Extracts from the Records: 1586, Oct-Dec

Pages 473-480

Extracts From the Records of the Burgh of Edinburgh, 1573-1589. Originally published by Scottish Burgh Records Society, Edinburgh, 1882.

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1586, Oct-Dec

4 October 1586.

Electioun of the magistrats.

The provest, bailyeis, counsall and deykins of craftis, being convenit for electing of the provest. bailyeis, dene of gild, and thesaurer for the yeir to cum, [re-elected William Littill to be provost]. And considerand that the said William Littill, provest of this burgh this last yeir, is now electet provest for the yeir to cum, quhilk beand ane greitt hurt and havy burding vnto him it will be hard to move him to accept the samyn, thairfore thai all agreit to pas togidder to his dwellinghous and airnestly requeist him to accept the said office, and gif he will swa do, thay haif promittet and be thir presents promissis nocht to burding him with the said office heirafter without his awin guid will and plesure be to resaue the samyn.

5 October 1586.


Ordanis the dene of gild to remove the craymes quhilk standis on the hie gaitt of the merkett dayes, inrespect of the greit deformitie thairof, and that thai ar all vnfrie persouns.

Burgessis making.

Fynds it expedient that the acts before maid for making of the burgessis after the heid court dayes allanerly be alterit and chaynget inrespect of the multitude that bringis confusioun, and thairby may nocht be sufficiently tryet bayth in the qualiteis of thair persouns and rychtis to the burgesschips, quhairvpoun may follow greitt frawde in hinderance of the commoun guid, and thairfore ordanis the burgessis to be resauet and sworne be the counsall in counsale tyme ilk counsall day as occasioun sall be offerit thairto.

Convening of the counsall.

It is agreitt and thocht expedient that vpoun the Wedinsdayes and Frydayes the counsall sall convene at the ringing of the bell to the sessioun immediately after the sermone.

7 October 1586.

Proclamatio, laids of coillis.

Ordanis proclamatioun to be maid chairgeing that nane that bringis any laids of coillis to this burgh tak vpoun hand to vse sic frawde and deceitt as thai haif vset heirtofoir be deminisching and brekking of thair laidis and disponing vpoun ane pairt thairof quhair thai think best and thairafter setting the sam vp agane and bigging thair laidis for mwsters allanerly and defrawding the byares, and thairfore that thai sell their laidis as thai ar brocht fra the coilhewch and na vtherwayes, ather in bigging or diminisching thairof, vnder the payne of escheitt of the laidis, the ane halff to the hospitall and the vther to the apprehender swa oft as thai failyie.

Precept, candill, kirk.

Ordanis the dene of gild to furneis candill to the kirk at the tymes vset.

12 October 1586.

Extent of ijm li.

In consideratioun that the haill realme in this last conventioun of estaits hes grantet and gevin to our Souerane Lord ane generall taxatioun of fyftein thowsand pund for repressing of the theiffis and brokin men vpoun the bordouris, [whereof] this burgh payis sevin hunder and fyftie pund, alswa considerand that thair is awand for this burghs pairt of the Kings Graces wynes for the customes of the yeir of God jm vc thrie scoir fyve yeirs the sowme of fyve hundreth pund, and for the saidis wynes of this instant yeir of God 1586 the sowm of sevin hunder twenty pund, thairfore thay agreitt that ane taxatioun of twa thowsand pund wer sett and rayset vpoun the inhabitants of this burgh for payment of the sowmes foresaids with all possibill diligence.

Howpe, extentis.

[The council exempted Hary Howpe, burgess of Deip, from payment of his extent in respect "he is banist for the caus of religioun."]

17 October 1586.

Regents of the College.

In consideratioun that after tryell tayne of the sex young men contendant for the place of the twa regents in the townis College now vacand, and that be thair disputatiouns haldin in the said College publictly this aucht or ten dayes, it is fund be the maist leirnet men that wer present with my lord provest and the bailyeis at the said disputatiouns that thir twa, viz., maister Adame Colt and maister Alexander Scrymgeour ar meitt and qualefeit for that place, thairfore thai admit, creat, and constitutes the saidis twa persouns regents of the said college induring the townis will allanerly. And ordanis James Inglis, last thesaurer, to [gif] the vther four for thair expenssis and remaning, ilk ane of thame the sowme of ten pund, and siclyke to gif to the vther twa quha ar electit ilk ane of thame the sowme of ten pund, and that to serve and content them quhill Alhallomes nixt for all things.

21 October 1586.

Proclamatio, Stowpes.

Ordanet proclamatioun to be maid throw this burgh chairgeing that for avoyding of the greitt fraude and deceatt vset be the taverneris and topsteris, ventares of wyne and aill, and vtheris wikket persouns within the said burgh, that all persouns quha hes any fals stowpes clowrit in the sydes or choppit vp in the bottwmes or misfacionet, caus the samyn be reformett with all possibill diligence, and that nane be fund fra this tyme furth to haif or vse any stowppis, quart, pynt, or choppin or mwtchekin and vtheris bot sic as agreand to the awld and greitt stand mesoure of this burgh, and that euerie mesoure haif the townis mark vpoun the lip at the vtter syde with the craftismanis mark maker thairof besyde the samyn for the fynnes of his stufe, and within the lip ane plowk twa inche beneth the samyn, and that thir stowpes and mesowris be sett to the pypes, punscheouns and barrellis quhair thai sall be brocht for drink, to witt, the stowpe of the byare and nocht the sellare, vnder the payne of fyve pund for the first falt, ten pund for the secund falt, and escheitting of the peice, pype, punscheoun or barrell, brekking of the stowpes, deilling thairof to the pvir, and tynsall of thair fredome for the thrid falt, but favouris.

28 October 1586.

New maisters of the College.

Grantis and gevis vnto the twa new maisters and regents of the townis college, viz., maister Adam Colt and maister Alexander Scrymgeour, ilk ane of thame, yeirlie, for thair burding and sustentatioun the sowme of foure scoir punds, and for thair stipend the sowme of twenty pund ilk ane yeirly quhill forther ordour be tayne with thame heiranent.

2 November 1586.

Candill at the Nether Bow.

Ordanis the porter of the Nether Bow to licht and haif candill nichtlie thairat at the tymes vset in the bowatt hung at the sam and the thesaurer to gif to him aucht penneis nichtlie thairfore.

Proclamatio, lanternis, drink.

Ordanis proclamatioun to be maid commanding all taverneris, topsteris, baxteris, commoun cuiks, and commoun hostleris, that thai hing furth in the hie streits or commoun vinellis quhair thair howssis or tavernis and sellare ar ane sufficient lanterne or bowett, with sufficient licht or candill thairinto fra fyve houris at evin quhill ix houris, vnder the payne of awcht schillings swa oft as thai failyie. And that nane sell furth any drink fra ix houris at evin be strukkin vnder the payne foresaid.

4 November 1586.

Statute, nicht walkeris.

For eschewing of the greitt multitude of nicht walkeris, ordanis the greitt bell to be knellit at ten houris at evin nychtlie as it wes wont to be before the pestilence, and proclamatioun to be maid dischargeing any persoun by the ordinare watche to be fund passand throw the streitts or furth of thair lugeing quhair thai ly all nicht after the knelling of the said bell, vnder the payne of wairding of thair persouns and vtherwayes pvnessing of thame at the will of the magestrats.

Hereott, acceptatio.

George Hereott, goldsmyth, electet deakin of his craft and of the counsall, acceptet the said offices vpoun him and gaif his ayth for dew and lawfull administratioun thairof.

9 November 1586.

Schollers loft, bellis.

Ordanis maister Michaell Chisholme, dene of gild, to caus inlairge and eik the scholers loft in the Hie Kirk and to help and repair the stoks of the greitt bellis.

Commissio, Cowper, minister.

Gevis commissioun to Jhonn Arnot, bailyie, Jhonn Jhonestoun, William Huchesoun and Alexander Thomesoun to intreatt and confer with maister Jhonn Cowper, minister, for acceptatioun of the place and office of ane ordiner pastour in this burgh and for his stipend thairfore.

16 November 1586.

Ports, toun wallis, nicht watche.

Ordanis James Ros, thesaurer, to repair all necessaris about the towne, speciallie the ports and the towne wall at the west end of the North Loch, and to caus big and fowsie the sam for stopping all passage thairat. Siclyke, to caus the Freir port to be condemmit and maid fast. Item, vnderstanding be ane commoun brwitt of apperand trublis within the realme, and havand experience of the slewth of the commoun watche of the nychtbouris, thairfore fynds it expedient that thair be chosin ane feyet watche of habill men to the number of twenty foure persouns weill airmet, the halff thairof hakbuters and the vther halff halbuters, to watche the towne nychtlie induring the townis will, and thai to haif twenty schillings in the owlk, ilk persoun, to be payet be the thesaurer.

18 November 1586.

Hammiltoun, minister, Cowper.

The provest, bailyeis, and counsall gevis commissioun to Jhonn Arnott, Jhonn Jhonestoun, James Inglis, Jhonn Wilkyne, to pas and confer with maister James Hammiltoun, minister in St Jhones Clachan, and schaw quhat guid lyking the towne hes consavet of him and thairfore to sie gif he will accept the charge of ane minister of the sam and to report. Siclyke, to intreatt with maister Jhonn Cowper to the sam effect.

Watt, Fraynche, banist.

John Watt, theiker, and Guilliam Fraynche, masoun, and thair pairties, ar discharget this burgh and liberty thairof quhill thay be mareit, vnder the paynes of scorgeing and banesing for euir.

23 November 1586.

Cowper, minister.

William Littill, provest, [the bailies, council, and deacons of crafts,] vpoun the pruif and experience quhilk thay haif had this tyme bygane of the lyfe and doctrine of maister Jhonn Cowper, minister, thay all agreitt and consentet that he suld exerce the office of ane ordiner pasture and minister within this burgh, and for thair pairts electet and nominatt him thairto, for the quhilk caus thai haif grantet and gevin vnto him the sown of twa hundreth and fyftie merks in name of stipend, yeirlie, induring his seruice, to be payet be the collectouris of the kirk annuelis at four termes in the yeir as the rest of thair ministers ar payet.

30 November 1586.

Kings grace.; 4000 li. avanceing to the Kings grace.

[The provost, bailies, council and deacons of crafts,] with ane certane of the nichtbouris of this burgh, being convenit, it was exponet and declairit vnto thame be my lord provest quhow that the Kings Maiestie having sent for his lordschip desyret that the guid toun wald len and avance to his Grace the sowme of aucht thowsand pund, to be imployet in imbassadouris to be sent to Ingland for travelling to preserue his Maiesties mother, quhais lyfe wes in greitt jeopardie at this present, as wes amplie delaitet be his Maiestie, with the quhilk the said provest, bailyeis, counsall, and deykins of crafts being avyset, in consideratioun that this mater redoundet greitlie to his Maisties honour and stude in sic necessitie, thairfore thai, with avyse of the said nichtbouris, agreit and consentet to avance to his Maiestie the sowme of foure thowsand pund, to be tayne vpoun the commoun guid of this burgh, vpoun sufficient cawtioun and securitie alwayes to be maid, as wes offerit be his Maiestie, bayth for releif of the annuell and principall sowme.

Memorandum. Vpon the xvj of December 1586, the contract of securitie for this sowme wes maid and subscryuet betuix the town and the laird of Bas, the laird of Innerleyth and the laird of Wawchtown, quhilk contract is registrat in the chairtour buikis of alienatiouns.

2 December 1586.

Proclamatio, setting of howssis.

Ordanet proclamatioun to be maid throw this burgh that nane sett thair howssis bot to sic as ar of honest and guid lyfe and conversatioun and speciallie that thai sall nocht be notet with the crymes of thift or harlotrie and ressett thairof and sall fynd thame cawtioun to that effect, with certificatioun to thame gif thair said tennents beis fund of evill lyef and notet with the said crymes the said setters of thair land to sic persouns sall be poyndet or wairdet for ane vnlaw of fyve pund swa aft as thai failyie.

7 September 1586.

Lord Hammiltoun, College.

Electet and nominat, for the pairt of the guid toun, maister Jhonn Lyndsay and maister Thomas Bannatyne, lords of sessioun, to be commoners fornent the president and justice clark, electet commoners for my Lord Hammiltoun, anent the mater betuix his lordship and the guid town con cerning his ludgeing in the Kirk of Feyld quhairin the toun hes foundet thair College.

Maisters of lecturescholes

Thair persouns vnderwrittin, maisters of the lecture scholes, wer callit in and admonist, vpoun thair awin consents, vnder paynes of deprivatioun, to governe and teache thair scholers bayth in leirning and maners, speciallie for keping guid ordour, abstening frome banning and bikkering, viz., Robert Burale, Androw Robiesoun, Stevin Bannatyne, Jhonn Oliphant, James Mureheid, Dauid Cvming, maister of the sang schole, Eleazer Moffett, James Ralstoun, Symoun Jhonestoun, Jhonn Lowthiane.

23 December 1586.

Precept hos pitall.

Ordanet James Ros, thesaurar, to caus tak the rwif of the hospitall in the Trinitie College callit [blank] Hospitall with the daillis being thairinto, number and inventour the same, and putt thame in the loft of the townis hospitall to be keipet thair quhill the toun haif ado with the sam.

30 December 1586.

Kirk annuells of St. Mary Wynd.

William Littill, provest, the bailyeis, counsall and deykins of crafts, for the maist pairt, being convenet, for putting the toun in possessioun of the annuells pertening to our Lady Hospitall in St. Mary Wynd, ordanis Jhonn Broun, collectour of the kirk annuellis, and his successouris, to vplift the annuells pertening to the said hospitall and to be chairget thairwith in thair compts, and thai to mak payment thairof to the puir beidwoman presently on lyfe induring hir lyfetyme and the sam to be allowat in thair said compts, begynnand at Witsonday nixttocum inclusiue.

Anent the taxatiouns for the Kings Graces wynes and customes.

Inrespect that sum persouns thinks it hard to caus the puirrest sort of the nychtbouris and crafts that hes na tred of merchandice to beir sic burding in the taxatiouns sett for the Kings Graces wynes and customes as thai do in vther extents, thairfore gevis power and commissioun to Jhonn Arnot, bailyie, Henry Nesbett, William Fairly, on the ane pairt, and Alexander Owsteane, Dauid Danielstoun and Edward Galbrayth on the vther pairt, to commoun, sett downe, and devyse ane guid ordour for setting the said taxatiouns for the wynes and customes in tyme cuming, and to report the sam to the counsall the nixt counsall day, be ressoun the taxt of the Kings Graces customes is now renewet to the burrowes.