Extracts from the Records: 1557, July-December

Extracts From the Records of the Burgh of Edinburgh, 1557-1571. Originally published by Scottish Burgh Records Society, Edinburgh, 1875.

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1557, July-December

24 July 1557.

Sanct Rowkis Chapell.

The baillies and counsale ordanis Alexander Park, thesaurer, and Sir William M'Dougall, maister of wark, to pas vpoun Mounday nixt and vesve Sanct Rowkis chapell quhilk is allegeit to thame to be rewynous and falling doun, and to tak consideratioun quhat will mend the samyn, and mak report thairof to the counsale vpoun Wedinsday nixt.

31 July 1557.


The prouest baillies and counsale ordanis Alexander Park, thesaurair, and Sir Williame M'Dougall, maister of wark, to pas the morne and vesie the wark of the Newhavin, and the laubouris maid thairupoun be the men laubouraris thairat, and quhat beting and repairing the samin misteris at this tyme for vphalding and sustening of samekle thairof as is ellis biggit, and to tak consideratioun quhat money will satefie the samin, and mak report thairof to the counsale vpoun Mounday nixt.

11 August 1557.

Precept. Wilsoun.

The prouest [bailies and council] being convenit in the ovir counsale hous, ordanis the said thesaurer to deliuer to Sir Jhonn Wilsoun the sowme of fourtye twa pundis xij s. iij d. ob., as for the expenssis maid be the said Sir Johnn, at the command of the prouest baillies and counsale, vpoun the Newhavin, fra the xix day of Junii in the yeir of God jm vc yeris vnto the last day of Julii in the said yeir, . . . . and discharges the said werk in the menetyme.

Precept, Sanct Rowk

The prouest baillies done of gild and counsale foresaid ordanis the thesaurer, Alexander Park, with the avise of Sir William M'Dougall, maister of wark, to wair the sowme of ten pundis vpoun the beting and mending of Sanct Rokis chapell for this present yeir.

13 August 1557.

Precept for Speris.

The prouest, William Kar and Allane Dickesoun baillies, James Carmychell dene of gild, Jhonn Young, Jhonn Sym, Richart Carmychell, and Archibald Lech, of the counsale, decernit and ordanit Alexander Park thesaurer, him self being present, to mak payment to Andro Kylle, speir makar in Sanct Jhonstoun, for thre hundreth speris bocht and arllit be the saud prouest for seruing of the lieges and inhabitanttis of this burgb, and to pay for euery speir with the heid the sowme of vj s., and that this be done with diligence becaus of the wappinschawing that is at hand.

14 August 1557.


The quhilk day, our Soverane Ladeis letteris being direct to the prouest and baillies of this burgh, bering in effect forsamekill as hir hienes with auise of hir darrest moder, etc., had direct letteris of before chargeing all and sindrye schereffis stewarttis baillies prouestis aldermen etc, euery ane within his awin jurisdictioun, to set wappinschawingis at tymes prefixt, to the effect that it mycht be considerit how the lieges were providit in armour and wappinnis and faling of sufficient armour to poynd conforme to the actis of parliament, nochtwithstanding the quhilkis charges it is vnderstand to our said Soueranis derrest moder and lordis of counsale that the maist pairt of the liges of this realme at all wappinschewing wer destitut of sufficient armour and nocht sufficientlie prouidit, nor thairfor na pvnischment maid nor vnlawis vptailin conforme to the saidis actis of parliament, quhairfor charge wes gevin be the saidis letteris to the prouest and baillies of this burgh that thay within viij dayis following causit set wappinschewing of new within the boundis of thair jurisdictioun, with certificatioun to euerye inhabitant thairof that war nocht sufficientlie providit in fensible armour at the said day effering to thair estait that thay sould be poyndit conforme to the saids actis, and gyf the saidis prouest and baillies foresaidis faillit in vptaking of the saidis vnlawis that thay sould be pvnist thairfor in thair persoun and guddis with all rigour; quhilkis letteris being red and effect thairof considerrit be the saidis prouest baillies and counsale, causit William Douglas ane of thair seriandis pas to the mercat crose of this burgh, and efter forme and tenour of the saidis letteris in our said Souerane Ladeis name, prouest and baillies of this burgh as said is, and command and charge all and sindry the inhabitantis foresaidis to convene vpoun the west end of the Burrow Mwre vpoun the xxix day of August instant at twa efter none providit as aboue, ilk persoun vnder the pane of x li., and witnes William Stewert, Johnn Freir, Jhonn Charteris, with vtheris diuerssis.

17 August 1557.


The provest baillies and counsale ordanis Alexander Park, thesaurer, to deliuer to Thomas Pettegrew, smyth, xx s., for lokis bandis and keyis to the almereis in the clerkis chalmer.

[Proclamation made to all indwellers within the bounds, liberty, and jurisdiction, to "convene vpoun Sonday nixt at twa eftir none vpoun the Burrow Muir of this burgh at the eist parte of the samin be eist the Sister of the Senis, well bodin in feir of weir, with sufficient armour, lang wappyynnis, sik as pik speir and vtheris fensabill lang armour, conforme to the auld consuetude of the realm."]

Strang, bedrall.

The provest baillies counsale and dekybnnis, sittand in jugement, hes gevin and grantis to Cristiane Strang, relict of vmquhile Bartilmo Fairlie, the bedrelschip of Sanct Marie Wynde now vacand in thair handis throw deces of vmquhile Jonett Gottersoun, with all proffittis emolimentis and pertinentis thairof during all the dayis of hir lyfetyme.

17 September 1557.

Regina, anent the furnessing of iijcmen.

In presens of the prouest baillies counsale and dekynnis of craftis, comperit ane worschipfull man maister James M'Gill of Rankelour Nether clerk of register, and producit the Quenis grace writting subscriuit with hir hienes hand of the quhilk the tennour followis: Apud Edinburgh xvijo Septembris 1557. Forsamekle as it is vnderstand to the Quenis grace and lordis of secreit counsale that to the proclamatioun of the army the mennis personis ar subject and thaim selffis haldin to pas furth conforme to the charge, thairfoir it is th ocht resonable that gif the Quenis grace grantis licence to ony burrowis to remane at hame, and to that effect takis ordour with thame, that the inhabitanttis be nocht stentit of the auld fassioun of stenting within burgh, bot that ilk man be taxt conforme to his abilite and guids be him self, quhither he be craftismen or merchant, without respect. Marie, Regina.

iijcmen furnest.

The prouest bailies counsale and dekynnis of craftis, all in ane voce, consentis and grantis that thre hundreth men be raisit within this burgh, furneist vpoun the expenssis of the inhabitantis of the samin, ilk ane efferand to thair awin pairtis respective eftir thair substance and abilite, eftir the forme of the Quenis grace writting aboue specifeit; quhilkis iijcmen salbe reddy to depairt fordwart to Fala Muir with the army of this realme vpoun the secund day of October nixt, conforme to the proclamatioun maid thairupon.

18 September 1557.

Protestatioun of the craftis.

The quhilk day, in presens of the prouest Archbald Dowglas of Kilspindie, James Carmichell dene of gild, of the counsale: James Barroun, Richard Carmichell, maister James Watsone, Robert Fleming, John Sym, Archbald Leich, and dekynnis of craftis, compeirit Robert Hendersone in name and behalf of the hale craftismen of this burgh and exponet and schew that forsamekle as the Quenis grace be hir writing, subscriuit with hir hienes hand, direct, chargeing the prouest baillies and counsale of every burgh within this realme to stent every persoun dwelling within the samin conforme to his abilite and guidis be him self, quhether he be craftisman or merchant, and nocht of the auld maner, in this present charge laid to the burrowis that he in name of the rest of his brethir craftismen of this burgh wald be content to be stentit at this instant tyme conforme to the tennour of the Quenis grace writting, provyding alwayis that the samin hurt nocht thair privilegeis nor be nocht ane preparative in tyme cuming to caus thaim stent in lyke maner in tyme cuming.

Precept. Guthre.

The prouest baillies and counsale ordanis Alexander Park, thesaurair, to content and pay to Alexander Guthre, for the expenssis maid be him the tyme he raid to Hammyltoun at thair command for desyring of artelyerie to the defence of the toun, the sowme of xxx s., and v s. for ane signett quhilk wes put to the Quenis grace letteres for chargeing of the inhabitantis of this burgh to pay thair taxt, quhilk being payit salbe allowit.

Acts anent bried, etc.

It is statute and ordanit be the rycht honorable maister James M'Gill of Rankelour, clerk of our Souerane Ladeis register, and maister Thomas Mariorbankis of Ratho, ane of the lordis of our Souerane Ladeis sessioun, president depute be our Souerane Ladeis darest mother to have the charge reule and gouerment of this burgh and caussis thairof to hir hienes returning fra this present armie and certane space thairefter, as at mair lenth is contenit in hir hienes commissioun dirrect to thame tharvpone, with awys of the counsale off this burgh:—[Here follow acts relative to "breid, malt, broustaris, meil mercat, fische, poultre, flesche, candilmakeris, flescheouris, stabilaris, vagaboundis, middingis, assyssis, standis on the Hegait," in terms similar to those of October in previous years. The following are the prices fixed:—The fourpence loaf of bread, baked by baxters within burgh, to weigh 22½ ounces; and that sold by outland baxters and other unfreemen to weigh 26 ounces; malt, 9 firlots for £3; ale, 3d per pint; best mutton "bouke" 8s., and the second, 6s.; a pound of candles, viij d. the "rag weik," and vij d. the "hard weik," best corn to be sold by "stabillaris" at 1 s. per peck, and the second, 10 d.; wine, 1 s. 4 d. per pint.]


Item, that na maner of persoun, man nor woman, regratouris of fische eggis butter cheis breid and frute or vther sic stuffe, hald ony maner of burdes or crames to sell siclike stuffee vpone the Hiegait nor vndir stairris, bot in thair awn houssis fra this tyme furth, vndir the pane of banesing of the town, and that nane of the saidis ragratours be sene in the merket amangis byaris or sellaris vnto the tyme of the houre of [tuelf] at none and quhill vj houris at ewin be past, vnder the pane of banesing, and that na regratour by ony butter or cheis bot in the Monunday and in the merkat and nocht quhill tuelf houris at none be streikin vndir the pane of banesing.


Item, it is statute and ordanit that na beggaris be tholit within this burgh bot thai that are borne within the samin, and nane of thaim be sufferit to beg except thai be ald cruikit lame or debilitat be greit seiknes, quhilkis may nocht labour nor wirk for thair lewing, and gif ony other be at this present within this burgh that thai dispesche thame of the samin betuix and Sonday nixttocum, vndir the pane of birning of thair chiek and baneseing of this town for euir; and that nane of the portaris of this burgh suffer ony outlandis beggar to hawe entres within the samin, vndir the pane of extreme punischment of thame in thair personis and deprewatioun of thair offices.


Item, that all maner of personis, merchandis craftismen and vthers haifand buythis or dwelling houssis vpone the fore gait, be sufficientlie providit of lang waippinis in thair buythis and houssid, sic as the aichis, halbartis, jedburgh staiffis, for stopping of tuilye, conforme to the statue maid of before, vndir the pane of xl s. to be taikin of ilk persoun that beis fundin desolat thairof.

5 November 1557.

Despositioun of ane prebendrye.

[The council disponed the benifice of St Andrew's altar in St Giles' Kirk to Robert Craig, son to Robert Craig, goldsmith, "quha promist him to be ane prist within twa yeirs." or else to renounce his prebendary.]

The wall at the Blakfreris.

The samyn day, my lord provest baillies and counsale forsaid ordanis the theasurer, Alexander Park, togidder with the maister of wark to pas and vesye the toun wallis fallin doun at the Blakfreris, and to caus reedify and mend the samyn, and the expenssis maid vpoun the samyn salbe allowit to thame in thair compttis; and siclike to close vp the durris of the waist land vpoun the west syde of Leyth Wynde.

Escheit wyne.

The prouest, baillies, and counsale disponis and gevis the seriandis to be equalye delt amangis thame the half pype of wyne quhilk pertenit to Dauid Somer and escheit for his inobedienttis and braiking of the statutis be selling of the said wyne aboue the price statute, etc.; and this said wyne disponit to the saidis seriandis in recompence of thair deutie of the schereffis gluffis dischargit at this present fair of Alhallomes.

12 November 1557.

Making of burgessis.

The samin day, it being requerit be me lord provest at the baillies and counsale forsaid that he for the request of my lord the erle of Glanecairn and vtheris genttillmen of court mycht haue ane burgeschip to [blank]; to the quhilk the saidis baillies and counsale ansuret that thay wer sworne that thai suld nocht grant to the disponing of ony burgeschippis for ane yeir intocum except to men of fame honestie and sufficiante substance quhilkis had or schortlie suld hawe stob and staik within this towne and that man pay thair dewtie the tyme of thair admissoun, and thairfore prayit his lordship be nocht offendit with thame, to the quhilk he alswa condisendit, quhairvpone the dene of gild askit instrumenttis.

23 November 1557.

Counsale dayis, with the panys.

The prouest baillies and ane pairt of the counsale, being convenit for resonyng vpoun the commoun effaris of this burgh, and because the hale nowmer of the counsale wer nocht present, the samyn ceissit at that tyme, and vnderstanding that conforme to the ordour of this burgh vpoun the ressonyng and concluding of onye mater of wecht the full nowmer of counsale sould be present, and that in defalt of thair convenyng on the dayis apoynttit the commoun materris war deferrit and oursene, to the greit hurt of the commoun weill, for remeid of the quhilk my said lord prouest and counsale foirsaid ordanys that Wedinsday and Friday oulklie be counsale dayis, baith before and eftir none, and that the hale counsale convene before none at the seising of the bell efter x houris and at ij efter none, and quha that faillis to pay xviij d. sa oft as the fale is to be put in ane box to be destribut at the plesour of the counsale.

26 November 1557.

Burges bairnys.

The quhilk day, my lord Seytoun prouest, maister James Lyndesay, Alexander Achesoun, Eduard Litill, and Williame Lawsoun, ballies, James Carmichaell dene of gild, James Adamesoun thesaurar, Archibald Dowglas of Kynspindie, maister Jhone Prestoun, Alexander Park, William Ker, Dauid Forestar, maister Johne Spens, James Curle, and Robert Hendersoun of the counsall, being convenit within the Tolybuyth of this burgh, and efter ressonyng vpoun the complaynt gevin in before thame be William Fowlar, Alexander Vddert and vtheris, in name and behalf of the hail young men burgessis sonnis of this burgh, makand mentioun that thai wer hevely hurt in this last taxt of xijclib. rasit for licence grantit to the inhabitanttis of this burgh to remane and abyde at hame fra our Souerane Ladeyis hoist and armye ordanit to convene vpoun Fawlay Mure the [blank] day of [blank] lastbypast for the assault of Wark, etc., in sa far as thai wer ordanit be the settaris of the said taxt to pay ane pairt thairof expres contrar to the laudabill ws and obseruit priuelegis grantit and obseruit to burges sonis nocht mareit, as at mair lenth is contenit in thair said complaint; quhilk being considerit, as my lord prouest ballies and counsall foresaid fand the samyn to be ane noveltye, and to the gret hurt of thair barnis, and expres contrar to the actis statutis and priuilegis grantit and obseruit to burges barnis past memour of man as said is, concludis decernis all in ane voce that na burges sonn within this burgh salbe haldin to pay taxt stent walk or waird in ony tyme cumin, nocht haffing stob nor staik and being vnmareit, bot sall bruke and joyse the privielege of the actis maid in thair fauouris of before, prouyding alwayis thai pay the sowmes to the quhilk thai wer sett in the extent aboue wretin.

10 December 1557.

Precept, Regina.

The prouest baillies and counsale foresaidis ordanis James Adamsoun, thesaurer, to furneis lay in and deliuir to the Quenis grace and hir seruitouris thre tunnis wyne, and to wair xx lib. vpoun walx to hir grace, agane this Yuill nixt to cum.

15 December 1557.

For vnlawing of the absentis fra the mostouris.

The prouest [bailies, dean of guild and councillors], being convenit, fyndis deliueris and ordanis that all and sindry personis quhilkis wer nocht present with the prouest arrayit in thair best maner of armour the last day of the perliament, conrforme to the proclamatioun be sound of bell, that alsueill thay quhilkis wer nocht rady before the calling of the rollis vpoun the Castellhill as thay quhilk baid away, salbe vnlawit euery persoun in the pane of xviij s., vnforgevin, sa monye as ar abill. . . . .

29 December 1557.

Fortefeing of the towne.

The quhilk day the bailies, dean of guild, assessor, councillors, and deacons], being convenit in the tolbuith of this burgh to the effect vndirwrittin, all with ane consent thinkis expedient and ordanis this town to be fortit strenthit and the wallis thairof reparit in all places of the samin eftir the devyis and sicht of the personis eftir following, namit to that effect, that is to say:—maister Thomas M'Calyeane [and nine others]; and for performing and fulfilling of the ordinances and devyses of the foirsaidis personis, anent the forting and bigging of the wallis foirsaidis, it is ordanit be the baillies assessour dene of gild counsall and dekynnis forsaidis that ane generall taxatioun or stent be vpliftit of all maner of landis and annualrentis within this burgh and wallis thairof, viz., xij d. of ilk pund of yeirlie mail and annuall of the samin, and for setting and rentalling thairof hes nominat the personis efter specifeitt to that effect, viz.: [eight persons for each of the north-west, north-east, south-east, and south-west quarters.]