Extracts from the Records: 1571, Jan-June

Extracts From the Records of the Burgh of Edinburgh, 1557-1571. Originally published by Scottish Burgh Records Society, Edinburgh, 1875.

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1571, Jan-June

2 February 1570–1.

Villa, castell.

[The bailies, council and deacons of crafts,] efter lang resonyng vpoun the commoun effaris and keiping of the toun now in my lord Regentis grace absence, fyndis guid deliueris and ordanis that Jhone Sym, Jhone Achesoun, and Mungo Fairlie, baillies, Adam Foullertoun, Alexander Guthrie, Mungo Bradie, Thomas akynheid and James Inglis, pas vp to the castell this efter none and inquyre of the capitane in case the lordis for the Quenis pairt, or onye vtheris that beiris nocht guid willl to the toun, wald resort thairto in multitudes, or with forces, quhat wald be his pairt, and to report his ansuer the morne before none.

3 February.

Villa, castell.

The baillies counsale and dekynnis being convenit, the personis direct yesterday to the castell reportit ansuer of the capitane quhilk was as followis, that is to say, sa lang as the inhabitantis and nychtbouris of the toun did nocht commit offence aganis the Kingis hous him and his quho had the keiping thairof assuir thameselfis of his fauour, gud will, and assistence gif ony wald meyne to troubell thame be way of dede, and craiffit of the tounschip to keip guid nychtbourheid with him as thay haif done in tymes past.

7 February 1570–1.

Protestatio, Burgeschippis.

[James Wod, on behalf of the deacons of crafts, "dissasentis that ony alteratioun be maid vpoun the dewtie of burgeschippis or gildrie; or ony hiear prices nor hes bene vsit of befor."]

Statuta Consilii.

[The bailies and council ordained the dean of guild " to execute the auld statutis and hieast prices vpoun burgeschippis and gildreis to be maid conforme to the auld ordinances in all tymes cuming, nochtwithstanding onye protestatioun in the contrair."]

9 February 1570–1.

Excommunicat persouns, fornicatouris.

The baillies and counsale ordanis proclamatioun to be maid chargeing all excommunicat personis to remove thame of this toun betuix and the morne at none, vnder the pane of extreme impresonment, but preiudice of the forther panis contenit in the lawis; and that all sic as resettis thame cum and reveill the samyn to the baillies vnder pane of banischement, and siclike that the actis of perliament be execute vpoun fornicatouris but fauouris.

Regent, villa.

The baillies and counsale ordanis Jhonne Sym, baillie, and Nichole Vdder, thesaurer, to ryde to my lord Regentis grace in Striueling for satifeing of his grace concernyng the openioun taikin of the gude toun tuiching the capitane of the castellis gaird hous and men of weyr placit be him abone the Ovir Tron.

16 February 1570–1.

Ambassadouris, villa.

The baillies and counsale ordanis letter to be maid direct to my lordis erle of Mortoun, abbot of Dunfermeling, and maister James M 'Gill, prouest, ambassadouris for the King, presentlie in England, for procuring libertie for our schippis to pas in France, and ordanis Jhonne Fergesoun, younger, to be direct thairwith be post.

14 March 1570–1.

Proclamatio, schippis, prissis.

The baillies and counsale, vnderstanding that thair is certane schippis of weir arryvit within our soveranis walteris, having with thame certane prissis laidnyt with the guddis of Portingallis, Spanyerttis, or vtheris freindis, and sen trew it is that it has plesit God that the haill subiectis of this realme standis on amytie and freindschip with all forrane nationis, and that alsua be speciall act of parliament all letteres of mark ar dischargit vpoun the saidis Portingallis and Spanyearttis, vnder grat panis, as the samyn at lenth proportis; and seing that nocht onlie the contra venying of the saidis actis sall be dangerous, bot as alswa, gyf the guddis of freindis reft and spulyeit be reset within this realme and the spulyearis thairof interteneit and resauit, sall nocht fale to follow sic trowbillis that the hale lieges of this realme salbe banischit all vther countreis or vtherwise thair lyffis and guddis in hasert gyf remeid be nocht proudit: Heirfor I command and charge [that no person within the bounds of Edinburgh and Leith traffic with the goods in the ships referred to].

30 March 1571.

Villa, Sym, Lawtye, Dowglas, counsall.

[The bailies and council] disasentis to the putting of Thomas Dowglas to libertie furth of waird laitlie put in the tolbuith for the wounding and muttelating of David Lawtye, writter, bot that he sould remane thair according to the auld statutis of the toun, and Jhone Sym, baillie, confest that he had put him to libertie be ane ordinance and deliuerance of the lordis quhilk he had for his warrrand and acceptit the danger vpoun him; and the baillies and counsale foresaid protestit that na falt sould be imput to thame for braiking of the auld statutis nor putting the said Thomas to libertye.

Extent, borrowis.

The baillies and counsale ordanis ane extent to be sett of twa thousand markis vpoun all the borrowis of this realme for satefeing of Nycholace Vddart of the sowmes debursit be him for the doungetting of ten soulz of the tun of wyne in Burdeaux and for satefeing of Henrye Nysbet and Jhone Fergusoun of thair rewaird and expenssis quhane thay war send to Ingland and France for obtenyng libertie to the schippis to remane thair.

14 April 1571.

Proclamatio, beir

The baillies ordanis proclamatioun to be maid that na drinking Dutche beir be darrer sauld nor sex d. the pynt.

Villa, Regent:

The baillies and counsall ordanis writtingis to be send to my lord Regentis grace be Mungo Bradie of the counsall declairing thair constante obediance and guid mynd toward the King and his grace effaris.

20 April 1571.

Villa, Mortoun, prouest.

It is found guid that the baillies, counsale, dekynis, and certane honest nychtbouris ryd to Dalkeith to the lord erle of Mortoun, my lord Demfermeling and the prouest to rander thame thankis of thair labouris taikyne in the townis effarris.

28 April 1571.

Villa, castell.

The remanent baillies and counsale ordanis Jhone Sym, Jhonne Adamsoun,,maister Jhonne Prestoun, Henry Nisbett, Patrik Rig, maister Richert Strang, Alexander Vddert, David Kinloch, maister Craig, minister, James Young, James Wod, George Smyth, Jhonne Wilsoun, Jhonne Nicolsoun, James Oliphant and Alexander King to pas to the castell and desyre the capitane that all the Kingis lieges may resort to the toun without trouble, and that he suffer nocht the inhabitanttis of this toun to be molestit be the men of weyr rasit be him and the lordis, and to report his ansuer.

1 May 1571.

Regent, precept.

The baillies and counsall ordanis writtingis to be sent to Strveling [be] Mungo Brady to my lord Regentis grace declaring the ordour taikin betuix the tounschip and the capitane, viz., that he nor nane of his sall trubill ony inhabitants of this toun nor vthers resorting thairto that sal nocht be of mynd to trubill nor inquyet him, and forther to declair the said Mungo be credence the guid mynd of the toun toward the Kingis seruice; and ordanis the thesaurer to satiffie him in his charges.