Extracts from the Records: 1539

Extracts From the Records of the Burgh of Edinburgh, 1528-1557. Originally published by Scottish Burgh Records Society, Edinburgh, 1871.

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'Extracts from the Records: 1539', in Extracts From the Records of the Burgh of Edinburgh, 1528-1557, (Edinburgh, 1871) pp. 92-98. British History Online https://www.british-history.ac.uk/edinburgh-burgh-records/1528-57/pp92-98 [accessed 19 April 2024]


20 January 1538-9.

Regratouris wyld meitt forestalleris; Taks of links.

The quhilk day, in presens of the prouest and baillies, Alexander Purves be oppin proclamatioun at the merket croce commandit and chairgeit all maner of regratoures within this burgh to desist and ceis yit as of before fra ony maner of forestalling or bying ony wyld meitt fra this hour furth, bot that the persouns that bringis the said wyld meitt sell the same in our said merkett oppinly, swa that our Souerane Lordis lieges may be furnist, exceptand allanerlie thai that hes links in taks for this yeir bypast, and that thai sell thair best cunings for iiij s., and the secundare efferand to thair gudenes, oppinly in the merkett and in na priuate places; and attour that na regratoures nor vtheris persouns within burgh tak ony links in taks or assedatiouns fra Fostronis evin furth, bot at the warrenders of links bring thair awin cvnings to the merket and sell the samyn oppinly thairin and no priuatlie, and gif the said regratouris failyeis in the premissis till be banist this toune tor euir.

29 January 1538-9.

Fische mercatt.

The quhilk day, the prouest baillies and counsale following, that ar to say,: Symoun Prestoun prouest, Kobert Bruce, Alexander Spens, Jhonne Fouller,' William Sym, baillies, William Adamsoun, Nichole Carnecors, Alexander Adamsoun, Robert Logan, Jhonne Purves, Robert Grahame, Archibald Williamsoun, William Loch, Andro Edyer, Jhonne Achinsoun of the counsale, William Vddert, George Kant, Jhonne Lytill, Edwart Kincaid, and George Leith, men of gude, consenttis and granttis to by the waist pertenyng to Jhonne Jhonstoun [sone and air] to Adam Jhonstoun liand in Swyftis wynde quhair thair fische merkatt is now sett, to the samyn effect that the fische mercatt may be continewit thairupoun, and to gyf to the said Jhonne heritable stait and sesing of fiyve merk annuell of Robert Adamsonis buth in thair buthraw thairfor, ay and quhill thay redeme the samyn be payment of jc merkis, and the said Jhonne to resing his said waist ad remanentiam, with chartour gevin thairupoun es efferis.

8 February 1538-9.

Wappouns in buithis.

[An act anent having "wappouns in buithes," similar to that of 8th October 1529, passed of this date.]

26 March 1539.

The north volt of the Netherbow sett to Bassendein.

The quhilk day, the baillies and counsale, sittand in jugement, thinkis expedient tha thair north volt of the Netherbow be wedset to James Bassanden and his spous vpoun ane reuersioun contenand the sowme of jc merkis, to the effect that the money thairof may big the said Bow, and for continewing of the wark thairat, because it is knawin and vnderstand to thame that thair is na vther commoun gude nor better way till do the samyn, and thairfor the said prouest baillies and counsale consenttis to the said alienatioun and wedsetting, and granttis thair infeftment thairto vnder thair commoun seill in dew forme, with clause of warrandice as efferis.

21 May 1539.

Mylne land.

(Ane act quhair George Gibsoun baxter gatt decreitt aganis ane Walter Scott for v furlotts quheitt for the crop of the mylne land at the mylnis.—In the court buik.—Tr.)

17 June 1539.

Villa flescheouris stok male.

The quhilk day, the prouest baillies counsale dekynnis and men of gude following, etc., thinkis expedient and deliueris that the dekyn and brether of the fleschouris content and pay to the gude toun and thesaurer thairof, ilk persoun for his stand for tua yeris bypast xl s. for ilk yeir, conforme to the first act of the setting thairof maid thairupoun, and als ratefeis and apprevis the said act efter the tenour of the samyn, and decernis it till haue effect for the saidis yeris past.

15 July 1539.

Statute maid for burgessis remanyng furth of the toun.

The quhilk day, the prouest baillies counsale and men of gude merchanttis for the tyme hes statute and ordanit that all maner of personis allegeand or pretendand thame to be fre and comburgessis of this burgh in vsing of the priueleges thairof compeir and enter thame selffis within xl dayis nixt heirefter within the burgh, to remane and mak residence thairintill, scott lott waird and walk with the vtheris nychtbouris comburgessis of this burgh; certefeing thame that gyf thay failye heirintill thay in all tymes efter sall be reput and haldin as vnfremen, and als dischargit, the said xl dayis being past, of thair priuelege and fredome gyf thay ony haue, and tretit as efferis vnfremen in tyme cuming; and that oppin proclamatioun be maid heirof at the mercat croce of this burgh for thame that comperis nocht efter the said xl dayis.

6 August 1539.

Analeing of the Netherbow.

The quhilk day, the baillies counsale and dekynnis of craftis vnderwrittin, that ar to say,Symon Prestoun prouest, Alexander Spens, Jhonne Fouller baillies, Jhonne Purves, William Adamsoun, Archibald Williamsoun, Jhonne Achesoun, Thomas Vddert, Gilbert Lauder, William Loch, Edward Kincaid, Henry Heriot for the baxsteris, Arthur Litiljhonne for the cordineris, Jhonne Fairlie for the skynnaris, William Smeberd for the hammermen, George Leith and Dauid Ferrie, consenttis that forsamekle of the Netherbow as is vnanaliit of befoir be now wedset to Robert Grahame thesaurer for payment of the sowmes debursit be him in biging thairof, gyf the samyn extendis to iiijc merkis, and in case he has nocht debursit sa mekle to resaue the superplus to the commoun weill, becaus it is vnderstand to thame that thair is na vther commoun gude to pay him thairwith. And als consenttis that ane extent of jc merkis, with the quhilkis James Coittis schip wes furnyst with to seik certane rubbaris of thair schippis, [be rasit], and that amangis the merchanttis and craftismen that vssis merchandise for payment thairof to Nichole Carnecors quhom fra the samyn wes borrowit.

20 August 1539.


(The owtlands breid ordanit to wey the ij d. laif xix vnce, and the iiijd. laif xxxviij vnce. The towne breid ij d. laif xvij vnce, and iiij d. laif xxxiiij vnce.—Tr.)

30 September 1539.

Wedsetting the few maillis of M'Gill and Grahames landis.

Symoun Prestoun provest.
The quhilk day, the prouest baillies counsale and dekynnis for the communitie thinkis expedient and consenttis that the male of thair landis of the mwre occupeit be James M'Gill and Robert Grahame, extending to xix merkis be yeir or thairby, be analiit and wedset, and the money to be gottin thairupoun to be gevin for outquytting of thair buthis being wedsett; and thairefter the hale buthis be foremaillit for certane yeris, that the foremale be gottin thairof to be gevin to the said Robert Grahame in payment of the sowmes awin be the gude toun to him the tyme he wes thesaurer, and in case the males of the landis foresaid occupeit be him can nocht be wedset, and na persoun fundin to tak the saymn, the said Robert to be infeft thairintill, according to the sowmes debursit be him, vpoun ane reuersioun contenand the samyn sowmes in the commoun forme.

11 October 1539.


It is statute and ordanit be the prouest baillies and counsale that the quheitt mercat begyn on ilk mercat day at ix houris, and thairafter that na vnfreman presume to by quheitt thairin quhill xj houris, be strikkin, bot allanerlie the fremen nychtboures and baxteris of the guid toune.

9 and 12 December 1539.


(Ane nummer of regratouris breking the statutes ar banist and their banisement publist in dew forme. In ane convict buik.—Tr.)

18 December 1539.

Anent the staple to Antuerpe.

The quhilk day, in presence of the prouest baillies counsale and men of gude of this burgh of Edinburgh, that ar to say Symoun Prestoun, prouest, James Carmychell, William Rynde, Jhonne Achesoun, William Sym, baillies, Jhonne Fouller, Kobert Grahame, Robert Watsoun, Andrew Mowbray, James Makgill, Robert Bruce, of the counsale, Jhonne Dougall, thesaurer, Jhonne Purwes dene of gild, William Adamsoun, Alexander Adamsoun, William Vddert, Gilbert Lauder, Patrik Tennand, Mongow Tennand, Thomas Vddert, Jhonn Fairlie, with the men of gude, with the commissaris of the burrois following, viz., Thomas Meinzes prouest of Abirdene, and Alexander Gray, for the burgh of Abirdene; James Wedderburn, Henry Wedderburn, and Thomas Forster for Dunde, Jhonn Cristesoun, William Pittillo, and Thomas Flemying for Perth; Maister William Arthur, and Jhonne Mwtto for Sanctandrois, convenit be command of our Souerane Lordis letteris directt anent thair conventioun this day, to treit and avise anent tbe stappill desyrit be the toune Antuerpe to be with thame in tyme cuming, Comperrit Maister William Thomsoun, channoun in oure Lady Kirk of Antuerpe, schawand and declarand in presence foresaid that, be the letteris direct to this said toun of Edinburgh be the said toun of Antuerpe and Lordis thairof, he had credence be toung to schew the saidis commissaris of burrois, viz., that quhat priuelegis the burrois of this realme havand thair staipill in Antuerpe desyrit thairfor to thair natioun of the said toun of Antuerpe wald be granttit to thame sendand thair tua commissaris to that effect, sua that the samyn hurt nocht the commoun weill of Antuerpe, nochtwith standing and attour the articlis send with him in speciall, and that the said burgh of Antuerpe and Lordis thairof desyrit effectuislie the cuming and confluence of the natioun of Scotland and merchantis thairof to thair port to fulfil thair desyris ressonable, nocht hurtand the said toun of Antuerp thairfor.


The quhilk day, the hale commissaris of burrois desyrit the copie of the articlis, and delay to schew the samyn ilk ane to thair communitie of the burgh that constitute thame, and in speciall the burgh of Abirdene and commissaris thairof declarit thay on na wyse wald consent to changeing of the stapill vnto the tyme thay had the copye of the priuelegis contenit in the articlis, and delay to consult with thair nychtbouris of thair burch thairupoun; and the commissaris of Dunde declarit thair commissioun wes nocht extendit to consent to ony change of stapill and conformyt thame thairfor to thair commissioun and to thair nychtbouris of Abirdene; the commissaris of Perth and Sanctandrois offerit thame rady to consult with the prouest baillies of this burgh for the commoun weill of the merchanttis, and desyrit the copye of the saidis articlis to the effect forsaid and dilatioun to avise with thair nychtbouris.


The quhilk day, the prouest baillies counsale and men of gude of this burgh of Edinburgh abouewrittin consenttit to the change of thair stapill conforme to the concorde to be tretit and priuelegis to be granttit with the consenttis of this burgh and Antuerpe thairupoun, being alwayis vnoblist or bundin to remane with Antuerpe at stapill bot to be fre euer thairof to pas quhair plessis thame and beis best tretit in all tymes cuming.

20 December 1539.

Insurrectioun of dekynnis be Kynloch and Gallowway.

The quhilk day, in presens of the prouest baillies and counsale sittand in jugement, Alexander Spens baillie allegit that in sa fer as James Vr fleschour, dekyn of thair craft, persewit him, nocht havand actioun of his awin, and in ane fensit cowrt in presens foresaid tuke speche vpoun him without leif, and that als William Smeberd, in declaring of thir wordis following, ane greit part of the craftis and dekynnis being present at the bar:—We will defend oure nychtbouris of the craftis and dekynnis anent the complaynttis gevin in aganis the said Alexander be Andro Galloway and Dauid Kinloch,—that thairby the saidis dekynnis and compleneris maid insurrectioun and convocatioun contrair to the actis of parliament, and thairfor protestit thay micht be accusit thairupoun in tyme cumming, and in presens foresaid the saidis dekynnis allegit that thay come to persew iustice and nocht to mak insurrectioun and conventionis.