Extracts from the Records: 1579, Oct-Dec

Extracts From the Records of the Burgh of Edinburgh, 1573-1589. Originally published by Scottish Burgh Records Society, Edinburgh, 1882.

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1579, Oct-Dec

2 October 1579.

Commissioneris to pas to the Kingis Maiestie in the Abay.

[The bailies, council, and deacons of crafts] ordanis the provest, four baillies, maister John Prestoun and John Johnstoun of the counsall, Robert Henrison, and Robert Abircrumby, for the deyknis, to pas doun to the Abay to the Kingis Maiestie and to geve ane ansuer to the propositiounis of my Lord Rothas and the provest of Dondie anentis the election of the magistratis the yeir to cum.

Precept thesaurer, triumphe.

Ordanis Robert Kar and Gilbert Dik, baillies, together with Androw Stevinson, thesaurer, and Robert Henrisoun, chirurgean, to tak ordour with the wrychtis for vpsetting of daillis and vther tymmer on the Nether Bow and vther places neidfull, for the decoring of the tovne agane the triumphe to be maid to the Kingis entres.

6 October 1579.

Electioun, magistratis.

[The provost, bailies, council, and deacons of crafts,] being convenit in the counsalhous for electing of the magistratis of this burgh for the yeir to cum, elected and chused the samyn in maner efter following, and anentis the electioun of the provest ordanit this act to be insert in thair buke:—

Clark, provest.

The baillies, counsall, and dekynis of craftis befoir mentionat, for obeying of the Kingis Maiesties command gevin to thame this day be four efter none, with his awin mouth in presens of his Hienes secreit counsall, chairging thame to resave Alexander Clark provest for the yeir to cum, conforme to his Hienes letters quhairwith they war chairgit of befoir, all in ane voce elected and chused the said Alexander as provest quhill Michaelmes nixtt, but preiudice of thair liberties.

7 October 1579.

Act for sic as ar appointed to beir the paill.

Ordanis euery ane of the thretty twa honest nychtbouris of this burgh and burgessis thairof efter mentionat appoynted for bering of the Kingis Maiesties paill to be chairgit be the officiaris to mak and prepair ane govne of fyne blak, barrit with weluouis, lynit in the breistis with weluouis or govnis of fyne chamlott of silk or growgrane of silk or cierge barrit with veluous, veluet coitis, or doubletis of satene, veluett or dames, tafetie hatis, and in sic vther decent apparrell as efferis, and that the samyn be rady within aucht dayes, and the baillies to tak visitatioun thairof, ilk person vnder the payne of fourty li. vnforgevin, and the baillies to tak diligent laubouris to se the samyn be nocht ommitted and to vplift the said vnlaw of the faillaris heirin but fauouris.

Precept, thesaurer, calk.

Ordanis Androw Stevinson, thesaurer, to by samekill calk as will spargten all the tolbuythis.

Statuta, middingis, red, tymmer, tar barrellis.

It is statute be the baillies and counsall foirsaid that all maner of personis hawand ony cruves for swyne at thair stairis and sydewallis fornent the Hie Streitt or common vinellis, and siclike that hes myddingis and fulzie collected or hes tar barrellis on the Hie Streitt, as alsua ony red, stanys, or tymmer on the said Hie Streitt or common vinellis, remove the samyn thairof incontinent betuix and Setterday nixt at evin, ilk persoun vnder the payne of fyve pundis but fauouris, certefeand thame and thay failye the said vnlaw salbe vplifted and thair personis putt in waird thair to remane on thair awin expenssis ay and quhill the said vnlaw be payit and forther induring the saidis juges willis for their contemptioun.

8 October 1579.

Preceptt, thesaurer, sueschouris.

They ordane the baillies to provyde foure or fyve sueschouris to the mustour day quhilk is on Setterday nixt, and thair wages to be payit be the thesaurer at the discretioun of the baillies.

Counsalouris, mustouris.

Ordanis the haill counsallouris to have on the mustour dayes ane quhyte staf and to gang seueralie be thame selues in thair armour as best plesis thame for decoratioun of the gude tovne.

Port, hansenyeis.

Ordanis the baillies to aduerteis James Adamsoun, yonger, Alexander Scott, William Harwy and James Lowdan, to apparrell thame selues in thair best apparrell to beir thair handsenyeis on the muster day quhilk is Setterday nixt.

Gilting of the copburde.

The baillies and counsall ordanis the four auld baillies, together with John Mayne, William Fairlie, and John Wilky of the counsall, to tak ordour with the gilting of the copburde with expedition, and to prepair gold to that effect.

9 October 1579.

Villa, induellaris in Leith, protestatioun, Neisbett.

It being inquyrit be Henry Nesbett, baillie, in name of the baillies and counsall foirsaid, of Walter Cant, baillie of Leith, quhat men within the said tovne war menacit be ony of the nychtbouris of this burgh and quhat war thair names, quhairby, as the said Walter allegit, they ferit to geve their generall mustouris the morn, ansuerit he culd nocht schaw thair names in speciall, in sa far as the samyn was spokkin opinlie vpoun the schoir be a greit multitude at the making of the tovnis proclamatioun the day procedand, and thairfoir the said Henry Nesbett, in name foirsaid protested insafar as he refused to schaw the menis names in speciall quha war menacit, as alsua the menacouris of thame, and insafar as gif they knew thair names they war willing to se all wrangis redrest, that this thair offer war sufficient to seclude all cause of complaynt heirefter quhilk ony of the induellaris of Leith vpoun the allegit boisting of thame mycht inuent.

12 October 1579.

Heid courtt, Leith.

[The provost, bailies, and council] nominatis the said provest, John Adamsoun, baillie, and sic vther of the counsall and dekynis as it sall pleis thame warne to pas doun the morn to Leith for keping of the heid courtt thair.

14 October 1579.

Conuention, burrowis, counsalhous.

[The bailies and council] fyndis thair counsalhous suld be prepairit to the conventioun of burrowis, and nane vtheris during the tyme of parliament to have acces thairto; and the baillies to tak ordour heirwith.

Proclamatioun, tapestrie.

Ordanis proclamatioun to be maid be sound of tabourin throw this burgh, commanding all the inhabitantis thairof to hing thair stairis with tapestrie, and ares warkis on Fryday nixt, and that nouther be nycht nor day ony fyre ballis, fyre arowis or vther ingynes of fyre be castin be ony maner of personis heirefter, and for removing of red, tymmer, swyne, and beggeris of the tovne, vnder the payne of pvnesment of thair personis at the will and discretion of the jugis.

29 October 1579.

Precept, Adamsoun, baillie, yeir past, violeris, sangsteris.

Ordanis William Adamsoun, baillie, the yeir past to delyuer to the violeris and sangsteris at the Kingis entrie aboue the Over Bow, the sovme of thre pundis for thair dayes wages, quhairof thretty s. to the violeris and thretty s. to the sangsteris.

Precept, Abircrumby, halbertmen.

Ordanis Richart Abircrumby, bailie of the yeir past, to delyuer to William Littill, baillie this yeir, the sovme of sax pundis, sax schillingis, aucht penneis, debursit be him to nyntene men quha war keparis of the gaitt the day of the Kingis entrie to this burgh with halbertis.

30 October 1579.

Proclamatioun, Alhaloumes fair.

[The bailies and council] ordanis proclamatioun to be maid chairging all merchantis, craftismen, and vtheris inhabitantis within this burgh, to be in radynes the morn be xi houris to accompany the provest, baillies, and counsall to vesy thair meithis and boundis, as ordour hes bene, on horsbak, and to proclame thair Alhallovmes fair to begyn the morn be xij houris.

Villa, Lowsoun, Craig, barhouris, Nicolsoun.

Efter avysement with the supplicatioun gevin in befoir thame be John Lowsoun and James Craig, chirurgeanis, desyring thame to furneis thame syluer for bying of sawis to ane John Nicolsounis pynouris curing of his leg brokin at the bone, quha ansuerit and obleis thame that they doing thair endevoir in curing thairof, quhither the said Nicolsoun deitt or levit, they suld be satefeit to thair contentment.

10 November 1579.

The dewtie of the wyne to the vplifted be the collectour of the annuellis.

[Ordaned "that in all tymes cuming yeirlie, at the rowping of the commoun gude, the dewtie of the wyne cuming in at the portis of this burgh be rowpit in this manner, to wit;—that thair be vplifted in all tymes cuming of euery tun of wyne cuming in thairat the price of ane pynte of wyne be the fermoraris thairof, and that quarterlie as vse is payment be maid of the samyn to the collectour of the annuelis" * * *]

13 November 1579.

Villa, Hagy, fleschour.

Walter Hagy, fleschour, acted himself that he suld neuer be found, nouther be himself or ony vtheris in his name, puttand ony scheip in the kirk yaird in ony tyme heirefter, vnder the payne of ten li. to be applyit to the common warkis.

18 November 1579.

Alteratioun of the preching days to Tuysday and Thurisday.

The baillies and counsall foirsaid, together with the dekynis of the barbouris, hammermen, fleschouris, tailyeris, cordineris, skynneris, masonis, wobsteris, walkeris, goldsmythis, bonetmakeris, baxteris, fyndis that the ordinar dayes of preching on the oulk dayes suld be alteritt in the maner following, to wit, from the Wednisday to Tuysday, and from Fryday to Thurisday, and the counsall to be on the ordinar dayes, to witt, Wednisday and Fryday, and that the counsall be convenit be ix houris the saidis dayes and to sitt quhill tuelf for resonyng vpon the commoun effaires, and to this effect ordanis the baillies and sic of the counsall as ar on the sessioun to aduerteis the ministeris and sessioun heirof.

Villa, pretenditt dekynis of the cordinaris in Leith.

Efter avysement with the complaynt producit befoir thame be the dekyn and brother of the cordinar craft of this burgh aganis the cordinaris of Leith, bering thame to have chosin amangis thame in thair pretendit maner ane dekyn callit William Ahannay, and ane vther callit Eduard Kirkpatrik for thair officiar, for admitting of prentessis and resaving of oulklie [blank] als frelie as gif the said tovne of Leith war ane frie burgh in contrair ane decreit past of befoir aganis thame, and thair foir desyrit remeid suld be put thairto as in the said suplicatioun is at lenth contenit. Findis the said William Ahannay, pretendit dekyn, and Eduard Kirkpatrik, pretendit officiar, for thair contempt, suld remane in waird for disobeying of the said decreit, induring the provest, baillies, and counsallis willis, and as for the vtheris occupearis of the said craft in Leith that they compeir on Setterday nixt in the tolbuyth of Leith for fynding of cautioun to ansuer forther to the said complaynt and fra ony forther vsing or exercing of the said craft in the said vnfrie tovne of Leith.

Villa, comissioners in the sang scole.

Appoyntis Henry Nesbett, baillie, John Johnstoun, collectour, and Eduard Hertt of the counsall to tak ordour with Androw Bughan, anentis his yeirlie stepend for vptaking of the psalmes in the kirk and eruditioun of the youth heid in the art of musik, and as they appoynt, promesis to cause thair thesauer, present and to cum, to ansuer and pay, and to repoirt the nixt day.

20 November 1579.

Dispositioun of the chaplanrie callit Mater Jesu to Balquan quhall, minister.

[The bailies and council] disponis the chaiplanry of the altar callit Matre Jesu, vacand in thair handis, in defalt of the paitron nocht presentand in dew tyme efter the deceis of Sir Androw Bauchan, with all the dewties belonging thairto, to maister Walter Bakanquhall, minister, during his lyftyme, for termes bygane and to cum, etc.

Inserting of the actis in the counsall buke.

The baillies and counsall ordanis that in tymes cummyng quhatever actis concerning the commoun effaires or vtherwayes beis minute in the counsalhous be thair clark at thair conventionis thairin, be immediatlie efter thair desoluing putt in forme and insert in the counsall buke, and that at thair ordinar dayes of conventionis the actis ordanit to be insert be red at the nixt day befoir ony proceding in ony vther cause and that be the moderatour than present and sic vther as he pleissis, to the effect that the actis maid and to be maid concerning thair commoun effaires be nocht oursene or vninsert in thair buke, as alsua that quhatsumeuer thing beis concludit at thair saidis conventionis, the clark, afoir the desoluing of the counsall, reid ouer to thame that salbe present the haill minutis of sic thingis as suld be pennit agane thair nixt day, to the end sic of the counsall as cumis in efter the hour and the vtheris conuenit in dew tyme may altogether approve the samyn and pretend na ignorance.

Commissioneris to speik with Robert Pontt.

Appoyntis Henry Nesbett and William Littill, baillies, John Johnston, maister John Preston, Alexander Vduart and Eduard Hertt of the counsall to pas to maister Robert Pontt and confer with him, quhen they think maist expedient, anentis the erection of ane college, and to repoirt.

24 November 1579.

Act that na offices be disponitt heirefter within this burgh bott induring the provest, baillies, counsall, and dekynis willis.

The provest, baillies, counsall, and dekynnis, having respect and consideratioun of the greit inconuenientis that may cum to the weilfair of this burgh be consenting or disponyng of ony offices vacant within the samyn to ony persoun or personis quhatsumeuir induring thair lyftymes, for ony cause or causis, and foirseing the inconvenientis that may cum thairby, efter rype avysement and sindry consultationis tane thariupoun att syndrie counsall dayes, statutis and ordanis and be this thair present ordinance concludis, all in ane voce, being altogether convenit in thair counsalhous, that na office within this burgh, sic as provest, bailies, counsall, dene of gild, the commoun clarkschip or ony vther salbe gevin in lyfrent at ony tyme heirefter, bot onlie induring the provest, baillies, counsall and dekynis willis, and quhat ever he be that sutis ony office vtherwayes to be disponit or ony vtheris in his name, the said person neuir to bruik office within this burgh, and quhatsumeuer he be that consentis to the breking of this act the said persoun to tyne his libertie and friedome of this burgh and neuer to be restored thairto nor to bruke ony office or honour within the samyn, and to be repute and haldin as ane vnworthy member in this commoun weill, and incais, as God forbid, that the Kingis Maiestie or vtheris having governement, command to resave ony persoun contrair this act, quhilk salbe to the greit preiudice of this tovne gif sua beis, as they traist with Godis grace sall neuer come to pas, in that cace quhatsumeuer persoun is provest, baillie, counsallour, dekyn, or that bruikis ony vther common office within this burgh that salbe molisted or trublit in body or gudes be hear powaris for mantening or disassenting to the breking of the liberties, privileges, actis, ordinances or friedomes, the said persoun or persounis to be rembursit, satefeit, and payit of all his coistis, skaythis, or dommages, that he sall sustene as said is, and the saidis provest, baillies, counsall, and dekynis obleissis thame and thair successouris to obserue and keip euery poyntt heirof, and that this present stand for ane perpetuall law but ony reuocation for ever; and this ordinance formit be Henry Nesbett, baillie.

26 November 1579.

Villa, commissioneris to vesy the senys.

Appoyntis Henry Nesbett and Robert Kar, baillies, John Johnstoun [and five others] to pas to the place of the Senys on Fryday nixt in the morning, taking with thame the tovnis gift thairof for veseing of the boundis apertening to the gude tovne be thair said gift, and to repoirt on Wednisday nixt, and siclike to speik [blank] Kincaid portionar thairof.

27 November 1579.

Villa, Buiquhan in sang scole.

The baillies, counsall, and dekynis foirsaidis, all in ane voce aggreis and ar content that Androw Buquhan be placit as maister of the sang scole induring thair willis, as alsua for vptaking of the psalmes in the kirk of this burgh, vpoun the conditionis efter following, viz.:—that he sal have yeirlie induring his office tuenty merkis together with tuenty merkis yeirlie for payment of the sang scole maill, as alsua that he salbe astricted to tak na mair for the instruction and lerning of the tovnis bairnis in the art of musik nor quarterlie half ane merk, and the doctour twa schillingis quarterlie; quhilk ordinance he in thair presences promeist to obeserue and abyde att.

4 December 1579.

Ellot to be ressaved in waird.

John Stewart, seruand to my Lord Sanct Colme, producit the Kingis Maiesties wryting vnder his Hienes subscription, off the quhilk the tenour followis:—Rex. Provest and baillies of our burgh of Edinburgh, we greit you weill. It is our will and we command yow incontinent efter the sicht heirof, ye ressave Jhonn Ellott, sone to eldar Will, and cause keip him in waird and suir fermance within your tolbuyth vpon his awin expenssis, sua that he eschaip nocht, ay and quhill he be fred be ws, as ye will ansuer thairupoun, kepand this present for your warrand. Subscryuit with our hand at Halyruidhous, the xix day of Nouember, the yeir of God 1579 yeris. James R. Montrois. Buchan. Conforme to the tenour of the quhilk wryting, William Littill, baillie, pat the said John Ellott in waird within the tolbyth, to be kepit in manner aboue writtin.

Vddartis renuncing of his friedome, and the juges protestatioun in the contrair.

In precens foirsaid, Nicoll Vudart, merchant, frlie gevis our and renuncis his burgeschip and gildrie, together with all vther fredome he had thairby in this burgh, insafar as he allegit he was sa extraordinatly extented in all extentis bygane, and in speciall in this last extend maid to the Kingis entry, being extentit thairin to ane hundreth merkis, quhilk he was content to pay as he culd nocht sustene the samyn, and protested that heirefter he suld nocht be subiect to the portabill chairges within this burgh inrespect of this his ourgeving of his burgeschip and gildrie and renunciatioun thairof, and heirvpoun askit instrumentis; quhilk protestatioun and renunciatioun the jugis foirsaidis refused to admit and altogether halelie disassented thairto.

5 December 1579.

Price, seill of cause.

Fyndis that in tyme to cum euery wryting seillit with seill of cause pay to the provest, present and to cum, threttene s. four pennies, and nane be seillit bot in presens of the counsall.

Pryces, wyne.

[Wine to be sold for £78 the tun, "compting 16s. ilk frank, £12 of fraucht for cariage, lekkage, and sellar maill £8, 8s.;" and the pint of wine to be sold for 3s. and no dearer.]

9 December 1579.

Commoun seill of Leith.

Alexander Guthre, commoun clark, in presens forsaid, delyueritt to Alexander Clark the commoun seill of Leith, quhilk sen thair first bying of the superioritie thairof the tym of his admissioun of principall clark to the samyn, he had in his custodie quhill now, and ordanit euery chartour to be subscryuit be thair said principall clark, and seillit thairwith, to pay xiij s. iiij d. of dewtie to the said provest, and that nane of the saidis chairtouris or vther wrytingis quhairto the said seill is requesete be seillit without ane speciall warrand of the counsall.

10 December 1579.

Villa, counsall buikis, Guthre, clark.

Efter lang resonyng anentis the placing of maister Alexander Guthre, eldest sone to Alexander Guthre, common clark of this burgh, in his fatheris office induring thair willis, appoynted Robert Kar, and Henry Nesbett, baillies, John Jhounstoun [and four others] to convene in the over clarkis chalmer of this burgh on Fryday nixt in the morning be sax houris, and siclike daylie at the said hour, and efter inspectioun of the haill counsall buikis, as alsua the said Alexanderis gift of the clarkschip, and avysement thairwith, to repoirt their jugement concerning the assurance to be maid be the gude tovne with the said maister Alexander and thairefter to repoirt.

Act for making registeris.

The provest, baillies, counsall, and dekynis efter following, viz: the dekynis of the barbouris, hammermen, flescheouris, skynneris, goldsmythis, tailyeouris, masonis, wrychtis, baxteris, wobsteris, bonetmakeris, cordineris, efter lang resonyng in the commoun effairis and in speciall anentis certan buikis to be maid contening the haill statutis and ordinances and liberties of this burgh, quhairby the magistratis, present and to cum, may be sufficientlie acknawlegit in sic thingis as concernis the common weill thairof, all in ane voce ordanit the act efter following, formit be Henry Nesbett, baillie, to be insert and registrat in this thair counsall buke, and the contentis thairof to stand as ane law in all tymes heirefter, off the quhilk act the tenour followis: Item, becaus it is vnpossibill to the provest, baillies, counsall, and dekynis to govern this common weill as becumis, vnles they have the knawlege of the liberties, privilegis, lawis, and ordinances thairof, quhilkis commonlie ar vnknawin to ony persoun except vnto the clark onlie, quhilk is the cause thatt the discreit men of this tovne ar nocht abill to govern this common weill as it aucht to be; it is thairfoir statute and ordanit be the provest, baillies, counsall, and dekynnis that the haill counsall bukis pertening to the gude tovne be patent and rady att all tymes in the hous aboue the clarkis chalmer, in sure lokfast kistis and coifferis, to the effect they may be patent and rady quhen the counsall sal have to do thairwith, and nocht to be transported out of the said hous aboue the clarkis chalmer, and that four discreit men of the tovne be chosin to mak registeris of the maist necessar lawis and ordinances contenit within the saidis buikis that salbe yeirlie gevin in the handis of the provest, baillies, and euery counsallour; and that at the ressait of the buikis, the provest, baillies, and counsallouris be suorn to keip the samyn clois to thame selues and to geve na copy thairof, bot at the end of thair seruice to delyuer the samyn agane in presens of the counsall to be delyuerit to thame that sall enter in thair place, to the effect they be nocht ignorant of thair offices; and als that ane register be maid of the haill evidentis and liberties of this burgh to be patent quhen the counsall hes to do thairwith, and the principal evidentis and chairtouris to be viseit and sene that they be in the chairterhous and placit as becumis, etc.; and for making of the saidis registeris hes nominat the personis contenit in the act preceding altogether, or ony four of thame, to convene in the said over clarkis chalmer at sic ordinar tymes as they sal think expedient daylie vnto the tyme they have fullelie maid perfyte registeris conforme to the tenour of this thair ordinance.

11 December 1579.

Lowsoun, minister, precept, thesaurer.; 23d Dec. 1579. This precept ordanit to be deleit insafar as be the journay staying, the syluer was gevin agane to the thesaurer. Guthre.

[The provost, bailies, and council,] being convenit in the counsalhous for resonyng vpoun the commoun effaires, vnderstanding maister James Lowsoun, thair principall minister, be the Kingis Maiesties speciall wryting, to be desyrit on Mononday nixt to pas to Sanctandaris for his dutyse to be had to the erectioun of ane College of Theologie thair, and that he is to remane thairatt be the space of aucht or ten dayes, during the quhilk space, seing the same is for na particular to him self bot to ane gude purpois quhilk they wis suld tak gude succes, it behufis him to have his expenssis maid, thairfoir they ordane thair thesaurer, Androw Stevinsoun, to delyuer to the said maister James the sovme of tuenty pundis to the effect abouewrittin, as alsua to pay to him quhatsumeuer vther expenssis he deburssis mair nor the samyn in his journay at his return.

Act anentis wilfull debttouris refusing to ansueir as law will.

The provest, baillies, and counsall foirsaidis, fynding thame selues daylie trublit be the inoportune sute of dyueris thair nychtbouris and vtheris our Souerane Lordis lieges resorting to this burgh, in craving thatt, according justice and gude conscience, sic thair wilfill and obstinatt debtouris as, in defraude of thame and payment of thair just debtis, wilfully retenis thame selues within houssis sua that na iustice can be haid of thame als long as they remane within the samyn, war compellit to fynd sufficient cautioun to ansuer at thair instances as law wald, and that to thatt effect oppin duris war maid for thair apprenhensioun and inputting of thair personis in waird thair to remane vpoun thair awin expenssis ay quhill the samyn war found, as this day apperit be the ernist sute maid to thame be James Roger, lawfull sone to vmquhill James Roger, thair comburges, quhairby he humblie desyrit that Archibald Roger, his brother, quha wilfully and in hie contemptt of justice, and defraude of his iust acclamit debtt as he allegit be teh space of ane quarter of ane yeir had kepit himself clois within his duelling hous sua that he culd in nawayes gett catioun found to ansuer at his instance as law wald, without oppin duris war maid and he compellit thairto as said is,—thairfoir and to the effect the said complener mycht be furtherit to justice, they ordane officiaris to mak oppin the duris of the said Archibaldis duelling hous, ceirs and seik him quhairever he mycht be apprehendit, and thairefter cause him fynd sufficient cautioun within burgh to ansuer at the said James instance as law wald, vytherwayes to tak and putt him in waird thair to remane on his awin expenssis ay and quhill he haif found the samyn; as alsua statutis and ordanis thatt in all tymes heirefter the officiaris of this burgh, having speciall command of ane baillie, quhenever the lyke occasion sall occur, vse the lyke ordour to all our Souerane Lordis lieges, but exceptioun of personis, provyding alwayes that ane baillie and ane clark be present at the making thairof, etc.

16 December 1579.

Precept, thesaurer, Vddartt.

Ordanis Androw Stevinson, thesaurer, to pay to Alexander Vduart, ten pundis for the Mertymes term maill last bypaist of the Frenche Scole, as alsua fifty markis for the said termes annuell of the ministeris luging, and the samyn salbe allowit to him in his comptes, producand this present for his warrand.

Frauchting of schippis.

Statutis and ordanis that na schippis be frauchtit fra this day furth bott in presens of thame and on the counsall dayes, and sic as ar frauchtit be chairter pairty, that the samyn be maid be thair clark, as alsua thatt the dene of gild, present and to cum, and siclike the clarkis enter nane bot in maner aboue writtin, certefeing thame that the gudes transported in the schippis vtherwayes frauchted salbe escheitt, and forther that the skipperis of all schippis to be frauchted outward ressave na maner of personis within thair schippis bot sik as sal schaw to thame the baillies tikket, vnder the payne of tuenty pundis according to the actis of parliament, and that all schippis be frauchtit vpoun the maner and conditionis efter following, and in cais the dene of gild or clark contravene this present ordinance in ony tyme heirefter, thatt the said vnlaw of xx li. salbe vplifted of thame and euery ane of thame sa oft as they failyie.

Followis the iniunctionis to be inviolably obseruit be sic as becumis catioun at the entry of the schippis passing out and in at thair poirt and hawin of Leith.

Iniunctionis to be obseruitt be the cautionaris of schippis att the frauchting thairof.

Item, that at the entrie of euery schip enterit outwart, the skipper and his awneris fynd ane substantious landit man, burges of this burgh, cautioun that quhatsumeuer gudes salhappin to arryve at thair poirt and hevin foirsaid in thair schippis frome vtheris cuntries salbe loissit vpoun the south schoir within the friedome of Edinburgh as the onlie place appoynted for loissing and laiding, hous and sellar the samyn thair, to the effect the samyn may be transported and careit thairfra to this burgh quhen command salbe gevin to thame be the provest and baillies thairof to that effect.

Iniunctionis to be obseruitt be the cautionaris of schippis att the frauchting thairof.

Item, in lykemaner that the cautioun to be resauit, alsweill at the outpassing as incuming, be bound and obleist for the skipperis, awneris, merchantis, and marineris that they, in case of ony difference quhilk may happin to fall out betuix ayther of thame and the merchantis induring thair veyages, sall submitt thame to the jurisdictioun and jugement of the provest and baillies and counsall of this burgh as onlie juges competent, butt appellatioun.

Item, that the skipperis and awneris of euery schip fynd sufficient cautioun and securitie thatt the merchandis gudes to be laid to thair schippis be weill and discreitlie handlit and nocht strykin vp without speciall consent of the merchand, awnar, or factour, thairto, as alsua that they tak na mair at the poirt for suring of the saidis gudis and merchandises to be inputt in thair schippis nor is contenit in the tovnis buikis or in their chairter pairtie at the frauchting, and the saidis chairter pairties to be maid be thair commoun clark of this burgh and his deputes for thair mair sure informatioun to be haid thairof, conforme to the tenour of the act preceding, and siclike that na passingeris nor vtheris be resauit in thair schippis without ane tikkett of the baillies, vnder the payne of xx li. to be vplifted and tane of the said cautiounar but fauouris, but preiudice alwayes of the paynis contenit in the actis of parliament.

Item, that the saidis cautiounaris salbe ansuerabill to the customaris and mak payment to thame of the customes of all gudes passing out or in at thair said poirt and hawin conforme to the custome rollis, as alsua for obseruing and keping of all the actis and statutis maid be our Souerane Lordis Maiesties nobill progenitouris, and the provest and baillies of this burgh for the tyme, for the weilfair of burrowis.

Act that na merchantis by ony hydis or skynnins bot in oppin merkatt.

Vnderstanding the greitt misordour that heirtofoir hes bene vsit be the maist pairtt of the merchantis of this burgh in geving of arlis to the fleschour of the samyn, or avancing of money to thame for grene scheip skynnis and hydes, befoir the samyn war presented to the merkatt, quhairby the statutis maid in the contrair war violated and brokyn, statutis and ordanis that in all tymes cuming nane of the saidis merchantis or vtheris resorting to the merkatis for bying of ony skynnis or hydes fra the fleschouris, geve arlis or avance money to thame or pas to the saidis fleschouris houssis to by ony thairof, bott that the samyn be bocht in oppin and plane merkatt and na vtherwayes, vnder the payne and vnlaw of fyve pundis to be vplifted of thame but fauouris to the gude tovnis, sa oft as they be apprehendit doing in the contrair.

Proclamatioun, wynis.

[Wine to be sold for 3s. the pint, and no dearer; and old wine to be sold conform to the prices maid of old for 2s. 8d. the pint.]

18 December 1579.

Kingis wryting, Maister Forbes.

The provest, baillies, and counsall foirsaid ordanit the Kingis Maiesties wryting efter following to be registrat in this thair counsall buke, quhairof the tenour followis:—Rex. Provest and baillies of our burgh of Edinburgh, we greitt yow weill. It is our will and we command yow that ye, accumpaneit with somony of the inhabitantis of our said burgh as ye think gude, repair to Leith the morn, the xvij day of December instant, be xii houris at none, and thair resave fra our Seref of Fyff or his seruandis in his name, Jhonn, Maister of Forbes, and samony of his freindis and seruandis and of the freindis and seruandis of umquhill George Gordoun of Geiche as salbe delyuerit vnto yow, and bring and cause transport thame to Edinburgh and thairin cawse thame surelie kepit that they eschaip nocht ay and quhill ye knaw forther of our mynde towartis thame, as ye will ansuer to ws thairupon, kepand thir presentis for your warrand. Subscryuit with our hand at Halyrudehous, the xvj day of December, the yeir of God 1579 yeris. James R. Argyle. Boyd.

Villa, Kingis wryting, Maister Forbes.

Rex. Prouest and baillies of our burgh of Edinburgh, we greit yow weill. Forsamekill as ye ar commandit be our lettres to ressaue our cousigne Johne, Maister of Forbes, and his seruandis for convoying of thame saiflie to our burgh foirsaid, thairin to remane quhill forder ordour be tane, nochttheles we vnderstanding that our said cousigne is heavalie diseasit be the dollour of ane wound that he hes in his bodie and may nocht without dainger of his life remane in our publict wairding place within our said burgh, thairfoir our will is that immediatlie efter ye haif convoyit to oure foirsaid that ye will saiflie enter him and his seruandis in his awin ludgeing, takand of him and thame sufficient cautioun vnder greit sowmis that thai sall nocht eschape nor fle furth of the samyn quhill ferder ordour be tane in the mater, and this present salbe to yow sufficient warrand. Subscriuit with oure hand at Halirudehous, the sevintene day of December 1579. James, Rex. Mortoun. Argile.

23 December 1579.

Act for wairning the skynneris.

The provest, baillies, and counsall foirsaidis ordanis actes to be direct to the officiaris for charging of the dekyn and brether of the skynner craft to compeir befoir thame on Friday nixt in the counsalhous be ten houris, for ansuering to sic thingis as they have to lay to thair charge.

College, theologe.

Apoyntis the provest, Henry Nesbett, baillie, and John Johnston, collectour, to pas and speik maister Robert Kupour and maister James Lowsoun, minister, for thair counsall to be had anentis the erection of ane college of theologe, and to repoirt.

Kingis wryting, warding Ellott.

Rex. Provest and baillies of Edinburgh and your javelour, we charge yow incontinent efter the sicht heirof to ressave in your waird Robert Ellott of Reidheuche, and keip him thairin vpon his awin expenssis surelie ay and quhill he be fred and relevit be ws as ye will ansuer to ws thairupon, kepand thir presentis for your ansuer. Subscryuit with our hand at our palace of Halyrudhous, the xxiij day of December, and of our regime the threttene yeir, 1579. James, R. Argyle. Dumfermeling. Conforme to the quhilk wryting the said Robert wes putt in waird within the tolbuyth of this burgh and delyuerit to Androw Lyndesay, javelour, quha was chairgit to keip him surelie thairin, according to the contentis thairof.

Kingis charge, releis Ellot.

Rex. Provest and baillies of Edinburgh, and your javolour, we greit yow weill. We charge yow incontinent efter the sicht heirof to lett to libertie and friedome furth of your waird. Robert Ellot of Reidheuch, as ye will ansuer to ws thairvpon, kepand thir presentis for your warrand. Subscryuit with our hand at our palace of Halyrudhous, the xxiij day of December, and of our regnne the xiij yeir, 1579. James R. Argyle. Dumfermling.

25 December 1579.

Villa, skynneris.

Assignis to the dekyn and brether of the skynner craft Wednisday nixt to produce thair foundatioun and rycht of ane annuelrent acclamit be Jhonn Jhonnstoun in name of the kirk as collectour to the annuelis thairof.

30 December 1579.

Makdougall, euidentis, Sanct Paullis Wark, charge, Jhonston, collectour.

[The provost, bailies, and council,] being convenit in the counsalhous for resonyng vpon the common effaires and hering of maister William Makdowgallis comptes, collectour of Sanct Paullis Wark, the said maister Williame delyuerit to thame four wrythingis in parchament belonging thairto, quhairof the ane was the foundatioun of the hospitall of the said wark, and the vther thrie subcryuit be James Gray, Vincient and Henry Strauthahingis, notaris; quhilkis evidentis Jhonn Jhonstoun, collectour, ressauit and hes in his handis, quhome they ordane to be chairgit thairwith, and heirvpon the said maister William askit instrumentis.

Registering of the rentall of Sanct Paulis Wark.

The provest, baillies, and counsall, vnderstanding thame to be greitlie hurt be the nocht having in register thair haill evidentis and rentallis, and in speciall the rentall of Sanct Paullis Wark, ordanis that the samyn be registrat in this thair counsall buke, as alsua thatt the collectour, present and to cum, vplifter of the annuellis contenit thairin and vther dewties belonging to the hospitall thairof, mak thair comptes yeirlie with the dene of gild and thesaureris in all tyme cuming; and assignis to maister William Makdowgall, collectour, Tuysday nixt be sevin houris to mak his comptes.

Rentall, Sanct Paullis Wark, etc.

Heir followis the rentall contenyng the annuellis and yeirlie rentt foundit to the hospitall of oure Lady, callit Sanct Paullis Wark in Leith Wynde, be oure maist reuerend father in God, Bischop Thomas Spens, Bischop of Abirdene.

Summa of thir annuellis left be the foundatour aboue writtin is jc xx li.

Annuellis infeft to the said hospitall of Sanct Paull be men of gude memorie sen the deceis of the said foundatour.

Summa of thir annuellis foundit sen the deceis of the first foundatour is xvij li. xix s. viij d.

Summa of the haill annuellis contenit in this present rentall, deducand the xj s. to the Trinitie College, is jc xxxvj li. xvj s. iiij d.

Followis the tenour of the act writtin vnderneth the said rentall:—
Vigemo quarto Decembris 1573.

The baillies and counsall ordanis officiaris to poynd and distrenyie the rediest gudes and geir of the occupearis of the landis debtbound for the sovmes respective abouewrittin within the boundis and jurisdiction of this burgh, and mak payment thairof to the maister and collectour of Sanct Paullis Wark for paying of the pure beidmen thairof, sa oft as neid sall requyre.