Extracts from the Records: 1587, Apr-June

Pages 488-494

Extracts From the Records of the Burgh of Edinburgh, 1573-1589. Originally published by Scottish Burgh Records Society, Edinburgh, 1882.

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1587, Apr-June

1 April 1587.

Men of weir to Dumfreis.

Forswamekill as the Kings Maiestie is past this day in proper persoun toward Dumfreis for suppressing of the theiffes and the Lord Maxwell, and hes left behind ane charge to the town to furneis fiftie hakbuters to follow his Grace and remayne x dayes after thair cvming to Dumfreis, as at lenth is contenit in the lettres direct thairvpoun; thairfore fynds it expedient that the said sowldiouris be leveit and rayset with all diligence and be conduceit for xvj dayes and to haif in wedges ilk persoun four pund, and twa commanders ilk persoun x li., by the pifer and swecher, and James Ros, thesaurer, to avance and pay thair wedges.

7 April 1587.

Frenche calsay makers.

Ordanis James Ros, thesaurer, to caus mak warklomes to the twa Fraynchemen, calsay makeris, sent hame to the town be Hew Broun and to mak thair expenssis quhill thai be putt to wark.

12 April 1587.

Heavin of Leyth.

Ordanis Androw Sclater and Jhonn Wilkyne to caus brek the swame of the mvssill scalp in the heavin of Leyth and tak ordour for pvrgeing thairof.

Proclamatioun, Sonday.

Ordanis proclamatioun to be maid throw this burgh chargeing all parents, maisters of howssis, maisters of crafts and scholemaisteris, to putt guid ordour and reformatioun to thair childrein, seruants, prenteissis and scholers, that nane of thame be fund vagand in the streitts on the Sondayes in tyme of sermone, bayth before and after none, and that sic as may repair to the said sermones, and that nane of thame be fund disordoring or trubling the streits or passing to bikring at na tyme the said day, vnder the payne of deprivatioun to the said scholemaisters, and ane vnlaw of xl s. to the rest, and vtherwayes pvnessing of thame at the will of the magistrats.

Chirurgeanes, Mwdy, apothecar.

Anent the actioun and caus persewit at the instance of James Craig, deakin of craft of chyrurgery, and the remanent brethrene of the said craft, aganis Archbald Mwdie, hypothecar, makand mentioun that forsameikle as vpoun the tuentie day of August lxxv yearis it was statut and ordinat be the proweist and baillies decreit of counsall that na hypothecares nor vthers nocht friemen nor burgessis with the said chyrurgeans, nor tryet and admittet be thame, sould joise or exerce the said chyrurgeans or barbour craft ony tyme thairafter, vnder the payne of fourtie schillinges so oft as thay sould be apprehendet contravening the samyn, and for the samyn being callit and convict thairof the ane half of the said vnlaw to be furthcumand to the commoun guid of this burgh, the vther half to the brethrene of the said craft and thair deakin, as at mair lenth is contenit in the said decreit of the dait forsaid; quhairwpoun publicatioun was maid be vmquhill Patrik Govane, belman of this burgh for the tyme, befoir dyuers and sindrie honest and famous witnessis thairin contenit, as Alexander Barclay, Robert Craig. hypothecares, and George Welsch, with vtheres dyuers, as the said publicatioun of the dait the xxj day of August the year of God forsaid, in the self fullelie proportet; and it was of veritie that the said Archbald had contravenit the said act and ordinance maid in maner foirsaid in curing and pansing of Mathow Weiche of ane vlcer in his fute thrie oulkis syne or thairby, and daylie and hourlie sensyne applying thairto toopickis and vtheris emplasteres necessar for curing of the said vlcer, quhairfoir he aucht and sould content and pay the said vnlaw of fourtie s. to be distribute in maner foirsaid. … The saidis proweist, baillies and counsall decernis and ordanis the said Archbald Mwdie to content and pay to the said James Craig the said vnlaw of fourtie schillinges for contravening of the said statute, and to desist and ceis in all tyme cuming fra all farther intromissioun, vsing or exercesing of the said craft of chyrurgery or ony poyntes thairof, vnder the pane of the vnlaw abonewrittin.

14 April 1587.


At the requeist and desyre of the sessioun of the kirk, fynds it expedient that the bailyeis executt to the rigour the act of parliament maid anent fornicatouris, inrespect the said vyce abounds swa greitly within this burgh.

19 April 1587.

Proclamatio, howssis setting vicious persouns.

Ordanis ane proclamatioun to be pennit and maid, chargeing all persouns to remove furth of thair howssis at Witsounday nixtt all papists, huires, thevis, evill and vicious levares, and thair resetteris, or that ar commonely brutet and suspect thairof, and nocht to sett thair howssis in tyme cyming bot sic as hes ather sufficient rent or ane lawfull and honest tred to leif vpoun, vnder the payne of ten pund swa oft as thai failyie.

Serching victualls.

Forswamekill as the guid toun hes obtenit new lettres of serchorie for staying victuall to pas furth of the cuntrey, thairfore ordanis James Ros, thesaurer, for executioun thairof, to direct ane messinger with Hary Smyth, merchant, and with the lettres to pas langs the coist syde of Fyfe to serche, seik, try, arreist and proclame the lettres and to escheitt, and gevis full power to the said Hary heirto.

21 April 1587.

Nesbet, bordour of rob royall.

Comperit Henry Nesbett, merchant, and produceit the bordour of the rob ryell quhilk he resauet in name of the towne fra Jhonn Moresoun, conform to ane act maid thairvpoun of before, quhilk bordour wes delyuerit to Jhonn Arnot, and he and Michaell Gilbert and Jhonn Moresoun ordanet to pas doun and present the samyn to the Kings Grace and delyuer the sam to sic as he appoynts and tak acquittance thairof.

Burrowis, schipping of imbassadouris to Demnark.

The sam day, at afternone, it wes proponet be my lord provest that the Kings Maiestie had send for his lordschip and the bailyeis quha exponet and declaret vnto him that his Grace wes to direct embassadouris to Denmark for intreating of mariage, and thairfore desyret the guid toun and burrowis to mak the charges and expenssis of the schipping to the said imbassadouris, quhilk his grace estemet wald extend to twa thowsand pund or thairby, and my lord provest had ansuerit that it behovet the town to haif the avyse of the burrowes; inrespect quhairof the said provest, bailyeis, and counsall ordanis lettres missiues to be direct to the burrowes of Dundie, St. Jhonestoun, Stirling, Lythqw, Hadingtoun, Cowper, to send thair commissioners agane Wedinsday, and to Abirdene to send agane Fryday nixt to gif thair ansuer and avyse thairvpoun, as alswa vpoun the demand of his Maiesteis comptroller desyrand to be presently avanceit of jm li. of the dewtie of the customes and promesand greitt favouris to thair estaitt at his Graces perfyte aige.

22 April 1587.

Villa, imbassadouris to Denmark.

William Littill, provest, [the bailies, council and deacons of crafts] beand avyset with the Kings Maiesteis demand, be report of my lord provest, anent the expenssis of the schipping of his Graces imbassadouris to Denmark, agreitt and consentit that my lord provest report to his Maiestie that for thair pairts thai ar content to mak the chairges of the said schipping and swa to schaw the townis guid will to his Maiestie on that behalff.

28 April 1587.

Imbassadouris to Denmark.

Appoyntis William Fairly and Alexander Owsteane to pas to the Kings Maiestie and report the townis guid will anent the expenssis of the schipping to his Graces imbassadour to Denmark, and forther to schaw that thay had writtin to sevin or aucht of the principall burrowes and nane convenet except ane lettre come fra Sanct Jhonestoun with ane vncertane ansuer and ane commissioner for Dundie quha declairet that he culd gif na ansuer becaus the rest of the burrowes wer nocht convenet, and als appoyntes the said persouns to ressoun with his Maiestie and to bring the sowme to als littill as may be, and to obtene sic guid security for repaying thairof as thai can get, specially that the security be had vpoun the burrowes gif na better may be impetratt.

1 May 1587.

ijm li. vpoun the commoun mylnis, imbassadouris to Denmark.

[The provost, bailies, council and deacons of crafts,] att the desyre and requeist of the Kings Maiestie, agreit and consentet to avance and deburse the sowme of twa thowsand pund to his Maiesteis imbassadouris direct to Denmark for thair schipping and victuallis, and that the sam be tayne vpoun the commoun mylnis fra sic persouns as will gif the samyn for annuelrent yeirly comptand ten of the hundreth ay and quhill the lawfull redemptioun thairof.

12 May 1587.

Proclamatio, preichings, Sonday.

Ordanet proclamatioun to be maid commanding all persouns to resorte to the preichings, and that nane pas to the feylds, or players the tyme of the sermones afoir or afternone on the Sondayes, vnder the payne of wairding of thair persouns quhill thai pay ane vnlaw of xl s. swa oft as thai failyie.

17 May 1587.

Precept, sowldiouris to Dumfreis.

Having hard and considerit the compt produceit before thame be James Ros, thesaurer, of the wedges and expenssis of the fyftie men of weir quhilk wes send furth be the toun to follow the Kings Grace at the laitt raid of Dumfreis, fynds the sam to extend to the sowm of twa hundreth auchtein pund fyftein schillings.

24 May 1587.

Banket at the croce to the Kings grace and nobility.

The compt beand produceit be James Ros, thesaurer, of the expenssis maid vpoun the bankett after supper to the Kings Grace and nobility at the mercat croce vpoun the xv of this instant, at the quhilk tyme his Maiestie agreitt his said nobility, the sam extendet to threttie pund ten schilling aucht penneis.

26 May 1587.

Howsing to calsaymakeris.

Ordanis James Ros, thesaurer, to caus mak howsing in the mvre for the calsay makers and warkmen to keip thair lomes, to tak thair meitt, and to keip thame in schowres.

2 June 1587.

M'Clennen, abusar.

William M'Clennen, guidman of the Torres besyde Kirkcudbrycht, wairdet as ane allegit abusar of the sacraments and of mariage, oblist himself of his awin consent that he sall nocht be fund vsurping the ministratioun of the sacraments or making mariage or abusing the samyn in any tyme heirafter within this cuntrey, and that he sall resort and remayne in Galloway and nocht be fund repayring in any vther cuntrey heirafter, vnder the payne of deid, submitting him to the jurisdictioun of quhatsumeuir juge quhair he sall be apprehendet.

7 June 1587.

Crameris, tymmer wark at the croce.

The foresaid prouest, bailyeis, and counsall, for dyuers guid caussis moving thame, dischairges any craymes to be haldin on the gaitt bot in tyme of faires and of merkat dayes, and that na tymmer wark stand any langer nor thre merkat dayes at the croce and it that beis nocht biddin for to be tayne and sett in the kirkyaird.

Proclamatioun, removing evill persouns.

Ordanet the proclamatioun to be renewet for removing of idill evill persouns, papists, fornicatouris, thift and resset thairof.

9 June 1587.

Minister for Mr. James Lowsoun.; Fornicatouris.

The foresaid provest, bailyeis and counsall, considerand quhat necessity the toun hes of ane guid minister in the place of vmquhill maister James Lowsoun, gevis commissioun to Jhonn Arnott, bailyie, Jhonn Jhonestoun, William Symontoun, James Barclay, to confer with the persouns depute be the sessioun of the kirk and consult for fynding owt of the said minister with the maner of his sustentatioun. Siclyke, to desyre the kirk to gif to ilk bailyie the names of the fornicatouris in his quarter that ordour may be tayne thairwith.

16 June 1587.

Belman monist.

George Ros, belman, beand personally present, wes chairget and admonist that he tak na mair bot xij d. for passing with the bell throw the toun, specially of the indwelleris thairof, and that he be reddy to serue the puir at all tymes, vnder the payne of deprivatioun.

Seynis. grammer schole.

Ordanis James Ros, thesaurer, to caus mak the dykes for inclosing the townis bounds in the Seynis and als to putt on ane ruif and hing on the bell at the Grammer Schole.

30 June 1587.

Minister of the Weymes.

At the requeist of the generall assembly, be thair commissioners, maister Nicoll Dalgleische and maister Robert Bruce, agreit and consentet to pay and gif to the minister of the Kirk of the Weymes the sowme of twenty pund of stipend furth of the rent of the Trinity College; provyding that maister Robert Pont quha hes the haill rent of the provestrie induring his lyfetyme and annuell furth of the commoun mylnis for the sam, allow or pay the vther twenty pund furth of his said annuell and rent thairof.

Bruce, minister.

Forswamekill as the generall assembly hes fand maister Robert Bruce ane meitt and apt minister for this burgh in place of maister James Lowsoun, and hes gevin thair consent thairto, as also that thai with the kirk and sessioun of this burgh and multitude of the toun hes consauet ane guid opinion of him, vpoun pruif gevin of his sound and leyrnet doctryne, thairfore gevis commissioun to Jhonn Arnott, bailyie, Jhonn Jhonestoun, and William Symontoun to pas and confer with him vpoun his remayning, heir and vpoun his chairges and expenssis quhill the guid toun and he forther agrie.