Extracts from the Records: 1563, Jan-June

Extracts From the Records of the Burgh of Edinburgh, 1557-1571. Originally published by Scottish Burgh Records Society, Edinburgh, 1875.

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1563, Jan-June

6 January 1562–3.


[A supplication presented by Andro Murray of Blackbaronye, bearing that when extents were raised for the proper affairs of the burgh he was taxed among the common merchants, though "ane gintillman having his leving to landwert and vsing na maner of tratiquye within this burgh," and desiring the council to discharge him of all extents in future, as other free barons, "vtherwise he wald discharge himself of all sic libertie as they mycht allege him to haue of thame, and fra this furth nowther tak laubouris travell nor thocht of thair efferis as he hes done in tymes bygane." The council found that the extenters had done wrong, and agreed to make compensation for past payments, and discharged all extents in future "except at sic tymes as quben our Soueranys proclamatioun salbe generale vpoun all hir hienes lieges aganis Murray hir inimeis and than to bruke the benefice of this burgh becaus he is fre burges, or at sic vther tymes quhen the landis of this toun ar extentit for strenth and policie of the burgh and than to be extentit efter his rent within burgh."]

Proclamatioun cordinaris.

[ The following prices ordered to be observed and kept:— " The pair of double soillit schone of the lairgest mesour, weill wrocht, sufficient wark and sufficient stuf, for iij s. viij d.; the pair of single solyt schone, of the larirgest mesour and wark, ij s viij d.; the pair of fynest doubill solyt buttis for xxiiij s.; the pair of singill soillit buttis, of the like mesour and wark, xx s.; the pair of mulis, pantonis, brotekynnis, and all vther wark pertenyng to the cordiner craft, conforme to the prices abone writtin."]

15 January 1562–3.

Precept thesaurer.

[The treasurer to pay to two bailies twenty-six shillings and thirty-two shillings, "debursit be thame vpoun Newyerday to the porteris at the Quenys vter yet."


Proclamation to be made that no " hydis be sellerit, saltat, nor sauld furth of this burgh, nor gadderit togidder in greit, bot be sauld commonlie in the merket fresche to the cordineris and barbaris."

Sesings of the
townys landis

No resignation of the town's lands to be made, except " in presens of the prouest baillies and counsale, and thair precept vnder the seill of caus obtenit for the sesing geving."]

22 January 1562–3.


The prouest baillies and counsale dischargit Anthone Frankdeveill, Johne Wemyss, Henry Lumesden, and Jonet Clerk and George Welsche of all occupeing or vsing of cherurgeanrie or barbour craft vnto the tyme thay wer admytit and maid fre with the said craft.

27 January 1562–3.

Regina. the Quenis Maiesteis ordinance vpoun wynis and vpoun the cordineris.

Apud Edinburgh, xxvijo Januarii, anno lxijo. The Quenis Maiestie ordanis the prouest and baillies of the burgh of Edinburgh to put the lait act and statut of counsale maid anent the selling of wynis within this realme to dew executioun in all poynttis efter the tenour thairof, within the boundis and fredome of the said burgh, and thai on na wise suffer the saidis wynis to be sauld thairin in greit or small vpoun hiear prices nor is expremyt in the said act, vnder the pane of forfalting and tynsale of thair fredome; and ald that serch and seik deligentlie within the fredome of thair said burgh that euery cordiner and man exerceand that craft thairin haif sufficent ledder and vther stuf to wirk and laubour for furnessing of the Quenis Maiesteis lieges, vpoun the prices statut be the said prouest and baillies within the said burgh thairanent; and in case ony of the said craftismen be destirute thairof that the said prouest and baillies put thair said act to executioun and depriue the braikaitis thairof fra all vsing of the said craft and bruking of ony fredome within the said burgh in tyme cuming, vnder the pane forsaid. Sic subscribitur: Marie, R.

[The provost bailies and council ordained proclamtion to be made in terms of the foregoing ordinance, a copy of which was to be sent to the deacon of the cordiners. Wines were ordered to be sold not dearer than " viij d. the pynt of Burdeaux wyne and vj d. the pynt Rochell and vther wynis."]

5 February 1562–3.

Ordinance for convenyng of dekynnis.

The prouest baillies and counsale, in presens of the maist pairt of the hale dekynnis, decernis and ordanis thame and thair successouis in all tymes cuming, quhen it salhappin thame to be convenit be the saidis prouest and baillies within the tolbuth or vther plaissis neidfull, for ressonyng vpoun the common effaris quhairintill thair counsale and consent salbe neidfull, that incontinent, but delay, thay gyf thair jugement openioum and conclusiun,according to thair knawlege and conscience, becaus in tymes past thair delayis and avisementis with the multitudes of thair craftis hes bene the occasioun of tvmults and vproris, nocht onlie amangis thameselfis bot alsua of this hale toun to the greit inquyetatioun and trunble of the samyn and hinder of the commoun effaris to the greit hurt of the commoun weill; and quhat dekynnis that deferris and delayis, that he remane in waird vpoun his awin expenssis ay and quhill he deliuer and gyf his jugement according to his knaulege and couscience as said is; and for his inobedience, sa oft as he refussis, to pay the vnlaw of xx s. to the commoun warkis, vnforgevin.

6 February 1562–3.

Quhyte, maister of scole.

The prouest, baillies, counsale and dekynnis, all in ane voce, ordanis ane writing to be maid in maist effecteous maner to maister James Quhite, Scottisman, in Londone, requeisting him with all deligence to addres him to this toun and to accept vpoun him the maisterschip of the hie grammer scole and teiching of the youth of this toun, and becaus thai ar surelie informyt [he] hes greit proffit be his scole in Londone, and that he is ane man of excellent lernyng bayth in Lating and Greik toung, thay all in ane voce ordanis ane yeirlie pentioun to be gevin to him of iiijxx li. of the redeast of thair commoun gude, besyde and abone the proffit that he sall haue of the bairnys and scule induring thair willis, and bindis and oblissis thame and thair successouris for thankfull payment thairof; and ordauis this promys to be contenit in the said writing; and the samyn to be send to the said masister James with Archibald Grahame now at his depairting to England with my lord secreter, and requeist the said Archibald maist ernistlie to persuaid the said maister James to addres him heir with deligence.

231 February 1562–3.

The Quenis grace writing Murdoch.

[The following writing presented and ordered] to be regidtrat and keipit for the townis releif: Prouest and baillies if oure burgh of Edinburgh. It is oure will and we charge yow that incontinent efter the sicht heirof ye freith releif and lat to libertie Patrik Mwrdoch, now being in your waird within the tolbuth of the said burgh, keipand this present for your warrand. Subscriuit with our hand, at Sanctandrois, the tuenty day Fabruer. the yeir of God jmvclxij yeirs. Sic Subscribitur:Marie, R.

5 March 562–3.

Symsoun, villa.

The prouest baillies [and council ] ordanis maister Jhonne Prestoun, thesaurer, to deliuer to Agnes Simsoun, relict of vmquhile Williame Chepman, and Robert Norvell now hir spous, the soume of threttie poundis for the stanis and beging of the chapell in the Nehter Kirkyarde foundit by vmquhile Walter Chepman.

Precept, thesaurer.

The baillies and counsale ordanis maister Jhonne Prestoun, thesaurer, to content and pay to my lorde prouest, for the expenssis of the banket preparit be him to the commissaris of borrowis, auchtene poundis iij s. j d.

Maister wark.

The prouest baillies and counsale ordanis Dauid Somer, maister of wark, to intromet with the stanis of the chapell in the Nethet Kirkyaird and bestow the smayn vpoun the new tolbuith.

Pennycuke. Kirk of Feild.

The prouest baillies and counsale ordanis maister Jhonne Spens, baillie, Andro Murray of Blakbaronye and maister Jhonne Pretoun, thesaurer, to talk and commoun with the persoun of Pennycuke tuiching the Kirk of Feild and hale bigingis thairof, and report his ansuer to thame agane upoun the nixt counsale day.

10 March 1562–3.

Kincaid, villa.

[Of this date a supplication was presented to the council by the spouse of James Kincaid, representing that her late father. John Scott, had obtained from King James V. the gift of " the kyln and barn foundit be him vpoun the ground sumtyme callit the Kingis Stabillis, liand contigue to your calsay and commoun passage to your mylnis, betuix the said calsay on the eist, the commoun well and entres to the barres vpoun the west, the castell and bank thairof vpoun the north, and certane landis of my said vmquhile faderris vpoun the south, quhilk kyll and barn, being sufficientlie bigit be ny said vmquhile fader, Johnn Hammyltoun of Cliddisdale, prouest of this burgh for the tyme, with certane vther nychtbouris of this burgh, for quhat caus vnknawin to my fader, kist down the said kyll and barn." The supplicants now asked that a charter should be given to them by the council and they complied with the request, the property to be held in "fre burgage," and the owners paying to the town, a yearly feu-duty of 13s. 4d.]

11 March 1562–3.

Paullis wark.

The prouest, bailies, counsale, and dekynnis granttis and disponis to Dauid Grahame, masoun, the beidmabschip in Sanct Paullis Wark, vacand be deceis of Dauid Young, furrour, with all emolimentis and dewties thairof, and ordanis ane baillie and clerk to put him in possesioun be entering of him to the sell of the said vmquhile Dauid as vse is; [and also] granttis to Jhonne Cuke, talyeour, the beidmanschip vacand in Sanct Paullis Werk be the deces of Jhone Wilsoun.

April 1563.


[The treasurer ordained " to pay to the calsay makarris, for tua ruddis foure elnis. calsay bigit fornent the cardinallis lugeing in the Cowgait, the sowme of iij li. xvj s."]

23 April 1563.

Tuiching the convenying of the inhabtantis of this burgh in the tyme of need.

The prouest, baillie, dene of gild, thesaurer, [council and deacons of crafrs,] egter avisement with the Quenys Maiesteis writing, bering that thair is ane day of law sett to the laird of Drumquhassill and Jhonne Schaw, and diuers vtheris greit personis, quhilkis hes maid greit conventioun of thair freindis agains the said day, and hir Maieste, fering trublis, commandis and charges the prouest and baillies to convene the hale nychtbouris for stancheing of trublis as said is, vnder all heast pane; quhairfor the said prouest baillies and counsale ordanis in all tymes cuming quhen sic or the like occasionis sall occure that the dene of gild caus poynd and destrenye euerye merchant that conveynis nocht, beand warnyt be officer, sound of tabroun, or vtherwise, for the vnlaw of xviij s. but fauour; and the officers to poynd thame for the said vnlaw, and gyf the samyn to the said dekyn to be vsit at his plesour, and this ordour to be obseruit in all tyme cuming.

Patersoun, masoun.

The baillies and counsale, efter avisement with the supplicatioun gevin in before thame be Jhonne Patetsoun, dekin of the masonis, bering that he had seruit treulie and deligentlie at the wark of the new tolbuth to the ending thairof, and that vtheris masonis nocht sa qualifieit as he had obtenit thair burgesschippis fre for thair bounteth and reward, and thair desyrit thair lordschippis to mak him thair free gild broder for his bonteth, etc.; to the quhilk it wes ausuerit that thay haue nocht bene in vse to grant ony sic libertie or priuilege to men vnmariit, and thairfor quhen it sould happin the said dekyn to haue ane lauchful wyfe and mariit according to the ordour of the kirk now present, vpon his gude behavour and seruice, he sould be considerit in this his desyre and satifeit to his plesour.

30 April 1563.

Clerks cbalmer.

The prouest, baillies, counsale and dekynnis, vnderstanding that thir monye yeris past thay haue bene subiect to pay furth of thair commoum gude yeirlie the sowme of xx merkis or thairby for the maill of thair clerkis chalmer, quhilk may be haldin in in all tymes cuming gyf the auld reuestrye od Sanct Gelis Kirk war put in ordour and maid able thairfor, quhilk at this present is desolat waist and seruis for litill or na thing, heirfor vpoun respect to thair commoun weill, and for halding in of sic sowmes in all tymes cuming, as alsua that thay may haue ane certane hous of thair awin for suir keiping of thair evidentis bukis and vther commoun euidentis continuallie in the handis of thair cleakis, fra the quhilk hous thay nor thair clerk sall nocht be removanble at the plesour of particuler personis as thay haue bene in tymes past, all in ane voce concludis decernis deliueris and ordanis that Alexander Guthrie, dene of gild, with all deligence possebill caus prepair the said reuestrye, bayth laych and heich, in maist honest and sure maner, with all thingis necessar, and that the dur be maid in the eist gavill of the siad reuetrie, and the expens debursit thairupoun be him salbe allowit in his compttis; and ordanis Thomas Reidpeth and James Young of the counsale to be vesitouris of the wark of the said chalmer and to tak cure and charge in the ordoring thairof.

11 May 1563.

Stewert, beidman.

[The bailies council and deacons, considering the good service done to the town by Jhonn Stewert, wright, " and in respect of his povertie, having monye bairnys," consent that he should have the next vacant beidmanship in St Paul's work.]

17 May 1563.

[Trial of Bishop of St Andrews and other kirkmen.]

The baillies and counsale ordanis that proclamatioun be maid, be sound of bell, warnyng all nychtbouris, bayth merchant and craftismen, to be vpoun the hie streit the morne be viij houris, in thair best array in feyr of weir, for seruing of our Souerane justice, and to remane vpoun the samyn hie streit vnto the end of the justice court set for the Bischop of Sanctandrois and the vtheris kirkmen quhilkis ar to thole law for saying mes.

11 June 1563.

Ministeris, reder.

The baillies, counsale and hale dekynnis, vnderstanding that this half yeir past thair hes bene na maner of provisioun maid nor support gevin to Jhonn Craige minister and Jhonne Carnys redar, nowther tuiching thair sustentatioun nor vtherwise; quhairfor thay ordane the personis following to pas amangis the faythfull quhilkis hes communicat and requyre of thame thair support to the said minister and reder for ane quarter of yeir quhill it sall pleis God that better ordour may be obtenit, and quhat euerye man granttis to wryte with his name, and ordanis the commoun clerk to guf vnto thame in roll the names of the saidis communicantis, and the saidis collectouris to present the saidis rollis to the counsale with the sowmes granttit as said is. [ Here follow the names of three persons for each of the south-west, south-east, north-east, and north-west quarters.]

18 June 1563.

Commissaris for the kirk.

The baillies and counsale ordanis Andro Murray of Blakbaronye and Jhonn Adamsoun to pas with the minsiter, Jhonne Knox, to the assemblay of the kirk to be haldin in Sanct Jonistoun the xxv of this instant moneth of Junii, and gyffis thame full commissioun and power to treit and conclude vpoun the caussis of the said kirk.


aThe baillies and counsale ordanis James Thomsoun, Nychole Vddert and James Young to be ourserris and tak cure vpoun the wark of the hospitale at the Blakfreris fof the moneth nixt, and siclike that Allane Dikesoun, baillie, maister Jhone Prestoun, thesaurer, James Mosman, Gilbert Cleuch and Jhonn Inglis, masonis, to set furth ane patron contenyng the forme of the said hospitale, and to produce before the kirk and counsale thair openioun in diuers hedis and artikles concernyng the said forme.

Ministerris, Dundas.

In presene of the baillies and counsale, comperit Jhonne Gray Scribe to the kirk, and presentit the supplicatioun following, in name of the hale kirk, bering that it wes laitlie cumin to thair knaulege, be the report of faythfull brethering, that within thir few dayis Ewfame Dundas, in the presens of ane multitude, had spokin diuers injurious and sclandarous wordis bayth of the doctrine and ministeris, and in speciall of Jhonne Knox, minister, sayand that within few dayis past the said Jhonne Knox wes apprehendit and tane furth of ane killogye with ane commoun hure, and that he had bene ane commoun harlot all his dayis; quhairfor it was maist humlie desyrit that the said Euphame mycht be callit and examinat vpoun the said supplicatioun, and gyf the wordis abone writtin spokin be hir mycht be knawin of tryit to be of veritie, that the said Jhonne Knox mycht be pvnist with all rigour without fauour; vtherwise to tak sic ordour with hir as mycht stand with the glory of God, and that sclander mycht be taikin frome His kirk, as at mair lenth is contenit in the said suipplicatioun; quhilk beand red to the said Eufame, personalie present in jugement, scho denyit the samyn, and Friday the xxv day of Junii instant assignit to hir to heir and se witnes prodcit for preving of the allegeance abone expremyt, and scho is warnyt apud acta.


The baillies and counsale ordanis Dasuid Forster, baillie, to seik and apprehend Frances Tennand and put him in waird quhill cautioun be found that he sall ansuer before thaim for the injurious and sclandarous wordis spokin be him of the ministrie and doctrine, and that becaus be hes bene oft and diuers tymes requyrit heirto and refusit.

Kirk, Grahame.

Johnne Grahame, merchant, being callit before the baillies and counsale foirsaid and accusit of diuers iniurious ans sclandarous wordis spokin be him in manteinance of the mes, and contrair the doctrine now preichit in the kirk of God, denyit the samyn, and obkist himself in all tymes cuming to keip mesour in his speiking and behavour, vnder the pane of the sale of his fredome and forther pvnisment as the jugis and counsale sould fynd gude.

21 June 1563.

Villa, Pennycuke, Kirk of feild.

It is appoyntit and endit betuis [the bailies council and deacons of crafts,] on that ane pairt, for the prouest bailies counnsale and communitie, and [maister Johne ] Pennycuke, persoun of that ilk and prouest of the Kirk of Feild, on the vther pairt, in maner following, that is to say, the said [maister Johne ] Pennycuke sellis and dispoins to the gude toun the hale bigging, sumtyme callit the Kirk of Feild, bayth auld and new, with kirk yaird, with lugeingis, biggimgis, mansionis, yardis, annuellis and dewteis quhatsumeuir pertenit ony tyme of before to the prouest and prebendaris of the samyn; and forther sall obtene to the gud toun the gyft and few maid thairof to my lord Robert Stewert of Hallyrudhous, and sall get to thame the Quenys Maiesteis confirmatioun vpoun the samyn, and sall transfer in thame all rycht that he had or may haue to the said prosuestrie sa fer as lyis within the wallis of the toun as said is, and quhat vther rycht or secutite thay can diuise for thame selffis sall obtene and get the samyn at our said Soueranes handis or vtheris havand onye rycht to the said benefice, bigingis, houssis, yardis, kirk yard, kirk annuellis and dewiteis within the toun as said is, and sall mak na conditioun contract nor apporyntment with any vther before the fulfikking of the permissis and obtenyng of the gyftis and confirmationis abone expremut: For the quhilk caus, sa sone as the premissis beis fulfillit for the pairt of the said persoun, before the deliuering of ony evidentis gyft or confirnatioun furth of his handis, he sall haue bund and oblist to him, in maist siker forme he can diuise, tua or thre of the maist substanteous of the said sounsale, for gude and thankfull payment to be maid to him of the sowme of ane thousand pundis vsuall money of this realme, to be payit within tua yeris nixt efter thair ressait of the saidis gyftis, confimatioun, and sic vther securiteis ressonable as sall be diuisit.

New Tolbuth.

[One thousand merks to be borrowed on security of the common mills " for completing of the new tolbuth and paying of the rest of the maister of warkis compttis."]

25 June 1563.

Old Tolbuth.

[The treasurer ordained, " with all deligence, to mend the rufe of the toure of the auld tolbuth and mak the samyn waltertycht."]

Minister, Dundas.

In the actioun and caus of sklander and iniurie persewit before the prouest baillies and counsale be maister Johnne Chalmer, procurator for Johnne Knox, minister of Edinburgh, aganis Effame Dundas, relict of vmquhile Alexander Adamesoun, comperit the said maister Johnne, procutour foirsaid, as at the terme assignit to him to preif aganis the said Effame pro 'prima, and producit Andro Sklater, Alexander Achesoun, Mawsie Galbraith, the spous of James Merchell, ane woman of gude fame and honestie; and the said Effame wes content that maister Johnne Prestoun, Robert Watsoun and Margarete Nicholl, spous [of] the said maister Jhonne, ane woman inlikmaner of gude fame, war ressauit witnes in the said caus thai being suorne thairto and purgeit of partiale counsale, and the saidis witnesis produceit war admittit suorne ressauit and purgit of partiale counsale in the said Effamis presence opponand na thing aganis thame. The said maister Jhonne, procuratour foirsaid, renunceit forder probatioun. and the iugeis ordanis the saidis parteis to be warnit literatorie to heir sentence gevin in the said actioun.

30 June 1563.

Dischargeing bonet makarris wyrking on the Hie Streit.

The prouest baillies and counsale, efter avisement with the complaynt producit before thame be Eduerd Hvme and the remanent nychtbouris, inhabitaris of the landis pertenyng to James Rig of Carbarrie and Andro Murray of Blakbarony, lyand within this burgh vpoun the north syde of the Quenis hie streit of the samyn fornent the croce, . . . vpoun James Lawsoun, bonet makar and dekin of the said craft, bering that the said James, havand ane fore buth vponn the forestair of the said land, causit his seruandis to wirk thair wollin coittis and bonettis vpoun the said stair, in sycht of the hale nobelitie and strangearris, being ane vile craft never occupeit in sic oppin places of before, nocht onlie to the detryment of the policie and honestie of this burgh bot to the greit hurt of the said hale nychtbouris merchanttis nixt to the said buith, quhais hale merchandice with thameselffis and vtheris resortand to thair buthis ar sa fylit with the calk dust, and flokis of the saidis coittis and bonettis, that force it salbe to thame to leif thair saidis buthis desolait, to their greit dampnage, gyf mair haistye remeid be nocht providit. Quhilk complaynt being considerit as said is, the prouest baillies counsale and maist pairt of dekynnis, all in ane voce, decernys and ordanis the said James Lawsoun to desist and ceis fra all forther vsing of his occupatioun vpoun or in sycht of the hie streit, and siclike of hinging forth of coittis or bonnettis oure the stair of the said buth, bot that he and all vtheris of his craft vse thair said occupatioun in thair houssis and out places as the samyn hes bene in all tymes past, vnder the pane of xl s. sa oft as thay salbe apprehendit doing in the contrair.