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Fasti Ecclesiae Anglicanae 1066-1300: Volume 2, Monastic Cathedrals (Northern and Southern Provinces). Originally published by Institute of Historical Research, London, 1971.

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Note on the Sources

The materials for the revised Fasti are drawn from diverse sources, the nature of which is discussed in the Introduction to the first volume of the present series. (fn. 1) Citations of sources are made as full as possible to facilitate reference, and a list of abbreviated references to printed materials will be found below. (fn. 2) Some explanatory comments on three important classes of documents are appropriate here.

Among the sources of the present Fasti, monastic annals are of great value. Annals from many monastic houses are available in printed editions, notably in Annales Monastici (fn. 3) and in Ungedruckte Anglo-Normannische Geschichtsquellen. (fn. 4) Some other annals are cited from manuscripts, of which three are abbreviated as follows:

ann. Dover: B.M., Cotton MS. Julius D. v fos. 14r-70v.

ann. Horsham: Camb., Trinity Coll., MS. R.14.9 fos. 2r-10r.

ann. Roff. (Vesp.): B.M., Cotton MS. Vesp. A. xxii fos. 2v-34r.

Charters form another important class of documents. Numerous original charters and cartularies have been consulted, and they are normally cited in full. The series of charters, cartularies and registers in the archives of the Deans and Chapters of Canterbury, Durham, Ely and Norwich have been of particular value to the present work. They are cited by place of deposit and class of record, e.g. Canterbury, Cart[ae] Ant[iquae], Durham, Loc[elli], Ely, ch[arter], Norwich, Reg[istrum] etc.

Obituaries are cited for dates of commemoration, which seem usually to be close to dates of death. The following obituaries have been abbreviated:

Canterbury obit. I: B.M., Cotton MS. Nero C. ix fos. 3r-18v.

II: B.M., Arundel MS. 68 fos. 12v-51v.

III: Lambeth Palace Libr., MS. 20 fos. 157r-249r.

Durham obit. I: Durham, D. & C. Libr., MS. B.IV.24 fos. 8r-39r.

II: Liber Vitae Ecclesiae Dunelmensis; necnon Obituaria Duo ejusdem Ecclesiae [ed. J. Stevenson] (Surtees Society xiii, 1841) pp. 135-52.

III: B.M., Harley MS. 1804 fos. 13r-15v.

IV: B.M., Harley MS. 4664 fos. 126r-131v.

Ely obit. I: Camb., Trinity Coll. MS. O.2.1 fos. k1v-k13r.

II: B.M., Cotton MS. Vesp. A. vi fo. 130v.

Norwich obit. I: The Customary of the Cathedral Priory Church of Norwich, ed. J. B. L. Tolhurst (Henry Bradshaw Society lxxxii, 1948) pp. 1-12.

II: B.M., Harley MS. 3950 fos. 3r-8v.

III: Norwich, D. & C. Archives, Sacrist's Book pp. 1-7.


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