Archdeacons: Norfolk

Pages 64-67

Fasti Ecclesiae Anglicanae 1066-1300: Volume 2, Monastic Cathedrals (Northern and Southern Provinces). Originally published by Institute of Historical Research, London, 1971.

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First certain occ. as archdcn. [Oct. 1126 × Feb. 1127] (Reg. Holme 1 no. 124), and perhaps earlier, [June 1121 × 1135] (B.M., Topham ch. 3). (fn. 1) Last occ. 1166 (Red Book of Exchequer, ed. H. Hall (Rolls ser. xcix) p. 391; cf. Chartulary of Lewes, ed. L. F. Salzman (Sussex Record Soc. xxxviii, xl) 1 65, after 1164). Does not occ. with territorial title, but presum. archdcn. of Norfolk because occ. in connection with churches in archdcnry. (Letters of John of Salisbury 1, ed. W. J. Millor, H. E. Butler and C. N. L. Brooke (1955) nos. 78, 79; cf. Norwich, Reg. V fos. 46v-47r).] (fn. 2)

[M. Steingrim (fn. 3)

Occ. without title [1171], in entourage of bp. of Norwich (Mon. Ang. vi(1) 380). First occ. as archdcn. before Jan. 1174 (H.M.C., Lothian MSS. (1905) p. 41; (fn. 4) cf. Reg. Holme 1 no. 97). Last certain occ. 1181/2 (cart. of Castle Acre: B.M., Harley MS. 2110 fo. 125r-v), and prob. after July 1182 (ibid. fo. 128r). (fn. 5) Called archdcn. of Norwich, but occ. as archdcn. in connection with institution to two churches in archdcnry. of Norfolk (Reg. Holme 1 no. 97), (fn. 6) so therefore presum. archdcn. of Norfolk.]


First certain occ. as archdcn. 1195/6 (cart. of Castle Acre: B.M., Harley MS. 2110 fos. 64v, 127r), but another occ. prob. earlier, some time before 1192 (Norwich, ch. 860). (fn. 7) Last occ. 27 July 1197 (Cartae Antiquae 1, ed. L. Landon (Pipe Roll Soc., new ser. xvii) no. 62). Does not occ. with territorial title, but must be archdcn. of Norfolk because occ. together with Thomas archdcn. (of Norwich), Geoffrey archdcn. (of Suffolk) and Roger archdcn. [of Sudbury] (cart. of Stoke by Clare: B.M., Cotton MS. App. xxi fo. 42v).]

Geoffrey de Bocland (fn. 8)

First occ. as archdcn. of Norwich dioc. [1197 × Sept. 1198] (Early Yorks. Charters vi no. 88). Also dean of St. Martin le Grand, London, and can. of Salisbury (see S. Painter, in Speculum xxviii (1953) 811). Last occ. as archdcn. [Oct. 1218 × Oct. 1219] (cart. of Langley: B.M., Add. MS. 5948 fo. 19r-v), but prob. archdcn. until d., between 31 Aug. and 14 Sept. 1225 (Rot. Litt. Claus. 11 80; Pat. R. 1216-25 p. 550). Called archdcn. of Norfolk several times (e.g. cart. of Leeds: Maidstone, Kent R.O., Filmer MS. U.120 fo. 8r).

Martin of Pattishall (fn. 9)

Occ. without title 5 June 1225, disp. for plurality in this dioc. (Reg. Hon. III no. 5522). First occ. as archdcn. of Norfolk 15 Sept. 1227 (ann. Dover fo. 27r). Last occ. 2 Aug. 1228 (P.R.O., Feet of Fines, C.P. 25(1) 41-9/nos. 191-392). Dean of St. Paul's, London, by 24 Sept. 1228, d. 14 Nov. 1229 (see Fasti 1066-1300 1 (1968) 6). Also royal justice.

M. Robert de Bilneia (fn. 10)

Presum. not appd. until after 25 June 1229, when still called bp.'s official (C.R.R. xiii 480). First occ. as archdcn. 15 Apr. 1230 (cart. of Binham: B.M., Cotton MS. Claud. D. xiii fo. 45v). Last occ. 29 March 1232 (Mon. Ang. 111 91).


Occ. as archdcn. of Norfolk and bp.'s official 27 March 1233 (cart. of West Dereham: B.M., Add. MS. 46353 fos. 12v-13r). This is presum. not Robert de Bilneia, who had been official (e.g. C.R.R. xiii 378, 452, 480), but had been succeeded in the position by Oct. 1232 by M. Richard de Shipton (ibid. xiv 442, 450, 516).

Ralph de Blonvilla (?Blundeville)

First certain occ. 7 Nov. 1236, receiving legacy from estate of late bp., Thomas de Blundeville (d. Aug. 1236), to whom he was therefore prob. related and by whom he was prob. appd., i.e. before Aug. 1236 (Close R. 1234-37 p. 384). Depr. for pluralism, perhaps before 31 May 1237 (Reg. Greg. IX no. 4738; cf. C.P.R. 1232-47 p. 183), but occ. as archdcn. of Norfolk 28 July 1237 (C.P.R. 1232-47 p. 190). In dispute over archdcnry. with Simon the Norman, 4 March 1239 (Reg. Greg. IX no. 4738). Still alive, but not archdcn., 18 Jan. 1245 (Reg. Innoc. IV no. 898).

[Thomas de Lecche

Occ. once only, 5 May 1237 (C.P.R. 1232-47 p. 181). Still alive, keeper of queen's wardrobe, Feb. 1240 (T. F. Tout, Chapters in the Administrative Hist. of Mediaeval England 1 (Manchester, 1920) 253-4).]

[M. Simon the Norman (of capÉtelan) (fn. 11)

King's clk. Royal coll., sede vacante, 31 May 1237, but writ not delivered (C.P.R. 1232-47 p. 183). Second writ 7 Dec. 1237 (ibid. p. 206). In dispute over archdcnry. with Ralph de Blonvilla 4 March 1239 (Reg. Greg. IX no. 4738). Depr. and ejected from archdcnry. 1240 (Chron. Maj. iv 63). (fn. 12) Lost case in dispute over archdcnry. with Walter de Salerne, 18 June 1244 (Reg. Innoc. IV no. 746). D. 1249 (Chron. Maj. v 91).]

M. Walter de Salerne alias of London

Possibly official of bp. of Rochester in 1239 (Ann. Roff. in Flor. Hist. 11 235). First occ. as archdcn. [Sept. 1239 × Sept. 1243] (Ely D.R., Liber M (C.U.L., MS. G.3.28) p. 206; cart. of Eye: Chelmsford, Essex R.O., D/D By.Q.19 fo. 28v). (fn. 13) His right to archdcnry. upheld by papal judgement against Simon the Norman, 18 June 1244 (Reg. Innoc. IV no. 746). Dean of St. Paul's, London, el. c. 12 Apr. 1254 (Chron. Maj. v 432; see Fasti 1066-1300 1 (1968) 7, 76); disp. to hold this archdcnry. in plurality, 6 Oct. 1254 (Reg. Innoc. IV no. 8115, cf. no. 8116). Abp. of Tuam, papal prov. 29 May 1257 (Reg. Alex. IV no. 1928), cons. c. Sept. 1257 (C.P.R. 1247-58 p. 577).

M. Nicholas de Plimpton (fn. 14)

King's clk. (Chron. Maj. v 394). Royal coll., sede vacante, 9 July 1257 (C.P.R. 1247-58 p. 568). First occ. Nov. (C.P.R. 1266-72 p. 277). Disp. for pluralism, 5 Dec. 1257 (Reg. Alex. IV no. 2365, cf. no. 2364). Also can. of Exeter (ibid. no. 2370). Last occ. 20 Oct. 1264 (Norwich, ch. 4196). Prob. d. by 16 March 1268 (C.P.R. 1266-72 p. 207).

M. Alan de Freston (fn. 15)

First occ. 3 Aug. 1267 (C.P.R. 1266-72 p. 96). Also chanc. of John Pecham, abp. of Canterbury (Reg. J. Pecham 11 p. viii). Last occ. 1292 (Willelmi Rishanger Chronica, ed. H. T. Riley (Rolls ser. xxviii) p. 255). Perhaps still alive 15 Apr. 1302 (reg. of Christ Church, Canterbury: C.U.L., MS. Ee. v. 31 fo. 90v).


  • 1. Temp. Everard of Calne, bp. of Norwich (above p. 55) and Richard [de Bello Fago] archdcn. of Suffolk (below p. 67).
  • 2. Thought by Landon (Archdcns. p. 19) to be possibly identified with Roger de Fécamp (nephew of the abbot of Fécamp, cf. Regesta 11 no. 1562), king's chapl. and archdcn. [?of Rouen], but none of Roger de Fécamp's occs. as archdcn. suggest that he was archdcn. in Norwich dioc. (e.g. ibid. 111 nos. 189, 399, 827). Roger de Fécamp was thought by Farrer to have d. c. 1140 (Early Yorks. Charters 1 123) and this is followed by Davis and Cronne (Regesta 111 p. xii, no. 399), but the charter of 1140/1 cited by Farrer (now ibid. no. 921) gives no light on the date of Roger de Fécamp's d.
  • 3. His name also appears in the form 'Teingrim'.
  • 4. Temp. William de Turba, bp. of Norwich (above p. 56).
  • 5. Temp. Odo, prior of Castle Acre (Cluniac, Norf.).
  • 6. The initial 'T.' cannot be 'Thomas', as extended in Reg. Holme 1 no. 97, because Thomas was not archdcn. (of Norwich) until after 1178 (cf. above p. 63); 'T[eingrim]' is prob. right.
  • 7. Unless M. Reiner res. from his archdcnry. of Sudbury, the charter must date from before his appt., i.e. sometime before 1192, when he had been succeeded (below pp. 69-70).
  • 8. Identified as Buckland, Herts., in Pleas before the King or his Justices, ed. D. M. Stenton 1 (Selden Soc. lxvii), index p. 432.
  • 9. Northants; see Earliest Northants Assize Rolls, ed. D. M. Stenton (Northants Record Soc. v) pp. xviii-xix.
  • 10. ?Bilney, East or West, Norf.
  • 11. Seine-Maritime, France. See F. M. Powicke, King Henry III and the Lord Edward (Oxford 1947) 11 772 ff.
  • 12. He was depr. of a preb. of Lichfield by Dec. 1241 (Close R. 1237-42 p. 381).
  • 13. Temp. William de Ralegh, bp. of Norwich (above p. 57).
  • 14. Prob. Plympton, Devon.
  • 15. ?Freston, Suff.