the commoun law, certifing all sic personis that hes maid oney in tymes bygane that the jugis sall mak deligence for getting of inquisitioun thairof and that thai salbe pvnist conforme to the saidis law.

Officiaris, Villa.

The quhilk day, the provest baillies counsale and dekinnis of craftis vnderstandand that for the commoun weill of this burgh our Souerane Ladeis legeis reparand thairto, and for gud obseruing and keipping of the statutis of this burgh and punnesing of the braikaris thairof, neidfull it is that thair be eleckit and chosin foure seriandis by the aucht seriandis now beand for the tyme for the space of ane yeir allanerlie and thai foure to haif thair feis and be participant with the vtheris viij officeris all vtheris dewteis.

Anent flescheouris. Proclamat, xx Octobris.

Item, it is statute and ordanit becaus the Quenis grace and lordis of secrete counsale hes proclamat ane statute and ordinance twiching the prices of flesche and hes commandit the provost and baillies of this burgh to caus the samyn be obseruit and keippit vnder the pane of tinsale of thair office and vtheris panis contenit thairin; quhairfoir I warne all sic personis as ar flescheouris that thai obay and keip the said statute efter the tennour thairof, certifiand thame gif thai be fund culpabill thairin or braikand the samyn that the saidis prouest and baillies sall put and delyuer thame in the handis of the justice to be punist as oppressouris conforme to the said statute and lawis of the realm.

Anent standis on the gait and stapill gudis.

It is statute and ordanit be the prouest baillies and counsale that na maner of standis nor crames be set on the hie gait or in the buth duris or commoun passageis in oney day of the vlk except on the Monunday alanerlie, and on the Monunday that thair be na standis on the hiegait with palyonis or coueringis aboun thame bot the cramis that salbe sett tobe ane burd on twa laych trestis without oney couering aboun except gif it be weyt thai to couer thair gudis with ane plat couering vpoun the samyn; and that thair be na sic gudis as followis sauld on the saidis cramis, viz.:—Franche clayth, Inglis clayth, Flanderis clayth, nor na hewit Scottis braid clayth except lynnyngis, na silkis, worsattis, bunbaseyis, fustianis, canves, bukrem, Franche bonettis, Franche hattis, all kynd of spycery, comfettis, chamlettis, Holland clayth, serge, sewin silk, sewin gold, and siluer sayis, mader, irne, lint, hempt, walx, ais, pik and ter, battery, saip, steill, allum, Spanye skynnis and Burdeolis nor vther skynnis, nor na siclik stapill gudis, vnder the pane of viij s. for the first falt and frathinfurth eschete of sic stufe.

Anent the mettis and mesouris.

Item, forsamekle as it is havyle mvrmurit be the commone pepill that the mesouris mettis and wechtis of this burgh, sik as eluandis stane wechtis pund wechtis and sic vther wechtis stowppis and vther mesouris, ar vniust, thairfor the prouest and baillies certifiis all nychtbouris that vs mettis wechtis or mesouris that thai will tak inquisitioun thairof, and quhair thair beis apprehendit sic vniust fals mettis mesouris or wechtis that the awneris thairof salbe pvnist with all regour conform to the commone law.

Anent the foure new seriandis.

The provest baillies and counsale sittand in jugement anent the chesing and electing of the foure seriandis for ane yeir tocum conforme to the act maid yesterday thairupoun, callit all personis that desirit tobe electit in the said office, and thairefter compeirit Maister Alexander Logy, William Curle, William Nicoll, Robert Scot, Patrik Barroun, Alane Purves, George Gourlaw and George Crantsoun, quhilkis viij personis beand thocht reasonabill to be electit to the said office the saidis provest baillies and counsale causit call the dekynnis of craftis to gif thair wottis in the chesing of foure of the saidis viij personis quha compeirand James Young in name of the remanent of the saidis dekinnis beand present desirit foure alanerlie to be electit and the dekynnis to cheis ane thairof but woting, and thairefter the saidis provost baillies and counsale reiplie auisit thairwith refuisit the samyn sayand thai wauld woit foure of the viij and cheis tham conforme to the ordour of the chesing of vther officeris of the burgh and desirit the saidis dekinnis to woit in that maner, and thairefter the saidis dekynnis rais and past away and disassentit to the woting or chesing of oney ma officeris nor is ellis and renuncit the act maid, yeisterday and protestit for remeid of law; and thairefter the saidis provest baillies and counsale woittit electit and chesit the saidis foure, Maister Alexander Logy, Gorge Gourlaw, Alane Purves and William Nicoll to be the saidis foure seriandis foure ane yeir tocum quhilkis maid fayth to exerce thair office liellie and trewlie, and ordanit thame to compeir on (blank) nixttocum and find sourte for thame as vs is.

26 October 1554.

Young Baillies.

The quhilk day, the counsale sittand in jugement anent the complaynt maid be the haill baillies vpoun William Young, candilmaker allegeand that thai enterand at xj houris or thairby this samyn day in the tolbuith awatand vpoun the gaddering and convenyng of the counsale and beand passand vp and downe the counsalhous, the said William beand in ward for breking of the statutis of the towne maid anent candill, come to the bar and thair said to the saidis baillies with pervers countinance: Ye ar oppressouris and oppressis ws, quhilk allegeance the said William accusit of denyit, and thairefter the samyn beand sufficientlie provin to the counsale be diuers personis bayth of the counsale and vtheris that wer present and hard the samyn, the said counsale ryplie avisit thairwith decernis for amendis to be maid to the saidis baillies, that the said William remane in ward in the tolbuith quhill Sounday nixt tocum, and afoir the hie mes to cum furth of the tolbuith convoyit with the seriandis with ane walx candil of ane pund wecht and pas afoir the processioun, and efter his cumyng to the kirk to offer the said candill to Sanct Gelis lycht and thairefter sit downe on his kneis and ask the saidis foure baillies forgiffnes and the prouest for him self and the haill counsale, and thairefter to be convoyit agane to the tolbuith and remane thair induring the prouest and baillies will.

30 October 1554.

Penes consueles.

The prouest baillies and counsale ratifiis and approvis the act maid anent the convenyng of the counsale on Friday vlklie and vther tymes quhen thai salbe warnit, the penult day of Nouember last bypast, and nemmis Johne Symsoun collectour to the vnlawis thairof.

2 November 1554.


The quhilk day, forsamekle as the prouest and baillies of this burgh laitlie of befoir causit proclame ane wappinschawin of the nychtborhis of this burgh to be maid the secund day of December nixttocum vpoun the Borrowmure, conforme to the proclamatioun maid thairupoun, and that thai vnderstand that thair aucht na personis be ressauit and admittit in wappinschawing without thai haif lang wappinnis, sic as speiris, pikis, and culueringis, quhairfor yit as of befoir I warne all maner of personis inhabitantis of this burgh that thai keip the said day of wappingschawing and by thair armour that thai other haif ane speir pik or ane culvering, certefeing thame that gif thai failye thai salbe nocht ressauit bot be vnlawit conforme to the said first proclamatioun. (Proclamat quinto Novembris et anno predicto.)

3 November 1554.

Anent bulyeoun.

The quhilk day, commonit and aggreit with the provest baillies and counsale of the burgh of Edinburgh be Sir Johnne Bellenden of Auchnowishill, knycht, justice clerk, and Maister James Makgill of Rankelor nethir, clerk of register, in name and behalf of ane nobill and mychty lord Gilbert erle of Cassillis, lord Kennedy thesaurer to our Souerane Lady, haveand respect to the ackis of parliment maid be King James the Secund, Third and Ferd (fn. 1) anent the hame bringing of siluer be merchandis furth of vther realmes, because the merchandice passis nocht conform to the saidis ackis be sirpleth and vtheruis, and now takand consideratioun that vnto the tyme new prouisioun be made be act of parliament the siluer can nocht be brocht hame conform to the foirsaidis ackis, thairfor it is aggreit, but preiudice of the act of parliament to be maid thairupoun in tyme cuming, that the sek of wull passand custome sall bring hame ane vnce siluer, ten dosone clayth passand custome sall bring hame ane vnce siluer, twa hundreth skynnis, schorlingis, scaldingis, and futfallis and lambskynis exceptit, sall bring hame ane vnce siluer, ane last hydis customit sall bring hame four vnce siluer, ane last salmond thre vnce siluer, ane last hering customit sall bring hame ane vnce siluer, ane last killing twa vnce siluer, the pelit fische efferand thairto and all vther merchandice that passis furth of the cuntre customit being of the valour of xx li. to bring hame ane vnce siluer, and that the personis quha hes had thair gudis past custome sen the last chekkir to bring hame inlykwis; and the said siluer to be brocht hame as said is to be deliuerit to the maister cunyeour and the merchandis hame bringouris thairof to haif thairfor fra the said maister cunyeour at the deliuering of the samin as followis, viz.: for the vnce of the siluer of fines of Pareis siluer xviij s. viij d., the vnce of the fynes of Rowane and Handwart xviij s., the vnce of the fynes of Lundoun xvij s., and gif ony of the said siluer be fynar or lawar of fynes thai to be payit thairfor according to the fynes thairof.

14 November 1554.

Anent strangearis.

The quhilk day, the prouest baillies and counsale understandand that strangearis frequentand at this port of Leyth and enterand thair gudis in the bukis of this burgh and bringand the samyn thairto hes in tyme bygane hurt the fredome of this burgh in selling of thair merchandice in small to vnfremen and vtheris and hid the same in chalmeris of the hie gait; and for eschewing heirof in tyme cuming it is statute and ordanit that all sic strangearis frequentand to this port of Leyth bring thair gudis to this burgh and putt the samyn in ane foir buith on the hie gait and hald nane furth thairof in ony vther placis, and sell the samyn conform to the ordinance maid the xx day of December the yeir of God jm vc xlvj yeris, and that thai oppin nocht thair buith duris nor sell ony gudis quhill ix houris befoir none and than to continew quhill xij houris and than to steik the samyn quhill twa eftir none and at twa efter none to opin the samyn and hald thame opynnit quhill foure houris alanerlie; and that thai sell nane of thair gudis to ony maner of personis bot to fremen and burgessis of this burgh for the first xx dayis eftir the inbringing of thair gudis to sell in thair buithis and frathinfurth to sell the samyn at all houris to fremen of borowis and nane vtheris, and this ordinance intemyit to Francis Vmghen and he chargit thairwith.

16 November 1554.

Anent lanternis.

The quhilk day, it is statut and ordanit be the provest baillies and counsale of this burgh, for eschewing of evill doingis of lymmaris wagaboundis and vtheris that passis within this burgh on the nycht, steillis and revis within the samyn, that thair be nychtlie fra this day furth quhill the xxiiij day of Februar nixttocum, lanternis and bowettis sett furth at v houris at evin and remane quhill ix houris be the personis following, viz.: that ilk barbour on the hegait, ilk candalmakar on the hegait, ilk ypothecar, ilk tauernar, baxter, commoun cuke, haif ane bowet or lantern induring the said space nd foiranent thair buithis and tauernis; and siclik that ilk browster in clossis and outwith haif ane bowet or lantern elikwys; and siclik that all personis inhabitaris of clossis furnis bowettis and lanternis thair nycht about as thai salbe ordanit be the baillies; and siclik samoney foirlandis as the baillies thinkis expedient haif ane lantern to be furnist thair nycht about; and quhair it happinnis twa candilmakaris, barboris, ypothecaris, tauernaris, baxtaris, cukis, to be togidder dwelland that the baillie pit ane of thai twa lanternis to sic vther place as thai pleis devys thairfoir, and the lanternis and bowetis to be furnist as said is nychtlie vnder the pane of ij s. to be collectit be the seriandis.

23 November 1554.


The prouest baillies and counsale grantis licence to Johnne Gaittis, Inglisman, to brew saip within the fredome of this burgh for the space of ane yeir nixt heirefter, and to sell the samen to fremen of this burgh allanerlie in lastis half lastis barrellis half barrellis and ferkynnis.

24 November 1554.

Villa, Leyth.

In presens of the prouest and baillies sittand in jugement, Michael Rynd enterit Johne Wardlaw, James Litstar, James Bartane and Johne Colle at the instance of the fermorar of the wyld auenturis; and thairefter comperit William Craufurd baroun baillie to the abbot of Halyrudhous and desyrit thame as induellaris on the north syde of the brig to be replegit to the said abbotis jurisdictioun and offerit cautioun, and the jugis fand that in respect that thai wer input for customes thai wer jugis to tham; and the said William protestit for remeid; and the saidis prouest and baillies ordanit the saidis pairties to remane in ward quhill thai pay thair customes.

12 December 1554.

Propine Regine.

The prouest baillies and counsale ordanis the thesaurer Mr Johne Prestoun to by on the townis expenssis thre tunnis wyne and xx li. worth of walx to propine the Quenis grace with at Yule nixt tocum; and siclik the baillies and counsale ordanis the said thesaurer to by xij elnis weluot and half ane twn wyne to propine the prouest with agane Yule, sua it excedis nocht iijxx li.

24 December 1554.

Anent the bigging of the tolbuith.

The prouest baillies and counsale ordanis the thesaurer Johne Prestoun personalie present to begyn incontinent [efter] Yule to the bigging of the Tolbuith and steving of the geistis of the over hous thairof.

28 December 1554.

Anent the Quenis propine.

The prouest baillies and counsale findis it necessar and expendient that the litill farsche and play maid be William Lauder be playit afoir the Quenis grace, and that scho be propinit to hir nether gift with sum cowpis of siluer.

29 December 1554.

Precept, Park. Coquele.

The prouest baillies and counsale ordanis the thesaurer Master Johne Prestoun to content and pay to Alexander Park the sowme of xlij li. for the goblat dubill ourgilt bocht fra him to propine the Quenis grace with; and siclik to content and pay to Ogleir Coquele xvj crownis of the sone and ane half for ane vther goblat bocht fra him to the effect foirsaid.

Ane thousand pund lent to Monsieur Dossell.

The prouest baillies and counsale declarit that it wes thair will and mynd that the thousand pundis quhilk wes borrowit fra the nychtbouris of this town and lent to Monsieur Dosell vpoun his obligatioun suld be done and lent for sik effaris as thai haif ado, of the quhilkis lennaris the names with thair sowmis respectiue followis, viz., the firmoraris of the mylnis ijc merkis, the firmoraris of wyld auenturis ijc merkis, John Carkettill jc li., James Stevinsoun fifty pund, James Barroun xl li., Johne Dougall xl li., the baillies xxxv li., Alexander Park xxx li., Lowk Wilsoun xx li., Johnne Charterhous xx li., Johnne Symsoun xx li., Robert Grahame xx li., William Makmoran xx li., Johnne Patersoun xx li., Johnne Norvell xx li., Patrik Edzar xx li., James Nicoll xx li., Johnne Moresoun x li., Alexander Alisoun xx li., Donald Maxwell xviij li., Adam Allane x li., Andro Vigholm xx li., Johnne Westoun xx li., James Carmichaell xx li., Robert Flemyng xx li., William Gray xx li., William Aikman x li., Maister Robert Glen xviij li., William Lausoun x li., James Aikman x li., Johnne Layng x li., Alexander Home x li., Richart Gray x li., James Sym xxiij li. x s.; summa totalis ane thousand pund xiij s. iiij d.; and thairefter Eduard Hoip baillie deliuerit the obligatioun aboue specifet to James Carmichaell dene of gild to be put in the charterhous to be kepit furthcumand to the personis foirsaid lennaris.


  • 1. See Acts of parliament of James I., 1436, c. 7; James II., 1449, c. 37, 1456, c. 7; James III., 1466, c. 11, 1467, c. 8, 1468, c. 1, 1473, c.11; and James IV., 1489, c.14. Acts of the Parliament of Scotland, Vol. II., pp. 23, 37, 46, 86, 90, 92, 105, and 221.