Extracts from the Records: 1581, Jan-Mar

Pages 191-203

Extracts From the Records of the Burgh of Edinburgh, 1573-1589. Originally published by Scottish Burgh Records Society, Edinburgh, 1882.

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1581, Jan-Mar

4 January 1580–81.

Precept, Steuinsoun, Hairt.

[The provost, bailies, and council] ordanis Steuinsoun, thesaurer of the yeir past, to pay to Edward Hairt, goldsmyth, the sowm of ten pund in recompance of the skayth sustenit be him at the making of the syluer cupburde to the Kingis Grace entrie, throw ouersicht of the weying, rysing of the money, and for his diligent seruice, conforme to ane precept maid heiranent vpoun the xvij day of September last, quhilk precept thai ordane to be deleitt in respect of this present act.

Statute, compte, payment of the burrow mailles.

Statutes and ordanis that in all tyme the formeris and makeris of the thesaureris comptis of this burgh be mair speciall in the declaratioun of the particulare caussis of all sowmes of money als weill resauet and contenit in thair chairges as deburset and contenit in thair dischairges, bayth ordiner and extraordiner, speciallie that it be declarit in the dischairge ordiner quhilk hes bene omittit in tymes bygane that the burrow mailles of this burgh appertening to the Kingis Grace, extending to the sowm of xxxiij li. xiij s. iiij d. is deburset and payet as followes:—to the prebendares of Corstorphein, xx li.; to the Abbot and place of Dumfermling, fyve li.; to the freires predicatouris of this burgh, and now to the townes collectouris, vj li. xiij s. iiij d.; and to the Kingis Grace chakker iij li.

7 January 1580–81.

Precept, gild, new kirk pauimenting.

[The provost, bailies, and council] ordanis Jhonn Harwod, dene of gild, to caus pauiment the new kirk in the eist end of the hie kirk with pauiment stayne sufficientlie in all pairtis quhair it sall be fund necessar, with the avyse of the maist expert, and to agre with the warkmen the best cheip he can, and to enter thairto with diligence.

11 January 1580–81.

Tymmer bocht at the Kingis Grace entrie, Harwod, gild.

Ordanis Alexander Vddert, baillie, William Littill, and Henry Nesbet to visie the compt of the extent for the Kingis Grace entrie, and se quhat tymmer wes bocht, quhair the sam is employet, and swa far as may be fund to mak inuentour thairof, and the sam swa far as is haill and extant may be delyuerit to Jhonn Harwod, dene of gild, for to be saittis and vther tymmer wark in the new kirk.

18 January 1580–81.

Rex. For vplifting 1c men of weir to convoy the Lord Mortoun to Dumbartane; and of 1c men to attend on the Kingis Grace persoun.

[The provost, bailies, council, and deacons of crafts] being convenit in the counsalehous of this burgh, comperit maister George Young [blank] exhibit and producet the Kingis Grace lettre quhairof the tenour followes:—Rex. Prowest and baillies of our burgh of Edinburgh, we greitt yow weill. Forsamekill as James, Erle of Mortoun, dilatit vnto ws of certane crymes of tressoun and lese maiestie is be our directioun to be transportet presentlie furth of our castell of Edinburgh to our castell and strenth of Dumbartane, thair to remayne till he be maid ather innocent or giltie of the cryme; for quhais sure and substantious convoy, requisit it is that ane number of hacbutteris be raisit and directet to attend vpoun him all the way: thairfore it is our will, and we, with avyse of our counsale, command and chairge yow that ye in continent efter the sicht heirof, in our name and authoritie raise ane hundreth hakbutteris of the abillest and best skillit within your towne, commanding thame to be in reddynes within ane hour after the chairge to attend vpoun the said erles furthcuming furth of our said castell, and to convoy him all the way towardis our said vther castell of Dumbartane till he be randerit and resauit thairin, as thai will ansuer to ws vpoun thair obedience at thair vttermaist chairge and parrell, and siclyke that ye incontinent thairafter rais and direct ane vther hundreth hacbutteris of your nomber daylie and nichtlie to attend in our persoun heir in our Abbay of Halyruidhous and about the same, in sic places as we sall find conuenient to appoint thame, the entery to thair nichtlie watche to be at four houres afternone, to the end that induring his convoye our persoun be nocht disappointit of ane suir and substantious gaird for the preseruatioun and assurance thairof, and in the meane tyme that ye tak sic ordour with your toun that nane of the portes thairof be opynnit, induring the absence of your pepill, except the West Port and Nether Bow allanerlie, and the same sa suirlie and substantiouslie gairdit and attendit, vpoun day and nicht, with sic nomber, and in sic force, as ye will ansner to ws vpoun the keping thairof at your vttermaist chairge and perrell, quhairof the present sall be to yow a sufficient warrand. Subscryuet with our hand at Halyruidhous, the xviij day of Januar 1580. James R., Argyle, Glencairnie. Quhilk lettre being red and considerit, the saidis prouest, baillies, counsale, and deikynis maist willinglie and frelie consentit and agreit thairinto in all poyntis, ordaning ane band and company of ane hundreth men of weir to be raisit vpoun the townes chairges, for convoying of the said erle toward the said Castell of Dumbartane, and electit capitane Hew Lawder, burges of this burgh, to be thair capitane, and ordanit Jhonn Robertsoun, thesaurer, to deburs and pay to the said company the sowm of twa hundreth pundis for thair wedges; and Androw Steuinson, merchant, wes content and consentit to len and avance to the said thesaurer of this awin money the said sowm of ijc li., for the quhilk the said thesaurer oblist himself to refound to the said Androw the samyn at Candilmes nixt, of the redeiest of the said termes payment to be vpliftet be him of the commoun guid, quhilk being payet the samyn sall be allowet to the said thesaurer in his comptis: and forther the said prouest, baillies, counsale, and deikinis ordanit ane gaird and watche to be maid of ane hundreth men of the nichtbouris all hacbutteris to be wairnit to pas to the Abbey, or quhair the Kingis Grace sall appoynt, to attend on his Grace persoun during the space aboue writtin, begynnand the said watche at the North West quarter, and swa throw the haill toun thair tymes about, and the baillies in thair quarteris to [see] the same dewlie and ordourlie done and kepit for preseruatioun of our Souerane Lordis persoun and honour of the toun, conforme to the said lettre in all poyntis.

20 January 1580–81.

Lordis of sessioun and scribes, ministeris stipendis, chairge, collectour.

Vnderstanding that the kirk annuellis of this burgh is nocht sufficient to owtred and pay the ministeris stipendis, they ordane and requeistis Jhonn Harwod, dene of gild, Henry Charteris, merchant, and maister Jhonn Kene, writter, ane of the elderes of the kirk, to travell with the lordis of sessioun, aduocatis, and writteris to the signet, for obtening and getting of sic sowmes of money at thair handes as of beneuolence and guid will thai can be mowit to bestow and deburse for releif of the town of the saidis stipendis, and the sowmes vpliftit to delyuer to Jhone Jhonestoun, collector.

25 January 1580–81.

Precept, thesaurer, tymmer wark of the new kirk.

Ordanis Jhonn Harwod, dene of gild, to enter to the tymmer wark of the new kirk, in the eist end of the hie kirk of this burgh, and provyde all sortes of tymmer requisit thairinto, with the tymmer quhilk restit ower and wes bocht to the Kingis Grace entry, and thairafter to begyn to the said wark and caus the same be perfytet and maid in daskis, saittis, and vther siclyke as he can best devyse with the avyse and counsale of Henry Nesbet, William Littill, Robert Bog, and Androw Sclater, quhais jugement and counsale thai ordane him to tak in the said wark.

Comptis of Hew Lauder anent the men of weir to Dumbartane.

Appoyntis and nominatis [six] of the counsale, or any [blank] of thame, to heir the comptis of capitane Hew Lauder anent the sowmes delyuerit to him for furnesing of the men of weir to pas to Dumbartane, and to allow thairin thre pund to ilk sowldiour, comptand thairin the sowm of xl s. delyuerit to lik and of thame at thair depairting, and quhat they fynd thairin to report the samyn to the counsale.

27 January 1580–81.

Customer, porteris.

After consideratioun of the complaynt maid be Robert Gourlaw, customer to the Kingis Grace within this burgh, aganes the porteris of the said burgh, allegeand that in dawning and downfalling of the nicht thai suffer all forbiddin guidis and vncustomat to pas furth at the portis, and Inglis clayth and siclyke guidis to enter quyetlie without aduertisement to the said customer, ordanis the saidis porteris in tyme cuming to suffer na pakis to pas furth of this burgh except thai se the samyn customit be the custome stamp, and that thai stay all pakis of Inglis clayth quhill the said customer or his seruandis be aduertist, under the payne of tynsale of thair offices, and this ordinance to be dewlie and lawfullie intimat to the saidis porteris that thai pretend na ignorance thairof.

1 February 1580–81.

Anent the messowres of this burgh.

Gevis and grantis thair full power and commissioun to Jhonn Harwood, dene of gild, [and eleven others of the council] or any sex of thame, to vsie the messouris of this burgh of the pek and furlott, and confer the same with the jadge brocht from Lythgow, and to tak sic ordour heiranent as thai micht do thame selffis.

3 February 1580–81.


[The provost, bailies, and council] ordanis Dauid Schang, wricht, quha is putt in waird for dissaving of the Kingis leieges, causit thame to beleif that he could tell of thingis tynt, and taking money for the same; thairfore to be had throw the town with ane paper on his heid contening his cryme, convoyet with the hangman, and to be banist the fredome thairof during the townes will.

Anent certan wairderis.

Ordanis James Nicoll, ballie, to gif in ane bill to the Kingis Grace and secreitt counsale anent the prisoneris wairdet in the javellour hous, sum for adultrie, sum for incest, quha ar puir and lyke to perische for hunger, desyring sum ordour tane with thame that ather thai be sustenit or law done vpoun thame, or ellis be putt to liberty.

8 February 1580–81.

Precept, thesaurer, Nicoll.

[The provost, bailies, and council] being convenit in the counselehous of this burgh, the said prouest, baillies, and counsale ordanis Jhone Robertsoun, thesaurer, to content and pay to James Nicoll, baillie, the sowm of sevin pund, four s., fyve d., debursett be the said James in the townis effaires in raising of lettres of the lordis aganis the vnfremen sailland and sic as careis burne coill furth of the cuntrey, causing the saidis lettres be proclamit be sound of trumpett and executing thairof in Leyth and langis the coist syde, conform to the particulare compt gevin in thairvpoun, and siclyke to pay to him twenty s. quhilk he debursitt to awcht watchemen in the stepill twa nichtis.

Precept, thesaurer, convoy of the Lord Mortoun to Dumbartane.

Fyndes the compt of the expenssis debursitt be Jhonn Robertsoun, thesaurer, vpoun the men of weir and vtheris chairges anent the convoying of the Erle of Mortoun to Dumbartane at the Kingis Grace command, conforme to ane act maid thairanent of before, to extend to the sowm of thre hundreth twenty foure pund, awcht s, iiij d.

10 February 1580–81.

Nicht watche about the Kingis Grace persoun.

[The provost, bailies, council, and deacons of crafts] hes accordit and consentit, and als statute and ordanit that ane nichtly watche of threttie persounis, inhabiteris of this burgh, habill and weill airmit with hakbutt and murrioun, be sent to the Abbay for gairding of the Kingis Grace persoun, and raisit throw the haill quarteris of the town as it fallis about, begynnand at the Sowth Eist quarter, and to continew quhill the xx day of this instant quhilk is the tyme of the conventioun of the estaitis appoyntit; and for the better preseruing heirof to the honour of the town, ordanis the baillies to avyse with thair rolles and waill furth the maist habill, honest, and best airmit, and nane vtheris, and sic as ar nocht habill or hes nocht guid airmour, that thai caus thame on thair awin expenssis to furneis ane vther habill and weill airmit persoun in thair place, and that the nichtbouris be foirwairnit in dew tyme to prepair thame selffis heirto as it fallis thair quarteris, and the absentis failyeing in the premissis to be extremelie vnlawet and poyndet but favouris, and in the mene tyme ane vther putt in thair place.

Precept, thesaurer, ministeris stipendis; chairge, collectour; chairge, the saurer.

The prouest, baillies, and counsale, and deikynis vnderstanding that the haill kirk annuellis and kirk rentis of this burgh is nocht habill to satisfie and pay the ministeris stipendis, and quhairof thair is dyueris termes awand vnto thame, thairfore all in ane voice ordanis Jhonn Robertsoun, thesaurer, to pay and deliuer to Jhonn Johnestoun, collectour, the sowm of sex hundreth markis of the first and reddiest of the townis rentis and commoun guid, for payment of the saidis stipendis, and the sam sall be allowet to the said thesaurer in his comptis, and ordanis the said Jhone Johnestoun to be chairget with the said sowme in his collectour guidlie spair any sowmes, to be enrollit and chairgeit to deburs the same comptis; and becaus the said sowme and dyueris vther sowmes alriddie debursit be the said thesaurer at the townis command. quhairof the nichtbouris aucht to beir the burthing, is veray chairgebill to the commoun rent, thay haif accordet that at the setting of the nixt extent quhilk sall be raiset the said sowm of vjc merkis togidder with the sowm of iijc xxiiij li. viij s. iiij. d. deburset in convoying the Erle Mortoun to Dumbartane, to be eiket to the said extent and vpliftit of the nichtbouris of this burgh for releif of the commoun rent. [The following is written on the margin.] This pairt of this act anent the ministeris stipend is dischairgeitt becaus the deikinis refuisit thairafter to consent thairto.

17 February 1580–81.

Furleitt, Linlithgow.

[The provost, bailies, and council] ordanis ane lettre mesive to be derect to the prouest, bailies, and counsall of Linlithgow, requyiring thame to caus the furlet maid to the guid toun be the cowper of Linlithgow to be met thair jadge, brunt with thair commoun yrne, and to gif furth thair testimoniall vpoun the just mesour thairof.

Statute flescheouris, fische breking and selling.

The foirsaidis prouest, bailleis, and counsall for the commoun weill of this burgh and of all our Souerane Lordis lieges, and for suppressing and halding doun of the exorbitant derth of fische baith grit and small, hes thocht expedient and conforme to the ancient lawis of this burgh of new statut and ordanit that na maner of flescheouris fremen of this burgh and vtheris tak vpoun hand in ony tyme cuming, to by ony kynd of fische to regrait, foirstall, coup, or sell our agane, but that thai suffur and permitt the strangeris imbringeris of the said fische to sell the samyn in oppin mercat indeferentlie to all our Souerane Lordis liegis, without trubill or molestatioun to be maid to thame be the saidis flescheouris, and als that the saidis flescheouris brek all maner of grit fische to all thame that sall requyre thame thairto, and gif thai refuis that thai suffer the auneris of the fische ather to brek the same thame selffis or to gett ane sufficient persoun for breking thairof; for the quhilkis the saidis proucist, baillies, and counsall hes thocht guid to agment the auld prices in breking of fische, to wit that the flescheouris fremen of this burgh sall have for breking of ilk kylling, lyng, or skaitt, tua penneis; of ilk salmond or turbett, four penneis; of ilk pellok or selche sauld deirat than xx s. to haif xij d.; and within xx s. to haif vj d.; and siclyk of all vther grit fische; and ordanis that thai tak na hier pryces for thair paunes, and that the premissis be vnviolablie obseruit be the saidis flescheouris vnder the pane of escheit of the fische fund in thair possessioun selling the samyn, tynsall of thair fredome, and punesching of thame at the will and plesour of the maiestraittis sa oft as thai sall failyie in ony point heirof: and this present ordinance was presentlie red and intimat to ane pairt of the saidis flescheouris being present for the tyme.

20 February 1580–81.

Rex, gaird in the Abbay.

The proweist, baillies, and counsall, at the desyr of our Souerane Lord, ordanis ane gaird of our watche of maist honest and best airmit nichtbouris of this burgh, to be send to the Abbay and to await vpoun our Souerane Lord ilk threscoir of men the spaice of xxiiij houris, and the baillies ewerie ane in thair quarteris to se the samyn dewlie and orderlie done to the ordour of the towne and pleasour of our Souerane Lord.

21 February 1580–81.

Ansuer to the Kingis Grace anent the borrowing of xxm li.

The proueist, baillies, counsall, and deaconis, with ane grit pairt of the maist worthie and famous nichtbouris of this burgh, being convenit in the counsalhous thairof, it was propoint be my lord proueist that the Kingis Grace haifand presentlie ado with money, desyirit of the guid toun the sowm of tuentie thowsand pund in borrowing vpoun sufficient pledges, quhilk sould be thankfullie refoundit, and thair ansuer heirvpoun the morne, of the quhilkis the saidis proueist, baillies, counsall, and deaconis and men of guid hes accordit that the commissionaris of this present conventioun for the towne, with Alexander Vddert [and eight others] sal pas to his Hienes and schaw and declair the grit traweill, penis, chairges, and expenssis, what hasairt of thair lyffes, los of thair guidis, burning and destroying of the toun, sustenit sen his Grace first coronatioun, repeting the speciall pointis heirof from tyme to tyme, lamenting alsua thair present estait and powertie, and thairfoir desyiring his Maiestie to haif the ke and regaird thairinto, schawand thair guid will, and to except thair seruice in thair bodeis, handis, and guidis at thair powar, and swa that thai in the maist gentill termes thai can devuis upoun travell that his Grace he may be content with this ansuer, and the towne nocht chairgeit with the said sowme quhilk is far aboue thair powar and substance.

28 February 1580–81.

Precept, the saurer, new furlett, chairge.

The proweist, bailleis, and counsall, ordanis Jhonn Robertsoun, thesaurer, to pay to the cowper of Linlithgow for the new furlet of Linlithgow mesour, and for his chairges bringing the samyn hidder for the burning thairof, and for the testimoniall of mesour of the samyn, the sowme of alevene markes.

10 March 1580–81.

Act, electioun of commanderis of ilk fiftie throw the haill toun.

The foresaidis prouest, baillies, and counsale and deikynis of craftis following, to witt, Alexander Owsteand of the tailyeouris, Jhonn Richertsoun of the hammermen, Jhonn Heroot of the baxteris, Jhone Nicolsoun of the cordineris, Thomas Dicksoun of the furrouris, for the weill and preseruatioun of this burgh in this tyme of opperant trublis, for the better convening of the nichtboures, and to se thai be weill airmit, hes thocht expedient and ordanit that the haill nichtbouris and communitie sall be callit and convenit be thair quarteris in sic places as the baillies sall fynd guid, at the quhilk tyme thair sall be electit be the nichtbouris selfis ane merchand and ane craftisman furth of ilk fiftie men dwelling togidder, of the best and worthiest of that number quhilk sall haif the cuir, owersicht, and command of the said persounis, to visie and se thai be weill airmit and to appoynt to thame ane place quhair thai sall convene, as the saidis commanderis sall be requyret and chairget be the baillies of the quarteris in tyme of necessitie; and this to be done and performit with all diligence, and the nichtbouris to be admonist to be reddie and obedient to the saidis commanderis, and the commanderis to be diligent to se thair companeis be weill airmit and in reddynes.

Precept, the saurer, franche schole, ministreis lugeingis.

[Ordained the treasurer to pay "ten pundis for the scholehous maill of the maister of the franche schole of the terme of Mairtymes last bypast" and also to the collector "for paying of the nichtbouris quha avancet money for bigging and repairing of the ministeris lugeingis the sowm of fiftie merk for thair payment of the Mairtymes terme last bypast."]

15 March 1580–81.

Extent of xxxiijc markis, chairge, baillies.

[The provost, bailies, council, and deacons of crafts] vnderstanding that in this last conventioun of the estaittis and nobility haldin at Halyruidhous, thair is ane generall extent of fourty thowsand pund grantit to our Souerane Lord to be tane of the haill realme and payit at [blank] sindry termes, the first termes payment to begyn the first of Aprile nixt, off the quhilk haill sowm the burrowes pairt extendis to ten thowsand markis, quhairof this burgh with thair pendicles payis the fourt pairt and thre li. mair of ilk hundreth, swa the townes pairt of this extent will extend to twenty aucht hundreth markis, thairfore thai all in ane voce consentit to the setting of and raising of the said extent of the haill nichtboures of this burgh, merchand and craftisman, according to the pairtis thairof, and becaus the commoun guid payit the expenssis maid on the men of weir for convoying the Erle Mortoun to Dumbartane; for releif thairof thai consentit that the said extent be augmentit in the sowm of fyve hundreth merk, swa the haill extent to mak the sowm of therettie thre hundreth merkis, and ordanis the ane half the sam to be vpliftit, payit, and collectit agane the first day of Aprile nixttocum, quhilk is the first termes payment of the generall extent as thai vnderstand.

The tent thowsand mark lent to the Kingis Grace

The foresaidis provest, baillies, counsale, and deikynis at the airnist requeist of our Souerane Lord the Kingis Grace, desyring the guid town to avance and len to his Grace vpoun sufficient security the sowm of ten thowsand markis for the commoun effaires of his Hienes and of this realme, and knawand thame selffis to be of dewty bund heirto, and willing to implesour his Grace in all that lyis in thair power, hes of thair awin frie willis, for thame selffis and in name of the haill community of this burgh, consentit and agreit to avance and len to his Grace the said sown of ten thowsand markis vpoun guid security, and to that effect ordanis with all diligence possibill the nichtbouris of this burgh, sic as thai sall fynd may according to the sowmes thair sall be sett to for thair pairt, and the persounis refuisand to be wairdet and thairafter thair names gevin vp and dilatit to the Kingis Grace; and becaus it is thair dewty to se thair nichtboures payet, the saidis provest, baillies, counsale, and deikynis be thir presentis, actis, bindis and oblissis thame and thair successoures to thair saidis nichtboures and brether quha sall avance and deburs any pairt of the said sowm, to refound and pay to thame thair pairt thairof betwix this and Witsounday nixt, and failyeand thairof sall infeft thame and euery ane of thame, according to thair raitt and portioun, in ane annuelrent efferand to fyve mark of ilk hundreth merkis to be tane yeirly furth of thair commoun mylnis, or reddiest of thair commoun rent, as the saidis nichtbouris sall think maist expedient, vnder reuersioun contenand the principall sowm lent, with payment of the haill byrun annuellis that sall happin to be restand awand the tyme of the redemptioun, swa that the sam sall nocht be redemit quhill the byrunis be first payit.

Followis the personis quha avancet any pairt of the said money and payet the same to the baillie of thair quarter, conforme to the act aboue writtin. [Here is engrossed the list of payments from the North-west, North-east, South-east, and South-west quarters respectively. Several of the names are marked with a cross (+); and there is appended the following memorandum:—] The names market with ane croce are thai quha pairtlie hes resauet infeftment, pairtlie payment, and pairtlie maid assignatioun to vtheris quha gettis infeftment.

24 March 1580–81.

Thesaurer, calsay to the buriale.

[The provost, bailies, and council] ordanis the thesaurer to caus to mak, mend, and repair the calsay in the streitt leding to the buriale place fra the stray merkett, and to produce the workman calsaymakeris thairto, and thair to be payet with the vnlawes, and to that effect the baillies to ansuer the said thesaurer of the said vnlawes.

Examinatiounis on Tysday.

Ordanis the baillies to caus the officiaris in thair quarteris to warne the nychtboures to the examinatioun ilk Tysday afternone, as thai sall be requyret thairto be the ministeris, eldares, or deaconis of the kirk.

New furlottis.

Deputes the said thesaurer and dene of gild to agrie and mak pryce with the cowperis for making of the new furlottis as thai sall think maist expendient.

29 March 1581.

Precept, the toune wallis.

Vnderstanding the toune wallis to be holkit, ruinous, and falteis in dyuers places, as wes repoirtit be certain of the counsale quha visite the sam, ordanis the thesaurer to fill vp and repair the same with all diligence.

Baillies for ingaddering of the xm merkis lent to the Kingis Grace.

Vnderstanding that dyueris nichtbouris of this burgh hes refuisit to pay thair pairtis of the xm merkis grantit be the guid town in len to the Kingis Grace, thairfore hes ordanit the saidis persounis to be chairget to mak thankfull payment incontinent to the baillie of thair quarter according to the sowmes thai ar sett to; and gif thai refuis or delay, that the said baillie caus the executiounis of wairding and poynding, or any of thame, to be vsit at his plesour aganis thame, thair bodeis and guidis, with all extremity, ay and quhill thai mak guid and thankfull payment of the sowmes foresaidis for thair pairtis, and declairis ane dayes comprysing in this case to be sufficient comprysing without further proces; and becaus thai vnderstand maister Jhone Provand and his spous, Jhone Dowgall, eldare, William Strang, Robert Abircrummy, quha awcht to gif guid exampill to vtheris yitt to be obstinat and wilfull, thairfore thai ordane the baillies to vse the executionis foresaidis aganis thame with expeditioun in all rigour, vnder the payne of payment of the saidis persounis pairtis of thair awin purses.

31 March 1581.

Precept, the saurer, Littill.

[The provost, bailies, and council] ordanis Jhone Robertsoune, thesaurer, to content and pay to William Littill the sowm of sextein pund, allevin s., quhilk the guid toun is fund restand awand to him at the fuite of his comptis of the expenssis and chairges maid be him vpoun the reparatioun, dressing, and ordoring of the buriale place.

Littill, master of the buriale.

Makis, constitutes, creattis, and ordanis William Littill, thair master of the buriale place and yairdis thairof, to se the sam putt at guid poynt, kepit and ordorit, and to do all thingis thairintill concerning the policie and weill thairof and proffeitt of the guid towne, and commandis thair belman and vtheris that thai brek na earth nor mak graiffis thairintill bot as sall be appoyntit and designit be the said William, vnder payne of depriuatioun of thair office.