Archdeacons: Leicester

Pages 32-35

Fasti Ecclesiae Anglicanae 1066-1300: Volume 3, Lincoln. Originally published by Institute of Historical Research, London, 1977.

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Covered Leics. and Rutl. (Taxatio pp. 63-5). Spirs. total in 1291 £3,166 12s.(ibid. p. 65b).


Ranulph or Ralph preb. unident. p. 115

First archdcn., appd. by bp. Remigius before May 1092 (D.C.M. p. 302: I-'Radulfus', II-'Randulfus'). (fn. 1)

Godfrey preb. unident. p. 112

Succeeded Ranulph (D.C.M. p. 302). Commem. 25 Apr. (obit. I 156).

Walter preb. unident. p. 117

Succeeded Godfrey (D.C.M. p. 302). First occ. c. 1129 (cart. Thorney I fo. 166v,see app. 1). Occ. in L.P. I, of ? c. 1132 (app. 2 no. 8), and ? c. 1133 (R.A.L. IIno. 553, see app. 3). Last occ. c. 1134 (D.C.M. I p. 302, see app. 4), and if he was theaddressee of the D.C.M., he prob. d. c. 1134, while the letter was being composed(D.C.M. pp. 297, 319). Commem. 26 Apr. (obit. I 157).

Robert de Chesney preb. unident. p. 116

Succeeded Walter by c. 1146 (D.C.M. II p. 302, see app. 7). Bp. of Lincoln,el. 13 Dec. 1148, cons. 19 Dec. (list 1).

Hugh Barre (fn. 2) preb. unident. p. 112

First occ. c. 1150 (Cart. Missenden I no. 76, see app. 10). Last occ. mid 1150s(R.A.L. II no. 346, see app. 15; cf. cart. Kenilworth fo. 49r). Res. certainly by1159, prob. by c. 1157 (C.D.F. no. 1062). (fn. 3) Donor of books to the cathedral (Gir.Cambr. VII 170).

Baldric de Sigillo preb. unident. p. 110

Can.; master of king Stephen's writing chamber. Not yet archdcn., still calledcan., after Nov. 1160 (R.A.L. II no. 613, see app. 18). First occ. as archdcn. 1162/3(B.L., Lansdowne Ch. 679), and c. 1160 × March 1163 (G.F.L. no. 126). Last occ.24 Apr. 1177 (cart. Garendon: B.L., Lansdowne MS. 415 fo. 23r). (fn. 4) Does not occ. inL.P. II, of c. 1187, so prob. d. by that time (app. 33). His son M. Gerard occ.frequently (e.g. Danelaw Chs. no. 320, R.A.L. VII no. 1975).

Hamo preb. unident. p. 112

Occ. twice only, after c. 1187 (Cart. Boarstall no. 5, and cart. St. Andrew,Northampton fo. 27v, see app. 35). Prob. to be identified with Hamo, dean by1189/90 (list 2), as no other Hamo at Lincoln at this time, so these occs. as archdcn.are prob. c. 1188 (app. 35). Prob. also to be identified with Hamo, bp.'s nephew,who occ. as can. in L.P. II, of c. 1187 (app. 33 no. 22; and below p. 112).

M. Roger de Rolleston preb. Aylesbury, list 15

Can. Not yet archdcn., occ. without title, after Sept. 1189 (Cart. Eynsham I no. 22,Cart. Ramsey II 179-80, R.A.L. I no. 305, II no. 338(9), see app. 37; also chartersof app. 38). First occ. as archdcn. c. 1190 × c. 1194 (R.A.L. III no. 1002, and allother charters of app. 39). Last occ. 1195, prob. March (Howden III 285-6). Becamedean prob. shortly after March 1195 (list 2).

M. Reimund preb. unident. p. 115

Can. Not yet archdcn., occ. without title, after M. Roger de Rolleston becamedean, prob. shortly after March 1195 (Danelaw Chs. no. 242, see app. 42). First archdcn. c. 1198 (Bodl., Queen's Coll. MS. 286 no. 3, Cart. Eynsham I no. 23A,R.A.L. II no. 637, see app. 45). (fn. 5) Last occ. 20 Dec. 1224 × 19 Dec. 1225 (Rot. WellesII 300). Kinsman of bp. Hugh of Avallon (1186-1200) (Life of St. Hugh II 154-6;list 1). (fn. 6)

M. William Blund of Lincoln preb. ? Corringham, list 30

First occ. in year 20 Dec. 1225 -19 Dec. 1226 (Rot. Welles II 301). Last occ.after 20 Dec. 1228 (ibid. p. 307). Became chanc. before 19 Dec. 1229, presum. after24 March (list 4).

M. Robert Grosseteste preb. Leicester, list 43

First occ. several times before 19 Dec. 1229 (Rot. Welles II 308-10). Res. archdcnry.due to illness shortly before 1 Nov. 1232 (Epp. Grosseteste no. 8), and occ. simply ascan. and preb. 12 Nov. 1232 (R.A.L. III no. 890). Bp. of Lincoln, el. 25 March1235, temps. 16 Apr., cons. 17 June (list 1).

M. William of Lincoln alias de Dratton (fn. 7) preb. unident. p. 118

Can. Presum. not yet archdcn., occ. as can., 9 Sept. 1232 (R.A.L. II nos. 361,365). First occ. as archdcn. before 19 Dec. 1232 (Rot. Welles II 321). Occ. throughoutyear 20 Dec. 1233-19 Dec. 1234 (ibid. pp. 322-4). For full name and title, seeR.A.L. X no. 2751. Perhaps not to be identified with M. William of Lincoln, chanc.of Wells in 1247 and 1248, and preb. of Salisbury (so identified Biog. Ox. II pp. xx,1150), as there were two men of this name: they occ. together 1 March 1223 (Rot.Welles II 200).

M. John of Basingstoke (fn. 8) alias of Winchester preb. Leicester, list 43

First occ. throughout year 17 June 1235-16 June 1236 (Rot. Grossetestepp. 385 ff.; cf. ibid. pp. 390-1, of 1 Apr. 1236). Last occ. frequently in year 17 June1251-16 June 1252 (Grosseteste roll V m. 7, details omitted in Rot. Grossetestepp. 439-40), but had been succeeded before 9 May 1252 (below). D. 1252 (Chron.Maj. V 284-7), presum. before 9 May.

M. Solomon of Dover (fn. 9) preb. Leicester, list 43

Can. First occ. as archdcn. before 9 May 1252 (R.A.L. III no. 891). (fn. 10) Last occ.throughout year 3 Nov. 1273 - 2 Nov. 1274 (Gravesend roll IV m. 12, details omittedin Rot. Gravesend pp. 154-6). He held three inqus. recorded after 3 Nov. 1274(Gravesend roll IV mm. 12-13, Queniborough, Seagrave and Allexton inqus.), butd. or res. before 16 Dec. 1274, when archdcnry. had been vacant for some time(Gravesend roll IV m. 12, Kibworth inqu., detail omitted in Rot. Gravesend p. 156).

M. Roger de Saxenhurst (fn. 11) preb. Leicester, list 43

Can. Said to have been coll. 16 Jan. 1275 (Le Neve-Hardy II 59, citing no authority;not in Rot. Gravesend). First occ. as archdcn. shortly before 28 Oct. 1275 (Gravesendroll IV m. 13, Osgathorpe inqu. and mand., detail omitted in Rot. Gravesend p. 158).D. shortly before 16 Jan. 1295 (Reg. Sutton V 53; Reg. I fo. 357v).

M. Roger de Martival preb. Caistor, list 27

Archdcn. of Huntingdon (list 8). Coll. by bp. to this archdcnry. 16 Jan. 1295(Reg. I fo. 357v). (fn. 12) Also preb. of Lichfield and Salisbury. Dean, el. 16 Sept. 1310,conf. 8 Oct., instal. 17 Nov.; res. archdcnry. by 10 Oct. 1310 (Reg. II fo. 287v).


  • 1. If his name was Ralph, he may have been the Ralph archdcn. who was commem. 12 Dec. (obit. I163), but this could equally well be Ralph archdcn. of Bedford (list 13).
  • 2. Nephew of Richard de Sifflewast (Cart. Missenden II nos. 275-6).
  • 3. William de Wyville, who attests this charter, occurs in 24 charters of the Mowbray family, nonelater than 1154 × 57, and he prob. d. by c. 1157 (see Mowbray Chs. nos. 202-3, 242-3, 303, 356).
  • 4. His last occ. is often given as 1185, citing Genealogist n.s. xvii pp. 33, 49, but there is no authorityfor the date. He is called 'Baldwin' on one occasion, n.d. (cart. Lilleshall: B.L., Add. MS. 50121fo. 25r).
  • 5. Went into exile during the Interdict (March 1208-July 1214) (Life of St. Hugh II 154-5). Duringthis time the archdcnry. was administered by Master R. of Blois, official of the archdcn., who issued a document calling himself archdcn. of Leicester, dated 20 Apr. 1213 (cart. Owston: C.U.L., MS.Dd. 3. 87(20) p. 48). That he was official is shown from numerous occs. in Rot. Welles I, esp. pp. 1,11, 19.
  • 6. In R.A.L. III 230-1, C. W. Foster suggested that M. William of Blois was archdcn. c. 1199(but see above p. 13), and Jocelin of Wells was archdcn. c. 1205 (but see below p. 77 n. 1); Fosterwrongly assumed that all prebs. of Leicester were archdcns.
  • 7. R.A.L. X no. 2690; prob. East Drayton, Notts., as his nephew Ralph came from Dunham ( 2755), and Ralph's kinsman, Roger, came from Darlton (ibid. no. 2756), both near East Drayton.
  • 8. Hants; he had land in Laverstoke in 1240 (cart. Hyde: B.L., Cotton MS. Domit. A. xiv fos. 132v-133r). For his career, see Biog. Ox. I 126-7.
  • 9. For his career, see Biog. Ox. I 588-9.
  • 10. When Benedict de Burgo was still can. of Lincoln (list 19).
  • 11. Prob. Sissinghurst, Kent.
  • 12. See also below p. 78 n. 1.