Extracts from the Records: 1583, Apr-June

Pages 265-282

Extracts From the Records of the Burgh of Edinburgh, 1573-1589. Originally published by Scottish Burgh Records Society, Edinburgh, 1882.

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1583, Apr-June

17 April 1583.

Proclamatio, Sonday mercatis.

The provest, baillies, dene of gild, thesaurer, and ane pairt of the counsall ordanis proclamatioun to be maid that na nychtbouris of this burgh haud or repair to ony Sonday mercatis at Tranent, Mussilburgh, Dalkyth, or vtheris, vnder the paynis contenit in the actis of parliament and payment of ane vnlaw of xli.

19 April 1583.

Proclamatio, Sabboth Day.

Ordanis proclamatioun to be maid discharging all Sonday Mercatis within this burgh, all catchpulling, rolling, playing, drinking and taverning, and siclyk, in tyme of Sermoun on Sonday, or doing ony thing that may tend to the breking of the Sabboth day.

22 April 1583.

Decreit arbitrall betuix the merchants and craftismen.

At Halieruidhous, the xxij day of Appryle the yeir of God jm c fourescoir thre yeiris, we Robert Fairlie of Braid, Sir Archibald Naper of Edinbellie, knicht, and James Jhonestoun of Elphinstoun, juges arbitratouris chosin for the pairt of maister Michaell Chisholme, Androw Sclater, Jhonn Adamsoun, and William Fairlie, baillyeis of Edinburgh, maister Jhonn Prestoun, dene of gild, Mungo Russell, thesaurer, Jhonn Jhonestoun, Robert Ker, younger, Henry Charteris, Jhonn Moresoun, William Mawle, Jhonn Harwod, Jhonn Robertsoun, William Inglis, Alexander Naper, William Nesbet, merchants, being on the counsall of the said burgh, for thameselffis, and in name and behalff and as commissioneris for the haill Merchants, indwellares of the said burgh, on the ane pairt; and Jhonn Cokburn of Ormestoun, maister Robert Pont, provest of the Trinity College, and maister Dauid Lyndesay, minister of Leith, juges arbitratouris chosin for the pairt of James Fergussoun, bower, Jhonn Bairnisfather, tailyeoure, twa of the craftismen, being on the counsell of the said burgh, Gilbert Prumrose, deykin of the chirurgeanes, Jhonn Watt, deykin of the hammermen, William Hoppringill, deykin of the tailyeoures, Edward Galbrayth, deykin of the skynneris, Edward Hairt, deykin of the goldsmythis, Adam Newtoun, dekyin of the baxteris, Thomas Diksoun, deykin of the furroures, Androw Williamsoun, deykin of the wrichts, William Bikertoun, deykin of the masouns, James Vr, deykin of the flescheouris, William Weir, deykin of the cordineris, Thomas Wricht, deykin of the wobsteris, William Cowttis, deykin of the walkeris, and William Somer, deykin of the bonnetmakeris, for thameselffis, and in name and behalff, and as commissioneris for the haill Craftismen, indwellaris of the said burgh, on the vther pairt; and the richt potent and illuster Prince, James, be the grace of God, King of Scottis, oure Souerane Lord, oddisman and owrisman, commonlie chosin be avyse and consent of baith the saidis pairteis, anent the removing of all questiouns, differences, and contrauersies, quhilks ar or hes bene betuix the saidis merchants and craftismen concerning quhatsomeuir caus or occasioun quhairvpoun debaitt or questioun did aryse in ony tyme betuix thame; and thairvpoun, baith the saids pairteis being bund, oblist, and sworn to stand, abyde, vnderly, and fulfill, the decreitt arbitrall and delyuerance of ws the saids juges and owrismen, but appellatioun, reclamatioun or contradictioun, as at lenth is contenit in ane submissioun made thairvpoun; baith the saidis pairteis clamis and greiffis gevin in be thame, with the ansueris maid thairto, and their richts, ressonis, and allegeances being hard, sene, and considerit be ws, and we thairwith being ryplie avysitt, efter mony sindrie conventiouns and metings, with lang travellis tayne heiranent, hes, all in ane voice, accordit, decernit and concludet vpoun the heids and articles following:


First, to tak away all differences quhilks hes bene heirtofoir concerning the persouns quha had the gouernament of the town, thair number, power, or authoritie, and maner of thair electioun, it is fynallie accordit and decernit thairvpoun as followis:


The maiestrats and officemen, sic as provest, bailyeis, dene of gild, and thesaurer, to be in all tymes cuming of the estaitt and calling of merchants, conform to the acts of parliament; and gif ony craftisman, excerceand merchandice, sall for his guid qualiteis be promovit thairto, in that caise he sall leif his craft and nocht occupy the sam be himself nor his seruands during the tyme of his office and sall nocht return thairto at ony tyme thairafter quhill he obtene speciall licence of the provest, bailyeis, and counsall to that effect.

Decreit arbitrall. Counsall.

The counsall to consist of ten merchants, to witt, the awld provest, foure awld bailyeis, dene of gild, and thesaurer of the nixt yeir preceding, and thre merchants to be chosin yeirlie to thame, and als to consist of awcht craftismen thairof, sex deykins and twa vther craftismen, makand in the haill the said counsall auchtein personis, and this by the officemen of that yeir, to witt, the provest, bailyeis, dene of gild, and thesawrer.

Electioun in generall.

And as to the maner of thair electioun, it is first generallie accordit and agreit, that na maner of persoun be chosin provest, bailyeis, dene of gild, or thesawrer, suppose thai be burgessis of the burgh and habill thairfore, without thai haif bene ane yeir or twa vpoun the counsale of befoir. And anent the counsale, the awld maner of gevin in of tikketis be the deykins, owt of the quhilk the twa craftismen wer yeirlie chosin, to be abrogatt, ceise, and expyre in all tymes cuming, swa that the saids twa craftismen sall be chosin yeirlie, without ony ingevin of tikkets, indifferentlie, of the best and worthiest of the craftis, be the saids provest, bailyeis, dene of gild, thesaurer, and counsale allanerlie. And nane to be on the counsale abone twa yeir togidder, except thai be officemen, or be vertew of thair offices be on the counsale. Sicklyke, anent the lyttis of the bailyeis, thay sall nocht be deuydet nor cassin in foure ranks, thre to euerie rank, as thai were wont to be, bot to be chosin indifferentlie, ane out of the twelff lyttis, ane vther owt of allevin lyttis, the thrid owt of then, and the fourt out of nyne lyttis. Anent the deykins that nane be electit deykin, except he that has bene ane maister of his craft twa yeir at the leist; and that nane of thame be continewit in thair offices of dekyinschip abone twa yeir togidder. Last, in generall, that nane haif vote in lytting, voiting, or electing of the provest, bailyeis, counsale, deykins, dene of gild, or thesaurer, bot the personis heirafter following in maner after specifeit.

Electioun in speciall of Deykins; Decreit arbitrall. Electioun in speciall of deykins.

And to proceid in the said electioun, it is fund guid to begyn at the cheising of the dekins of craftis, quhilks are fourtein in number, to witt, chirurgeanis, goldsmyths, skynners, furrours, hammermen, wrichts, masons, tailyeouris, baxteris, flescheouris, cordinaris, wobsteris, walkere, bonetmakeris. Swa the deykins now present sall stand and continew quhill the thrid counsale day befoir the awld tyme of electioun of the new counsale, quhilk wes on the Wednisday nixt preceiding the Feist of Michaelmes; vpoun the quhilk thrid counsale day, the provest, bailyeis, and counsale now standand, extending to nynetein persouns, and fra thyne furth yeirlie and like yeir the provest, bailyeis, and counsale, constitute of the said twenty-fyve persouns, sall call in before thame the saids deykins of craftis, euerie aue seuerallie, and inquyre thair opinioun and jugement of the best and worthiest of thair craftis. Thairafter, the saids provest, bailyeis, and counsale, sall nominat and lyitt thre persouns of the maist discreit, godlie, and qualifeit persouns of euerie ane of the saids fourtene craftis, maist expert hand, law boreris of thair awin craft, burgessis and friemen of the burgh of Edinburgh, quhairof the awld deykin sall be ane, and caus delyuer thir names to the deykins, euery ane according to thair craft; quhilk deikins on the morn thairafter sall assembill and convene thair craftis and everie craft be thameselffis furth of thir names sall elect ane persoun quha sall be thair deykin for that yeir; and vpoun the nixt counsall day after the said electioun the awld deykins, with sum of the maisteris of thair craftis, sall present the new deykin to the counsall quha sall authoreis thame in thair offices.

New counsale of deakens.

Nixt, to proceid to the electioun of the new counsale. The said day of presenting of the new deykins, the provest, bailyeis and counsall, now standand of nynetein persouns, and fra thine furth, the said day yeirlie, the provest, bailyeis and counsall, of twenty-fyve persouns, sall cheise furth of the saids fourtene deykins sex persouns to be adioynet with the new counsall for the yeir to cum and to haif speciall vote in lyiting and chesing of the provest, bailyeis, and counsall; and the sam day, the awld sex deykins quhilk wes vpoun the counsale the yeir preceding, to be removet, and haif na forther vote for that yeir, except sum of thame be of the number of the new electit deikins.

New counsell of merchands and craftis.

Thairafter, vpoun the Wednisday nixt preceiding Michaelmes ilk yeir, the provest, bailyeis, dene of gild, thesawrer, and ten merchants of the counsale, and the saidis sex deykins and twa craftismen, and in the haill twenty-fyve persouns, and twenty-sex voits be ressoun of the provests twa votes, ordinarlie standand at all tymes, sall convene and cheise the new counsale, to the number of auchtein persouns, to witt, the awld pro vest, bailyeis, dene of gild and thesawrer of that yeir, and the saidis sex deykins to mak threttein persouns thairof, and to thame to be chosin thre merchants and twa craftismen, and thir persouns to be callit the new counsall. And gif ony persoun of the merchants chosin vpoun the new counsall happinis to be putt on the lyte of ane vther office and promovet thairto, ane vther sall be chosin in his rowme be the saids provest, bailyeis, and counsale.

Lytts of maiestrats.

Thridlie, to proceid to the chesing of the lyttis to the maiestrats and office-men, sic as provest, bailyeis, dene of gild, and thesawrer. Vpoun the Fryday nixt thairafter, thair sall convene the said new counsall of auchtein persouns, and the awld counsall constitute of twelf persouns, viz., ten merchants and twa craftismen, the said new and awld counsall, makand twenty merchants and ten craftisman, and in the haill threttie persouns, by the provests od vote; quhilks persouns solemnatlie protesting befoir God that thai sall cheise the persouns quhome thai fynd maist meit, without favour, hatrand, or ony kynd of collusioun, then sall begyn and cheise the lyttis to the said maiestrats and office-men, to euerie ane of thame thre lyttis; that is to say, to the provest twa lyttis with himself; to the four baillies, euery ane of thame thre lytes, the awld bailyeis nocht beand ane except thai be new chosin thairto; to the deyne of gild, twa lyttis with himself; and to the thesawrer, twa lyttis with himself; quhilks haill lyittis sall be of the ordoure and calling of merchants, as said is.

Election of maiestrats.

Fowrtlie, to proceid to the electing and chesing of the said maiestrats and office-men. Vpoun the Tyisday Tyisday nixt after Michaelmes yeirlie, thair sall convene the saids threttie persouns of new and awld counsall, and with thame the rest of the deykins of craftis quhilks ar nocht of the counsall extending to awcht personis, the haill personis swa convenand extending to threttic-aucht personis, by the provests od vote, thairof twenty merchants and awchtein craftismen; quhilks personis sall begyn at the lytis of the provest, and euerie ane in thair awin rank gif thair votes to sic as thai fynd maist meit for the weill of the town, according to thair conscience and knawlege, but feid or favour; and on quhome the greitest nomber of votes sall fall, that he be sworne, resauet, and admittit provest for that yeir; and swa to proceid throw the lytes of the baillies, dene of gild, and thesawrer, quhill the said electioun be compleitlie, endet. The saids prouest, baillies, dene of gild, thesawrer, and counsale, electit as said is, makand in the haill twenty-fyve personis, thay onelie, and na vtheris, sall haif the full governament and administratioun of the haill commounweill of this burgh in all things, as the provest, baillies, and counsale thairof, or of ony vther burgh had of before, of may haif heirafter, be the lawes or consuetude of this realme, infeftments and priveleges grantit to this toun be our Souerane Lordis maist nobill progenitouris; exceptand always thir cawssis following, in the quhilks the haill fourtene deykins of of craftis sall be callit and adioynit with thame to gif thair speciall vote and consultatioun thairinto, to witt, in electioun of the provest, bailyeis, dene of gild and thesawrer, as said is; in setting of fewis, or ony maner of taks, attoure the yeirlie rowping on Mairtymes evin; in gevin of benefices and vther offices in burgh, in granting of extents, contributiouns, emprwnts, and siclyke; bigging of commoun warks; and in disponing of the commoun guid abone the sowm of twenty pund togidder.

Wairning of the deykins and counsall.

Prouyding neuirtheles that the deykins nocht of the counsale or ony of thame, beand personallie wairnit to that effect and absenting thameselffis, swa oft the last deykin or ony vther that wes in lyte with him that yeir sall supplie thair rowme; and thai beand personallie wairnit, and absent, the rest comperand sall haif power to proceid. Gif ony of the provest, bailyeis, and counsall be absent, the rest quha ar present sall cheise ane vther in thair rowme.

Conventiouns; Dene of Gild may conveyne his counsell.

And to avode all suspitioun that hes rissin in tymes past, throw the particulare assemblies and conventiouns, and convocations, contrer to the acts of parliament, and to the trubill of the quyett estaitt of this burgh, it is agreit and concludit, that nather the merchants amang thameselffis, nather the craftis and thair deykins, or visitouris, sall haif or mak ony particulare or generall conventiouns, as deykins with deykins, deykins with thair craftis, or craftis amang thameselffis, far les to mak privat lawes or statutes poind and distreyngyie at thair awin handis for transgressiouns, by the avyse and consent of the provest, bailyeis, and counsale. Exceptand alwayes, that the dene of gild may assembill his brether and counsall, in thair gild cowrts, conforme to the ancient lawes of the gildry and priveleges thairof; and that ony ane craft may convene togidder amang thameselffis for the chesing of thair deykin at the tyme appoyntit thairto and in maner before expressit, making of masteris, and tryell of thair handiewark allanerlie: And gif ony brether or deykins of craftis sall find owt or devyse ony guid heids that may tend to the weill of thair craft, thay sall propone the sam to the maiestrats quha sall sett fordward ane act or statute thairvpoun and interpone their authority thairto, as it bees fund reasonable.


Item, as twicheing the commissioners in parliament, generall counsall, and commissioneris in conventioun of burrowes, it is thocht guid be the commonaris that in all tymes cuming the ane of the saids commissioneris for the burgh of Edinburgh sall be chosin be the said provest and baillies furth of the number and calling of the craftismen, and that persoun to be ane burges and gild brother of the burgh, of the best expert and wise and of honest conversatioun.


Item, it is agreit, that the auditouris of all the townis comptis sall heirafter be chosin of equall number of merchants and craftismen, be the provest, bailyeis, and counsall.


Item, it is agreit, that the auditouris of all the townis comptis sall heirafter be chosin of equall number of merchants and craftismen, be the provest, bailyeis, and counsall.


Item, toward the lang controuerseis for the gildrie, it is fynallie, with commoun consent, appoyntit, agreit and concludet, that als weill craftismen as merchants sall be resauet and admittit gild brether, and the ane nocht to be refusit or secludet thair fra mair nor the vther, that being burgesses of the burgh, als meit and qualefeit thairfore; and that gild brother to haif libertie to vse merchandice. Thair admissioun and tryell of thair qualeficatioun to be in the power and handis of the provest, bailyeis, thesaurer, and counsall, with the dene of gild and his counsall, quhilk sall consist in equall number of merchants and craftismen, gild brether, nocht exceiding the number of sex persouns, by the dene of gild himselff; and that na persoun, of quhat facultie soeuir he be, sall bruik the benefice of ane gild brother, without he be resauet and admittit thairto as said is.

Burgesses, Crafts; Extentis.

Item, that na maner of persoun be sufferit to vse merchandice or occupy the handiewark of ane frie craft within this burgh, or yitt to exerce the libertie and privelege of the said burgh, without he be burges and frieman of the sam.

Item, becaus the merchants and craftismen of this burgh ar now to be incorporat in ane societie, and to mak ane haill toun and ane commoun weill, it is thocht expedient and concludit to abrogatt the former custome of devyiding and setting of extents, quhairin the merchants payet foure pairts and the craftis the fyft pairt; and thairfore it is agreit that as thai watche and waird togidder, swa in all extents, emprunts, contributiouns, and the lyke subsideis to be imposit vpoun the burgh, merchants and craftismen to beir the burding and chairge thairof indifferentlie owerheid, according to thair habilitie and substance, throw the haill quarteris of the toun, without diuisioun of the rollis in merchants and craftismen in ony tyme cuming. The extentouris sall be of equall number of merchants and craftismen, aucht personis of the ane calling and aucht personis of the vther, to be electit, sworne, and resauit be the provest, bailyeis, and counsale, owt of the maist discreit and skilfull of all the town, voyde of all partiall affectioun and hatrand; and that na persoun vsand the tred of merchant or craftisman, and occupeand the fredome of the burgh and habill to pay ony extent, nocht beirand the office of provest or bailyeis in the meanetyme, sall be ony wayis exemit fra the reall and actuall payment thair of.

Collectioun; Prenteissis; burgesschip, Collectoures.

Item, as the haill body of the towne, consistand of merchants and craftismen, dois beir ane commoun burding of watcheing, wairding, extenting, and of the lyke publict chairges, haiffing ane commoun guid proper to nane, swa neidfull it is for making ane equall vnitie and cheritabill concord, that thair be in the haill toun bot ane collectioun and ane purse, nocht peculiar to any bot commoun to all, off the haill dewteis and casualiteis callit the entres syluer of prenteissis, upsettis, owlkliepenneis, vnlawes and siclyke, to be collectit in all tyme cuming and resauit baith of merchants and craftismen and put in ane commoun purse; and to that effect the merchants to tak and haif prenteissis, als weill as craftismen, and to be astrictit and oblist thairto, and na prenteissis alwayes to be resauit of ather of thame for schorter tyme nor the space of fyve yeir compleitt. And for the better knawlege to be had heirof, and for obseruing ane guid ordour in collectioun of the sam, that thair be ane commoun buik maid and keipit be the commoun clerk of this burgh present and to cum, quhairin the names of all prenteissis to merchants and craftismen, the name of their maister, day of thair entres, and space of thair prenteischip, sall be insert and buiket, for the quhilk the clark sall haif at thair buiking of ilk persoun sex penneis, and for the owtdrawcht twelf penneis; quhilk buik sall be to the prenteis ane sufficient probatioun of his entres and ane chairge to the collectowris of the said dewteis. Gif ony man be ane prenteis heirafter and nocht putt in the said buik his prenteischip sall be to him of na effect. Alswa, be ressoun euerie industrie is nocht of lyke valour and substance, it is declairit quhat ilk rank or degrie of prenteissis sall pay, to witt, the merchant prenteis and sic kynd of people as wer wont to extent with thame and ar nocht vnder ane of the said fourtene craftis, to pay at his entrie the day of his builking to the said collectioun thretty shillings, and at his vpsett or end of his prenteisschip fyve pund. The prenteis to ane skynner, chirurgeane, goldsmyth, flescheour, cordiner, tailyeour, baxter, and hammerman, at thair entrie and buiking to the said collectioun twenty schilling, and for thair vpset fyve pund. The prenteis to ane masoun and wricht at his entrie threttein schillings foure penneis, and at his vpsett thre pund schilling aucht penneis. The prenteis to ane wobster, walker, bonet maker, furrout, at his entrie ten schillings, and for his vpsett fiftie schillings. And thir dewteis to be taine by thair owklie-penneis, and dewteis of thair burgeschips. And to caus all persouns to be mair willing to enter thameselffis in prenteisschip with the burgesses and friemen of the burgh, this privelege is grantit to the saids prenteissis that thai sall pay ua mair for thair burgesschip to the dene of gild bot fyve punds by the dewteis foirsaids. And in augmentatioun of the said collectioun, quhen ony persouns sall happin to be maid burgessis of this burgh quha wes na prenteis to ane merchant or craftisman, frie burges of the said burgh, or hes nocht compleitt his prenteisschip, sall pay to the said collectioun at his admissioun the doubill of the haill prenteis or entres syluer, vpsett and buiking, by the dewtie payet to the dene of gild for his burgesschip or gildrie, quhilk is twenty pounds for his burgesschip and fourtie pund for his gildrie; the privelege alwayes of the bairnis of burgessis and gild brether nocht beand preiugeit heirby, quha sall pay the awld and accustomat dewtie to the dene of gild allanerlie. Thir dewteis and collectiouns, or casualiteis of entres-syluer, vpsets, owlklie-penneis, vnlawes and siclyke, to be resauet in all tymes cuming of all merchants and craftismen indifferentlie, putt in the said commoun purse, and imployet be the advyse and command of the provest, bailyeis and counsall, for support and relief of the failyeit and decayet burgesses, merchants and craftismen, thair wyffes, bairnis and awld seruands, and vther puir indwellaris of the towne. The provest, bailyeis, counsall, and haill deykins, euerie yeir after electioun of the maiestrats, sall cheise the collectoures of the said dewteis and casualiteis of equall number of merchants and craftismen, and to devyse and sett down sic guid ordour as thai sall find meit and expedient for the perfyte and reddie inbringing thairof. And last, the said collectouris sall mak yeirlie compts of thair intromissioun thairwith at the tyme of making of the townis compts, and sall find sufficient cawtioun at thair admissioun for compt, rekning, and payment. Item, It is ordanet that baith the saidis pairteis, merchants and craftismen now present and thair successoures sall inviolablie obserue, keip, and fulfill this present apoyntment and decreitt arbitrall and euerie heid, clawse, and article contenit thairin. Likeas, his Maiestie and the saidis Juges willis and ordanis thame with willing bairts to put in obliuioun all bypast enormiteis, inbraice and interteine luif and amitie, and as thair ar of ane citie, swa to be of ane mynd; then sall thai be acceptit of God, stop the mowthis of thame quhilk tuik occasioun be thair diuisioun to sclander the trewth, then sall thai be mair habill to do our Souerane Lord acceptabill seruice and haif ane standing and florisching commounweill, and, fynallie, his Maiestie and the said juges will estem thair lang travellis fruitfullie bestowet.

Certification of the sett.

Attowre, his Maiestie and the saidis juges ordanis the practize and executioun of this present appoyntment and decreitt to be and begyn after the day and daitt heirof, and to continew and be obseruit and keipit as ane perepetuall law in tyme cuming; and quhasoeuir contravenis the samyn sall be reput and haldin ane trubler of the quyett estaitt of the commoun weill, incur the note of infamy, and foirfalt and tyne thair fredome for euir; and vtherwayes to be persewit and pvnist as seditious personis, conforme to the lawis of the realme, with all rigour and extremitie. And ordanis thir presents to be ratefeit and approvit in his Highnes nixt parliament, and in the meynetyme the sam to be actit and registrat in the buiks of counsall and sessioun and to haif the strength of acts and decreitts of the lords thairof, and that thair authoritie be interponit thairto and letteres and executoriallis to pas thairvpon in forme as efferis. And for acting and regestring of the samyn, makis and constituts maisteris Jhonn Sherpe, Jhonn Prestoun, Thomas Craig, Jhonn Skene, owre procuratouris, coniunctlie and seuerallie, in vberiore forma; promittendo de ruto. In witnes quhairof, the saidis juges and owrisman, togidder with the saids commissioneris, in taikin of thair consents and acceptatioun of the premissis, hes subscryuet thir presents with thair hands, as followes, day, yeir and place foresaidis. Sic subscribitur: JAMES R. ROBERT FAIRLIE of Braid, [etc.]

14 May 1583.

Electioun of the counsall of the craftis.

[The provost, bailies and council,] for obedience of the decreitt abitrall gevin be the Kingis Maiestie and arbiteris specefeit thairin, betuix the merchantis and craftismen, and for executioun of that pairt of the sam bering that the counsall of the town, by the prouest, baillies, dene of gild, and thesaurer, sall consist of ten merchantis and aucht craftismen, thairof sex deykinis and twa vther craftismen, as at lenth is specifeit in the said decreitt, nominat, votit, electit, and chuse Gilbert Primrose, chirurgeane, deykin, Johnne Wat, deykin of the hammermen, William Hoppringill, deykin of the tailyeouris, Edward Hairt, deykin of the goldsmythis, Edward Galbrayth, deykin of the skynneris, and Thomas Diksoun, deykin of the furroures, to be of the counsall of this burgh quhill the tyme of the new electioun appoyntit in the said decreitt and conform to the sam in all poyntis, quhilk personis comperand acceptit the said offices and gaif their aythis for lawfull administratioun thairof.

Precept, thesaurer, counsall buird.

In consideration that the number of the counsall is augmentit. ordances Mungo Russell, theasurer, to caus inlairge the counsell buirdis with formes and clayth efferand thairto.

25 May 1583.

Electioun of collectouris of the casualiteis.

[The bailies, council, and deacons of crafts] electit, nominat, and chuse Edward Galbrayth, skynner, and James Merchell, merchant, collectouris of the dewteis and casualiteis of the entres syluer, vpsett, owklie penneis, and vnlawes, mentionat in the decreitt arbitrall gevin and pronuncet be the Kings Majestie and certane arbiters betuix the merchants and craftismen of this burgh, conform to the said decreitt in all poyntis, and this quhill the tyme of the new electioun appoyntet to be at Michaelmes nixttocum.

Registering of decreit arbitrall.

The foresaid baillies, dene of gild, thesaurer, counsell, and deykins of craftis, for thameselffis and haill body and community of the town, als weill merchants as craftismen, makis, constitutes, and ordanes Mr. Jhonn Scherp, Mr. Thomas Craig, Mr. Jhonn Prestoun, assessouris, and Mr. Jhonn Skene, procuratour fiscall, or ony twa of thame, thair procuratouris to compeir before the lords of sessioun and counsale quhatsumevir day or dayes convenient, and thair in name of the prouest, baillies, and counsell for the merchants, and of the said deykins of craftis for the haill craftis, on the ane and vther pairts, to consent to the regestering of the decreit arbitrall gevin be the Kings Majestie and arbitouris specifeit thairin betuix the merchants and craftismen, in the buikis of counsale, interponing of thair authority thairto with executioun to follow thairvpon in maner specifeit in the said decreit.

Banist craftismen, Kinlos, commissioneris to the Kingis Grace.

29 May 1583.

[The bailies and council] directit maister Jhonn Prestoun, Jhonn Robertsoun, and Jhonn Watt to pas to the Kingis Grace in Linlythqw with ane lettre of the town, and to report his Maiesteis ansuer agane anent the craftis childer quha ar banist, and anent the townis effairis with the Abbott of Kinlos, gevand the saidis personis thair power and commissioun heirto.

31 May 1583.

Precept, thesaurer, ministeris stipendis, chairge, collectour.

The foresaid prouest, baillies and counsall, with the haill deykins of craftis, ordanis Mungo Russell, thesaurer, to pay to Jhonn Broun, collectour of the kik annuellis, the sowm of ane hundreth threttie pund ane shilling ane penny ob., to be delyuerit to the ministeris for compleitting of thair stipendis the yeir of the said Jhonns compt.

4 June 1583

Act for obedience of decreit arbitrall.; Gildrie.

The foresaidis baillies, counsall, and deykins of craftis, being of guid will and mynd to obey and fulfill the sentence and decreitt arbitrall gevin be our souerane lord the Kingis Maiestie and the juges arbitratouris chosin betuix the merchants and craftismen of this burgh, after consideratioun of sic heidis and articles contenit in the said decreit as aucht and suld be putt to present executioun without delay, hes devyset and sett down for the better obedience of the sam the ordour following, quhilk thai ordane and commands to be obseruit and keipit be the haill inhabitants of the said burgh. First, anent the article of the gildrie, to bring and reduce the said gildrie to the first institution thair of swa far as may be after swa lang confusioun of all things and to mak distinctioun betuix ane gild brother and vther singill burgessis quha or nocht callit to that estaitt and honour within burgh, it is declairit, statute, and ordanet that na maner of persouns bot thai that ar swa resauet and admittit in the societie of the gild brether, top or sell in smallis any maner of wyne, walx, wad, spycereis of all sortis, clayth of silk, gold, syluer, or ony forane or owtlandis clayth of woll (exceptand alwayes thir claythis following, to witt, lynning freis, kelt, Yorkschyre clayth, cairsayes, and all sort of schrynking clayth quhilkis sall be commoun to all burgessis), dischairging and inhibiting all persouns sempill burgessis and vtheris qubilk ar nocht gild brether to tred, occupy, exchaynge, top, or sell in smallis fra this day furth the wairis and merchandice before writtin (exceptand as said is) vnder the payne of escheitt thairof, and that na gild brether vse the tred of topping and selling in smallis of sic grof waires as efferis nocht to the honestie of ane gild brother, bot specially of thir wairis following, to wit, oylie, saip, butter, fruitt, fegs, raisins, plowmdames, eggis, fische, vinagar, or sicklyke, vnder the payne of fyve pund swa oft as thai failyie. And for the better knawlege to be had of sic persouns as ar nather gild brether nor burgessis and yit vsurpis the liberty and privileges of this burgh, it is thocht guid, statute, and ordanet that the baillies be thair quarteris, with the dene of gild and four of the counsell adioynet with thame, sall call in before thame the haill inhabitants of this burgh to schaw and produce thair tikketts of burgessschip and gildrie. and sic as ar nocht frie to be discharget of all vsing of the liberteis of this burgh in tyme cuming quhill thai be maid frie, vnder the payne of twenty pund swa oft as thai failyie, and that thai fynd cawtioun heirvpoun.

Owlklie penneis.

Item, anent the article concerning the owlklie penneis, vnlawes, vpsetts, entres syluer and siclyke, it is thocht guid, statute, and ordanet that all gild brether vsand the tred thairof sall pay four penneis owlklie, all burgessis vsand merchandice with the gild brether that vsis nocht the tred of gildrie to pay owlklie twa penneis, and all craftismen levand be thair handiewark allanerlie, and all vtheris of lawer calling to pay owlklie ane penny; and thir owlklie penneis to be collectit, tayne, and vpliftet quarterlie, begynnand the first quarter at Lambes nixt, and to be imployet for sustening of the faillit and decayet burgessis and fremen, thair wyffis, bairnis, seruands, and vther puir of the town, conform to the said decreitt.

Anent the valawes of this burgh quhatsumeuir, it is thocht guid that vpoun the counsall dayes, Wedinsday and Fryday, at counsale tyme, ilk baillie, sall be his quarter gif in the names of sic persouns as he hes vnlawet, the sowm of the vnlaw and caus thairof to be insert in ane buik ordanet for that purpose, and according to the chairge of the said buik sall delyuer to the collectour of the vnlawes other the vnlaw or a sufficient poynd thairfore; and gif the baillies failyie, to pay the sam ot thair awin purse.

Persons not burgessis.

Item. Becaus it is speciallie provydit in the said decreitt that nane sall occupy the liberty of the burgh bot sic as ar frie burgessis, and vnderstanding that the greitt multitude of jurnaymen or taskmen of the craftis ar na thing ellis bot idill vagabund persouns, bund to na maister, trublers of the quyet estaitt of this commoun weill, polluting the sam with all wikketnes, and beris na buriding with the towne bot ar verray hurtfull to the honest nichtbouris burgessis and frie craftismen of the sam; thairfore the saidis prouest, baillies, counsale, and deykins of craftis commandis and chairges, in our Souerane Lords name and thairis, that na sic persouns remayne within this burgh bot depesche thame selffis furth thair of vnder the payne of pvneissing of thair bodeis as vagabunds conform to the acts of parliament. Siclyke, it is statute that na maner of persouns mareit or vnmareit quhilkis ar nocht frie burgessis occupy ony craft within this burgh without thai be bund to ane maister as ane feyit seruand for meitt and fie for yeir or half yeir quha sall ansuer for him to the magestrats as law will, with certificatioun to the saidis persouns and thai failyie thai sall be tayne and putt in wairde, thair to remayne vpoun thair awin expenssis ay and quhill thai find cawtioun other to enter thame selffis bund as said is to ane maister within xxiiij houris, or ellis to desist and ceis and nocht to be fund within this toun vnder the payne foresaid and payment of ane pecuniar payne at the will of the magestrats.

Item, anent the prenteissis, it is statute and ordanit for the better executioun of the said decreitt, that na persouns tak or resaue ony prenteissis to be bund to thame without thai enter thair names in the townis prenteis buik and pay the dewteis of ane prenteis, vnder the payne of fyve pund to the maister resaver, and that sic prenteissis sall nocht bruik the prevelege of ane prenteis in his burgesschip.

x Junij 1583. This act wes proclamet at the mercat croce be sound of trumpett be Rychert Tyning, messinger; witnesses, Mr. Jhonn Scrogy, George Kirkwod, Jhon Broun, Thomas Scheves.

7th June 1583.

Baillies, nichtbouris, absent fra the day of law

Ordanis the baillies to bring and produce before thame on Wedinsday nixt the names of the nichtbouris with ane vnlaw of xviij s. of all thame that wes absent and without airmour and awaittet nocht vpoun the baillies on Wedinsday last at the day of law betuix the laird of Apillgorth and Alexander Baillie of Littilgill, or ellis a sufficient pledge for the said vnlawes, and that thai poynd with all diligence.

14 June 1583.

Tailyeour, burges gratis.

At the request of the Kingis Maiestie, grantes and admittis Phinlaw Tailyeour, laquay to his Maiestie, burges of this burgh gratis, and ordanis his name to be insert in the lokkit buik, and his aith of burges to be resauet.


[The bailies and council granted the receipt of 600 merks Scots, being redemption price of an annual-rent of £40 Scots, which sum is "to be employet vpoun the commoun wark of the erectioun of ane college in the Kirk of Feild."]

26 June 1583.

Election of Broun, collectour

[The provost, bailies, council and deacons of crafts, "maid and constitute, electit and chuse Jhonn Brown, thair procuratour, factour and collectour, in thair names, to collect, inbring, and resaue the haill rent pertening to the guid town quhilk pertenit of before to the prebenderis of St. Geillis Kirk, Kirk of Feild, and Freiris Predicatouris of this burgh, with the haill restis."]

28 June 1583.

Registring of the vnlawes, clerkis.

The foresaid prouest, baillies, and counsell and [deacons of crafts,] for the better chairge to be maid and gevin to the collectoures of the vnlawes at the making of thair compts, fyndes it necessar that ane register be maid quhairin thai ordain their commoun clerk present and to cum to insert all the vnlawes to be delyuerit to thame be the baillies and thair officiaris, and becaus the regestring thairof and putting of the sam in guid ordour will be verray tedious and paynfull, thairfore ordanis the said collectouris to pay to the commoun clerk for his lawbouris foure penneis of ilk vnlaw registrat and insert be him in the said buik.

Admissioun of friemen to craftis.

The foresaidis prouest, baillies and counsale, with avyse of the haill deykins of craftis, for the better knawlege ta be had of all maner of persouns admittet to any craft as frieman thairof, that he may pay his vpsett to the collectouris appoyntet thairto, hes agreit, statute, and ordanet that in all tymes cuming sen the gevin of the decreitt arbitrall ilk deykin of craft bring and produce with him before the counsall all persouns admittet friemen to their craft, gif vp thair names to be insert in the commoun buik for payment of thair vpsett, and this to be done the nixt counsell day after thair said admissioun, vnder the payne of payment of the vpsett be the deykins failyeing heirinto of thair awin proper purse, with als mekill for thair vnlaw in brekking of this present ordinance.

Extent of iijm merk.

The foresaids prouest, baillies, counsall and deykins of craftis, vnderstanding that in this last generall conventioun of the estaitts haldin at Halyruidhous in Apryle last thair wes grantet to our Souerane Lord, for payment of his Graces dettis and vther effairis, ane generall extent of twenty thowsand pund to be tayne of the haill realme, and conform thairto thai ar chairgeit be his graces lettres to extent thair nichtbouris for the sam and for thair pairt of the kirkis thrids quhilk is deduceit in the kirks sowme, as at lenth is contenit in the said lettres vnder the signet, and siclyke foreseying that the wark of the College at the Kirk of Feild new begwn is habill to leif of and decay, and swa the gift of the erectioun thairof sall expyre be vertew of the clause irritant contenit thairintill, without the sam be supportet be the guid town by the sowmes gevin thairto; for the quhilkis caussis, to witt for payment of thair pairt of the said extent and support of the said wark, thay haif agreit and consentit that ane generall extent of thrie thowsand markis be sett and vpliftet of the haill burgh and inhabitants thairof, and that extentouris be chosin for setting of the sam conform to the decreitt arbitrall gevin betuix the merchants and craftismen of the said burgh.

Compositio, Ker, chairge, collectouris.

Anent ane kirk annuell of ane merk pertening to the guid town, and sumtyme to the prebenderis of the alter callit Iconii Saluatoris in Sanct Geills Kirk, to be vpliftet furth of the landis in the Kowgaitt of vmquhill Dauid Hereot, baxter, now pertening to Robert Ker, younger, componit and agreit with the said Robert that he sall pay to the collectour the sowm of four merk in full contentatioun of the haill byruns thairof, and to mak thankfull payment in tyme cuming.

Commissio. Nicoll, Wilky.

Names and constitutis James Nicoll, merchant, and Jhonn Wilky. skynner, thair commissioners to pas to the Kings Grace in Sanct Androis and gif ansuer to his Maiestie anent the lettre sent to the town desyring thame to be cawtioners for fulfilling of his Maiesties pairt of the contract to be maid with ane Ewstachius Rogh, mynour, anent the setting of the mynis.