Extracts from the Records: 1565, July-December

Extracts From the Records of the Burgh of Edinburgh, 1557-1571. Originally published by Scottish Burgh Records Society, Edinburgh, 1875.

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1565, July-December

3 August 1565.

Somer, villa.

The baillies, thesaurer, dene of guild [and council,] seing that maister Robert Glen, thesaurer, is nocht of mynd to compleit the toun wall of Leyth Wynde, nochtwithstanding that he haue bene oft and diuers tymes chairgit thairto of before, ordanis all in ane voce that Dauid Somer, maister wark, caus big and compleit the said wall with all deligence.

4 August 1565.

Extent; Protestatio, Purves.

The baillies, dene of guild and counsale, vnderstanding proclamatioun allrady maid chargeing all maner of man to pas fordward with the King and Quenys Maiesteis in the persute of the erle of Murray and his colleges, and that thay ar subject be the said proclamatioun to pas with thame, the dyet being lang and the jornay tedious, consentits and granttis that ane vniuersale extent, bayth of merchant and craftisman, be vpliftit and gadderit for rasing and furnessing or ijcmen of weir for ane moneth to pas forward with thair hienessis in the said jornay. And allane Purves for him self, and in name of the hale dekynnis, dissasenttis and protestit that he nor the saidis dekynnis be na forther subiect nor to the fyft pairt of the said extent, conforme to the auld vse and consuetude euir obseruit in sic caussis.

23 August 1565.

Deprivatio, prepositi.

The prouest, Archilbald Douglas of Kilspindie, [the bailies, council and deacons of crafts,] beand convenit in the nether counsal hous of this burgh, comperit George Drowmound, seruand to my lord of Athole, and producit the King and Quenis Maisteis writting, of the quhilk the tennour followis: Rex et Regina. Baillies, counsall, and communitie of oure burgh of Edinburgh. We greit yow weill. It is oure will, and for diuers ressonabill caussis and consideratiounis moving ws we charge and command yow, that ye depois and displace the present prouest of oure said burgh, and in his place that ilk [as] prouest thairof, and radelie ansuer and obey him in Prestoun of that ilk [as] prouest thairof, and radelie ansuer of oure said burgh, all thingis belanging and concerning the said office as appertenis, as ye will ansuer to ws thairupoun. Subscriuit with oure hand, at Edinburgh, the [blank] day of August, and of our regnnis the first and tuentie thre yeirs. The quhilk writing beand red in presens of the prouest baillies counsall and haill dekynnis foirsaid, the said prouest, of his fre will, resignit and gaif our in thair handis his said office of prouestrie, and of his fre will dischargeit himself thairof and all that mycht appertence thairto, craifing instrumenttis and documentis that nowther the King nor Quenis Maisteis had ony just caus of offence to imput to his charge quhairfoir he should be deposit; and further desirit of the saidis baillies counsall and dekynnis gif ony of thame micht wordalie burdene him with ony sic wrang done be him the tyme of his office past as micht merit the pvneisment of depravatioun befoir the laufull terme, quha all in ane voce declairit thai had no falt to lay to his charger, and gif it micht pleis the King and Quenis Maiesties it wer thair plesoure that he sould jois the said office quhill Michelmes nixt, quhairapoun he askit instrumenttis as of befoir and that he obeyit the Quenis Maiesteis writting, and sua removit himself.

Baillies direct to the king and Quene.

The baillies, counsall, and dekynnis foirsaid, ordanis Johne Sym, Dauid Forester and Allane Dikesoun, baillies, maister Robert Glen, thesaurer, James Nicholl and William Fowlar of the counsall, this eftir [none] to pas to the King and Quenis Maiesties desiring to be hard of thame tuiching the dischargeing of johne Knox, minister, of forder preiching, the deposing of Archebald Douglas, prouest, and to desire licence to remane at hame fra the armie ordanit to convene in this toun the xxv of August instant, and frathine to pas fordward for the persute of the erle of Morray and his complices, and to report thair ansuer the morne.

Woittis concernyng the minister.

The samin day, efternone, the baillies counsall and dekynnis foirsaid, being convenit in the counsalhous, efter lang ressoning vpoun the dischargeing of Johne Knox, minister, of forder preiching, induring the King and Queinis Maiesteis being in this toun, all in ane woce concludis and deliueris that thai will na maner of way consent or grant that his mouth be closit or he dischargeit in preiching the trew word, and thairfoir willit him at his plesour, as God sould move his hart, to proceid fordwart in trew doctrine as he hes bene of befoir, quhilk doctrine thai wald approve and abide at to thair lifis end.

24 August 1565.

Spens, aduocat.

In presens of the baillies and counsall foirsaid, comperit maister Johne Spens of Condie, aduocat for the King and Quenis Maiesteis, and in thair namis desirit the laird of Craigmiller to be electit prouest conforme to hir hienes writting send with George Drowmound, to the quhilk desire it wes asuerit that gyf thai electit befoir the Feist of Michelmes ony maiestrat it micht appeir to be preiudiciall to the act of parliament statut for electing of officeris within burgh, and thai abill to incur danger thairthrow, nochtwithstanding thai knawing to be the King and Quenis Maiesteis willis and plesoure thai wald except the said laird of Craigmiller in the office of prouestrie quhill Michaelmes nixt and obey and serue him according to the desire of the said writting, and the said maister Johne Spens askit instrumentis.

Craigmillar, prepositus.

The samyn day, Symoun Prestoun of that ilk is maid burges and gild broder, accepttit and admittit prouest to the Feist of Michaelmes nixt, and hes gevin his aith for trew ministractioun of justice, and forder incommuni forma.

Extent of jmli.

The prouest baillies and counsall granttis and consenttis that ane extent of jmli. be vpliftit of all the inhabitantis of this burgh, and gevin for licence [to] remane and bide at hame fra this hoist and armie ordanit to convene at Edinburgh the xxv day of August instant and fra thine to pass fordwart for the persute of the erle of Murray.

Regina Matrell.

Comperit James Johnestoun of Kellebankis and producit the King and Quenis Maiesteis writting, of the quhilk the tennour followis: Rex et Regina. Prouest and baillies of oure burgh of Edinburgh: We greit yow weill. Forsamekill as we ar informit that ye haue detenit and haldin within the tolbuith of oure said burgh Gratran Materall, Frencheman, this lang tyme bigane, at the instance of ane Inglisman for ane allegit cryme committit be him, albeit we are surelie persuadit that he can haue na just actioun thairfoir aganis him bot onlie haldis him in cummer tending to put him to outtar pouertie and rewyne: Oure will is herfoir, and we charge yow that ye put the said Gratran to libertie and fredome furth of the said tolbuith and suffer him depart quhar he pleissis and mak na forder molestatioun nor trounill to him his cautioneris and souerteis for the cryme foirsaid in tyme cuming, nochtwithstanding ony charge gevin or to be gevin in the contrair heirof, as ye will ansuer to ws heirupoun. Subscriuit with oure handis at [blank,] day of August the yeir of God jmvclxv yeiris. Et subscribitur: Marie, R. Henrie, R. Quhilk writing, beand red, the prouest baillies and counsall foirsaid ordanit to be registrat, and the said Gratran to be put to libertie.

25 August 1565.

Ane annuell of the mylins.

The quhilk day, it beand appointtit with my lord the erle of Atholl that the gude toun sall haue licence to remane at hame fra the hoist and armie abone mentionat, thai deliuering incontinent the soume of ane thousand pound to Capitane Robert Lauder for payment of his men of weir quha man depart the morne with the King and Quenis Maieste, vtherwayis to depart thame selfis, quhilk beand reporttit to the prouest baillies counsall and haill dekynnis thai, willing to do the King and Quenis Maiesteis plesour in this behalf, as alswa for the eschewing of the jurnay, ordanis euerie ane of the counsall to avance xx li. incontinent, the fermes of the commoun mylins to be inbroucht, and the craftis to deburs thair pairt of the said extent of ane thousand pound, quhilk is ijc li.; and becaus na forder money can be gottin at this present thai haue borrowit and borrowis fra oure weilbeluifit nichtbour Alexander Guther, thair commoun clerk, the soume of foure hundreth merkis and xx li., [and failing payment within twenty days ordained an annual rent of forty merks to be paid him furth of the common mills.]

26 August 1565.

Dispensatioun fra the army.

The prouest baillies and counsall ordanis Allane Dikesoun, baillie, maister Robert Glen, thesaurer, and Alexander Guthre, commoun clerk, to pas to the King and Quenis Maiesteis for obtening of the licence for remaning fra the armie abone mentionat quhilk thai obtenit, quhairof the tenour followis: Rex et Regina. We, for certane caussis and consideratiounis moving ws, as alsua vpoun respect of the gude will gratitudis and plesouris offerrit and done to ws at this present be oure louittis the prouest baillies counsall and communitie of oure burgh of Edinburgh, granttis and gevis licence to the saidis prouest baillies counsall communitie and haill inhabitanttis of oure said burgh to remane and bide at hame fra this oure hoist, armie, gaddering, assemblie or conventiounis, ordanit be oure proclamatioun to assembill and convene in oure said burgh the xxv day of August instant and fra thine to pas fordwart and defend ws be the space of xv dayis, providit in feir of weir, efter thair cuming; commanding heirfoir and alsua dischargeing all and sindrie oure justiceis, justice clerkis, and thair deputtis, oure thesaureris, comptrollaris, scherfis, and all vtheris oure officeris, of all calling proceding, arreisting, poinding, vnlawing, troubling, r molesting of the said prouest, baillies, counsall and com munitie, inhabitanttis foirsaid, or ony ane of thame, for thair remaning and biding at hame fra the said hoist armie assembile or conventioun, nochtwithstanding ony oure proclamatiounis or chargeis past thairapoun of befoir, dischargeing thame of thair officeis in this part be this present. Subscriuit with oure handis at oure palice of Halierudehous, this xxvj day the moneth of August the yeir of God jm vcthre scoir fyve yeiris, and of oure regnnis the first and tuentie thre yeiris. Et sic subscribitur: Marie, R. Henrie, R.

Payment of the compo sitioun.

Rex et Regina. Prouest and baillies of oure burgh Edinburgh. We command and charge yow that, incontinent without all delay or without continuatioun, ye caus ansuer obey and deliuer to Captiane Robert Lauder the soume of ane thousand pound granttit be yow for remaning at hame fra oure armie ordanit to convene with ws in the said burgh the xxv day of August instant, quhais discharge and acquittance salbe als sufficient to yow as ony vtheris that may be requirit, and gif neid be for the mair haistie expenditioun heirof that ye vse quhatsumeuer ordoure, ne wairding or poinding apoun quhatsumeuer inhabitant within the said burgh, without exceptioun of persoun, that salhappin to be taxt be yow for payment of the samin according for thair parttis for youre releif, as ye will ansuer to ws, be thir presentis. Subscriuit, [at Holyrood Palace, 26 August 1565,] Marie, R. Henrie, R.

Followis the copy of the principale instructionis and ordinances gevin be the King and Quenis Maiesteis to my lordis president, clerk of Register, and remanent lordis specifeit in the saidis instructionis:—

Item, thay sall command ane continuall wache to be had and keipit in Edinburgh, alsweill on the day as nycht, bot the nycht wache to be maist stark, and attend that na thing be permyttit to pas furth of the said toun be the quhilk thair inymeis or rebellis may be aydit, nor that na personis resort within the toun quhilk ar suspect without apprehensioun and knaulege to be taikin of thair cuming or depairting. Sic subscribitut. Ita est. Petrus Howart, nortarius, de mandato dictorum dominorum, testantibus meis signo et subscriptione manualibus.

28 August 1565.


The prouest baillies and counsale, according to the ordinance abone writtin, ordanis that nychtlie thair be ane wache of xxxij personis, begynand first at the northwest quarter, to be set in maner following, viz., vj at the brokin wall in Leyth Wynde, iiij at the Gray Freir port, foure at the west port, foure at the Kirk of Feild port, tua at tha Cowgait port, tua at the Nether bow, and the remanent x to be movand throuch all the stretis veseand the vtheris set at the prottis, and to be vnder the charge of ane of athe officiaris and sum honest man of the quarter for that nycht, becaus the baillies may nocht walk euerye nycht; and siclik, on the day the hale porttis to be closit except the Gray Freir port, West port and Nether bow, and at all the day quhill the nycht wache agane thare be thre men at the Nether bow, thre at the West port, and tua at the Kirk of Feild in armour and wappinnis.

3 Septemner 1565.


Followis the copie of the instructiounis prisentit this day in judgement be the prouest, subscriuit be the King and Quenis Maiesteis handis, and direct to the said prouest and baillies of this burgh:—

In the first, thair Maiesteis marvellis greitlie how thair rebellis, assisteris and partakkaris, hes laitlie enterit and bene ressauit within thair toun as it apperis be thair negligece or than oursicht, in respect of the directiounis and prouisiounis left with thame afoir Maiesteis daparting laitlie, and als in respect of particular writtingis send to the prouest and counsall to that effect,. quhairfoir it is thair Maiesteis willis that better heid be taikin in tymes cuming in marrer following, assuring thame gif thai be found negligent thairin till it sall be laid to thair charge as parttakkaris with the saidis rebellis:—

In the first That the prouest baillies and counsall assembill the haill toun and caus thame quarterlie devide the samin in foure parttis, sua that euerie quarter sall awache and warid for the keiping of the porttis and wallis of the toun for the space of tuentie foure houris.

Secoundlie. That ordour be taikin for the performing heirof that thair be foure principall men chosin quha sall ansuer for the obedience and fulfilling of this first artickle in euerie point.

Thridlie. That all the porttis of the said toun be steikit saif, onlie tua quhilk salbe sua keipit that na man enter within the toun except commoun traffikkaris and travellaris knawin to the keiparis thairof, and incace ony vtheris desiris to enter within the said tounthat thai be presentit to the prouest and counsall appointit thair be thair Maiesteis.

Feirdlie. That the prouest baillies and counsall caus all necesser wiwers be ansuerit as thair Maiesteis counsall being for the tyme hes devisit.

Fyftlie. That, for preseruatioun of thair Maiestieis pailliece, that thai caus diligenece be taikin be out wacheis in the nicht that na man cum to invaid nor molest thair palice, and incace sa be, that thai with all diligence rescours the samin with thair haill force.

Sextlie. That thai gif thair vter diligence, as thai will ansuer to the King and Quenis Maiesteis, that na men of weir be vpliftit within thair toun to serve with the rebellis, thair parttakaris or assistaris, aganis thair Maiesteis, and that thai caus mak punlict proclamatiounis thairof at the markat croce, assuring thame that gif ony be liftit allradie or salbe in tyme to cum, thai sall ansuer thairfoir and be callit at particular dyattis for the samin, as fortefearis and assisteris of the saidis rebellis.

Sevintlie. That the prouest caus moustouris to be taikin with all gydeke dukgenece of the inhabitaris of the haill toun to the effect foirsaid.

Auchtlie. Gif thair be ony personis within the said toun that ranestandis ony of thir foirsaidis artickles that thai caus apprehent thame and put thame, as thai sall think maist expedient.

Nyntlie. That na powder nor munitioun be thollit to pas frth of thair said toun to ony thair Maiesties rebellis.

Fynallie. Gif ony of thir foirsaids artickles be contravenit thari Maiesteis will assuritlie lay thame to thair charge with all rigour, and will haue compt thairof.

7 September 1565.

King and Queen's writing.

In presens of the baillies and counsall, comperit Symon Prestoun of Craigmiller, prouest, and producet the King and Quenis Maiesteis writting vnderwrittin, subscriuit as efter followis, and desirit the samin to be registrat and insert in the tounis buikis of this burgh for his warrand, of the quhilk the tennour followis:—Traist freind we greit yow weill. Forsamekill as we vnderstand thair is presentlie in the theifis hoil of Edinburgh ane souddart of Capitane Stewarttis companie, and ane vther lattin to cautioun to the baillies of the Cannogait, quhilk this berar will deliuer to yow, it is our will that incontinent efter the ressait heirof, for sic crymes as thai haue committit, and the berar will informe yow, ye caus thame baith be hangit to the deid; and this on na wys ye leve vndone, as ye will ansuer to ws and aschew our vtter indignatioun. Doand this ye will do ws greit plesour, for we will nocht in ony wyis that thai eschaip; and incace ye micht feir or se ony apperance that for the hanging of thame ony vproir will be raisit aganis yow, sua that thair be dainger to haue thame reft furth of youre handis, than and in that cacve we charge yow to send thame to ws surelie convoyit with all diligence; and this on na wyis ye leve vndone. Subscriuit with our handis, at Kilsyth, the saxt of September 1565. Et sic subscrbitur:Marie, R. Henrie, R.

12 September 1565.

Villa, Maioribankis.

The prouest baillies dene of gild [and council,] efter consideratioun of the gude and thankfull seruice maid be Michaell Marioribank in the sessioun and kirk of God within this burgh, in writing of thair actis statutis and ordinances, ordanis the said Mychaell to haue of yeirlie stipend and fee the sowme of fourtye pundis, and to be payit him quertelie of the common contributioun.

17 September 1565.

Extent jm li,

The prouest baillies and counsale granttis and consenttis that ane generale extent of ane thousand pundis be vpliftit of the hale nychtbouris, for licence to remane and abide at hame fra our Soueranis oistis and armye ordanit to convene the first of October to pas fordwert vpoun the rebellis, etc., to Dumfreis.

26 September 1565.

Rex, Regina.

The prouest baillies and counsale and dekynnis, being convenit in the counsale hous, comperit maister Robert Creychtoun of Eliott, aduocat to the King and Quenis Maiesteis, and producit thair hienes writting, of the quhilk the tennour followis: Prouest, baillies and counsall of Edinburgh we greit yow weill. Forsamekill as we vnderstand that ye are to cheis yowr new counsall this day, for certane caussis and consideratiounis moving ws, for the weill eis and commoditie of our said burgh foirsene be ws, it is our will and we command yow that ye cheis nominat and woit to be of your counsall Eduard Littill, Duncane Levingstoun, James Curle for the merchandis, Michaell Gilbert and Archibald Leich, furrour, for the craftis, and apoun Friday nixt to cum, according to your auld accustomit vse, put in littis to be your baillies maister Johne Prestoun, Johne Sym, maister Johne Spens and James Nicholl, to be youre dene of gild James Carmichaell, to be youre thesaurer Luce Wilsoun; and apoun Tuysday nixt tocum that ye, togidder with the dekynnis of craftis, cheis woit and elect the saidis personis to be your baillies, thesaurer, and dene of gild as said is; nochtwithstanding this oure charge salbe na wayis hurtfull to youre auld priuelagis in tyme cuming, and this ye faill nocht to do as maist acceptabill seruice vnto ws. Subscriuit with our handis, at our palice of Halierudehous, the (blank)day of (blank)1565. Sic subscribitur: Marie, R. Henrie, R.

28 September 1565.

xm merkis lent vpoun Leyth.

The prouest baillies and counsale, being desyrit of the King and Quenys Maiesteis to avance and len to thair hienessis the sowme of fyve thousand pundis vpoun plegis and writtis, efter lang avisement fyndis and deliueris that thair salbe borrowit and vpliftit of the hale inhabittantis of this burgh the sowme of ten thousand merkis to be lent to thair hienes, haifand for securite of payment agane infeftment of the superiorite of Leyth, and becaus the said sowmes mon be refoundit agane be the gude toun to the lennaris, ordanis the particuler rollis to be registrat, that it may be knawin quhat euerye man hes lent. [Here follow the " Taxt Rollis."]

12 October 1565.

Anent annuallis.

The prouest baillies and counsall nominattis maister Johne Prestoun, Andro Stevinsoun and Dauid Somer, for the part of the merchandis, Thomas Reidpeth, Thomas Ewing and Johne Wilsoun, for the part of the craftis, to mak memoriall and put in inventour the chaplanriis, beneficis, landis, annualhs and annualrenttis, and vtheris dewiteis quhilkis pertenit to preistis, munkis, and freiris within this burgh, and to present the samin befoir thame sasone as it may be possibill.

Convening of the counsall,and awaitting on be the officiaris.

The prouest, baillies and counsall, being convenit for ressoning vpoun the commoun effairis of this burgh, and becaus the haill nowmer of the counsall wer nocht present thai micht nocht decerne nor conclude vpoun diuers actis necesser to be maid for the commoun weill of the samin, and vnderstanding that conforme to the ordoure of this burgh vpoun ressoning and concluding of ony mater of wecht the full nowmer of the counsall sould be present, and that in defalt of thair convening on the dayis appointtit the commoun mater wes deferrit and oursene to the greit hurt of the commoun weill; for remeid of the quhilk the saidis prouest baillies and counsall foirsaid ordanis that the prouest baillies and counsall convene in the counsall hous of this burgh on Tewisday nixttocum at sevin houris in the mornyng, thair to remane quhill ten houris afoir none, and sua to continew daylie thairefter, the Sounday and tyme of preiching except, quhill Tewisday nixt thairefter, and that thai convene fra thine furth oulklie in the said counsall hous at ten houris befoir none ilk Wedinsday and Fryday without ony werning or the bell ceis, vnder the pane of tua schillingis to be tane of ilk persoun that failyeis and beis absent without he haue leve thairto of the prouest and baillies or be furth of the toun in thair necessar besynes; and als gif it happynnis ony of the saidis personis to be warnit to cum to the counsall at ony vther tyme, and beis personallie apprehendit, and comperis nocht within half ane houre efter the tyme that thai salbe wernit, that he sall pay ij s. as said is; and gif ony persoun that failyeis in the premissis and payis nocht the said ij s., it being twyis askit and he refuis, he sall pay for his contempt and disobeydiance, v s., quhilkis siluer sall be gevin to the puiris; and that ane of the gild officeris ilk day keip the north dur outwith the samin thair tyme about and thoill nane to enter without thai be commandit, vnder the pane of pvnesching of thair personis, and the offciaris to keip the vter dur quhilk gangis to the laich tolbuith on the west part of the judgement sait of the samyn; and the saidis haill offciaris to be thair with thair halbarttis, a waiting vpoun the counsale for executioun of sic chargis as salbe appointtit thame, vnder the pane of wairding of thair personis induring the will of the prouest and baillies, without thai obtene licence thairto; and haldin fast induring the tyme of the counsall, and nane to enter or ische thairat bot the saidis prouest baillies and counsall.

14 November 1565.

Panche mercat.

The prouest baillies and counsall ordanis that the panche, pudding and scheipheid merkat be transporttit to the fut of Snawdounis Clois, quhilk is the fische merkat in symer and thair to remane quhill forder ordour be taikin thairanent.

[Delivery of charters, etc.]

In presens of the prouest baillies and counsall, Alexander Guthre, commoun clerk, producit and deliuerit to maister Johne Prestoun, dene of gild, in ane buist, the charter of the superioritie of Leith vnder the greit seill, the precept of the samin vnder the quarter seill, ane reuersioun seillit and subscriuit be Johne Mathesoun of Brouchtoun and Jonet Guthre, his spous, apoun outquitting of ane annualrent of xx li. annaliit be the gude toun to thame furth of thair commoun mylnis; item, mair, ane decreit purchest be maister James Quhite aganis the gude toun contenand the soume of iijcmerkis, the letteris of the foure formes purchest with the samin, togidder with the said maister James acquittance apoun the said soume; item, mair, the gift of prebendariis chaplanriis annuallis, etc., quhilk pertenit to preistis [and] freiris, heirtofoir; all to be put in the chartour hous, and apoun the deliuering thairof the said Alexander askit documenttis.

15 November 1565.

Knox, minister.

The provest, baillies and counsale ordanis the sowme of fowre hundreth (blank) to be gevin to Jhonn Knox, minister, of the radeast of the annuellis, prebendaries, chaiplanreis, tenementis, properteis, dewiteis, emolimentis, etc., quhilk pertenit to preistis, monkis, freris, etc., for his yeirlie stipend all the dayis of his lyfe.

4 December 1565.

Regina, propyne.

The prouest bailies and counsale ordanis Jhonn Westoun, thesaurer, to by for the King and Quenis Maiestie, agane Yule, thre twn of the best new wynis with torches and prikettis efter the auld ordour.


The baillies and counsale, vpoun consideratioun of the greit panis taikin be my lord prouest in the townis. effaris, ordanis Jhonn Westoun, thesaurer, to deliuer to his lordschip xij elnis of the best weluot in this toun, to be him ane goun, and ane twn of new wyne agane Yule.

14 December 1565.

Wyld meit.

[Proclamation ordained to be made to the lieges of the following prices, "to be keipit quhill Festerannis evin nixt:"— "The couple of best cvnyngis, quhite, qubill Fasterannis evin, vj s., the secundare iiij s., at discretioun of the baillies; the pair of pertrikis, v s.; the pair of ploverris, iij s.; the blak cok or gray hen, ij s.; the m wre hen, ij s.; the greit quhawpe, xviij d.; the wyld guse, vj s, viij d.; the wyld duke, xx d.; the pair of telis, xvj d."]


[Commissioners appointed to the King and Queen at Linlithgow," to ressoun determyne and conclude tuiching the impositioun desyrit be the lordis of secreit counsale to be rasit vpoun the wynis to be grantit and gevin to thair hienessis."]

24 December 1565.


The prouest baillies and counsale ordanis maister Thomas Makcalyeane and maister Jhonn Prestoun to convene the morne with the generale kirk, in the counsalhous, and with thame to treit ressoun and conclude vpoun the caussis of the said kirk.

Prices wynis.

[After conferring with, and taking oaths of, merchants arrived from Bourdeaux concerning the prices of wines, "fyndis the twn of wyne at this present coft as the first bying xvj crownis of the sone, allowand for the crown efter the price in France lij s.; summa at the first xli frankkis xij sonis; item, of fraucht xvj crownis sone; item, for vlege vj li.

Proclamation to be made charging all venters of wine not to buy wines to be sold at higher prices than last year,]